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ITALIAN Article Writer For Football (Soccer) Blog

We are looking for an ITALIAN professional content writer with experience in writing and with a true passion for football.

Posts must have EXCELLENT ITALIAN (dont bid if youre not NATIVE).


– 300/500 words each post
– 12/15 posts/month.
– 100% orginal content.
– please do not bid if you require more than $60


– Well check every article written for compliance with guidelines above, before payments.
– Payment will be delivered at the end of each month untill the end of Seria A championship
– We will not pay money upfront.
– Please provide samples of your work.

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Smart Writer Needed For Our Blog


Dear Service Providers

I am currently seeking one Writer for my personal blog who is going to write articles for my blog. STOP DO NOT BID AND KEEP READING! You are going to be blogging similar posts that are on this website:

Please note that I am not looking for SEO articles, I am not interested in texts for the Search Engine, I am looking for high quality articles for humans that are actually interesting and helpful.

Again I urge you to check out:

Please do not spam me with a wall of text in your PM, do write a PM explaining quickly what your task is going to be, so I know that you have actually read this bid and you understand it. Also please note that how many blog tips you would be able to produce weekly (doesnt have to be THAT much). Also note your price for a test period of 5 articles and your real price after that test period. Please place the price you would charge for 400 words.

Please note that I am going to pay bonus if your article generates readers and good feedback.

Payment methods:

– Paypal
– Freelancer Milestone

We are looking for a smart person with nice communication, we are not interested in teams of writers. So if you are an Indian who barely speaks English, with all respect, please do not bid.

Kind Regards

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Longterm Writer For A Tech Blog

S | Reviews

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Longterm Writer for a Tech Blog  

Longterm Writer for a Tech Blog is project number 896422
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 01/23/2011 at 16:49 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/02/2011 at 16:49 EST
(9d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



Hello Freelancers,

Our site is currently recruiting a good article writer that is willing to create and submit his work on our site for a long time from now on. If you love gadgets as much as we do this will be the perfect job for you.
We want a writer that has an advanced English language knowledge because the articles must be without spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.
If you want to get well with us you must:
-love technology and all creative things.
-know and adapt with our SEO writer conditions
-be open-minded.
-have/find good article sources(blog, forums, tech sites)
-know how to work with WordPress Blog Software(write and attach pictures to the articles); dont worry a tutorial will be available

Every article should be unique and pass any copyscape or plagiarism tests. At the beginning there will be a 5 article trial period and if you pass that, you will be hired to continue this job as a writer. This is just a simple test to know which one of the Freelancer is the best for this job and Im sure everybody will do his best to prove that.
Each article will have to contain 400-500 words and will be paid with $1. Our requirements will be to have 1 article on every 2 days and a total of 15 articles/month. If you complete this at the end of a month you will get a bonus of $5. This means you will make $20/month.
All article copyrights are passed to our site.

When you make a bid please specify in a PM:
-Name, age, occupation.
-Description of your skills.
-A sample article wrote by you.

Good luck everybody!

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Technical Writer For Asian Blog

I need a Ghost writer for at least 2 articles per week. Articles must be between 500 and 700 words.

You must write on areas of your our choice as long as they are broadly related to Indian Business, finance & technology. (this could be related to Social Media, Job Hunting, Online finance, new online technology etc.)

One of the important aspects for guest blogging is that your content has to be unique – Even though you can pick up ideas, the content written by you has to be original and with our point of view.

Please write a trial post of our own choice that contains 500 words. I will contact and/or reply anyone that DMs.

I do not allow rookie writers to contact me. This is not a trial and error job this time. 🙂

It is advisable for the writer to be located in Asia, your English must be really good !

NB I start with 2 posts…… but will increase

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Ghost Writer For Company Blog

I need someone who can write blog posts covering latest trends and news in web development. Im running a company which specializing in the technical side of the web so the blog should be used for creating trust for my customers and build the brand. You will write in English but I will translate it to Swedish. The posts should not be too technical, more general covering trends in the web/internet business. Some posts can also be about to integrate Facebook etc. for your website, how to create SEO friendly pages. The readers are not tech freaks, more project managers with limited knowledge of programming and coding. The goal as I said before is to build trust and get more work from the readers/clients which are mainly communication agencies. The blog will be integrated into my company website.

You should write about 3-4 post per week about these lengths;

In your bid write how many posts you can do during how long as well as provide examples of previous texts.

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Blog Or Article Writer Needed For B2B Portal

We are looking some good blog technical Blog or Article Writer needed for one of my client.
Rate will be $2 / 350 word

Please send us your sample work if interested.


Content Should be original.
We will be the owner of these blogs or articles.
Writer should not have authority to publish on another portal.
Should be SEO friendly.

More work in pipe line


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Professional American Blog Post Writer

I am looking for a professional blog writer to hire on a long term basis. Please PM your bid per post and provide a portfolio of work. Serious bidders only. I need 20 articles per month 250 with 3% key word density. Must Be American Male and know something about home theater and flat screen tvs.

