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J2ME VNC Client Over Bluetooth For Symbian

I basically need somebody to design a J2ME based VNC client for the Symbian operating system. The client will function over BLUETOOTH. WE ALREADY HAVE BUILT THE VNC SEVER and it will be provided to you once you are awarded the project.

1. Build J2ME VNC client that operates over bluetooth.
2. Add an authentication mechanism.

If you can do this, please message me with the line "J2ME rocks"

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Connect A Bluetooth Sensor To A Symbian Phone And Sms

We need to have an application that runs on a Nokia cell phone with a Symbian OS. The application will be detecting and connecting data from a bluetooth sensor to the cell phone, and sending this data as a SMS message to another cell phone (prerecorded number). The sending of SMS data needs to be an automated process since there will not be any user to interact with the Cell phone.

Another needed feature is the possibility to control the program via SMS messaging. The remote cell phone will send a command to the cell phone that is bluetooth connected to the sensor. Upon receiving the SMS message, the receiving phone will wake the application, connect to the bluetooth sensor, read the data and send the data as a SMS message to the remote cell phone. Once data is sent, the program stays silent or iddle.

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Symbian/Qt Application

This would consist of a Symbian/Qt application that is used by the instructor to take the attendance of the students registered in the class by discovering their Bluetooth mobile devices. In first time of using the application, the laptop of instructor will ask each student about their ID and password via mobile , in order to register their unique Bluetooth Mac address in database beside their name , ID, event of attendance(absent, attended) and mobile number. Next times the application will discover the Bluetooth Mac address without asking about user name and password. Once the student is registered in database a message will be sent to mobile of laptop with

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BlueTooth Advertising Software

I need a bluetooth advertising software that will Be exactly like blue magnet ->

It must have a licensing activation system which we can deactive remotely if needed.

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Bluetooth Design

Hi as discussed in email sent to you. thanks

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Bluetooth Engineer In Houston, Texas

I am searching for someone with the Houston, Texas which can design a small Bluetooth Module… This person must be willing to sign a NDA.

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App For Simple Item Information Lookup

We are looking to be able to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner and an Android app to find information about products in our customers stores. There are a few Bluetooth scanners out there that are compatible with the android, and basically act as a keyboard. When it scans a UPC, it transmits that data as keystrokes to the device. We would like to use the bluetooth barcode scanner, scan a UPC, and have an app that will lookup and display that particular UPCs
attributes from a reference file (item masterfile). The masterfile should reside on the android and not remotely on a cloud. We would like to be able to load it onto the device using a laptop through USB cable.

Here is a sample of the reference file. It is a comma delimited file with the following fields:

000000000000,PLSTC FRAME SUNS,4.49,2.59,24.2,14 – Dairy
000000008372,BIB BIG RED,0.00,43.05,39.2,2 – Other Tobacco Products
000000008808,BIB DR. PEPPER,0.00,42.05,15.3,3 – Other Tobacco Products

The top row is a header row…I can have the file with or without this.
Every field is seperated by a comma, and records are seperated by a carriage
return (1 item per line). The sample only has a few items, but normally
there are about 11,000 records, and run around 500kb – 1mb in size. The
itemmaster file will be different every day (same formatting, but different
items). So the app needs to have the flexibility of loading new files. We
would like the results to show up practically instantly or under 3 seconds.
I want to be able to scan upc after upc…and not have to click on the
screen. If a UPC is scanned that is not in the masterfile, a simple popup
saying "Item not found" would be suffice.

We are not looking for something extravagent…we just need something simple
and FAST-running. We dont need the ability to edit the data on the
device…we just need an inquiry tool.

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MY PROFILE- I want to set up a bluetooth proximity marketing system which will be run from a websitE and connected to a server that also has connections to multiple bluetooth access points. I will offer my clients an option of just running the campaign by dowloading the software from the website onto there computer or buy a bluetooth box with uploaded software that will be syncronised with my website.

WEBSITE- The website will have the main master admin control panel of adding/editing/deleting logins for my clients and viewing there area. I will offer to my clients a username and password so my clients can view live statistics of there campaign and can operate there campaigns remotely from anywhere via my website.

HARDWARE- I will require the person to offer me the bluetooth box (pod/bluetooth access server) which will have my software added or i can purchase the hardware seperate if you know any reliable, low budget companies and you can give the instructions on how to upload the software onto the hardware. The box will need to be connected to my system via wireless internet so each client i give the box they are linked to the login i create on my website and it will then broadcast campaigns created by the client and show live statistics.

REFERENCE TO MY GOALS- I am looking at something similar to what offer to there resellers and clients (a similar login system via there website and there clients can use the bluetooth servers wirelessly and access there campaigns and statistics via there website)

I want similar functions to what offer as software. eg- Bluetooth beamer functions.

I want you to study both of these companies products and the functions and relating to what my requirements are you should be able to meet my needs.

I want all the advance functions achieved by many bluetooth marketing companies and most of all it has to be designed in a very user friendly manner. Also it needs to be developed in a manner where it can be extended further with more functions to add at a later stage.


Please only bid if you have done a similar project before and can achieve my goals to exact detail i require. I will like to see the website design and all the functions on your server completed before i pay for the completion of this project. HAPPY BIDDING AND GOOD LUCK.


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Iphone Camera/video App

Hi. I would like a iphone app programmed that has the basic functionality of the built in app, plus a few other features, and a stand out feature. Because id like to protect my IP, I will not say what this stand out feature is, besides to say that you will need experience with wi-fi and/or bluetooth. Please consider this as well in your bidding. I have seen offers by others to code so that the app runs on multiple mobile OS, such as Android and Windows Phone 7. If you can do this, I will consider you at the top of the list.

