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Blog In Data Base


I would like to have a blog like blogger and have it all with my own server and domain been able to post entries, upload photos and everything I can do in blogger… kind of copy paste blogger …

how muchit would be and how long it would take to finish it ?


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PDF Catalodue From Data Base

We have a web site,(Posting a link with contact details is not allowed in this site as this may result to account suspension by Administrators) and need the products to be put into a PDF format that we can print and have made into a catalogue, approx 300 items with 6 items a page,

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Base Metal Jewelry Production

We are looking for a manufacture for a small token. The pieces should be in a non tarnishing white metal. I will provide prototypes. Quantities between 50 and 1000.

We need someone who can work with us through the entire process from sourcing to delivery. Whomever we pick must have knowledge of issues for importingtax and tariff, shipping (FOB, CIF), and all regulatory requirements (US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF)

Candidates must speak English.

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Setup Google Base Product-feed For 2 Magento Store

We want a magento professional to complete the following task

– Work for 2 websites, same duties
– setup the google api for our magento store (google base product search, google analytics)
– the google base product feed must be posted and be searched in google product search
– Please provide a 2 new google accounts for each websites

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Data Base Of PET Owners (dog / Cat) Emails / Contacts Needed


We need a email data base or contact data base of USA PET Owners ( owners of Dog, Cat, Fish, bird and other pets )

Preferred email data base . ALL pet owners must be from US ONLY !

We also need ( optional ) email / contact data base of pet business , pet manufactures , pet supplies vendors etc.

Pet Owners from Facebook and Twitter also welcome !

Please provide info and rate how many emails/ contact you can provide .

thanks and good luck with bidding

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Ticketing Module + Knowledge Base For Joomla 1.5

I need some good advise for and implementation of a good Ticketing module and integrated knowledge base for my Joomla 1.5 website. Will of course pay for the module and for your time implementing it.

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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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Crawler For Google Shopping/Base And Comparision Shopping

I am looking for someone with experience in writing crawlers in which product pricing can be retrieved from Google Shopping or from sites like or

I need to be able to submit a list of product numbers (manufacturer SKU#), the software will need to be able to crawl google shopping for the SKU# and retrieve
1) product name,
2) product description, and
3) Product pricing sorted by lowest to highest
4) Seller name
5) link to seller web site

if you have experience writing similar crawlers, you will be the ideal candidate. I am looking for someone with experience only. This project will be for crawling Google base, subsequent project will crawl other targets.

thank you.

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Website Design And Promotion For Malaysia Base BAKERY

We need web site design and Oscommerce customization. We need graphic design , shopping cart integration.
Bottom line is we need a full and working e-commerce website.

Designers and programmers from Malaysia are encouraged to try because the website is IN MALAY.

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Picture Editing In Shenzhen China

Im looking for a picture editor with any simple picture editing software knowledge.

I will provide actual phone cases, and you will need to take the picture and edit it to a clean, no background, only case and save it to jpeg format and email the finish job to me.

Sample will be provided.

We are looking at around 500 picture a month. These 500 picture will only consist of around 100 different item, but with different angle and and position. Meaning, 1 item will need 5 different picture in a different angle.

If picture provided is in good quality and short turnaround time, we will continue to use your service for long term.

All cases is base in Shenzhen China. Can be posted out to rest of China, but Shenzhen base is preferred.

Price is base on a GBP0.50 per complete picture.

Picture required may increase in time.

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Modify Google Base Feed (SQL Query) In Volusion

We are currently exporting our Google Base product data manually in Volusion. I would like to create a Saved Export with all the required columns and fields as required by Google.
Volusions Google Product Query only pulls the basic product info, i want to add all our already formatted columns to this query plus strip out all the uneccesary info from this query for $60

I would prefer a provider with some Volusion backend experience.

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Drive Traffic To Site/Facebook US Base

Looking for someone to drive traffic to our site/facebook Looking for around 5000 facebook/site hits

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Google Base / Google Shopping Results Expert Required

We require a expert to get our products listed in Google Base so that they appear on the Google shopping results.

-Previous experience and examples are a MUST!

– We must be able to upload products and update Google base via our website.

-Payment will be made when the product will show up in Google Product Search using the criteria below.

-Product search: chair covers (and other various products)
-Product to show up when sorted by : Relevance
-We will provide product info once bid is accepted.

A LOT of more new project to follow if job is done right!!

A full time role may be available for the right candidate.

Good luck.

