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Writers Needed For Easy 250 Blog Posts (150 Words Each)

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE ENTIRE AD.. We are opening this position for another 2 fast and hardworking writer. This needs very minimal research, we just need it to be grammatical error free and it makes sense. You can come out with your own topics but each article would be around the topic of the website. These articles would be approved from either or

Each blog post looks something like this –


Title: Motivation For Life

I always remember this phase – Life is like a box of chocolate, you dont know what you are going to get. This is such an inspiration to me because it makes me realize how exciting life is. Sometimes we get lousy chocolates and sometimes we get delicious chocolates. Sometimes the chocolates may seem delicious but when you eat it, it doesnt really taste as delicious. And vice versa.

You see, it doesnt really matter but what you think that matters. If you think you are a master, then you are one. If you think you are a loser, then you are one too. So which one do you want to be?


Criteria and rules –

You need to insert our links into your articles such that it blends into the article. It also requires the right anchor text (you will be instructed with this). No grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors as they have very strict quality control. The best thing is that MINIMAL RESEARCH is required.

To bid successfully for the job, please insert the word "HTTPS:1280" when you PM or reply me. Otherwise I would reject you straight away.

We are planning to pay $50-70 for the 250 blog posts with each 150 words. You would just need to be very fast typist and get these blog posts approved on the site ( or As long as it done correctly and get approved, you get paid for the article. You can do over a period of 10-15 days, so each day around 16-25 posts a day.

Please send in your resume and you would need work sample trial runs on either linkvana or buildmyrank to get orientated.

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Need The Best Article/blog Writers And Seo Or Link Builders

This project is for multi-talented people or individual or group providers and I have to choose a no. of freelancer who will have predictable knowledge on article writing, blog writing, copy-writing, press release writing, and also i have to hire 2-3 seo or link building group if they have proven results to show me as samples I ask for with reasonable quote.

For writers:-



I have to hire 2-3 groups for writing articles, blogs, press releases and all the contents I need should pass copy-scape and minimum 500 word count. I will check the contents quality through copy-scape, Dupecop, articles checker for quality.

I will ask the writers for samples. Anyone can nt able to pursue samples , I will not consider them.

I have the right to select and reject if any piece of articles are not quality I expect. The article that you people generate will be my property as I will pay for them.

I need native English writers and my budget is simply $1.5-$2.5 per article and huge amount of contents I need monthly.

I will pay per article basis, per quality article will be awarded $1.5-$2.5.

Payment mode:- Bank Wire / Paypal / Moneygram

Payment will be releases in every 2 weeks.

For Link Builders & seo Professionals:-

I need guaranteed google top listings, I will pay on results for this after results. anyone can apply who have samples for demonstrate. I may ask for google top listings in, ,,,

I have various sorts of industries I will need Google top 10 listings. Online games, poker, dating, adults, shopping, business, wedding, stock, food & drink, porn, betting, casino, travel, matrimony, adult products, escort agency etc. I need guaranteed results, so I will pay for services. I will not pay for monthly occasion, I will pay on target basis when results will come.

Payment will be 50$-250$ per keyword depending on competition.

I need quality link builders who can be assigned by me for multi-language link building.

I need links theme based from different theme but in multi-language:- russin, swedish, spanish, french, dutch, polish, etc. I do n;t need any English site links.

I need pr 1 and above links where my links will live, no spam no garbage. C- class ips. no java script, no flash links. I will allow only do follow of links, and I will send details , keywords, url, anchor text to build links. Links should live for life time or 1 year at least. Or you will have to give me free replacement.

outbound links should be less than 50.

pr 1= $3

pr 2= $5

Note:- Who are applying for writing position please mention that " I agree in your terms and just applied for writing positions" same for seo and link building you will post your consent that " I agree in your terms and just applied for seo and link building positions" !

Hope for the best.


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Software Article Blog Posters/Reviewers Required For Longter


I am looking for a long-term reliable writer to write original and rewrite articles on software, shareware, freeware downloads topics, and software reviews. I require minimum 2 articles weekly. I could pay $2 for a 300 word rewrite article or more for original article.
You must be able to write review of the software on request.
You must be able to find interesting topics from the news and other blogs like CNET and interesting software on my website.

The requirements:
– You must know how to use WordPress, add a short 15 word description for each post and add 4-5 tags to each post
– Articles must pass copyscape
– Articles must be at least 300 words each + title + tags.
– Articles must be written in perfect English (native English speakers only).
– No spelling or grammatical errors.
– Articles must be thoroughly researched, written manually, sound natural, be easy to read.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you.

I dont want:
– Writers who use article generation/rewriting software
– Writers who cut-and-paste the entire sentences from other articles online, or who use printed books or magazines and plagiarize.
– Writers who write fluff articles; rehashed vomit, pointless sentences, phrases and words; and useless advice.
– I also dont want scammers. (I want real article writers.)

