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Supplier Needed For FB Accounts, Ongoing, Bid Per 10K

I need 20k Facebook Accounts, 500 at a time. They need to stay active for at least 2 weeks. We are looking for a long term partner, so please bid accordingly. Should be US based accounts with real looking picture..cannot use the same photos. There will be a nice bonus at the end of the work.

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Job For Ninmalan- Dont Bid

This is a private job for Ninmalan, nobody else bid.

(As discussed), this is private job, as on the previous job we need Many workers, so this is opened for you as a private job.

I am going to invite you, and you can bid for it Ninmalan.

Project is as discussed.

Any questions? let me know.

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I have phpshield files that I need to be decoded or decrypted.

I have encoded a file for testing, you have to send part of the code to proof that you can do the job

Please post your bid so I can send you the test file.

Please do not waste my time with free online tools.

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Only For Successful Sellers & Affiliate


If you know affiliate programms and already made success
If you are interested in online commissions payments .
If you enjoy working as sales on the internet using all available tools .
If it is not your first time to work at this field .
Then , you can bid
PM with your last successful work and your tools , methods , ……..etc.
If you are serious then you will earn more money commissions .
payments directly on the affiliate website .


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PSD To WordPress

I have a psd design that needs to be converted into WordPress. I will choose a developer that can start to work emmidietly and finish the job, so please stick around after placeing bid because i will chose winner 1 hour after this is posted.

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WordPress Changes (closed)


this is a job for workon – make a bid of 80$

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Members Only Site Build


I am looking for someone to build be a site with the same functionality and look and feel of

Please include the time to completion in your bid. You can spec out the project directly from that site.

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Dropshippers Needed


We are looking for a supplier that can help us with Wholesale like Xbox Live Gold Subscription cards and Marketplace point cards, Playstation Network cards, World of Warcraft prepaid cards and many other game cards.
For US and EUROPEAN Market.
Please BID if you ARE SERIOUS and and able to supply for loooong time.

INCLUDE in your bid, what your service/network is.

Thank you.

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One Minute 2D Simple Animation


I got a small business and im looking to promote it on 1 minute simple animation, the reel will show the logo of the business and some of the features i provide, majorly text based. The look is very modern and querky feel (not that much thought)

Here is a sample for what am looking for but am looking for something easier and much simpler.

If you think you are capable of doing it:
1- show me work "real work"
2- My initial budget is within $100 (am serious) so please do not bid if you think it will take more time than you think
3- I am a designer (print) so ill be providing rough storyboard with supers to explain the idea
4- Changing is a part of the execution process so minor changes expected
5- If you left this off, more work will be provided
6- VO or music will be provided

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Free Classified For Real Estate Domain

I need a PHP expert who can create a free classified for the real estate domain exclusively and deliver the project on time.

Lowest bid and Fastest work would obviously be preferred.

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Recruit Affilliates

This project requires you to recruit affiliates to my site. The rules are;
-The affiliates have to be from the US, canada or europe
-You should recruit at least 500 affiliates into the site.
-You should have at least 250 new recruits who will be active members.
-You should join the site before you bid.
– You will be used for the future if you do a great job.
-No spam or fake accounts. This will be verified.

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Need Writer


We need unique writer for finance and technology. Rate per article $.60 for min 375-400 words and $.90 for 500 words. We know the rate is low but, you can get long time work. Please bid If you are interested to work with this rate.

Its very Urgent project.


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Writing Job For Fresh Writers

Hello everybody.

We are recruiting again.

The rate stays the same…low so far so please do not bid higher than this.
We have every intention to keep you and pay you for as long as you want to write for us still:

Do not bid if you cannot produce clear US English original content. By original we mean it needs to pass copyscape- if it does not, no payment.

Keep in mind you need to be on time with the daily delivery. PM us how many articles of 300w, 400w and 500w can you do a day.

If you own a blog PM us the link so we can see your style.

We are not looking for the next Stephenie Meyer because we cannot afford to pay her.
You need to be able to produce content based on a link you will receive. You are free to rewrite if you cannot do it other way.

The stardard rate is $0,80/ 300w.

Bid for 50 articles and PM us the above requested.

Bids without PM and/or samples will be disregarded.

Good luck.

We welcome internationals as well as natives

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