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Ocid E-Sales Programming

We want to build an e-commerce shop based on Oxid E-Sales. We do provide PSDs as a website design that need to be converted into HTML and integrated into the database of Oxid. We offer a click dummy and a fine concept. We are a professional website design agency from Hamburg, Germany and we want to cooperate on a steady base with the web developer. Project should start in mid of April 2011 an should be finished end of April 2011. On a regular base we will offer more jobs for this and other following jobs.

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Inside Sales (B2B SaaS Startup), Base + High Commissions

We are a startup specializing in web search solutions. We are building a SaaS project for small and mid size businesses and are looking for a high-energy independent sales person with a passion for web technologies to join our team to help us build and manage our client relationships.

This is a work from home position.

This is a key role within our ambitious growth plans with real opportunity for both career and salary growth. We expect that the successful candidate will progress to Sales Manager and beyond.

Responsibilities and day-to-day key tasks:
– Main job duties include lead generation, cold calling and sales
– You will possess a thorough understanding of our platform
– Work with customers to ensure user adoption, overall success and retention
– Serve as the customer advocate driving the evolution of our systems. Capture client feedback, testimonials, and build case studies based on user experience

Essential requirements:
– Inside sales experience (telemarketing, cold calling, etc)
– Technically savvy: able to communicate effectively with users and technical team
– Outstanding English written and verbal communication skills
– You have to be a highly motivated self starter, willing to learn new things
– As this is a work from home position, you have to be able to work from home (or you own office) without distractions
– Living in Europe or US preferred

We offer base salary (depending on experience) plus high commissions.

To apply, please send us your resume, be sure to introduce yourself and tell us a little about your past work experience and why you are a great fit for this role.

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Facebook Fan Base Building – White Hat ONLY

I need someone to take our current fan base, 418, and grow it.

This must be an organic, white hat technique to grow fan base. Fans must be relevant to our demographic, US and Canada citizens between 40-70

Please outline how much the monthly project will cost and expected results.

Thank you

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Rewritin Sql To Nosql Data Base Of Social Networking Web Sit

Hello i need to rewrite my sql data base to Nosql prefare in new FB system scarlet

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OFDMA Implementation Using LAbview

1. Implementation of OFDMA model (Labview plots)
1.a Transmitter
1.b Receiver
1.c Channel Effects
2. Base-station implementation (Labview plots)
2.a Transmitter
2.b Receiver
2.c Synchronize with other base station
2.d Channel Effects
2.e Users Definition
3. Thermal noise and fading effects on LTE OFDMA signal (Labview plots)
4. Modelling of inter-user interference (overlay): Labview plots

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Online Food Ordering Base On Joomla Platform

I need to build a online food ordering website which base on Joomla platform. The functionality should be same as

1. Website admin can receive order email and manage order from back-end.
2. Admin can easily add or remove restaurant and menus information.
3. Start around 10 restaurant, each restaurant has around 10 menus.

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Google Base & Magento Expert To Create Data Feed

I own a website, e-commerce, Magento shopping cart, and I would like to tackle my biggest issue and that is my product catalog. I first need help with uploading a data feed to Google base without the Google Base module in Magento because once products expire in Base they disappear and uploading them from Magento is a real pain,especially with timing out all the time, even after changing the timer.

I currently have over 11,000 products and would like a data feed created possibly somehow through magento where I can upload it to Base and have a data feed file.

I would like the person for the job to have knowledge in uploading products to Base with efficiency to maximize results. Also knowledgable with Magento and can help utilize the most of the it.

I would love to pick the brain of an expert in these two areas, if you know XML & PHP it is an even bigger plus. I will pay for your time and knowledge as well, so I can get a clearer idea of how these work.

For the right person this can lead into much more work. Automotive industry is still shaky in the online market as far as cataloging goes and this site would be developing constantly with more categories and products, with the potential of over 50,000 products in the very near future. I will need a lot of help.

I thank every one who has sent in a bid and I look forward to meeting someone who can help me and build a business relationship that can be lucrative for the both of us.

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Install Forum Using Existing User Base

I have a website and I need a forum installed on a subdomain. This forum can be any free forum software written in PHP, i.e. PHPBB, Vanilla Forums, Simple Machine Forums, etc. However, I need the forum to use an existing user base. This means that if an user creates an account on the main website, he will automatically be able to post in the forum. When he logs into the main site, he will be logged into the forum. When he logs out of the forum, he will also be logged out of the main site.

