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WordPress E-Commerce Website Set Up

I have a new wordpress site: This site is using a theme titled eshop, a shopper theme from website will feature video related products for sale using my affiliate partners merchandise. I am set up with amazon and linkshare.

I need this site 100% set up using the theme, my pre-defined video categories pulling is a datafeed from my affiliate resources and customization.

Complete set up to include:

1.) theme configuration for optimal results based on affiliate programs
2.) incorporating affiliate products (best practices and advise needed) for automatic updates thru a data feed etc.
3.) any other important set up requirements to make this set up seamless.

I am seeking a responsible proven webmaster who can make solid recommendations based on previous experience along with communicating closely with me so i understand and approve the implementations prior to execution. If you are the right candidate I want to hear from you. There will be ongoing work needed and I want to build a relationship for future projects.

Previous ecommerce wordpress implementation and references required.

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Real Estate Web Site And Java Based App Modification

the project is built from 3 parts :

1. scrapers (not in scope) collecting data and generating a db (mysql or csv).
2. a website that receives the data from scrapers and another xml source.
3. a java based server app for Realtors which needs modifications to work with the website.

design is done by us.
must have perfect knowledge of java – if you dont – do not bid for this project.
must be PHP savvy – Joomla will be the platform for this project.

time frame for this project completion is one month.

if you need any clarifications PB us.


Anan Katz
webideas inc

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UK PHP Coder Required


You must be from the UK and based here – applications from outisde of the UK will not be accepted.

We need a coder to form part of an existing team to assist in completing ahead of the deadline.

Its straight forward coding and you will be able to pick it up straight away

All expenses will be paid

Please get in touch asap with your availability and hourly rate

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Global Sales Partner IV

We are a USA based Corporation that provides High Performance PCB Design, High Quality Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly. We are looking for sales representatives to improve our bottom line sales revenue and are looking for sales growth on different global locations.

Our company is currently in need for Global Sales Partners who can bring in sales from companies who are looking for a Credible Supplier to outsource their work.

We would like our Global Sales Partners to be initially on an Incentive Based Compensation Structure through Freelancer.

Applicants must also be comfortable working in an aggressive, fast-paced sales tempo environment.

We offer Very Competitive Price, Excellent Communication with customers, and Responsible After-Sales Support so you dont have to worry about Product and Service Quality.

We look forward to finding strong sales candidates. Please send us details.

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==== Immediate Start ==

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

1) Integrate regional search filter based on area and category into our exsiting site

2) Configure and set up each section based on full JReviews functionality seen in demo->

3) Upon completion test for full functionality by implimenting a few examples for each section

Tech Skills for this project include:

1) Good Familiarity With JReviews Script
2) Familiarity with JA TELINE 4 template
2) Good PHP/MySQL /HTML Skill Set

We are looking for long term relationship with chosen developer and can offer continued projects based on satisfactory completion of this deliverable

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

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==== Immediate Start ==

1) Integrate regional search filter based on area and category into our exsiting site

2) Configure and set up each section based on full JReviews functionality seen in demo-> for example ,->

* Most Recent Listings
* Most Popular Listings
* Most Reviewed Listings
* Featured Listings
* Directory
* Advanced Search
* Latest Editor Reviews
* Latest User Reviews
* Latest Comments
* Top Reviewers
* JomSocial

3) Upon completion test for full functionality by implimenting a few examples for each section

Tech Skills for this project include:

1) Good Familiarity With JReviews Script
2) Familiarity with JA TELINE 4 template
2) Good PHP/MySQL /HTML Skill Set

We are looking for long term relationship with chosen developer and can offer continued projects based on satisfactory completion of this deliverable

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

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Flash Games Developer Required

Flash designer required for a number of simple web based games. The games will be brain training type activities similar to the games provided on

The games will need to post information back to a web site (high scores / statistics etc)

Please provide previous examples of flash based games.

Please provide an example cost for the development of 1 game.

Please also provide daily / weekly rates as we will have need for a number of games to be developed.

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Article Writing From Videos

Hi Freelancers,

Im looking to outsource a writing job which includes writing of 60 articles.

We will provide you with access to a User Interface where you can find 15 minute long videos about real estate investing and other similar sort of niches what we would like you to rewrite.

So let me break it down again –

1) Access the webportal
2) Start viewing videos
3) Write 40 articles based on the information you got from there
4) Write 20 articles of reviews about a person(The name we will give afterwards) and the article reviews must be based on the information you read and heard from the videos.