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Blog Writer Wanted

We are looking for blog writer (permanent work of maintaining few blogs)

– excellent writing skills (proper English)
– familiar with wordpress blogs
– able to communicate via skype/e-mail

Please provide samples of your work.
Applicants without samples will not be considered (preferably posting to wordpress blogs).

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Looking For Blog Commenting From 300 Different Blogs

Looking for blog commenting into 300 different domains. The page that the link is put on should be indexed in Google.
1) Links should not posted on porn, gambling or hate sites
2) Comments to should be reasonable relate to post
3) Comments should follow good English should not sound like spam.
4) 300 comment from 300 blogs

I will provide URL & link text keywords to bid winner You should provide excel report with all links where you posted your comments.

My budget is limited.

Thank you for your time on reading my post & Good Luck!

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Looking For Twitter/Blog Person To Write About Design/code


Were looking for someone who can write coding articles for us, and help Twitter for us. Our account has over 2,000 followers and is growing.

We need someone to actively engage the community and write about code/design related things. Here are a few examples of sites that do a great job of this:

Please bid your price per article. Also, you MUST include examples oftypes of articles you have written before. If youre serious about the job, write a sample article (100-300 words) that you think would fit within the site above.

Looking for high talent here. Obviously, if I think youre a good blogger, than I think using Twitter would be an easy next step. Please include the word mouse in your PM so I know you read the entire ad. Thanks!

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WordPress Expert

I am having trouble with slow page loads on a wordpress-as-cms (not blog) install. Looking for someone to fix the issue.

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Looking For BLOG Writer

We are currently looking to employ one or more qualified bog writers to write a testing article about our product, and publish it on their own blogs, facebook, or forum. The requirements are as follows:
1. You must have an iphone4 and be a fan of iphone, as one of our products is a kind of air jacket for iphone4.
2. You must have a high level of influence through your blog, facebook or forum.
3. Applicants from America or Canada are preferred.
After winning the tender, we will offer a free product to you. You are then required to write a positive article about the product, attach some pictures or videos along with a link to our website. After our review, you need to publish this article on your blog, facebook or forum, reply to all the questions as soon as possible and make sure it becomes a hot topic in one week. If everything goes well, you will be given further opportunities to co-operate with our company.

Payment: 50% will be paid after our review , and the remaining 50% will be paid one week later.

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Professional Article Writer For Our Blog

We are in need of a professional technical & resource article writer for our blog called

For the Article writing, You will have your own personal account were you will be able to write the articles and publish them on our site. We need min one quality technical article a day ( two at the max a day).

The article could be a tutorial For sample:
You will be expected to create this on photoshop or fireworks etc..

A sample Resource collection:
the tool could be anything from icons, logos, designs, plugins, scripts etc..

We need articles in this area:

-Freelance tips & Tutorials ( 10 articles )
-Freelance Resources ( 15 articles )
-Web/ Graphic designs ( 10 articles )
-Development ( 5 articles )

Articles should include images and should be 500 words plus. Articles must past ( NO plagiarism!!)

Payment for 40 quality articles will be 60 dollars / month ( Good English writers ONLY Dont bid if your English is not good and professional*****)

You are require to pm us with the word "ulancer" That will tell us that you are really interested in this job. WE NEED DEDICATED AND PROFESSIONS ONLY.

Again, Please do not bid if your English is not good or shaky.. We need good English writers only.***

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Looking To Buy Blog Roll Style Blogs Wp

Looking to buy blog roll style blogs wp from page rank 0 to page rank 2

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Content Writer For Eyewear Blog

I would like 10 articles written for an UK eyewear blog. These must be UNIQUE articles written for the UK market. These are not for link building but should be well written, interesting articles of around 1,000 words each. They must be fully researched and have supporting images supplied with captions. Suggested titles are:

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Looking For Blog

I am looking to buy a blog with content i wana use adsense on tht blog so blog must have unique content and can make 3$ to 5$
per day

blog must have legal content no porn
just have good traffic on it

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Looking For Expert Blog Writer For Textile Company.

I need a Blog writer , experienced in publicizing company highlights and info that is willing to write 400 words min per blog, about an Clothing and Bed linen products. The posts must relate to the company and products, their qualities and link to the main site. Perfect grammar is a must.

Long term hiring for more work available! Please submit writing sample and plan (how and where will you post, timeframe etc.) in order to be considered!

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Looking For Financial Blog Poster. Post About News And Stock

Only serious writers only who will work everyday apply. ive hired others in the past who are not serious so dont bid unless you can work.

Im looking for a blogger who can rewrite news and stocks. posts about news on companies and post about stocks that are moving for the US markets. You should be familiar with the US stock market.

Must be able to find stories and rewrite them and report on breaking news on companies.

If you know about the stock market the better. Must be fluent in english and know how to use wordpress.

I will pay $4 per blog posting.

you should be able to posts atleast 1-2 articles/news stock per day.

