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Web Page Development

I need to get two webpages added to my website where in users can login , see their allocated dates for coaching classes and make the payment (redirecting to my paypal account)

This is an urgent requirement , pls reply back only if you can do it in 1-2 days time.

Many thanks,

PS: Well give all details to the selected provider.

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Web Page For My Server

I am looking to built a new website for my Mu Online server: More than looks, I am looking for reliability, user friendly functions and security. Although I would not reject an attractive design.

I am looking for reset, Grand reset, VIP and donation modules specifically. Not very concerned about a webshop, because I can solve that usiing other means. I also need access to a CP with banning options, some room for advertisements, compatibility with social networks and all the "basics" a website needs nowadays. Be able to create links and that those links show as buttons on the web interface.
What I am looking for, is something similar to MuWeb 0.9, but with everything working and more personalized.

Anyone up to the task?

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Optimize Web Page For Faster Loading

Task #1: Reduce the size of the loaded page

Web site in question is located here:

According to the total page loading size is 302k. I would like to reduce this to below 200k. There are a number of things that can be done – they are listed by running the analysis for the site here:

Task #2: Currently flash is set to not load for IE. I want to change this so that only IE6 and below is blocked.

Please note that I know what needs to be done, just dont have the time to do these things myself. I expect these tasks to take about 2 hours for a competent web developer.

If you choose to do the project I would email you the zip file with all necessary files. You would perform the optimization and upload the results to your server. Project would be accepted if same analytics would report loading size to be <200k.

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Test Web Page

Heres what I need:

1) Web page that captures:

Phone Number

2) Passes this data to my web service
3) Handles the response from the web service which will be: Approved or declined. If declined then there will be an associated message to display.

No security or anything needed. Its only for testing.

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Project For Nur

Web page updates

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Simple Web Page Tekst Refresh

Dear Friends!

Current page (Simple online book) needs text to be refreshed with new version.

address of page: wwwDOTholotectureDOTcom (please place . instead DOT)

New text is provided in pdf file at wwwDOTholotectureDOTcom/new

New page need to have tekst not pictures so it will be more google friendly.

Design can be changed if You have better idea!

For any new details check the project board.

Thank You, looking forward to do business with You!

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Cartoon Illustration For Web Page

a scene with a variety of activities including roller coaster, parade, crowd, etc.

a scene with a man sitting on a park bench in front of a wooden fence.

four small, original illustrated images representing a Ferris Wheel, an orchestra in the park, a parade and a cook-out.

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Build A Web Page For A Customer

– Build a web page for a customer " it is resail "
– It could be from templates or custom made

we have plenty customers, so it could be long time business.

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Promote A Web Page In Forums, Blogs

I am looking for some one experienced in promoting this page ( ) in relevant forums and blogs. These blogs and forums must have solid relevancy to recruitment, hiring, staffing, human resources, or talent management.

1) ALL Links NEED to be relevant to the project websites content (
2) NOFOLLOW links are NOT allowed – All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW
3) Backlinking page

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Web Page Redesign

To redesign webpage

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I need a ful Hyip website, with templat design, script ( AJ HYIP Meridian is best) and to be instaled so I can try it.
It needs to be like this site in features
but design must be like this site (non hyip) , specialy the gold section, because this will be the
theme of my site.
It must be easy editable, so i can change things that i want.
My budget is 50 $.

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Adility API Programming

We need a simple PHP script written that will connect to the Adility API (see and return coupons, deals, products by city and display these on the web page. The city will be passed as a $_GET. We already have a developers API key you will be able to use for he project.

Need this ASAP. You must document your code well.

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Study Abroad Company Web Page

We recently opened study abroad consulting company. We are want to have a website. We looked at the this site and liked it. Our site will be turkish language. At this time our company have just two country programs. Russia and China. We want high rankings on Google search for our words. I was use a joomla and I know how use. I do not know too much english. Im waiting for offers.

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Web Page Banner


I require 3 to 5 banner samples for a webpage. The size will be 800×200.

I will give company name, colors and line of business to winning bid.

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Web Page Scraping

First time user of seeks help with Web scraping project for server platform.

Project involves navigating and scraping of several multilayered java web pages and posting scraped results to MySql database.

Developer is free to choose development environment, php, javascript, ruby or alternative suggestions welcome.

Experience with web scraping and java web programming desired, please submit evidence of previous experience with list of similar/related project work or copy of resume.

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Single Web Page ASAP

I have designed a web page using Photoshop and I need someone to build it in Dreamweaver using div layers, etc. I need to be able to easily edit it in Dreamweavers Design View. The code doesnt have to be that clean you can use multiple layers. The large player on the right (dark grey area) is a basic embed code so that does not have to be built. I can provide the photoshop psd files, and links needed.The attached image will provide more detail. I have basically redesigned an existing web page so the hosting and domain are already setup. I will require that you back up the old site once the new one is approved. This needs to be done very quickly and on time. Serious inquiries only. The finished project must look like the design I provide. You must also keep excellent open communication throughout project. I have skype and yahoo messenger.

