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Project Inisport

Project iniSport
My client is selling supplments for the fitness industry and needs to have a website developed in wordpress. The following requirements apply:

1.A unique designed logo and website for needs to be developed.
2.There should be an option for adding products to the page.
3.A shopping cart feature should be added to the site.
4.Upon placing an order an email should be forwarded to the customer as well as iniSport.
5.The design should be similar to
6.The menu should be horisontal.
7.On the frontpage there should be pictures of products changing after a few seconds.
8.The colorscheme should be Black and Red with white Font.
9.The menu structure should be as this:
-Om iniSport
-Kontakt (A contact formular should be applied)

Please qoute for this project.


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Dedicated To Beauty (synonymous) In Black

Hi Pretty,

Please bid here !

Thanks you

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