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Blog Commenting Experts Required


I would like to hire an experienced link builder.


Id want the person to work with me on an ongoing basis.
He/She would need to
-Post comments on blogs(Niche blogs and youll need to find the blogs yourself.Also they need to be dofollow).
-Do Forum postings(dofollow and niche related)
-Social bookmarking…

If you do not have the experience please do not bid…No time wasters please…
The person should have good English speaking skills and write without grammatical errors…

Please send me your rates per comment in PMB without which you would be rejected out write….

Looking forward to select someone today…


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WordPress Development (Multisite/buddypress)

OK, so I previously had posted an integration project between Magento and our CDN. That has been scrapped. Magento is just not what we are interested in anymore. Just too problematic.

So, what I need is someone who is an expert in WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. We will have at your disposal the resource of . We will need you to incorporate a series plugins, and will need you to customize our network.

We will have our main site that will be a buddypress site that integrates Cart66, where we will sell pay-per-view videos. You will need to integrate this site with Amazon Cloudfront. They have a lot of tutorials, and it shouldnt be too hard. You will need to set the site up so the site is streaming securely, streaming RTMP, SWF. JW Player has an integration already up on their site at
So this should be fairly simple.

We will create a few other blogs as subdirectories (not subdomains). These will be individual channels for artists or companies. We need to customize the network so that only the superadmin can create new blogs, not the users. We also will use the "New Blog Templates" plugin to create new blogs in the network as occasion arises.

So, an important aspect of this is that we need someone that we will work with on this project, but also on an ongoing basis to add new blogs, and to keep things working.

So we look at this as an ongoing project, though we will start with this project.


1) Set up main blog WP Multisite with buddy press and Cart66
2) integrate JW Player with Amazon Cloudfront
3) create a first blog (template) as a subdirectory that we can clone to create multiple other blogs with.

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Traffic Generation Through Postings On Blogs, Forums, Etc

I need somebody, or a group of people to post comments daily, ideally between 4PM ET and 9PM ET all over the net on popular related blogs, forums, Facebook pages and groups and on participating to conversations on twitter where such topics are discussed to generate traffic to, ideally during working hours. (Ill assume you know how to find these sites )

About content of the posts, the idea is to participate to ongoing conversations and ending with a link to pixybid ( a penny auction site) through a comment like: “btw yesterday I won a LCD TV samsung 42in or a nintendo DS pack, or comments along the line of I love this new penny auctions site cause it`s not to crowded yet so it`s easier to win… you get the drift… I would of course send you a bunch of ideas.

We already a have well optimized facebook page at facebookdotcomforwardslashPixyBid and a equally well optimized twiiter page at twitterdotcomforwardsalshpixybid

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Blog Writer

Blogs required for Travel company. We would require re writing of existing articles, and daily blogs on destinations. $10 per blog… 1000 words. Fluent English required and travel within Latin America an advantage

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Convert Png To Jpg In WordPress Blogs (for Cosmin)

This project is for Cosmin

Convert all png images to jpg in my 3 WordPress blogs.

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Auto Blog Posting Script / Bot Wanted

have you got a auto blog posting script you could customize for me?

I need a bot/script to enable me to post an article to many different wordpress blogs.

I have 1000 self hosted word press blogs and have author access to them all. I need a way to post an article to all of them automatically.

The Bot would hold all of the log-in details for the 1000 blogs and up to 20 articles. Then I would like to schedule the posting so the bot posts the articles on a schedule.


> Able to add 1000s of blogs and manage them into groups, sort them, etc
> Upload up to 4 meta fields with each blog and sort on those fields once uploaded
> easily upload and store all of the login details
> able to post an article to all blogs, selected blogs, or specific groups
> upload many articles and auto post them on a timed schedule (cron)
> easily upload the articles in batches if they are txt documents (title, and body text)
> abilty to spin titles e.g. {green|purple|black}
> script can be hosted on a domain/server so it can be access by anyone anywhere

Any other features you can

How much would it be for you to develop such a script or even better, customise a script you already have?


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Need 5 Comments On High PR Blogs


I want 5 blog comments on high PR blogs.

Please quote me your best prices if this order goes smoothly then there will be many more work for you.

Happy bidding!!!!1

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Change CSS/add Picture Backround To Several Blogs/scripts

I have 5 scripts (games script, tv show script,mp3 search, search engine,shopping cart) that need minor CSS, adserver code added, and background changes.

I also have 11 wordpress blogs (4 are not ready but 7 are live on site) THAT DO NOT NEED ANY DESIGN WORK, but they need a link to my homepage placed at the top of each template, and some adserver codes placed in each template (I will show you where to place it).

