Relisted due to expansion of project- please rebid on providing application and code for all 3 mobile phone types. If you do not have experience with all 3 operating systems please do not bid.

Symbian, RIM, iPhone OS developer
position to create an application for Symbian, RIM (BlackBerry) and iPhone OS to interface with our proprietary server software. The application will require a framework encompassing
–GPS, AGPS Location,
–Mapping of location information, (open source – gmaps preferred)
–XMPP communication (open source communication protocol, either through a third-party library or custom software),
–User Interface design,(buttons, menus, settings)
–Scheduler (time and geo position based)
–Unassisted operation (timers and or scheduler for update through communication)
–Robust error handling.
If you feel you have the skills to complete this project, then we would like to hear from you.

Ability to take existing Android code outline and create code for Symbian, RIM (BlackBerry) and iPhone based phones
Project conclusion will require the delivery of working application and source code compilable at our end.
An NDA will be required

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