We are in the rush with the project so please dont bid if youre not sure if you can do this or not.

Kind regards,


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Accident Claims PHP Form

We require a form for our website – the form must be able to make calculations based on the users input and then report the results to the user via a webpage and email the results to an email address for our sales dept.
Normal contact info Name/email /telephone number required fields, aswell as "was the accident you fault?".
next the user will tick boxes based upon their injury.
Head and Neck Injuries (8 subsections)
Damage to hair – Low £1K – High £15K
Facial Disfigurement – Low £1K -High £75K
Torso,Arms and Hands
Legs,ankles, Feet
user will mark their severity based upon 1 to 10 (10 most serious)
If you see you can see all of the figures or the attached document.
I want the output to say something like "based upon your answers we believe
your claim will be X – no lower than X(low figures) and as much as X (high figures)

Form can be HTL.Javasript/php/ ajax or whatever you want to use as long as we can host it.
Dont post if you will cost more than £300

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Project In Android

1) Barcode Reader Application based on Google Android operating system-
An application which can read barcode of object through mobile camera and give information about the object and store information accordingly.

2) Friend Finder Application based on Google Android operating system –
An application for mobile phones based on android operating system which is can track location of a friend using Google maps and also update location of the user.

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Commission Based Sales Reps Wanted For B2B Sales

We are a young green company selling eco friendly products to retailers and commercial end-users. We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, customer-oriented sales reps who have a true passion to paint the world green and feel good about the products they are promoting, just like we do.

What We Offer:

* Great commissions
* Flexible hours (perfect for college students)
* Work for a green company!
* Full sales support

Required Skills:
-Sales and customer service experience preferred
-Excellent verbal communication skills
-Ability to overcome objections

Job is commission-based. We ship all over the continental US so candidates from all over the country are welcome.
The ideal candidate would be outgoing, motivated, fun, energetic, warm, friendly, and someone who enjoys talking to and meeting people.

This is a canvassing position; so reps would need to generate their own leads. Not very hard, since almost all US retailers are a target. Wed love to have people who are excited, have a positive attitude and want to be part of this growing field!

We need highly motivated sales people that can produce numbers!

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Java Based Software

We are a company based in Russia St.Petersburg and need to hire freelancer programmers for our Progect.

Progect will consist of a software for controling streaming videos & Live channels.

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Java Browser Based MAME Gaming / FLASH Gaming

I would like to be able to play MAME roms in a browser online supporting multiple users.

I am putting a gaming website together and would like my users to be able to play MAME arcade games through their browsers. The system needs to be able to scale to a large number of users.
I am assuming that a Java based solution would be viable.

I would also like to host some flash games which need to be sourced.

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****Please do not apply if you can not guarantee the below transcript Quality and Turnaround****

An Organisation is building a trusted team of experts to do regular transcription/review/article writing etc. for the coming years to acquired an enviable reputation online for our high quality work at affordable pay.

We are now in need of members to do transcriptions.

Transcriber will be required to transcribe series of audio on regular basis as the job comes.

You must submit the assignment within the stipulated time else it will be rejected.

You must be trusted, leading to more frequent and varied general transcription work.

Accuracy must be above 95%; abt 7 blanks + time stamps per page.

Turnaround time: 15-60minutes audio every or within 4-10hrs upon receipt of audio.

We have continuous jobs for the right candidates.

Quality and turnaround is of serious consideration for us.

Pay will be between $3 to $10 per 1-3 Audio Hour; adjusted based on actual number of audio minutes/hours transcribed based on the output quality..
Payment will be made at least twice in a month or as soon as the invoice amount reaches above $35.

Let me know the hrs. you will be available for jobs and should you have any questions.

Pls include "Kwality Along Service" in your bid for me to know you ve read this, understood and agree.

Looking forward to your bids. Thank you!

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Blog Based Phtogallery

Hi, I need a photo gallery page set up, something based off of a cms like joomla or wordpress would be best.

something very close to this is desired

==="notice the facebook twiiter and share options here above each photo"===

We need to set this up on our server, and include it as one of our main navigation links in our menu
Please send links to prveous work, and or the theme/framework you have in mind

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Ming At The Royal Wedding

This will be a Ming the Minibus book. It requires 12 illustrations based on the cartoon character Ming the Minibus. This can be seen on you tube or by googling the name.
The book illustrations need to be completed by the 25th April as it is just a souvenir of William and Kates Royal wedding in London. It will be made available free to children in China , Hong Kong and around the world as a powerpoint story.