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Web Page Creation

Posting of inventory listings for multiple customers in the same business bracket by regions and zones

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Micro Blogging Web Page

Task 1

You are tasked with developing two simple but secure and effective web-based interfaces for two types of users: readers and posters (called

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Internet Web Page Investigation And Action Required

We have been exposed to a scam which has cost us some money. We need to perform investigative and pursuant actions against these behind these scams.
We will therefore need assistance from creative programmers that are able to assist us in research and solutions to act upon these.
There are two websites involved in this scam, and we have done preliminary investigations that these web sites are launched via godaddy and proxy services.

We will go into more details of this project as response comes to us. Please, only serious providers to respond to this, as we need a solution as soon as possible and discretion is promised as well as needed.

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Audio Files To Web Page And Audio Conversion

Add about 20 audio files to a web page. First convert audio from .wav or .mp3 to Flash audio. Will need either an individual Flash player for each file or a single Flash playlist player. Need a nice layout for all this audio, text of artist name. Everything needs to be fast-loading, compact and user friendly

Also need each audio cut as .zip file for download and their associated file download links put on the page.

11/18/2010 at 3:50 EST:

Youll also need to upload all the data to the appropriate folders in the directory. To do so, please poke around in the Directory folders to get an idea of where audio files, html and the other necessary scripts are located.

This project is best suited to those who do not desire frequent input from me.

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Audio Files To Web Page And Audio Conversion

Add about 20 audio files to a web page. First convert audio from .wav or .mp3 to Flash audio. Will need either an individual Flash player for each file or a single Flash playlist player. Need a nice layout for all this audio, text of artist name. Everything needs to be fast-loading, compact and user friendly

Also need each audio cut as .zip file for download and their associated file download links put on the page.

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New Web Page – CMS

We would like to have new professional web page with CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Custom CMS,

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Web Page Designed

I am accepting bids for completing my web page
Entry level bids
Bid due November 15

Must have knowledge of designing, alternating a web site template with flash and developing the web site. There will be approx. 5-7 tabs. I have a template but I will need the pages altered to fit my tabs, my photos, my samples and my text. Froms tarting point with template to develope whole web site. I would like flash or soemthing to that event to go through my samples of work.

Home- which will explain company
Services- List of services offered with samples- I would like to incorporate a flash scenario of samples
Screen Printing T-shirts tab- details, prices, and sample (eventually have a shipping chart)
Books- I need details and samples of my books
Contact us – a form to fill out and make it so it comes to my email

Please email for questions or bid on job.
I will maintain web site
Web site already has host
Can suggest things in bidding.

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Tidy Up Web Page

Im doing a new website and im looking for one my web pages to be tided up.

The jpgs look a bit messy ie theyre diffent sizes (im comparing photos to paintings) and I would like it to have a more neater and professional look for that page. Secondly, the headings on the pages about us, contact us etc look different when you open it up on firefox and then internet explorer. They are more squashed in on internet explorer, youll see what i mean and if i change it on internet explorer then on firefox you get a huge gap. So just looking for jpgs probably on a white background with a nice font with the text on it, to counteract this problem.

Please no automated responses.


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Web Page Replication

I need software that will take a table and place those variable and put them in a few pages to make web pages so I can post them up on the internet. The table size will be seven entries on 500 lines. The trick here is some of the files created will be in a sub directory and one of the variable will rename one of the directories. If you are interested I will send you more information. Looking to get done ASAP!

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Web Page 2nd Hand Products

We are 2 young Spanish entrepeneurs looking forward beginning a new project. The project would include the development of a website as a forum for sell-buy products of second hand. It should be in Spanish.
Additional initiative will be very appreciated as Seo positioning skills.

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2 Page Web Mockup – Green Energy Niche

Were seeking a 2 page mockup for a client in the green energy space.

They want to update their online presence with a smart, modern design.

One page would be the homepage and the other would be a snapshot of an e-commerce page where customers can purchase solar panels and assorted renewable energy products.

I will have a full brief and wireframes next week.

In the meantime I would like to find a high-quality mockup designer who would complete this project and, potentially others.

You should have a portfolio of commercial projects, an attention to detail and a decent turn-around. We are located in Australia – you can be anywhere.

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SEO My Web Page

Hello I have a website a couple of months old now. It is a wix site I am wanting to get it to the first page of google for a number of keywords eg "perth solar", should be quite easy I have cheched the seo of my competitors. Im thinking around $8USD per hour, ongoing work for good performer. Payment by Paypal 40% mid way through project 60% at completion

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Web Page My-Usana

Please review the attached document and send your quote and examples of your work. Thanks.

Basically is a web page with a Blog and a member administration system so that each member can have his photo and a personal message so that the page we are designing looks like his own.

Needs to have all meta tags for SEO and once done you need to submit the page to browers.


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Web Page Publishing Work

We are looking for a developer to put up basic static PHP web pages for a series of domains that we have. Each domain to have ten pages. Basic header and navigation.

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Web Page With .mov Playlist

The goal of the project is to build a web page with 10 quicktime videos (.mov files) with following caracteristics :
– videos in loop mode
– without controllers,
– The width of the video is 100% of the page, the height of the video must be ajusted according to the width
– Autostart true

The clic on the video doenst have effect, that means that the video does not stop or restart, and the double clic doent not active the full screen mode.

An example of a video will be provided.

Budget max : 30 $


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