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I would like to have a blog like blogger and have it all with my own server and domain been able to post entries, upload photos and everything I can do in blogger… kind of copy paste blogger …

how muchit would be and how long it would take to finish it ?


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Fix Blogger Template

This is a very simple project that requires editing a Blogger template. An demo of the template can be seen here:

There are some alignment issues with the template that need to be fixed, please see the attached jpegs for some examples.

You will need to be good at XML, XHTML and CSS etc. to be able to fix the errors that are coming up. Basically the length of the post headings are causing alignment issues. We need to be able to use headings of any length in our posts without affecting the alignment of the blog itself.

All files will be provided including an xml of the blog posts so you are able to resolve the issues. This project should not take very long at all, maybe a couple of hours max, for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you have previous examples of your work or a portfolio, please PM me with the details. These will help me to choose who to award the project to.

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Penny Auction Blogger Needed

I need a blogger or article writer to post and write reviews monthly about my site. I have many testimonials and videos that can be used.

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Blogger Accounts

I will buy 1000 blogger accounts with usernames and passwords.
Accounts should be ready to blog, no phone activation required.

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New Blogger Template Needed

New Blogger template needed for an online fashion store. Need someone who is very familiar with Blogger template programming.

1. To imitate an existing and operating Blogger template (no shopping cart). No new design work needed, as we already have the design. Current template is bugged and we want to build a new template to solve problems.

2. To allow for more posts to be shown on homepage. (Currently showing 6 only)

3. To re-design individual posts template and to incorporate mouse crossover zoom features.

4. To convert all old posts to the new post template.

Only want to work with serious and professional Blogger programmers/designers. Prior experience in Blogger template designs needed.

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Adsense Blogger Site With Earning Of $30 – $50 Per Day

I am looking for an adsense ready profitable blog to be developed that makes at least $1000 $1500 per month.

You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website. Website should be developed in blogger.

You are required to create a new blogger and adsense account, which will be hand over to me. At the end of the project verification phase. Please ensure that I am must be able to receive payment from adsense Belgium (if account setting is a concern).

Site must follow the following :

– Select any NICHE – But except pharma, violence, gambling, adult & not acceptable sites.
– After Niche selection, I will provide hosting and domain name.
– Must be 100% within the Google Policies
– Must be Adsense Optimized
– Traffic driven must be 100% white hat real people no bots
– Unique organic traffic (no traffic buy)
– Should earn $30 – $50 per day for 30 days
– All Content MUST be original and SEO Optimized
– All copyrights will be assigned to us in writing
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– google analystics information

We will pay the amount of bid only after we see constant income in the new adsense account. I will hold the payment for 45 days until I am sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full. The bidder should consider the following points:

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Blogger – Tweeter – Social Networking

I have 3 travel related web sites: Cars Hotels and flights.
Looking for a person who can with SEO in mind tweet and blogg on twitter our blogs and Facebook on a regular basis.
You should extract interesting articles from the Internet, write your own and inform about our services a nice and positive way.
We no not want automated tool, we want interesting content that interests our clients and keeps them coming back

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Blog Site On Blogger Which Earn 5-15$ A Day

im looking for a adsense blog site made on that earn 5-15 $ a day.

What is important?

– earn 5-15 $ a day
– have to be adsense optimizied
– the traffic have to be 100% human (no bots, paid traffic )
– should work for 1 year
– every post have to be unique
– includes 50 posts (not published yet)
– ALL copyrights belongs to me
– you can choose the niche but no adult,pharma violence or gambling

I have an Adsense account which you should use and i will get the domain from you wish for the site. Also the blogger account will be mine.

Payment :
– I will pay the amount of bid only after I see constant income. I will hold the payment for 30 days untill we are sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full.

For Bidder:
* Cheap is good, but quality remains an advantage, because there are many offers after this (guaranteed).

Thank You, Happy bidding.

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Dating Website Blogger Needed – Women To Sign Up

I am wanting someone to blog on dating forums in Australia about my new dating website. The aim is for our website to start ranking even higher in google and drive sign ups mainly by women. Please contact me for more details. This project is only to last for between 2 – 4 weeks.

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Blogger For IPhone News Site For Unlocking And Jailbreaking

I need a blogger to write 2 posts per day, each post should be atleast 350 words.