Need an illustrator who can create imaginative images based on different aspects of a Royal wedding. Lots opf pictures of previous Royal weddings on the internet

Need to meet 25th April deadline. Please dont bid if you are too busy. Students as well as established illustrators invited to bid

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Grab Data From ASP Based Website

I need a script that will extract the data from an asp-based website.
Its a lottery website, so you will basically be creating a historical database containing previous draw information such as balls drawn; payout per category etc.
Data must be extracted into a CSV or XLS file, and does not need to be displayed or formatted for the web.
The spreadsheet will contact approximately 30 columns.

The data for each entry (that needs to be extracted) is displayed on one asp-generated page.
If you would like to view the website, please PM me.

I will supply an example of a XLS file for reference.
Data will be checked for accuracy.

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XML/JSON & Getting Location Based On IP Address

I am working on a website that has to deal with daily deal websites such as Groupon and WagJag.

For this job I need someone who is familiar with JSON/XML to connect with 2 website APIs. The websites I will need you to connect to will be revealed when the project is awarded.

What I will need from you:

1. automatically get users location based on their ip address
2. send the users location to each websites api
3. display the deals specific to the geographic location that are returned from the api.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Experienced Outbound Telemarketing Pay Per Sale Required!

ATTN: This is an ongoing full-time commission based project, were looking for a firm that we can work with for the forseeable future. I was not sure what to post with regards to the budget of the program but our previous firm generated commissions within the set budget range within a week based upon two individuals calling the North American market.

We are a commercial internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We are seeking the services of an outbound telemarketing company to outsource our telemarketing campaign to.

Our previous firm had a conversion rate of between 5% to 8% and weve since done a complete redesign of our website based upon online split website testing. The reason why were looking for a new firm is because our previous was purchased by another firm that amalgamated the services in another country. Unfortunately, the were not able to provide us with the same level of service that our previous firm was providing.

You will be marketing a much needed service within the North American market. This service is related to local online business marketing and the service is applicable to virtually any type of business. Therefore, there is no shortage of individuals to contact.

You will be provided with a professionally created script designed by one of the top telemarketing consulting groups in Canada.

The website will handle the transaction. You simply have to provide the individual with a promo code or contact my team with regards to the sale so that it can be validated.

Your job will be to perform the following:

– Contact business owners during the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM. There will be a particular emphasis on contacting business owners from 8:00AM to 11:00AM their time.

– You will contact business in every time zone within the North American market.

– Individuals must have very strong English skills.

– Ideally, it would be great if the agency or individual can preserve all

– Customers are required to make all payments via a credit card, you simply have to show them the "buy it now" button on the website and the rest handles itself.

– The centre/individual must provide excellent call quality along with call data to us.


– Desktops with Windows 98 or beyond running
– A reasonable proficiency in MS outlook
– Desktop with a dialer for outbound calling
– Must be able to source calling lists that relate to all large, medium and small businesses. We can certain work something out with regards to the acquisition of these lists.
-Centers asking for a setup cost, Voip minutes cost, upfront payment..etc. will not be considered so please do not apply

As I mentioned before, we had a great relationship with our previous firm. We were accustomed to them "holding our hands" through the telemarketing process. This is the first time that weve had to look for a firm in approximately three years.

Commissions will be created based upon the client purchase of our product. The product sells for $500 USD and its not uncommon for business owners to make the purchase the same day or within 48 hours.

Were open to working with any person or firm. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to your quote.

Please remember that we are looking for a firm that we can have a long standing relationship with. We worked with our previous firm for almost four years on various projects.

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Text Based Online RPG Game

Looking for a base text based online RPG game.

Basically I need a pokemon style rpg. Youll have to do quest in order to unlock monsters.

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After Effects Work

Few minutes of video on after effects for use on youtube.
Video is based on a short story and will require After Effects and photoshop skills to make the video. For example, Camera falling down from sky to a particular position, you will be required to get images from google earth and fix them in photoshop to be used in After Effects as layers. After the camera gets to the ground, colors are used to animate the map, which is based on a short story.

All the help will be provided in understanding and only private quotes are excepted as this is not a very big project.


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EASY DATA ENTRY(Home-based Part Time Job)

Dear All Providers,

Welcome to Simple data entry project.

–>> Need to type only words

–>>Good and genuine payment via freelancer weekly

–>>Weekly target is only 7k

–>> New freelancers are most welcome

If you have minimum 20 wpm typing speed then you can do this project easily *********

Happy bidding

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Youtube Friend Adder

We are looking for a web-based youtube friend adder with the abiities to:

extract users based on keywords
Send friend request
send messages
post comments on profiles
send videos

If you have any demos please let us know…

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Amazon S3 Custom PHP Download Redirect Script

Secure download php script required. To include secure time based token.