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Data Extraction From Flash Base Website

Want somebody who is expert to extract data from this site which I guess is flash base site

There are around 1000 Exhibitors
get Url Company Name, Booth # Address City State Zip Code Country Phone1 Fax Website Product Categories

Budget is tight so, no wild bids allowed

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Solidworks 3D Model For Molded Plastic Ring Toy

We are hoping to find a Soldworks designer who will be able to convert and/or use our STEP and PDF design files to create a Solidworks file of our low complexity part. The design is for a low complexity patent pending childrens plastic toy ring base and cover. We basically have the pictures and dimensions for the ring base and have one minor change to make to the ring base and we need to add a picture of the ring cover. The main goal is getting this created in a solidworks file format (not a STEP file) because our manufacturing partners are not able to import and use the STEP file.
Thank you

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System Administrator – Debian

Provide the Maintenance of a Linux Debian System installed as a Vserver.
perform apt-get dist-upgrade and make sure the services are up and running.

Perform all installation process special with Plone and Zope CMS. – Experienced of Plone Installation of adds-on.

IT system administrator role, paid for this task :

The following packages will be REMOVED:
debian-maintainers libdatrie0 libept0 libgraphviz4 libmagick10 libmodule-pluggable-perl libsys-syslog-perl libxcb-xlib0 libxcb-xlib0-dev libxml-libxml-common-perl odbcinst1debian1 plone3-site
python-numeric python-psycopg python-psycopg2da python-zopeinterface zope-cachefu zope-cookiecrumbler zope-externaleditor zope-linguaplone zope-mysqlda zope-plone3 zope-psycopgda zope-tinytableplus
zope-zwiki zope2.10 zope3
The following NEW packages will be installed:
apache2.2-bin apt-xapian-index autopoint bind9-host consolekit cpp-4.4 dahdi dahdi-linux dmsetup exiv2 fakeroot fancontrol freetds-common fxload g++-4.4 gcc-4.4 gcc-4.4-base geoip-database git gnupg-curl
groff insserv install-info iso-codes lib32bz2-1.0 lib32v4l-0 libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl libalgorithm-merge-perl libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 libaprutil1-ldap libavahi-client3 libavahi-common-data
libavahi-common3 libbind9-60 libboost-iostreams1.42.0 libbsd0 libc-bin libc-client2007e libc-dev-bin libcdt4 libcgraph5 libck-connector0 libclass-inspector-perl libcommon-sense-perl
libcompress-raw-bzip2-perl libcorosync4 libdata-validate-domain-perl libdata-validate-ip-perl libdata-validate-uri-perl libdatrie1 libdb4.7 libdb4.8 libdirectfb-1.2-9 libdjvulibre-text libdns69
libdpkg-perl libdrm-intel1 libdrm-radeon1 libeggdbus-1-0 libept1 libexiv2-9 libfile-copy-recursive-perl libflac8 libfont-freetype-perl libgl1-mesa-dri libgmime-2.0-2a libgraph4 libgssapi-krb5-2 libgvc5
libgvpr1 libio-compress-perl libio-pty-perl libipc-run-perl libisc62 libisccc60 libisccfg62 libjack-jackd2-0 libjbig2dec0 libjpeg8 libjs-mootools libjson-perl libjson-xs-perl libk5crypto3 libkrb5-3
libkrb5support0 liblqr-1-0 libltdl7 liblua5.1-0 liblwres60 liblzma2 libmagickcore3 libmagickcore3-extra libmagickwand3 libmpfr4 libmysqlclient16 libnet-domain-tld-perl libnet-ipv6addr-perl
libnet-netmask-perl libnetwork-ipv4addr-perl libnss3-1d libonig2 libopenais3 libopencore-amrnb0 libopencore-amrwb0 libopenjpeg2 libopenr2-3 libossp-uuid16 libpam-ck-connector libpaper-utils libpathplan4
libpciaccess0 libpolkit-gobject-1-0 libpoppler5 libpri1.4 libqdbm14 librarian0 libreadline6 libregexp-assemble-perl libresample1 libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian-alsa libsensors4 libsndfile1
libsox-fmt-alsa libsox-fmt-base libsox1b libspandsp2 libss7-1 libstdc++6-4.4-dev libsub-name-perl libsybdb5 libtalloc2 libtask-weaken-perl libtonezone2.0 libudev0 libunistring0 libv4l-0 libvorbisfile3
libwavpack1 libwiki-toolkit-plugin-json-perl libxapian22 libxcb-atom1 libxcb-event1 libxdot4 lm-sensors manpages-dev odbcinst odbcinst1debian2 php-auth-sasl php5-suhosin postgresql-8.4
postgresql-client-8.4 psutils python-apt python-apt-common python-chardet python-debian python-pkg-resources python-pyasn1 python-pygments python-xapian python-zope.interface python2.6 python2.6-minimal
rarian-compat sensible-utils sox squirrelmail-viewashtml tcl8.5 tsconf ufraw-batch xz-utils
The following packages have been kept back:
mysql-server mysql-server-5.0
The following packages will be upgraded:
adduser apache2 apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils apache2.2-common app-install-data apt apt-file apt-utils aptitude aspell aspell-en asterisk asterisk-config asterisk-sounds-main at awffull base-files
base-passwd bash bash-completion binutils bsd-mailx bsdmainutils bsdutils busybox bzip2 ca-certificates console-common console-data coreutils courier-authdaemon courier-authlib courier-authlib-userdb
courier-base courier-imap courier-imap-ssl courier-ssl cpio cpp cpp-4.3 cron curl cvs-buildpackage dash dbconfig-common dbus dbus-x11 dcraw dctrl-tools debconf debconf-i18n debhelper

