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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Forum Poster Required

I am looking for experienced forum posters, quality working only in native english.

Poster needs to join in with conversation, No posts from gambling or porn related threads, try to avoid threads with 100s of spammers/pharmacy related content.

Quality posts only.

Forum needs to be indexed by Google.

If you can provide related forums that is the ideal.

In your application please include examples of your previous posts plus outline the cost per post.

If you have speciality in one area, please let me know.

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I want someone who can get me 100 backlinks from forums considering below.

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Forum Poster Needed. 5 – 10 Cents Per Post

Hello freelancers!

I am looking for a freelancer which will write posts/make threads on forums. The forums are not mine. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO POST ON MY OWN FORUMS.

Your English must be decent.
You will need to make related and helpful posts. I am not paying for dummy and unrelated posts. You will need to post in Internet Marketing related forums.

You task will be simple. Browse the forum and post on fresh topics. You should not digg for old posts. Simply join the discussion, add something helpful or your opinion in threads with no more than 5 posts. You could also start your own threads. You should be flexible and willing to work for a long term.


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Forum Poster Needed


I want a forum poster to do marketing of my website.

He must have experience of forum posting.

I have limited budget of 5$ to start forum posting. But if the result will be good, then surely there will be more continuous work in future.

Let me know how many forum posts you will do in 5$ and in which forums.

Person offering more forum posts will be preferred.

Looking forward for your bids.

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Forum Poster Needed

We are a large online seller for products like electronics, home & outdoor products, toys etc, and are looking for dedicated forum posters to support our online marketing efforts.

As a forum promoter for our company you would post threads about our products and special offers in online forums of your choice. Salary will be paid based on the amount of reviews and replies a given thread receives. Our top promoters usually earn $200 – $300 a month.

We require our promoters to post at least 8 threads per month. In order to avoid being banned from forums for self-promotion it will also be necessary to post products from other websites and maybe engage a little in the community.

Interested in joining our promoter program? We would prefer people with prior forum marketing experience, but if you

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Forum Poster Needed Repeat

We are in need of some experienced forum posters.

We need daily reports as well as need of quality work not a spammy work.

Quote your price for per 500 posts.


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Need Forum Poster

Basically what we need is someone to do some forum posting for us.

Here are some of the requirements:

1) Must use proper english
2) Posts must be readable
3) Posts must contribute to the forum(s)
5) Must post on SEO/Marketing/Webmaster forums only
6) Posts spread throughout 5-10 forums
7) The signature code we assign must be present in all posts
8) 500 posts over the course of 30 days starting from the day I accept your offer which equals out to roughly 16 posts/day
9) After every post, copy and paste the URL and save in an Excel file for your final report
10) I must approve forum before you begin posting. If you are a member of a forum already, that is fine but I will need the forum name, your username, and current post count

This is not a hard job so I dont expect any outlandish bids

Serious bidders only

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact

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Game Forum Poster Needed

I need a forum poster for my forum.
i will send you list of question in a file (200) .you need to answer post on my forum as well as
you need to put link on yahoo answers.question are simple just need search on goggle.if you are gamer then no need google at all.every post must have good accurate need much wording.
send me pm message if you need more info.i need to make sure that you read this before u bid .so please include "gaming" word in your reply.
lower bidder will win.
please bid only if you can work hard.

budget: 30$

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Experienced Forum Poster Needed

I need an experienced forum poster to make forum posts in various popular forums. Here are the requirements:

1. All posts must have a link to my website(signature links do not count).
2. Posts must be made on Forex or trading related threads.
3. Posts must be in English and with understandable spelling and grammar.
4. Posts must be made in popular forums only. So no new forums with low member counts please.
5. Posts must be made from accounts that already have a reputation of at least 10 prior posts. Established forum members are required since it makes the posts not seen as spam and then flagged and deleted.
6. Posts must be made in different forums. No more than 1 post containing a link per forum. However, you can reply back to other members without posting a link if desired.
7. Posts and links must be permanent. If they are deleted then they do not count.
8. All posts must be relevant to the thread and must reflect on my website in a positive manner.