– Each post must be original and pass copyscape!
– In order for your bid to be considered you must PM or post links to previous posts or writings!
– This project bid is for 1 month worth of posting, which is 60 posts!
– If you are a good poster, I will use you every month!
– the 2 posts per day must be published every day on time! you can set scheduling so that you dont have to manually post it every day
– I will provide you several websites to use as a guide for topics for the posts. there is plenty to write about!

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US , UK Or Canada Tech Bloggers Wanted

Hello FreeLancers,

We are TheTechnoDaily a group of bloggers running a Technology Blog with a good readership and we were thinking that if we could get some bloggers , and you could help us ! We want an writer from US or UK even Canada. Because we want to add more information. The blogger must contribute 3-5 posts a day ( not copied from other blogs ). Now , We will pay you by name , didnt understand ? We mean we would give you email so you can contact companies for free products for reviewing and featuring. You only have to write article and posts tags and featured image rest we will take care. We want an wordpress experienced blogger. As soon as we start making lots revenues we will start paying you too !

Lavanya Arora
CEO and Founder,

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Social Media Blogger Writer Needed

Hello, we are looking for a full time social media blogger. Must have experience with writing posts regarding web 2.0 social networking websites and applications online. Must be able to write posts similar to articles on, etc.

Must be able to do charts, conduct tests, and put out quality information to get more readers and subscribers. Must be located in the USA and show proof of writing/blogging in your PM.

Thank you.

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New Blogger Store Design For Spectacle Frames

Starting a new online store (either via blogsite or a proper website) and require a designer to cover all aspect including logo design, blog site design friendliness, uploading my products pictures and details onto the site.

1. Spectacles Direct (SD) is a very very new business concept I am starting to push out.

2. What SD does is sell overstocked, overproduced, and QC rejected spectacle/sunglass frames. Think of us as the Factory Outlet Store (FOS) for spectacle frames.

3. If I do a blogger site, what are my options, how can you help me? I do not even have a logo for SD. All I have on hand now are products that I want to sell

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Project For AHT!

New Project for AHT !

Hello, I have used your services before to have my site built, Thanks again so much it is wonderful, but the blog component I have installed has gone haywire. I tried to add a guest blogger in the backend and now it wont let anyone veiw the blog at all, it keeps asking for a password. This isnt your fault, it was working fine, till i tried to add a blogger, its probably me, pressing something is shouldnt. But I just wanted to ask if you wouldnt mind having a look at it and fixing it for me?

I understand this isnt a design query related to the job you had done for me before but a different issue, hence a New Project and since i know you are very skilled with joomla i feel comfortable coming to you about this issue.

Thanks again..

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Adsense Optimised Photolog Earning $15 To $20 Per Day

I need a picture blog with elegant web design on blogger platform that can earn $15 – $20 per day. The payment will be sent after 30 days if the site make earning of $15+ for atleast 30 days. The blog will need only basic xml knowledge on blogger platform along with good graphic design.

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Need Work On Blogger Template

Need someone who is very familiar with blogger templates ( to work on the following issues for an online fashion store.

1)To allow for more posts to be shown on homepage. (Currently showing 6 only)

2) To solve some problems/bugs where sometimes less than 6 posts appear on the homepage(no consistency and seem out of our control)

3) To redo individual posts template and to incorporate Cloudzoom features

4) To optimize template to load faster

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WordPress Blog/personal Site Developer Needed

I set up my blog on blogger given that I am somewhat IT illiterate. I am now regretting this as I want a few more features that blogger cant offer me.

I have a good idea of what I want and the design wont differ much from my current blog; I basically need someone to transfer what I have to a WordPress platform and to help me achieve the layout and structure I want.

Please send me a private message if you are interested and I will send more details.

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Blogger With Portuguese

Blogger with Portuguese for financial blog network in Brazil. Better if Brazilian

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Anyone To Convert WordPress Template To Blogger Template ?

I am looking for some one who can convert wordpress template into blogger template

Theme name :Flash Gamer WordPress Theme
Theme demo :
Theme download link :
About that theme :

I want you just to convert that theme from wordpress theme intto blogger theme

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Link Builder/Blogger

I am looking for someone who is an experience link builder and also a blogger. He or she must be a Filipino, others will not be accepted. If you are a link builder or a blogger please bid. Thank you.

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Web Design, Graphic Design And Tech Blogger Wanted

I am looking for a blogger than can create interesting and inspirational articles that will bring people onto my web design site. The writer needs to have good knowledge of web and graphic design and internet and technology trends.