Link provided to customer for download:
The script redirects securely to amazon S3 bucket with time based token that expires after x tries.

Required Urgently. Preference given to freelancers with experience in developing PHP apps for Amazon web services. Some code will be provided.

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Magento Developer Needed In SYDNEY

We are looking for a Magento developer based in SYDNEY, Australia. Please do not bid on this job unless you are based in SYDNEY and have experience with Magento.

Successful applicant will be required to work from our office in Alexandria

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Professional Icon Design For A Large Scale Web Application

Original icons needed (e.g. Staff, Contact) for web based software targeted to international corporations. Icons should be immediately recognizable, simple, and modern. The colour palette should be limited and work with different colour schemes. Icons are 16×16 pixels and should be .png format.

Previous experience designing icons for web based applications is required.

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Learn Web-Based Software, Create Sample Surveys Using It 2

Learn Web-Based Software, Create Sample Surveys Using IT.

I need someone to learn this web-based software that is used to create online surveys. You will be provided documentation and plenty of sample surveys already created. If you are mildly intelligent, you will have no issue becoming an expert on it within an hour.

What i need from you is the following:

Using the web-based software, you will create 30 sample surveys. You will be give a template, you will use that template and customize for each of the 30 surveys the QUESTIONS + RESPONSES.

More Explanation:
Each of these online surveys will list a number of questions related to a medical specialty. For each question, you MAY have to come up with possible responses related to that questions.


Question: Was the weather in Chicago great?
A – Yes, the weather was great in Chicago
B – The weather could have been better
C – No, the weather was terrible in Chicago

Above is an example of a question and related answer choices related to the above questions.

– Learn the online survey creation software
– Create 30 surveys based on existing templates specific to a medical specialty
– More creative you are when setting up the surveys, you may qualify for a bonus

If you come up with good questions for each medical specialty, good answer options, use the survey software well and use all its features, you will qualify for a $20 bonus. What i dont want is to have all surveys look / act exactly the same. I want to demo the features of the software as well.

**************************************** MUST BE A SELF STARTER, I WONT HAVE TIME FOR HAND HOLDING SESSIONS ****************************************


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Create Magento Template Based On Existing Site

We want the design from the following site recreated as a Magento template/theme for our Photo Webshop:

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10k Strictly NZ Based Fans Required

We would like prices for 10k Strictly NZ Based Facebook Fans

* All fans must be real accounts (No Spam, No Bots, No Fakes!)
* All fans must be accounts with 50 friends or more
* All fans must be from New Zealand
* Friends from other countries will not be paid for
* All fans must have at least 2 pictures
* All fans must be between 18 and 55
* All fans must have status updates that go back max. 30 days (they should be active)
* MOST IMPORTANT – You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended — there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 14 days of delivery. NO SPAM ALLOWED!
* You must use legal means of obtaining friends (If the Facebook page is banned, I will note that in your comments and feedback!)
* YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED: You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended – there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 30 days of delivery.
* We will only pay for fans that remain active after 10 Days
* We would need a reference from your previous similar project.

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SEO, Search Engine Submission, Link Propagation Required

US Based Real Estate Site requires SEO, search engine submission, link building. First page google search ranking required.

Site is wordpress based. Link will be provided to interested parties.

Proven Experience and References required. No beginners please.

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1.Query By Humming (QBH) And 2. Web Based Clearance Systems

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Samson ,

I am a student of computer science University undergraduate in
Nigeria,I have two project works to development using html,css,flash,
php and mySql :

The project one is (a) University Graduates Web Based Clearance System
and project (b) is Music retrieval Using query by Humming [QBH].

I am programmer too, but my hands are full with
alot of academics activities because am about to finish my degree.
Kindly let me know whether you have handled such projects before and
send me your quotation.But I will require a demo for the two project work.

This type of work is based on trust,speed and web research.

Kindly let me hear from you ASAP. I will send the flow chart for the
two projects work if your quotations are friendly.



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.Net, C#, AJAX, SQL Server 2005 – Freelancer ONLY

Looking for freelancer in Hyderabad to work on web based product. Freelancer need to travel to my location some times as required to understand the requirements.

Project screen design completed. Need to complete the functionality.

Must be based on Project completion.

send details to careers at parnanditech dot com.

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