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Bird Vector Icon Wanted


I am looking for an illustrator to design a vector icon of a bird which resembles to Angry Birds (bird icon)
will need it for an iPhone app which provides Angry Birds guide.

Want bird mascot to be in vector format so it could be modified later on.

Looking for talented individual/company to provide it within 24 to 36 hours, payment will be setup as milestone once the winner is selected and release it once the final product received. This is a quick job so my budget is not more than $30.

Winners may expect plenty of other design projects in near future.

P.S. Find attachment for reference of what kind of work Im interested in.

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Flash Website For Media Company

We are a media company specializing in cinematic commercials. We want a unique flash site built around our name. Our logo is a type of seabird. Please read the idea we have in mind. And message me the answers to the questions at the bottom.

Overview: Build a flash website where we can show our video work, gear, photos, contact and

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We are looking for investors to entrust to us to develop a business swallow bird that has huge potential and profits. Business development plan of this swallow bird Kaur Regency in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

Investors who want to invest their capital to develop swallow bird about $ 250,000 and we are ready to work together to develop the business.

Qualifying investors apply individual and legal entities around the world and seriously to work together.

For freelancers who can help find serious investors, we give a bonus of $ 13,000 as your salary.

If a freelancer is to find serious investors, please send full details to us ..

Best Regards ..

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Art Work Design

The bird is looked like flying up to the sky with 2 wings wide to side. This bird is normally flying with whole family.

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Animations And Design

Design and animation for:
1. tiger (same animations as lion, only different design)
2. elephant (walk, run)
3. hypo (walk, run, open mouth)
4. one bird (similar animation with bird you did already)
5. lion roar (same lion you did) and tiger roar (same as lion)

So for tiger you can copy all animation moves of lion.
Only design of head and coloring is a bit different.

I will provide example designs.

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3 X Tweety Bird Birthday Cards – Filipinos Wanted

I want someone to create 3 Birthday Cards featuring Tweety Bird (tweety pie).

size = 2480px by 3508px. Needs to be in original editing format. i.e .psd

Price= $10 per birthday card. Therefore only bid for $30

If the bidder does a good job I am looking to hire to make many more birthday cards.

I would prefer filipino graphic artists bid. I have lived in the Philippines before and would like to form some work relationships because I intend to go back there frequently.


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Expert Flash

We need an expert in flash to finish off an old project
We need a cartoon bird made which is bigger and more prominent than what we have currently and we need the bird to fly

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Expert Flash

We need an expert in flash to finish off an old project
We need a cartoon bird made which is bigger and more prominent than what we have currently and we need the bird to fly

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Recording Of Bird Chirping

We need a high-quality recording of 30 different kinds of birds together with the name of the bird chirping. For example: pigeon, skylark, owl, parrot, duck, seagull etc. We can pay up to 120 USD.

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Need 15 Articles Written $2 Each, More To Come

I need some writers or a team of writers who can send me 10 – 500 words articles in good english and pass copyscape. They are to be broken up by the following subjects:

5 – Bird Dogs, Bird Hunting

2 – Fargo North Dakota

3 – The Printing industry or Printing in general

5 – Chiropractors, Sports Chiropractors, Back pain, Family Chiropractors

I need 100% copyscape free content and quality works. I offer $2/article

Please bid on all 10 and submit an original sample with your bid.

If your sample article is in good english and original I will ask you to write all 10.

We will likely be needing work on a monthly basis.

Please do not bid here if you are not comfortable. Thanks

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Web Site Graphics – 5 Images

Heavy Twitter Bird Theme Graphics – 5 graphic Images total – More work later

4 – main graphics min 900×900 dpi + 1 – Collage of all 4 min 900×900 dpi

all images presented will be in layers and in native format in Illustrator or Photoshop CS3 or lower

1 image of Twitter Bird driving cartoon FedEx truck
1 image of Twitter Bird driving cartoon UPS truck
1 image of Twitter Bird driving cartoon US Postal Service truck
1 image of Twitter Bird cartoon carrying a mail bag over shoulder
1 image of fancy fun collage of the above 4 images

sample ideas suggested

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Bird Questionnaire For Facebook

I am looking for someone to create a simple Facebook application, which tests the users knowledge of birds.

