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Bb Syncml Client

Need development of syncml client and server for blackberry mobile phones.Please bid only if you are familiar with syncml /OMA protocols and solutions.

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IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.1 Translation Plugin


I am looking for an experienced Lotus Sametime developer who is able to extend an existing translation plugin with some new features and combine it with other existing Sametime plugins.

Important note: please bid only but only if you are familiar with Sametime development. All other bids will be marked as advertising bids!!!

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Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

I want the prices of my online store products reduced to specified amount on the basis of when the product was created. When a new product is submitted, the discountprice field in the products table receives a default value based on the price (price * .94 = discountprice)

PRODUCTS database fields (involved in this project)
discountprice price * discountrate = discountprice
discountrate .94 (default)
discountdays 10 (default)
datecreated 2010-11-08 23:34:28 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (default)

Change the SQL Statement in the products pages to include an "IF" statement.
EXAMPLE: If datecreated AND discountdays = OR < NOW then show discountprice OTHERWISE price

PAGES THAT REQUIRE THE CHANGE: I will provide the following PHP pages for the freelancer to change. If its not hard, I may add the additional SQL to complete this project.

SCENARIO: On a default situation, if I created a product called XYZ with a price of $100 on 2010-11-08 23:34:28, then on 2010-11-18 23:34:28, the price would display $94. Only if I changed the discountrate, would the price of this product vary. Only if I changed the discountdays, would the price change on a different day.

Scripting Language/Database: PHP MySQL

Send me a private message regarding your approach to making this work and the results of the work in completing this project.

Above, I have provided what I believe is all the information regarding this project. Please base your bid on this but I will be happy to answer questions and exchange correspondence through this websites personal message board during the development of this work. Try to keep in mind of time zones differences if responses arent immediate.

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URGENT: Rebrand And Compile Software Apps (bid Under $250)

I have a series of software applications that need to be rebranded and compiled
I intend to choose more than 1 developer for this project, but after you do 1 app, you can start on a 2nd if youre available. Im looking to establish long-term relationship with coders who can do this kind of work consistently

Please note the following in your bid:

Which apps can you do?
Java (for Windows)

What environment(s) do you use?
Visual Basic (VB6)
Visual Studio 2010

Can you compile for Windows or Mac or Both?

There is not much actual coding required
Its mostly find/replace strings, replace images and rename source files and dlls
Occasionally youll need to figure out which libraries are needed and locate and download some opensource libs.

Once you tell me about which platforms/languages you can work in, I will send you details on specific apps for your evaluation and (hopefully) you can enter a bid today and be done with the first app by tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

This is easy work, but you must be reliable!

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PHD Researcher Require For Research On Software Development

I am looking for an excellent Researcher preferably a PHD degree holder who knows how to make genuine Academic researches. The topic of research is "Human Ergonomics in Software development"
The candidate will also be require to intially write a complete proposal explaining the different objectives and tasks on which entire research would be based.

Please bid if you have genuine research skills and enough time to spend on the research. please post me your cvs.

Daily communication on skype and emails is must.
More details will be provided on contact.

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Dutch > Fr


We need translators who can perform Dutch > French and probably vice versa, Natives of the either of languages are preferable !

Only Genuine Translators needed, No god damn software translations allowed..

Please bid per 10k of source Dutch text !

Continuous work guaranteed if you perform well !!


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