You are free to choose the forum, the thread and the posts made. The only thing I will give you that is required is the link to my website and link text (optional). I will give you suggestions for posting but the actual post should be dependent on the thread. As long as all the requirements are met there will be no problems. This is a small part of an ongoing marketing plan. If everything works out I could use your skills for future promoting work. Please tell me by PM the number of posts you can make and your rate per post when bidding. If you can send me some examples of your work that would help but it is not necessary. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask me by PM. Thank you for bidding.

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Blog Commenter And Forum Poster Needed

Looking for a professional to help create back links from niche blogs and discussion forums. You will post comments, create topics and replies in discussion forums related to the topic/niche required.

You will need to create all postings related to the auto parts and accessories, cars and truck modification blogs and posts.

Please quote base on per 50 postings.

All postings will be reviewed and only relevant postings in related topics will be accounted. Quality postings only please.

Please PM for keywords and anchor text information.

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Forum Poster For A Music & Dance Forum

I would like someone who will commit to posting informative information and tips on Music & Dancing on my forum. Freelancer must have an interest in either of the above. To help the freelancer I need you to look at similar sites (I will supply links) and take any tips and information my real users might find interesting. Users must display good quality English and threads must make sense.

Please supply the work "Dance" in your bid so I can eliminate the time wasters.

* 50 users
* 100 new threads
* 2 replies of each new thread(200)
* over a 30 day period

For my new music and dance forum.

Threads and replies must be reliant to the particular forum. No spam. Again poor quality posts will not be paid for and will be deleted.

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Forum Poster Needed Asap

This is a project for three forums posters who can post in forums with a backlink to our websites. The forum must be niche related, appear in the Google index and have at least a PR2 homepage. Our budget for this small project is $40

********* Requirements **********

* 200 forum post at 100 different forums which you will have to find

* All links must be DO FOLLOW with anchor text, a rel=nofollow link will NOT be counted

* Each post must be at least 25-30 words in length, in proper English and RELEVANT to the thread.

* Manual Posting ONLY – No use of software, do not copy and paste text from other forums or websites. Do not spam or do anything that would get you banned

* The posts cannot start a thread; they must be replies to existing threads and must be related to threads without creating spam posts.

* You need to sound like a regular contributor and post in any of the threads inside the forum.

* No forums related to pornography, gambling, pharmacy or about anything illegal, etc. or with comments or signatures related to bad terms like porn, gambling, Viagra, etc.

* Spammy, stupid or two word ("nice post") postings will not be accepted. Posts that are deleted or do not have back links will not be counted as good posts.

* Only postings with working signature and publicly visible links are accepted. If you have to log in to see it, the link will not be counted.

An excel spreadsheet with user name, passwords, forumposts address, anchor text and URL must be provided when you finished the job.

Please note that poor quality comments, mistakes etc. will need to be replaced before payment is made. You have to post in the niche mentioned,
there is no payment for unrelated posts. It is the freelancers responsibility to be able to determine what the minimum requirement is for each forum domain. (for example: some forum sites do not allow you post your signature until you have 10 comments posted.)

Payment will be made when the links have been approved – any comments later removed will have to be replaced. A valid post is one that still exists on the forum 7 days after it was posted.

If you have read all of the above then please reply (in PM) with your past verifiable experience and some sample forum link building so that we can accurately select the best partner for the project.

We reserve the right to reject any or all backlinks that do not meet requirements. Bidder must agree to replace any links which are removed within 6

months of the project.

********* Reporting **********

We will require an Excel report with the following information:

1. URL of our website.
2. Anchor text used
3. URL of page where our link is located.
4. Google PR of the page where the link is located.
5. Date the link has been placed.
6. Date the link has been accepted.
7. Login and Password

The report must be send at least once a week, so we know the progress of this project.

********* Payment Terms **********

Our budget for this project is $40, do not bid if you cannot fulfill the project within this limit.

Payment is on project completion as follows:

– 50% of the Payment will be made after all links have been placed and verified.

– The remaining 50% of payment will be paid only after the links have been cached/indexed by Google.

If you are awarded the contract and any of the requirements are not met, there will be no payment.

********* Timescale **********

All backlinks MUST be posted in 20 days.

Please bid ONLY if you are capable to deliver package described above, do not bid if you cannot meet our requirements. No need to bid over the established budget of $40.