These are VERY simple changes….all of the changes are literally just copy/paste, font and color changes that would take all of 2 to 10 mins to do….this is not complicated nor is it something that takes 2 weeks….AND IS NOT something that I should be charged $400.00 for either. We just lost money on a designer who could not perform these simple tasks.

The only issue is you have to work with 5 different scripts…I will provide access to the server and the location of all CSS and template files so you can make the changes I need done.

I need someone who is comfortable working with different scripts and knows his/her way around wordpress templates. I will give you a link to my site so you can see the sections that need work….I will also provide screenshots and a written information with all the changes I need.

To review

– Must be competent
– Have your own template/CSS editor
– Must be familiar with wordpress templates
– Must be able to deal with multiple scripts
– Must have good communication

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SEO For Blog – Payment On Result ONLY

I have 5 blogs and many keywords to rank on Top 5 position on Google. Our blogs target Entrepreneurs and business owners (currently sitting at about 19,000 pageviews per blog per month).

Please prove youre the best, and youll have a long term paying customer…as well as possible promotion/referrals to our network of business owners.

I need SEO for 5 blogs:

Please identify best 5 keywords per blog based on content, with USA monthly traffic of at least 20,000.

Fix default categories, tags, titles, descriptions, title tags, etc appropriately to get maximum SEO rankings. Each blog currently has an average of 35 posts.

Link builder specialists to work on different keywords (spamming blogs with "dear sir..I like your website" is not link building).

Only WHITE HAT is accepted… no black and no grey

All my blogs are fully SEO friendly and already includes new articles every week. No redesign or article writing is needed.

If you are capable to that work, give me price for EACH keyword.

Im ready to pay you for every keyword which is on Top position.

Any Milestone or Front payment will be done.
Im honest and youll get paid on time… everytime top 5 position is reached and stay. Fixing the site/keyword/tag strucutre in my blogs can be the first milestone.

Thank you!

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High Quality Blog Commentors Wanted For Backlinks


I have a database of blogs where you can comment to get links to my site.

1). You must be experienced and capable to write good quality comments on blogs in proper English and relevant to the blog post topic.

2). You must have experience in linking. Links to our site will have to be done either in the Name/URL field or at the end of the comment. You should be knowing html.

Name – Anchor text or your name
Url – Url of our site


Link at the end of the commnet in html format – <a href="Link">Anchor text</a>

3). The blogs database I have – some will autoapprove comments, some will moderate comments and on some blogs you might have to register before you can post any comments.

We want maximum possible rate of success with these blogs. So, I want to pay you for every "approved/live link". But if you have worked hard, I can pay for those comments that you did make but didnt get approved. That will depend on the quality of your comments.

4). Send me a report in text file with all the blog post urls and their corresponding comments you have posted.

5). Bid on the basis of 500 comments.

6). I can help you in making quality comments- I can teach you a trick to do that.

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Promote Free EBook On Blogs And Social Media

Pleas read the project description carefully as templated bids wont be accepted.

The project goal is to promote this ebook:

You need:
– research appropriate blogs and send out personal (!) emails
– promote via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon (not spamming but sending targeted (!) messages).
– your creative ideas (please list in your bid)

In a nutshell, it should be very focused and efficient promotion. No spamming in any way.

– Please dont bid over $80

– 7 days

The successful outcome of the project:
– Reviews and posts about the book.

P.S. To stand out, please include the similar projects youve done and their outcome.

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500 Dofollow Relevant English High PR Blog Comments

No templated bids or PMB.

Need 500 manual blog comments from high PR, dofollow, English language, high PR blogs. All blogs must be related to a specific trade industry. Need to be 500 different blogs. Will have 5 different anchor links (100 comment per keyword). Needs to be real comments, not spammy, not automated. Send a sample of your work so I can evaluate your comments and English language skills. Our target budget is $50. Did you read this far? Please respond with: "Dear Mr. Rogers"

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Writing For A Technology Blog Focused On The Arts Sector

Looking for english speaking bloggers to write for a how-to style technology blog targeted at artists and arts organisations.

Topics will include social media (such as creating a social media strategy, integrating social media, social media campaigns, managing and building social network communities and more), SEO basics, e- mail marketing, mobile apps basics etc.

These blogs will be read by arts marketers, management of arts organisations and artists in Australia. Bloggers should have some knowledge of the arts sector and the issues these organisations face as not-for-profits (such as limited budgets for IT and minimal understanding of advanced technology topics).

The blogs must be written with PRACTICAL examples, advice and tips so that these organisations could implement these easily and without much money.

Please submit your CV, examples of previous blogs written by you and also comment on your knowledge of the arts sector.

