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Website Rebuild (wordpress)


I am wanting to redevelop our website to a wordpress site, with a
similar look and functionality as it presently has (but better).

Not sure where to start and just looking for some sort of ball park.

The current site is a bit of a hack and extended so many times it
ended up being a bit of a mess, and the SEO it dreadful!

Basic requirements
– Mostly blog with the ability to categorise articles in multiple
– Simple online store to purchase subscriptions and back issues, we
want to later be able to add some other product to this section. This
also has a discount coupon. We want to use an intergrated paypal
gateway for this to help reduce our costs.

– As is (categories and listings of businesses)
– We want to make this better by being able to open listing and get
more info (photo galleries and videos, more text etc)
– Ability for companies listed to edit their listings by logging in

– Wed probably need to find a way of integrating this, rather than
re-doing, its pretty complex. But take a look and see what you think.
– may be good to set this up an another site, that we link to and
link back from???

I know this isnt much info, but should kick us off in the right
direction. Let me know if you have any Qs.

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Magento Development

Looking for a Magento expert who has immediate availability for this project.

Details will be provided to selected providers. Overview:

1. Ability to offer products with start/end date/time (e.g. for 24 hours only, or for 7 days, etc.)

2. Ability to offer products shipped and sold by others (multi-vendor, see:

3. Integration with affiliate program (I will provide program and it is built to integrate with Magento).

4. Clean layout/navigation like

5. Ability to display blog posts where they have the Shop Together bar (

The project would require excellent knowledge of customizing Magento. Longer term opportunity available. Please respond with examples of what you have already developed, specifically anything which required extensive modifications. No fee paid upfront. Work needs to be completed within 7 days.

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I need someone to make a script or find me a program to get clicks..

Example: 5000 clicks in 5 days on

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Magento Theme Design/modification

Safety Technology Online ( is an online provider of self-defense and security products. Our mission is to not only offer the newest and best in safety technology, but to help its customers choose the right products for their needs. We provide, with pride, a way for people to protect themselves, their families, and their property.


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Craigslist Ads

Need CL Ads to be Submitted? Whether daily or weekly guaranteed service is hard to beat. Refer to: if you need a test run for examples. Its a quality service thats offered longterm if needed always guaranteed. Message me or: is a good example. Let me know what you think ; )

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Linked In Add On And Small Bit Of Design Work Needed

Hi i need a few borders made on my site just to freshen and neeten it up plus a linked in ad on needed please

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Internet Expert (linux, Affiliate, Php) Needed
– vergelijken van elektronika & computers.
– usa feeds van de grotere elektronica & computer sites, momenteel ben ik al aangemeld

and a few others

Hello freelancers.

I need someone who is a general internet expert and knows linux a bit, affiliate stuff a bit, knows
how to work with a database and a bit of php.

What I need are data feeds.

This are the steps.

1. Join an affiliate program that has data feeds with the information I provide you.
2. After validation and acceptance you need to download certain feeds from the affiliate programs.
The feeds I need are only the bigger ones, f.e. Ebay or Amazon or, only websites
with an Alexa ranking below 5000 or so.
3. Next I need you to download the feed to my server. This is done with wget from the linux shell.
4. After downloading you need to register the feed and import it. This is done with mcedit and
php scripts that automate this. For this step you have to take a look into the feed by using mcedit
f.e. so you can see how the feed is structured and which fields contain what. Next
you can use import & register scripts.

I will explain what kind of feeds I need when you contact me. F.e. for one comparison website
I only need electronic & computer feeds from the USA. For another one I need feeds of book
sites from Germany etc.

I need an hourly price for this, I am on a very small budget so give me your best shot.

Really, really read the above? Then end your post or PM with *READ*


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Conversion Of VS2008 Lib From 32bit To 64 Bit

I need someone who can convert the library to something that will work in a 64 bit environment. When it is attempted in its current form most of the library variables with regard to call information have funky incorrect characters in them. My understanding is the issue is…

"That means the buffers arent aligned properly – probably because they are all set for 32-bit alignments.. sounds like some work is necessary to convert it over to 64-bit"

This article describes things that may need to be change with regard to pointers and what not.

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Optimized Layout (psd To Css+java)

Hello Freelancers,

We are looking to get get the following design converted into a CSS layout with fully optimized images (file names, alt text, and size optimization).

Here is the new layout inlay:
Our current website:
Product slider working example: (you will see their slider above, we are looking for the same slider format/interface for our site. if our current image rotation plug-in thats on our homepage can be modified – great, if not then well use your choice.)

We are working on a proprietary system so the javascript files will need to be hosted on a sub-domain which is on another server.

>> Please make sure to visit our current website and check how the current slider works, I believe its a combination of XML and Java. <<

Full PSD available for you as well.

All work would need to be done within a test document/environment calling the source files from the sub-domain.

Please discuss all questions via private message.

Thank you!

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Improve A ‘Squeeze Page’

I have designed a pitch/squeeze page for a website membership subscription for ClickBank, however I am not skilled in design or using good sales persuasion etc.