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Forum Poster Required


It is required forum poster for dofollow links at high PR
forums and blogs .
PR must be > 1 at the page that your comment and my link exists
and must be dofollow link .
if you are not sure about these conditions , then dont bid .
If you have experiences , then prove with sample of preceding work report .
welcome to serious and honest persons .


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Craigs List – Gumtree – Backpage – Kijiji Auto Poster

Looking for a script with user interface that can repost ads at any interval when ad ref is provided.

I need an advanced classified ad poster for Gumtree, Kjiji or Backpage

All URLs for 3 different categorys
Auto-Captcha (unlimited)
Able to post in all cities
It must be extremely fast

I will only pay for the project when I have the final version.

I must have full re-sell rights to this program.

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Long Term Forum Poster

Looking for a forum poster, or multiple, to establish an online presence in various forums related to travel, media, dating.

This is a long term job. I am not looking for a one time package. I want a steady flow of of posts on a regular basis 3-5 days a week. You will assist in existing threads, creating your own, and following up with any questions/answers. Your job is to add value to the topic… even if you might do some research.

The first 2 weeks will be on a trial basis. Although the trial can end at any time prior depending on satisfaction. I will expect a daily report of the posts made. You will use email accounts we will create for you, and we will require access to the accounts you make on the forums. We will provide you with the forums we want you posting on. You can suggest them yourself, but we will need to approve any suggestions.

Once the trial period is over, we will weekly reports of all posts. All posts will be reviewed for relevancy to the thread/topic on the page it is posted on.

I know forum posting is tedious work, but I expect someone who will maintain their level of work through the duration of employment.

Please have a proven track record, and impeccable writing skills.
Please state "I am a forum poster" in your bids so that I know youve read this.
Please include any portfolios, sites, and even previous forum profiles so that we can see your posts history.
Please state your bid how many posts we can expect from you per week for the bid amount youre requesting.

At the end of the day, you will be hired to represent our websites. Any slacking off, or improprieties will terminate the employment.

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Forum Poster And Profile Creation

Need Back links from Dofollow Forums . No Spam and Bulk Links required

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Search Forum Poster – French Hosting Community


Im currently looking for a forum poster expert to post 100 ads messages really written to 100 differents french community related with web hosting. This strategy is a way to increase our sales and new customers to make our website more visited with the help of the advertisement of our services in the differents french community.

Here you have a list of 2 examples of forum posts in 2 differents french community on hosting discussion.

Your job consist to find 100 differents FRENCH Hosting Community to display our ads to the right forum category. All hosting community must be FRENCH and active with real members and potential future buyer for hosting services.

The expert selected will sent me a report of all forum posts made with login and password information for each forum community.

If you think you are able to make this job with our compliance, please bid. Else dont bid on this project.


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Classified Poster For Craig And Backpage

Looking for experienced CL and Backpage poster to post ads within a few selected cities of my choice

Ads must be hand posted.

You will post 10 ads per day for a 10 day period.

You must have your own IP addresses, email and CL and back page accounts

Additional Requirements:

No Ghosted Ads – I do not pay for ads that do not show up on CL

Ads are search-able

You must supply me with a daily spreadsheet listing the links to the live ads you posted each day


Payment will be made once project is completed satisfactory through milestone payment.

All ads including forwarding email will provided to winning bidder.

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Forum Poster And Blog Commenter Needed

Hello all,

I would want to hire a couple of freelancers to post comments on blogs with my links on them(The list would be provided)
Also a person to post on forums(Signature preferable)…I need you to find forums that are dofollow and are ranked by google(pr does not matter as long as they are ranked by google),And it needs to be in a particular niche that I will give…

The pay for each post (be it blog commenting or forum posting ) would be $0.10…And this would be ongoing as well

Looking forward to your bids

10/17/2010 at 5:11 EDT:

Also In your bid please mention if you would like to do the forums or blog commenting…I prefer people experienced with this …And would like to see a sample of your work…

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Forum Poster Need

Post to forums relevant to the topic of our website

Post relevant posts about our website.

– Comments must be relevant to forum subject and demonstrate that you read the ongoing discussion;
– Each posting must be from a different Username and must have different content;
– words of original and quality writing per posting (Talk about our advantages, big bonuses… etc.)
– URL Link to our website must be inserted in each posting and be active.
– Your posts have to be with SEO in mind. I will give the keywords in PM.