A total number of 100 blogs will be required and you should quote for 100 blogs. A detailed list of blog topics, purpose and audience will be submitted before the work starts.

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Blog Poster


i need someone to create bolgs about my services and my product sold on my website. The blogs must have at least 1 or 2 postreplay and must be created for the uk clients. the no of created blogs we can negociate.

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Blog Commenting

Im looking for a blog commenter that is capable of posting a total of 300 blog comments.

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PR3+ Back Links For MEDICAL Websites

PR3+ Back Links for MEDICAL websites

Looking for someone to create back links for my websites. You should be able to post blogs, and post our information on other websites. Our websites are medical related and we are looking for PR3 and above.

Only bid $30 For this job, once you have successfully proven yourself then you can work for more money.

These will be One-Way, permanent , non-reciprocal links. Will help you find competitor

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List Of Quality High PR DoFollow Pages / Blogs – No Spam

I am looking for quality blogs / pages to create links, that have no spam and with high PR / Good TLDs if possible.

The quality requirements are:

1. Pages must have PageRank of at least 2.

2. Dofollow links only.

3. No Spammy Page. Example

4. The site/page language must be English.

5. Not from a bad neighbourhood site in Googles eyes.

6. No noindex tag

50+ If possible, but the quality is the most important element here, quality over quantity, I do not mind less blogs for more quality,, .edu,, .gov are welcome/

Samples would be appreciated.

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Guest Blog Writer For SEO

I need someone who can write as guest writer on various High PR blogs and can review our websites on those blogs. I need contextual links from high PR blogs, blogspots, facebook groups or anything like that.

I also need someone who is professional in social media marketing.

Show me your example based on the above.

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Need List Of 1,000 Fashion Blogs For Men And Women

We are in need of someone to locate and compile a list of 1,000 fashion focused blogs that target both Men and Women, US only. Blogs should focus on fashion apparel and accessories and must be currently posting and active.

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1 Way Links From Weight Loss Blogs

We need links from private blogs who have pr 1 or above. We need links from article posting, we will provide articles with contents. Please quote me best rates as it will be regular job.

I only need links from weight loss niche blogs or website. We need contextual links.

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Fix My Blogs

I have my domain with and site is hosted at godaddy.

Earlier we were with but lately i moved to goadddy.

Issue i am facing is, my blogs arent working which are on sub-domains.

Sub-Domains should point my blogspot blogs.

For this we need to add cname ( which is already added but still no good.

There are around 12 blogs which needs to be fixed.

Here is the list :

Need everything fixed asap.

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Blog Writer, Forum Content Writer And Promoter

In need of a guest blog writer and forum content writer who will seek relevant blogs and forums to gifts, weddings, gift baskets, food, etc and write content for them. We will give you a keyword to write about and you need to find relevant blogs and forums to write for and promote our site. We are looking for quality original writing and must be relevant to the content and users where you post.

An English speaker residing in the Western world is a must.

Please note that we are not looking for a blog comment poster. We are looking for someone to guest write for other blogs and post original quality content on forums. Quality is everything in this job. This is a long term work assignment.

Well pay you per word. Please BID ON 5000 WORDS. Ex: If you charge $0.01 per word, your bid would be $50.

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Blog Posting On Real Blogs

I have job where I need the blog post to the real blogs in the industry related to

* Jewelery
* Health
* Fashion

and all the other industry you can think of.

I am looking for the provider who can provide me the blog post on their blogs at a good price. Also please mention the number of blogs you have against each industry.

Look forward to your response.

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Escritura De Blogs En Portugues Brasil 2

El trabajo consiste en escribir en una red de blogs en idioma portugues (Brasil) de temática de moda, mujeres, autos, ocio y viajes de brasil. El total de articulos se acercaría a unos 200 por mes, a un precio de 1 dolar por cada articulo. El trabajo podría extenderse de manera indefinida si el mes de prueba funciona, como asi también se podría aumentar la cantidad de posts en el futuro.

Los requisitos para acceder son:
– articulos con al menos 300 palabras
– saber usar el WordPress, ya que sera la plataforma para escribir
– cada post debe tener al menos 2 imagenes subidas
– cada post debe tener al menos 2 enlaces hacia otros blogs de la red.
– comienzo inmediato

The job is to write a blog network in Portuguese (Brazil) themed fashion, cars and leisure and travel in brazil. The total number of items would get about 300 per month, at a price of $ 1 for each item. The work could be extended indefinitely if the month of test runs, as well as it could increase the number of posts in the future.

