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Looking Blog Poster

I need to blog poster on my wordpress. No writing just copy paste.
Well, maybe any articles there just short only
or maybe any text alignment needed to corect.
So, please correct and select just long and finished articles only.
Articles given for you to download and put on my wordpress categories given.
Please bid for 5000 articles, if your job and price so ok,
I will re-open again for next 5000 post.
Need to finished around two weeks
I will follow up just the LOWEST PRICE only.
Newbie its ok, because task just so easy.

07/15/2010 at 9:47 EDT:

Hi, thank you very much for your all bids.
But from my PMB, seems some from you missread my description. My project is for 5000 (five thousands) post articles, and not 500 (five hundreds) post articles.
So, you can repair your bid if really missread.
Thank you very much,
Im in review.

07/15/2010 at 10:14 EDT:

Well, so amazing $1 per article just for copy paste only.
please reasonable price

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Web Host and design company set up

I am looking for an experienced person to set up a web hosting reseller account via Host Gator

You will have a sound knowledge with the Hostgator reseller program and how it is rebranded and resold to customers – Please reply if you have demonstrated experience with Hostgator and setting up a web business, your bid, and time to completion.
I want to start my own web hosting and design service but I dont have the time to learn how to set this up.

I would like to integrate Hostgator free templates into the site and use their site builder for customers, they have 2 site builders sitestudio and Sitebuilder. I will integrate one of the site builders into my website for beginner customers to use when they sign up for a hosting package – I want this side to run automatically. I envision it will look something like this site – And another example

Hostgator lets you Rebrand their services as your own, so most of what is in the example site can be run from Hostgators products and features but rebranded as my own company.

I currently have a reseller account which includes access to 4500 templates that I can download, I will offer these downloads to my new clients when they sign up, depending on what package they sign up to.

You will integrate WHMCS ( and WHM Auto Pilot ( and SEO.

I am a beginner web designer myself and would enjoy providing my own unique templates to bloggers as well. This will also be offered as a special customization to bloggers and small business owners and will be marketed as a personalized unique product. I would like this side of it to run off the Word press platform and I will also offer designs similar to what these designers are doing here: and and

If my web design studio received a huge response I may even need to hire a designer/developer on an ongoing bases to assist me with the workload of customized sites. However I would like the hosting/template section to run on autopilot with little input from me.

I am passionate about becoming a web designer and own my own design studio but I dont have time at the moment to set it all up and fill it with content, add a blog section, create a portfolio and link it to relevant social networks etc

Host Gator says that the set up is 1 day job – I am ok with it taking longer if it is required and you can guarantee top quality and show me examples of similar projects. I will have continued projects for the right person who gives me the best and most creative/professional service.

If this sounds like you and you have Relevant experience Then please make a quote. I look forward to working with a Master of Web Development and Design.

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