I would like to see at least one article per week. No more than two per week.

I do not need them posting anywhere else, just on my site. So they can be emailed over.

Please provide examples of your blogging.

Im not willing to pay more than $10 a blog. So bid for 3 blogs at $30. Anyone bidding more will be ignored.

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English Language Blogger Needed

I need a native English speaker who has the ability and capacity to write 21 blogs per week on an ongoing basis. These must be written with SEO in mind, and will be on a variety of topics. Blogs are between 400-500 words, will need to be linked back to the site, and will need an image of some sort, that is not copyright restricted.

Again – ONLY fluent English speakers, and those with a very good understanding of grammar and punctuation. This is a permanent position.

The budget for this is only $75 max. to begin with, lowest bids will be considered first. We can see about a pay rise as the relationship moves on. This is a regular job.

You should also be available via skype.


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Native English Blogger

I need a native English speaker who has the ability and capacity to write 21 blogs per week on an ongoing basis. These must be written with SEO in mind, and will be on a variety of topics. Blogs are between 400-500 words, will need to be linked back to the site, and will need an image of some sort, that is not copyright restricted.

Again – ONLY native English speakers, and those with a very good understanding of grammar and punctuation. This is a permanent position.

The budget for this is only $50 – $60 max. to begin with. We can see about a pay rise as the relationship moves on.

You should also be available via skype.


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Blogger For Hire – Windows Home Improvement

We are starting a social campaign and want to hire a blogger / article writer to write 2 articles per week (8 articles per month).

Writer MUST, MUST, MUST be USA native.

Duties will include:

– Writing on a variety of the services we offer
– Featuring types of products we have and how they can improve your home
– Writing a post based upon testimonials or using testimonials.

Each article will be 300-500 words.

Please quote for 8 articles using the cost per 100 words.

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Need Blogger To Write For Automotive Repair Center

Need writer to write blog posts and articles for highly respected automotive service center.

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Transferring A Custom Blogger Blog To WordPress


Im looking for someone with experience in transferring a blogger blog to WordPress.

My current blog is a private domain blog that has about 90 articles (each with one photograph) on it that would need to move over to the new blog.

A graphic designer did a fantastic job creating a custom template that is the brand identity of my small business. I need as much of the original look (colors, fonts and header) to transfer to the WordPress blog as possible.

Ive researched a list of plugins that I would like added to the blog. All of them are common and easy to install.

Im open to your suggestions on layout. Im fine with paying the upcharge for using

I use feedburner to send out my rss feed and Aweber for my e-mail subscribers.

Thats about it! Easy for the person who has experience in migrating from blogger to WordPress.

After the transfer is complete Ill need you to give me a tutorial on how to compose and send out my first one or two posts using WordPress.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Article Writer And Blogger


We are an Australian based retail insurance company that needs help with article writing and blog posting.

Our services are offered online and our customer usually find us through Google as well as our other marketing activities. One of our sites is where you can see our products and market offerings.

Our objective is to develop more content for our site and to create further awareness through blogs and forum posts.

Required Skills:
Ability to understand our business and take initiative on opportunities for article content.
Strong written english
Strong skills and understanding of SEO

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Blogger 2 WordPress Migration

We have a small to medium blogger blog (<200 posts) that needs to be migrated. We want to Maintain Permalinks (301 Redirects) Search Engine Friendly Migration, Import Posts, Comments & Images, Migrate Feed Subscribers and email subscribers, and WordPress SEO Optimization. Some coding (a photo recipe index) also desired. No logo design needed.

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Synchronize My Blogger With My Facebook Profile & Fan Page

I maintain a blog on Blogger.

When I create a post on blogger, I want the post to appear on my Facebook profile and on my Facebook Fan page.

It is very important that the posts fed through to Facebook, include a Thumbnail Image and a Text Summary.

I have many posts with embedded video. I would love for a thumbnail of the video to appear on Facebook if possible.

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Blogger Creations Basic Writing Servervices

I need a blogger created that will host basic writing service

similar to

Budget is 35$


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Single Life Blogger

Looking for active persons between 16-30 that want to blog about single life in bigger cities in US.

– New York
– Boston
– Los Angeles
– San Diego
– Miami
– Chicago

Minimum of one blog post per day. The person need to a regular out clubing person partying like an animal and never says no to a good after party. I expect you to write about girls/boys, restaurants, clubs and SEX.

This is a start-up project so the payment will be low from the start.

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