Your bid should be for the initial 50 articles, which is for one-two months worth of articles. Payments will be made via GAF or PayPal daily/weekly.

Please PM with me samples of your prior writing work.

Thank you.

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Looking For 250+ Words Article Re/Writers To My Blog

I am looking for someone to research and create short articles (250-400 words).

The rate is $1 per article.

If I am satisfied I will increase the rate.

You may write or rewrite. Its your choice.

From time to time I may supply a list of topics but most will be your own topics.

I will give you a wordpress username and you will post the articles to it.

Article Details
The article language is English. You will post 250+ chars articles with a clean title and with at least 3 tags. You should also use <b></b> <i></i> tags within the articles for important points. (type magazinell to the end of your post so that I know you read all thoroughly). The main topic is health but it may change from time to time.

Article Format


I look for originality 100% (no plagiarism), grammatically perfect articles, responsibility and patience.
The articles will be checked with copyscape.
Articles must be HTML clean as possible(no unclosed <p></p> tags etc.)

Simply post rewritten articles to my blog with 3-5 tags and get 1$ per post.

We pay at least for every 10 articles submitted so that any inconvenience is avoided.
Payments are made with Paypal.

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Article Ande Blog Writing Needed, 30 Articles 300 Words Each

I need to hire a blogging freelancer on a monthly basis. I need 1 article per day, 30 articles per month. Articles are educational content and product reviews regarding beauty and skincare products. In order for your bid to be considered, please include a 100 word summary of this article in plain English:

You will suggest the ideas you have for each articles content based on other online beauty articles and product reviews that you find. We will provide websites for you, to help you find good articles.

1. Grammar – articles shouldnt contain grammatical or any other lexical errors associated with style, punctuation etc.
2. Original content only. I do not mind if you base your content on another article, but, Your work must pass copyscape. Any copyscape fail will result in NO pay.
3. Bid for 30 articles
4. Send a sample of your writing when you bid.
5. Articles should be at least 300 words in length, and have keywords that pertain to the assigned topic.
6. We have great writers working for around $1/ per 300 words article.
7. Articles should be in perfect and proper sounding Engilsh.
-Grammar – articles shouldnt contain grammatical or any other lexical errors associated with style, punctuation etc.
-Strictly No Copy Paste Posts
-Show me a sample report of your previous work.
-Please provide me a cost per each article.

We will escrow the payment once we select the writer. If you could provide quality well researched articles, we will be providing much work in the future.

Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the content will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential.

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News Article Posters Needed For A News Portal

We are in search of well experienced News article posters for our news portal site. Here are the mandatory requirements for those who want to get selected:

1. News article you are posting must not be alive anywhere online which means duplicate articles should not be posted.

2. Every news article must contain a relevant picture it might be posted anywhere but unique one is preferred

3. Category must be relevant to the article posted

4. World news and general news articles are most suggested

5. Native English speaking country writers are preferred

6. Those who are familiar in wordpress posting can post without guidance only thing is you have to follow the above 4 points when posting others who wants to get familiar in wordpress posting we can assist you.

All the first 4 points should be strictly followed otherwise work will be rejected and will not be paid.

Pay for each article approved and live in the site is $1.5 per 350 to 400 words article. News portal URL will be provided in PM of each bidders. Selected writers profile will be posted in the Editors page of the news portal.

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Need Seo,ad Posters,blog Posters,article Writers For Markett

Need to promote the site
pls bid for least price coz i a m just the beginner

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I Need An Assistant To Do Article And Blog Submissions


I am looking for an Assistant (INDIAN preferred) who can submit Articles and Blog contents to the given list of Sites.

Your must be honest and post the given contents within 24 hours.
Some days there could be a flow of work.
Some days wont.

I will give you details to create accounts at these Article and Blog sites.
First you have to create accounts there and after that you have to post Contents there.

For this work, you must have Broadband net connection.
Dial-up connection wont work with our work as we will use membership website based software.

You will be paid once you complete work for 50 dollars.

Knowledge of html tags (to hyperlink websites) is preferred.
I will train you and will help at any time after you are hired and that why I prefer Indian Assistant.
You have to take screen-shot of each and every submission and send me those screen-shots on the completion of that set of work.
I will check your work every day and if you are found a fraud you wont be paid and your earning until then will be forfeited.

Paypal is our only payment method.

PM me your experience and your best rate per submission.
Type the word honest in caps in your PM only.
So that I can understand you are details oriented and you will do my work perfectly without missing any important thing.


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Article, Blog Writers For Photography/freestyle Living Site.

We need thoughtful writers for a natural art site. The topics range from lightweight nude photography to freestyle international living and everything in between.
Writers must, of course have and use perfect grammar and punctuation. The articles will belong to us and we will have full copyright. You may not resell or reuse these articles in any way.
Articles should be around 350-500 words and will be checked with Copyscape or other software programs.
This will be an ongoing project.