Once you post 100 posts, you will provide us with a report.

This can become the long term job.
If we are satisfied with your work, we will offer you other projects upon the successful completion of this one.

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SMF Forum Poster

The project is to write a local WINAPP .dll to post profiles to a list of SMF forums

The app will require a GUI to select how many forums to post.

The app will require decaptcher integration.

The list of SMF forums will be in a remote SQL Data base.

The profile data will be in the same remote SQL Data base.

Upon start the GUI should show/scroll the forums being posted.

The first stage will be register

The second stage on completion of all registers will be Check Catchall EMail and validate.

The third stage will be SUBMIT data.

Each stage should have visible progress bar.

Upon completion the URLs of the profiles created should be saved locally & also updated to SQL Data base.

Payment by Escrow

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Need Experience Forum Poster

As discussed

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Forum Poster Needed Urgently

Hi there
I need people to participate in forum discussions. The posts need to make sense. Keywords optimized posts needed.
No escrow, no upfront payment. Please tell me how many threads you can initiate every week and how many replies you can post per week? Also, let me know what you will charge for it. If you can post through multiple ips and ids, that would be a plus. 50 words per post at least.

Looking forward to your bids.

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External Forum Poster

We are looking for an SEO-minded individual to help seed and build links while being a part of the conversation going on with in our industry. Whether about us/ourbrand/services/product or our industry, business environment, or competition — the conversation is happening and wed like to be a part of it. But it needs to be strategic and build our reputation as thought leaders as well as build external links.

As much as wed like to have all this conversation solely on our own online properties — its impossible. So we need help seeing out these relevant conversations and making sure we are present and engaged.

Therefore, Im looking for someone who understands forums and SEO, and can engage and stimulate relevant conversation (to my companys industry) on external forums.

Must be fluent in English, with excellent grammar and communication skills.

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Forum Poster Needed

I am looking for someone to post 500+ forum posts a day

These posts will be on various forums and must be constructive responses, they must be more than "I agree"

I will give you a link to put in the signature of your posts, this must be in every post to get credit, and all posts must remain live for at least 24 hours to get credit.

I will pay 3 cents per post

this will lead to a long term partnership, I have alot that I need done

please only bid $30 because this will be a trial of 1000 posts, if your work is quality this will lead to a long term partnership, I have alot that I need done

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Second Forum Poster Wanted

Hey all,

I am working on a project and I need a second person to help with posting on some forums. We are posting a series of 3 posts in a one-week period. I need someone to be poster #2.

The winning bidder will be given a list of 200 targeted forums to first create accounts on. After the accounts are created they are to post a reply to a thread that has already been created.

Simple by tedious work.

I look forward to all your bids.


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Full Time Forum Poster Jobs

Http:// Apartments For Rent | Nationwide Apartment Rental Search | Ratings and Reviews

I need a full time forum poster to work on this site

Here is job about:
You go to forums that people talking about housing then join their conversation and post your own opinion about the topic
that they are talking about at the end of your comment place a link to

Your comment must make sense with the topic, must be your own words. "No Spam" at least 50 words

You can join up to 20 topics per each forum.

Here is my budget:

4000 Posts for $1000 that mean $0.25 per each post

20 topics per each forum

So you need to join 200 forums in order to complete the 4000 post.


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Assistant Forum Poster

I need some help in finding forums and posting on each of them. Please bid for 100 comments.

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Need A Forum Poster

Forum poster need

Per forum Price

Per posting price

On going project


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Child Care Forum Poster/moderator Needed

I have a new childcare forum and Im looking for a good candidate to help me get it off the ground. All the visitors to the site are in the US, so I prefer someone familiar with child care in the US. Below are the guidelines:

1. You are bidding for 300 posts, spread out for 1 month.
2. You should be a native English speaker
3. Your posts should be interesting and encourage people to respond to you, i.e. they should be questions or strong opinions. You can also add interest by adding Images to your posts.
4. Each post should at least be 200 characters per post – good quality. You cannot copy and paste exact text from other forum, but you can reword it.
5. Posting Limit: 5 – 10 Posts per day per account. You can use multiple accounts. Maximum of 30 posts per day. Minimum of 15 posts per day.
6. Word the titles so as to Invite response, such as "What do you think of

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