The advert could maybe do with a bit of graphical improvement, and some more text, its a bit basic at the moment. I have attached a text file with the URL so this doesnt appear in search engines 😉

The winner should probably take a look round the site to see what its about so they can sell it properly.

I need this done in the next 3 days.


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Php Developer – ILance

I have got website which has ILance script installed and I need some work and customization with it.

You must have total control on PHP and LAMP Technologies. Project is big and long term but Ill start bit by bit and stagewise. So can test your skills and speed

Experience with ILance is preferred. If you worked with ILance script earlier put the links you have worked with.

More details will be furnished in PMB for Part1 customization, which should be quick and easy job.

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Simple Iphone App For A Bit Of Fun

This is just for a bit of fun, and is actually sort of like an interview. I have a company in New Zealand that makes iphone and ipad apps for my clients and i need more key developers for the huge ammount of demand i have for apps through my business relationships.

so the right person will have a a constant supply of contact work if they want, so i need really good comunication and competitive prices.

This app i do actually want made for a bit of fun but is more to see what you can do.

this app i believe will need a siple web interface first and works like the following:

app is called "bitsbook"

basically works like this, you take a head and shoulders picture of somebody (male/or female) then you type in the persons name age , sex, and height/weight range (these i want as options to tick not entering text)
once this is filled out on the app and the web inter face (note on the app you can take pictures using the phone and on the web interface you upload one)
then the program i need to take the information and 2 pieces of information form the photo( info from the photo it needs to rechognize the persons hair colour and skin colour )
once it has this information i want the app to generate a picture of the most likely senario of what there bits (genitals ) will look like ( i know this seams outragous and im laughing as well as this is what one of my client s has asked for)

so with the information form the fields and the photo then the software will find the most appropriate image ( from a data base of picture my client will suply) and when they press "show bits" a picture will apear.

This app and web interface is reasonable simple, and only needs to use a database to find the images and a little code to pick the persons hair colour and skin colour

the app and web interface also has a login so people have to sign up.
i hope you can understand this and look forward to working with you on this project and others


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IPhone App

Want a very simple app made with skill and quality. A &quot;Stress Relief game&quot; where you can pick from a few weapons/swords which come on the screen as a 1st person view which you use to inflict mass damage on a character figure of a simple model with a big smiley face on his head. The more damage you do the worse the character looks and bit by bit turns into little pixels. You can then choose to reset the game or add another &quot;model&quot; to the screen. Suppose to be a funny stress relief game which you can just go all out on. Thanks

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Create Links On

Hey i need someone to create links for me

i will provide u 7 different links and i need 2000 links for each

so i will need 14000 links

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Social Media Payment System

I am looking for a dev to develop a Social Payment System similar to I would like it to be able to have the option to a status update to facebook, and Twitter (It lets the visitor decide what one to use).

I also would like it to have the following features:

In addition, I would like the script to allow others to create a pay button as well.

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Integration Of A Upload Cgi In An Existing Ecommerce Php Per

Integrating a cgi script (using the existing one) it in the upload page connecting everything correctly to the database and notification email.

The description is a little bit confusing or short but i think it is a work for a day. Of cause you get access to the files to reconsider your bit. Of just ask for more info

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2D Animation How It Works


I need a video animation in 2D. The videos reminds you about How it works for Groupon Customers.
I will provide with Logo, Pictures, voice over (in swedish) and text for your understanding in english.

Please see the quality and style I am asking for.
The groupon version has a bit to many effects, but only a bit. So i need something in between.
The other one is to boring.

From You I need:
The voice over will be just over 1 min so the video must be a bit longer
Sound effects to the video
Back ground music
project in a format for the web as a format where I can make adjustments

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WordPress Theme And Css Design

Id like to adapt this design to

1) a wordpress theme

the current design does NOT have a blog. blog design elements should be adapted from this site

theme must be designed as a child theme of Ithemes Builder (copy supplied)

2) a stand alone css/xhtml design

3) a simplified design for small screens

all three versions MUST

a) be IDENTICAL in appearance to original design.
b) be SEO friendly
c) well commented
d) appear the same way in ALL browsers
e) detect mobile browsers and show simplified version
f) properly integrate RSS and web 2.0 elements
g) avoid the use of any images for UI elements: everything should be done via CSS/HTML. No exceptions.
h) be error free and meet all relevant W3C web standards see

Project budget and schedule are both flexible.

This project will be judged based on quality of design only and not the speed with which it was done.

This project will NOT be deemed completed until ALL of the above conditions are met. No exceptions.

Absolutely no $$$ will be paid up front. Milestones will be paid during project as mutually agreed to at beginning of contract.

Do provide links to examples of your best wordpress theme and CSS designs.

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Need WordPress Theme Beautified

I would like my word press blog theme beautified.

I do not require a new theme as I am happy with how the current theme positions the HTML elements (sidebar, footer). I also do not require a new banner as I am happy with the current one.