The user is shown a picture of a bird, and then asked to identify it. Several multiple choice options are given in Latin and the user must then choose the correct option. For those who dont know Latin, there is a possibility to use another language (English or Finnish).

The application will initially include approximatley 300 birds, and should be easily extendable for more. Pics and Latin / Finnish names are provided to the developer. Application should show content related advertisements.

Dont hesitate to ask for further info if something is unclear.

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Flash Twitter Button

I would like a Flash Twitter Button for my website I would like to use a bird as the twitter logo. Here are the details
1. I would like for the birds eyes to blink
2. The sign its holding would say Follow HIPHOPSHEARTBEAT On Twitter. Every 30 seconds I would like the bird to wave the sign left to right as if its trying to get someones attention.
3. Every 45 seconds I would like the bird to look up left & right as if its trying to see what video the persons watching.

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Eblast "Early Bird Special"-Private For RockingGraphics

Private project, please do not bid unless you are "RockingGraphics"

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Eblast "Early Bird Special" Private Project-RockingGraphics

This is a private project, please do not bid.

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Project For Blue Bird

SEO website content for a dental practice
12 pages up to 350 – 500 words per page
Ass discussed

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Write Articles on Birding Sanctuaries

I need 50 articles written on bird sanctuaries in the United States. I would like one 550-700 word article on a bird sanctuary for each of the 50 states in the USA.

Articles are to be written in Word and in good quality English. They are to be original works.

I have a limited budget for this project.

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3D Bird character

find the attachment of bird character design,
i want to develop this character in 3d,
i have total 10 birds like this but different characterization …
you guys bid on one character…

ill provide the model sheet.

I need following things.
1. model
2. texture(diffuse map, bump, spec whatever it needs)
3. rigging
4. skinning
5. blend shape
6. controllers for entire body

in short i want this character ready for production level animation.

i will choose the bid winner who complete the character at properly finished level, send me your portfolio with expressions & textured version

i will change my bid amount if your portfolio quality is best.

i want toonish kind look, like pixar up character, not realistic kind look but finished level

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Quality Animation Video Needed

Looking for someone that can create a short animation video from scratch using Flash or better animation video production software. I am looking for quality appearance, like a Pixar movie would be something with a character look as in the attachment.

Plain white background, three different characters, no sound required or other characters, artwork etc….just a caterpillar, a butterfly, and a bird. Caterpillar inches its way across the screen…butterfly spreads its wings and "buzzes the tower" on the caterpillar like in the movie clip and flies off….then a bird lands hard next to the caterpillar(feet and legs only) and then eats the caterpillar and flies off…then last shot is of the butterfly smiling and flying off doing barrel rolls like a fighter pilot. That is the short script of what we want it to do. The butterfly should have the appearance of beauty and grace, but mimic an F-14 fighter jet….the caterpillar should be a small greenish inchworm type or fuzzy black caterpillar and bird should be well a normal type blackbird…no birds of prey(hawks, falcons, etc).

Video is to be fairly short….30 seconds to a minute max

I do not have anything in preparation of this, it is something to be done from scratch by you as the provider. Provide samples of previous work you may have done. We will retain all rights to paid finished product. Finish product will not be available for resale.

These videos have the character style I am looking for not exact but similar

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Vector Image: Twitter Bird Cartoons

I need a vector image/graphic created for me in jpeg/gif/png format.

I have the idea of the image already. "It needs to be two twitter birds having a picnic, one bird is laying down a picnic blanket and the other is taking a picture with a camera." The birds drawn need to look exactly like this:

Rules of Project:

1) If you say you complete in 2 days and you complete it in 3 days. A dispute will be started and you will only get half pay.
2) I need professional quality work
3) I need this be done quickly (Max 2 days)
4) Constant communication is expected so I can give feedback

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Beach festival page and banner needed

For a trance Beach Event i need a festival information site.
Pref with some moving parts like birds/palmtrees/dancing people/whatever you might think of.
Menubuttons (4) with links to ticketsite, hotels, how to get there, other info.
it should include an option to invite people by things like email contacts importer / facebook / myspace etc.
also banner is needed for several websites!

demo’s/links needed to prove your skill !

we are a non-profit foundation so budget is small!

please send links

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