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Web Base Payroll System

– Simple web based system
– Using ASP programming with MySQL database
– Calculates monthly salary following Malaysia

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Data Base Encoding

We need somebody to encode 5000 name list a day using our pdf type database.

This is a simple job and we will pay 60usd per 5000name per day. This is a long time project.

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Integrate WordPress With Web Service

We have a Knowledge Base website built in WordPress that will need to consume a .NET web service. The web service will be used to establish and maintain Knowledge Base User Accounts and access levels to specific client directories within the Knowledge Base.

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Creating Data Base For Sales

Help in creating Data Base

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Data Base Entry Photographer Studios

I want to create a data base of photographer studios that in Texas USA
it need to be created on an excel sheet with the following fields columns:

must fill fields
business name
business type
contact email

recommended fields
address, tel, contact name, contact title ,

i want 1000 recoreds ,with the must fields filled in 100%
the recommended field can be filled above 60%

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IPhone POI And Navigator

IPhone POI, city and tourist guide

iPhone application

– Splash 1 [full screen logo]
– Splash 2 [full screen logo]

First action: Asking for using GPS

– Menu 1:
Pick city
(for every city calculare distance in miles)

– Main menu:
– Hotels
– Restaurants
– Nightlife
– Clubs
– Caffe bars etc.

– Companyes menu

– Pages, when click to company
– Short text, link to long text
– Calling option
– Visit web option
– Show on google map option
– Add to favorites option

– Language [croatian, english, etc.]
– GPS location – YES NO
– Use 3G Edge – YES NO
– Show notification when is in X meters from company

Service information
– Banks list
– Parking list
– ATM list
– etc.

All service information object must have show on map and calculate distance from currently position, i do this on web app, its very easy, just one math formule

About city
– Just one menu, about city, dress code etc.

Other option
– Putting stars to reccomanded object
– First version data download from app store, other with base update
– Show notification when is user x meters from object, for example, you walking and app understand youre in vicinity and then show notification

Navigation foother
– Cityes
– City info (atm etc.)
– Favorites
– Settings

Easy update, i can make this textual base in php:

Base structure (for example), i can do ALL structure what you want.








You can write code in xCode or PHP base creator in format you need for base, this is just explode function in php and you phare all what you need., or if you have better idea, you can write you own easy cms for updating.

Other, importan is that i can use this source codes for all other countryes, this is not problem when you send me xcode and in other option php code (if you dont want use my database and cms.)

Best regards,

Marijan, Blue Media LTD

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Sellers Needed To Help Our Website

Need sellers to promote our website in various ways. Will give $100 for each sale over $1500 or 11% for each sale generated on jewelry and 2% on diamonds. Our exquisite jewelry pieces range from $300 – $2000. In your private message, I want to know how you will promote our site and expand our customer base.

Do not just say we will do it or some other generic reply.

Give a detailed explanation of how you will expand our sales and customer base.

We will give everything you need to succeed in selling our items.

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Magento Google Base Set Up

Hi Everyone,

We have a Magneto Store and a Google base account.

We need to send all products to Google base and upload automatically when there is a change.

Good luck.

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