I guess what I am trying to say that I want the theme to be made a bit more alive, more fresh, more web 2.0, instead of web 1.0 looking. I think a bit of images and some CSS tweaks should do it.

Will provide more details and answer more questions on demand.

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Programming Task (coding ) Urgent Urgent

hi i have other project that needs tobe done ASAP

here it is can you do it

For this part of the homework, you need to work alone. Extend homework 6a by introducting two new opcodes.

Opcode [11] should implement a right barrel shift similar to opcode [10]. The correspondent register transfer instruction should look like…

ri <- sbr(rj)

where the value of register $rj is circularly shifted right by one bit and then saved into register $rj.

Opcode [12] should perform 16 bit addition with the register values holding an address that is the low byte of the 16 bit operands. The correspondent register transfer instruction should look like…

MEM[rj] <- MEM[rj] + MEM[rk]

where the 16 bit addition is done between the integer values pointed by addresses in register $rj and register $rk. The result is then saved at the address pointed by register $rj.

Submit the ucode file along with a testing mem file. Be sure to include significative comments in both the files (your grade also depends by how you are able to show that the operations work properly).

pay 20$

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Create A Site Like

I need a duplicate site to that has the nice warm but we will add a few more products.
with mostly the same categories but a few more and changing titles a bit, along with the test so its not a copy right issue.
This will require complete design of all ages and adding text but changing it a bit to not be copyright issue.
we do the same thing and have the same contracts with all same companies we just need the website completed.

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Joomla – Webpage Quik Changes

Hi I need a few changes to website

1. Optimize Load time / caching cause i got server downs when i got high load / high traffic
2. quik php change / add more streams at this page (now its 4, should be 8) => here

This work should be done as fast as possible only bid if u are able to do work within a few hours fron NOW on.


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Edit Menus In Html Pages

This is my site

what I need to do is
–>edit the top and right menus (add sub menus in top and edit right menus etc)
I have almost 50 html pages but all are in root so you need to setup the menus for one and then copy to other pages

–>I have a forum located at

I need to edit this template to exactly match with my sites theme (color menus fonts) every thing
I am using phpbb 2.0 ( I will give you the version link that I am using)

My budget $30 for both work but tell me your price also I might increase my budget
Let me know how much will you charge for both jobs or any one

But remember work must be professional
The menus should work in all browsers internet explorer all versions ,firefox, chrome
I will send you all the details

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Need Script Changed A Bit…

By Emad only.

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Chess Game For Social Networking Web Site As FB


!!!!!!!only for serious people!!!!!!!!!

hello people i need ready made chess game rooms for social networking web site with a bit changes with design only the script and to improve it bit .

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Amazing Blog Article Writer Wanted NOW! $300 / Month Minimum

Amazing Writer Wanted! Looking for someone with an excellent grasp of the English language.

Job Specs:

– Must be willing to review topics / do a bit of research
– Must be able to add a photo(s) (we will pay for them)
– Must be able to adapt to styles of writing. You will be given direction / format instructions, but you have to be able to be a bit flexible and adapt.

Ok, thats it. Now impress me and show me your work!

P.S. Let me know in your cover letter how many 1000 word articles/pieces per month you can produce for $300 and what topics you like to write about.

We will use that as a guide, although length may vary.

Looking for someone reliable and more work may be available.

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Flash Banners

This is an easy job + fast money for the right person.

I Need 6 sets of FLASH banners in AdWords standard sizes.

"Remarketing" banners to promote my site.

You need to be very creative, and experienced.

Show me your Flash Demo banners to see previous jobs.


I will provide more information
"text" and "logo" after I choose you.

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Audio Recording

I am looking for someone to provide a quality audio recording in MP3 format of a written book of approximately 6900 words. The copy can be provided in PDF and/or paperback.

Examples of previous work will be required.

MP3 format – minimum bit rate 128, constant bit rate, sample frequency minimum 44.1kHz

Separate files to be provided for title, tip and section of the book.

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Need Porting IPhone App To Android

Need a quick port of an app ( from iOS to Android platform. Its a simple database app with some search features. Involves parsing some XML.
We have the original source code (iOS) if need be.

Please review the screenshots of the app to be ported:

1) Experienced programmer with experience in both iOS (ObjC) and Android (java) platforms
2) Excellent communication
3) Fast turn around is very important as we have competitors.

Require NDA and full source code at completion of project.

When to start: ASAP

Please carefully review the iOS app we intend to port to the Android platform:
Are you able to port the features of the above app to Android?

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Linux Expert Needed – AWS Server Configuration

Hi Experts

We have signed up a linux server with amazon web services, Following is the spec.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 32-bit (AMI Id: ami-e0a35789)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1 basic install, EBS boot, 32-bit architecture with Amazon EC2 AMI Tools preinstalled; Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.0, PHP 5.3, Ruby 1.8.7, and Rails 2.3. Root Device Size: 15 GiB

We need the following done

1. Setup remote access
2. Desktop installed with NXserver access
3. Install drupal 6.20
4. Also create a simple document for use to be able to add other instances of drupal later as we plan to run more sites from same server


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