….on a lighter note!
If youre a good writer and excited about waking up every morning, send us an example of your work.


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Article/Blog Writers/Editors – Long Term – Native Speakers

I have a couple of writing and editing businesses coming online, and I am going to need some writers long term. This will be a test project, and if the writers do well, I will have a long term need for content. I will pay $3 for every 500 words.

—-I need native English speakers because of the nature of the writing.—-

Here is the test project –

Write 10 articles on the following –

Amazon Kindle articles –

Kindle DX vs Kindle 2
Kindle Waterproof Covers
Kindle Blog
Kindle vs ipad
Kindle DX vs ipad
Nook vs kindle vs ipad
Amazon Kindle Review
Amazon Kindle Ebooks
Amazon Kindle Reviews
Kindle Light

Each should include a link back to my site,, and the titles are also the keywords, which I would like to see show up 6 times throughout the article.

Please bid $30 and send a sample of your work if possible. As I mention, I plan to have a significant amount of writing in the future, and I am looking for at least one long term partner for content. I will need writing for the following –

SEO Articles
Blog posting
Resume writing/editing
Academic paper editing

Look forward to your bids!

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Enthusiastic Writers Required For Tech Blog

S | Reviews

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Enthusiastic Writers required for Tech Blog  

Enthusiastic Writers required for Tech Blog is project number 718467
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 06/21/2010 at 2:32 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

06/26/2010 at 2:32 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (14 reviews)



Do you love technology ?

Do you spend time talking about gadgets and know the good and bad about them ?

Do you spend a lot of time with computers and software and know how technolgy works ?

Are you a good writer, who can write about technology , comment about internet and the daily news happenings on it. We want you to write on PCs , Laptops , desktops , mobile phones , computer peripherals , software and various other technology topics.

If youve answered "YES" to any or all of the above questions, Id like you to read about this exciting opportunity.

We are looking to pay people to write about their experience, views and reviews about technology.

The emphasis would be on useful and engaging content that would help us make one of the popular tech talk blogs on the Internet.

We would like you to make at least 50 quality posts per week. We can pay you per month, or per post, depending on your circumstances. You will need to be patient, and have good perseverance.

We would give you topics to write and expect you to get back to us with the write up within 12 hours.

If youre interested. Please give us as much information as you can, when you submit your bid. Wed like to get to know the real you, your goals, your past experiences, your interests etc. It would be great if you could write a sample post for us. Also feel free to ask any questions in the PMB (private message board).

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2 Posts, 2-writers, 2-article Posters

Hey all,i need a writer(PROFESSIONAL), and an article poster. Details are as follows
Must have fluent english
Must be able to follow guidelines.
Must stick to deadlines.
Must accept 1.5$per 500 wds.
Must be able to write atleast 5 articles daily
Please send a sample of your writing or links.
NOTE: Any Late or Copied Content Will Not Be Paid For.
Article posters:
I will give you 10 articles daily, which you will have to post to 10 directories daily.
10×10=1$(You just have to copy paste)
Happy Bidding

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Need Creative Article/Blog Writers (proj-01)

Requirement: 30 informative articles on given subject-max 250-300words.(Quote bid for 30 articles)

Articles topic: Sheepskin UGG boots and similar ones.

Work type: Long term

Please provide sample work: please write at least 3 or more sentences in your own words meaningfully on the below topic:

—-Benefits of education—–

we are in need of quality Articles/content writers for our blogs and E-Commerce promotions. Only providers with self driven writing skills and creativity will be chosen soon for a long term relations and multiple business opportunities will be rewarded as well for the right provider who proves their writing talent on any given topics. We need Article writers who meets the following criteria:

-self driven,motivated and enthusiastic to write on any subjects/topics
-Good communication skills or at least email replies are expected on time.
-Honesty(most wanted)
-reliable and flexible to work On demand.

what we dont allow:
-No truck loads contents from Google,yahoo,MSN mine ores or copy cat,PLR,translation,re-written software junks or any methods which violates copyright acts.

payment: prompt swift payment on work completion only. supply work-Get paid for it(No mimics). No escrow,No milestones those who expect should not bid here please.

Please mention or start the bid stating: (Aim-03627) while applying for bid to confirm you have read fully.

Happy bidding!!


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Project For WebLinkerSeo-2

100 PR2-3 Links. All links should be permanent and one way with unique IP address.
No links from sites that require ongoing payment, No links from frame, iframe, java script, hidden text or flash sites. No more than 50 outbound links on linking page. No links from social bookmarking, blogs, forums or public profiles, article directories, link farms, blog farms or classifieds. Links should not appear in a paid links slot such as: "sponsored" links. Report should be submitted in excel spreadsheets. Will pay once When all the links are verified.

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