The requirements for access are:
– items with at least 300 words
– know how to use WordPress as the platform for writing will
– Each post must have at least 2 images uploaded
– Each post must have at least 2 links to other blogs in the network.
– immediate start

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Get Contact Info Of Cooking/recipe Blogs

We manufacture an all natural sweetener that is a replacement for sugar. This is called Xylitol and is the same sweetness as sugar and is also the same consistency. Therefore many people are using it as a replacement for sugar in baking, and in recipes where they would normally use sugar.

We want to get a huge list with the email address/contact info of all recipe and cooking blogs in north america.

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Niche Websites/blogs Non-adsense

Im looking for some one to build me 20-100 niche related websites/blogs for affiliate offers.


2. XML Sitemap Google
3. Sexy Bookmark
4. WordPress Affiliate
5. Fixed Social Buttons
6. Privacy Policy
7. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator (for human sitemap)


I will find the domain name and buy them. Then give you the name and niche. You do the following:

You will design and setup the website/blogs. This includes WP install, Plugin setup and config, Graphic banner and content for the website/blog. Also setting up social networking as well. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook.

If you cant do content please find someone who can. I have someone on call but I cant use them right now.

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Need A Blog Site Create In WordPress

We would like a new website created using WordPress and launched on our server.
We are looking for a 2 column page design. Left side being content (blog articles) and the right side with categories such as:
– Search
– Email subscription
– RSS Feeds
– Recent Posts
– Recent comments
– Facebook and twitter links
– Links
– Tag cloud
– Archives

On the top of the webpage we would like a graphic (we can create if need be) that includes our logo and matches in with our current website color wise. If we are to create, then we would need to be told the size to create.

Under the graphic we would like some tabs: Home, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM, About, Contact & Website.
We would like the tabs to function as below:
– Home – will display latest posts from GP, NAV and CRM – maybe latest 5?
– Dynamics GP – will be all blogs about GP only
– Dynamics NAV – will be all blogs about NAV only
– Dynamics CRM – will contain all blogs about CRM only
– About will be text about us page
– website will launch our website in a new window

We are looking for this to be created and deployed ASAP.

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Blogs En Peru 4

Busco gente para Escritura de blogs en Peru. 184 articulos en un mes en blogs financieros.

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Need High Traffic For New Website

I am looking for the right freelancer who can generate high quality targeted traffic to my website.
its a new website and i need As many quality traffic you can per day.
I am open to ideas about how to get traffic but here some few rules.

1. must be real traffic 100% (I will not accept any bots/ automated traffic)
2. no popup/popunder (almost any one close it before see the website)
3. Banners/ads, blogs, affil networks all are allowed and welcome. if you have better idea let me know.
4. surf must click on banner or txt or visit website by him self and check the website, no RAPE him to get in like popunder.
5. Trarget Traffic Australia Only.
6. We dont want automated traffics from auto surf sites.
7. Please dont suggest SEO, CSE, Email marking.
But, you can try Video Marketing, Affiliate,Blogs,Banners or any idea you have.

Its a new Website that target Australian traffic and i need as many visitors you can get per day

budget: $200

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100 Adult Blogs / ASAP / USA Job /apox 10 Sentence Each

Please place your Bid & timeframe you can complete these in! (no per words bids accepted – must be MY way)
Also include an example of a adult blog! (not a premade story)

This is a ADULT job and our Phone sex sites have NO TABOOs wich means you will write about EVERYthing u could imagine, so a good imagination is needed! These include HARDcore fetishs!

The blogs Should be 100% copyscape free.

Each Blog should be aprox 8-10 sentences!

Good Grammar with readability content.

it will be a long term project with good candidate.

Payment upon completion of 100 blogs. (1/2 milestone upon half submitted)

Would like these done ASAP!


YOU DO NOT have to be a ENGLISH major, these blogs are supposed to be written by average people! (plus they can be fun)


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Migrating Multiple Blogs Into WordPress 3

I currently have 60 blogs set up using one wordpress installation. The multiple domains are handled/added using WP-Hive add on. The add on is no longer supported and I want to migrate the blogs to just use WordPress Multisite

Sample WordPress Instructions:

The sites are all separate domains – not sub domains. You must have experience setting up multiple domain blogs in WordPress.
The sites are fairly basic. You can convert existing installation on the same server or on a new server- whichever is easier. Server has CPanel.

**Your bid should be for migrating existing 60 sites.

However, in PMB, I also want an additional price to add another 60 blogs to the same installation. Sites are pretty basic and themes are already installed. Here are a couple of the existing sites:

So again – bid should be for migrating existing 60 sites, and state additional cost in PMB to add another 60 sites to the installation. I will provide domains, details and content.
Please confirm in PMB that you have relevant experience.

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