Write me a sample news story about BP, I will test to make sure you didnt take it from the net.

Looking for multple people.

You are paid weekly based on how much you posts.

Send me a sample of a posting.

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Looking Blog Poster

I need to blog poster on my wordpress. No writing just copy paste.
Well, maybe any articles there just short only
or maybe any text alignment needed to corect.
So, please correct and select just long and finished articles only.
Articles given for you to download and put on my wordpress categories given.
Please bid for 5000 articles, if your job and price so ok,
I will re-open again for next 5000 post.
Need to finished around two weeks
I will follow up just the LOWEST PRICE only.
Newbie its ok, because task just so easy.

07/15/2010 at 9:47 EDT:

Hi, thank you very much for your all bids.
But from my PMB, seems some from you missread my description. My project is for 5000 (five thousands) post articles, and not 500 (five hundreds) post articles.
So, you can repair your bid if really missread.
Thank you very much,
Im in review.

07/15/2010 at 10:14 EDT:

Well, so amazing $1 per article just for copy paste only.
please reasonable price

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Blogger/Writer For Company Blog

Hi We need a high level writer to manage a blog that complement our site. Person should be familiar with word press
we want a blog with news researched and more "Gossip " like news..all blog articles need to be original, you need also to add photos for the blog for all articles, managed posts, and we can together can create a very nice blog- we will promote the blog also. You job is to produce high level writing for our new blog and do wordpress SEO on the blog.
but also have serious well thought/reserached articles..not just news type articles..we should have mix of both news and actual articles in the blog.
In addition we would let you write as additional paid projects
Quality Press release, site content, etc..Education Guidance, etc..But we will start with creation of a blog where we supply graphics and give you specs for it..and you make this a very active blog with at least 4 new well writtem articles per week at east 700 words length + 2 Short news articles per week, image for each article, and you manage all SEO aspects for the blog. I prefer 1 person that not only writes but knows how to optimize it
u need to follow tips such as:

We will get all plugins needed..

You need to have a passion for this and for SEO for blogs and for writing

The budget for this is Around $300-$400/month and we want a top blog with updated new content..if you manage to get PR 5 + you will get Big bonus $2500, and when site gets over 2000 uniqus per day you get $2500 Bonus.

We have a good name for the blog already.
with good domain age.

Please when you bid, tell us in general all tasks you would do for the blog.

Again if good we will give you so much extra work with new additional project!

This project is ONGOING! i put 2 months for pay but this is ongoing!


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Need A Regular Writer! Looking For Quality $6 Per 500 Words

I work in the mortgage industry and I need articles written for my website on a regular basis. I am looking for someone who can either do quick research and post new topics for me, or someone with a basic understanding on how the system works.

To get an idea of your writing skills I will be giving you a test topic, which will pay at the 500 Word rate. A decision will be made in 48 hours. (YOU WILL NOT BE PAID FOR A TEST ARTICLE THAT DOESNT HAVE PROPER GRAMMAR! I WILL CHECK COPYSCAPE AS WELL!) **DO NOT send me samples of articles youve written on other topics, or share a portfolio. I am interested in this specific topic only. Your understanding is essential for the development of my website.**

If you take weeks to return articles, or have poor English, save both of us our time.

Please ask any questions.

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=>I Am Looking For A Blog Developer For Several Small Tasks

I am looking for a Blog developer (Super Easy Job )

(for this particular project I am looking for a provider in USA, CANADA ONLY)I need perfect North American English grammar)

Your expertise:
a) Blog designing,
b) copywriting (perfect grammar, sales, marketing and branding skills)
c) Photoshop
d) Video


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Writer For Lingerie Blog 2

Im looking for someone to create original articles for my blog about lingerie. Topics will include 10-25 keywords about lingerie

No adults or porno on this blog, just about lingerie

1. Each article should be between 400 and 500 words
2. No less than 20 articles
3. 100% Original content
4. Articles should be researched and meaningful
5. American English
6. Only women.

Im looking for someone that I can work with in a continuing partnership. Sometimes I will provide topics for articles that I would like to see written. Any articles written for me as part of this project will become my property and I will hold all rights to the article.

Articles will be checked for originality.

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Writer For Lingerie Blog

Im looking for someone to create original articles for my blog about lingerie. Topics will include 10-25 keywords about lingerie

No adults or porno on this blog, just about lingerie

1. Each article should be between 350 and 500 words
2. No less than 20 articles
3. 100% Original content
4. Articles should be researched and meaningful
5. American English
6. Only women.

Im looking for someone that I can work with in a continuing partnership. Sometimes I will provide topics for articles that I would like to see written. Any articles written for me as part of this project will become my property and I will hold all rights to the article.

Articles will be checked for originality.

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Looking For Blog Writers

I am looking for professional blog writers who can write blogs on ezdia related to its project posting features. He should be regular and professional blog writers. His blog page rank should be high and having good amount of traffic. I will pay $5 per article. But the article will be high quality and no chopped English. Should pass from copyspace.

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