Primary feature:
Utilizes wi-fi/bluetooth in a unique way

Secondary features:
camera 5x zoom
black and white mode
control camera flash (off/on and dim/bright if using for lighting while filming)
standard editing features
*select aspect ratio for flming (standard/letterboxing)
*Let user add subtitles to films/pictures

*Feature can be added at a later time.

You must also be available for future updates as necessary. Of course you will be compensated accordingly. I have only worked with one other developer from this site, and it was such a great experience for the both of us that I send work his way every few months.

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Bluetooth Runtime Enumeration For Delphi/Windows/XP/W7

My company develops hardware and software for education/emergency medical/law enforcement applications. We have a product that communicates by Bluetooth to a PC using SPP (Virtual Com Port) profile. We need to find a way to determine the numbers of the outgoing and incoming serial port numbers assigned to a paired Bluetooth device. These numbers can be found in the Bluetooth Control Panel in both XP and Vista, but Windows 7 shows only the outgoing port number. Wed like to automate the process of assigning the correct incoming port number, in our software, which is written in Delphi 5. Possible solutions would include methods of accessing Windows APIs that can return the desired information…. I believe I can access an ordinary DLL (my programming skills are limited). We do not use COM or .NET.

A good solution might be directing us to the appropriate DLL or API call that can take the assigned name of the paired device, and return two parameters: the outgoing port, and the incoming port. The solution needs to work for XP, Vista, and W7.

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OBD2 Reader/logger

Develop an application to run on a Samsung Galaxy Tab that will read an OBDLink Bluetooth Scan Tool scan via bluetooth and logs pre selected Pids as well as pre selected GPS data and also the Tabs accelerometer and Gyroscope data. Option to save data on Tab and/or email data and/or upload to server.

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Bluetooth Integration Into A Video Capture Device

I am looking for an individual or company to integrate Class 1, 2 bluetooth transmitter into a video capture device.

The video camera already is in full production and captures video to an SD card on board. the scope of the work is to transmit the video to a pda or laptop via bluetooth for preview or recording.

A small footprint is required, size is important, but on the other hand range is also important. Maximum bluetooth range with small bluetooth footprint on device.

Bluetooth programming, protocols and experience is a must, I do not want to waste anyones time and do not my time to be wasted. Previous projects would be helpful.

I can provide the video camera for testing and implementation purposes.

Thank You.

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Simple IPhone App

Would like a simple iPhone app that allows you to add a short cut to the home page to be able to switch Bluetooth on and off. To simply save the battery when not connected to Bluetooth car kit

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Android App

To create an app which Integrated with Bluetooth through AT command

On the app, to show and control
i) Battery Level
ii) Volume Meter
iii) Bluetooth Signal
iv) Radio Frequency
v) Banner shown in the bottom of the app
vi) Text to speech
– From the text to speech when user receive SMS, and send the speech to the bluetooth headset through AT command
vii) Language
– English and Traditional Chinese

Please let me know if feel interested

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Iphone App

I need an iphone app that can use bluetooth to commuicate

the main purpose of this app is to be networking app so you can find each other based on bluetooth scan.

So if i was on a bus i would active app and it would scan for people who have activated app to its a way of networking or dating

when two devices connect there must be a way of chating via free messenger

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Wanted: Programmers Familiar With Bluetooth

Looking for programmers familiar with Bluetooth for cars and iPhones. Message me and Ill explain what I want to do. Thanks!

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Android Application – Uses Bluetooth

2. Android Application
This applications comprises the followings:
– Settings page: Creates DB account (with email, photo, password…), writes to database
– Main page: has one button, link to website (Signs user to website)
– Inquiry page: Does Bluetooth inquiry, writes to DB

DB already works with website

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I want a Android Bluetooth Marketing tool to bulk send JPG, GIF, and text to bluetooth enabled devices from an Android and to keep stats / logs of accept declined timed out, not to resend to same phone for same campaign.

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Iphone Bluetooth Signal And Motion Detection

Detect bluetooth device (e.g. headset) connected, disconnected and reconnected
Detect motion

Include something like "facebook-like" for apps promotion in facebook.

PM for detail

Source-code is required.

No memory leak is allowed.

Please provide previous similar projects as reference.


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Bluetooth Proximity Advertising/Marketing Software

I am looking for a program that I can load into a laptop that will allow me to broadcast sms text, photo, avi files etc to any cell phone in the immediate area of say a shopping mall.

The program exists but I am not all that excited about the range of the broadcast. I am looking for an enhancement to it or a better form that may already be available.

The use is for retail outlets to broadcast a special to any bluetooth activated cell phone that is in the immediate area.
The existing program is loaded into a laptop or even a PC and via a dongle transmits the message via sms or mms to the cell phones that are nearby.

I would be gratreful for any information or a quot to write a program for me.

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Linux Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Software With PHP MYSQL


Am after a software coder to make a linux based bluetooth proximity software to run on ubuntu linux.

The script will read values from a php / mysql website.

The software will run on several linux PCs, with each one reading custom settings from the database,
Based on the Login / Password account

The website software should allow to setup campaigns with ability to
Start / Stop Bluetooth Marketing
Create / Delete / Edit Campaigns

Each Campaign should have
Select Jpeg from local computer
Option to Select Start Time / Date
Option to Select End Time / Date
Option to Select Specific Times to Run
Option to Select Specific Days to Run

Would nice if we could have analytics of sent campaigns sent from the linux pc back to the server
This is optional and would be prepared to have this part of the project excluded if cost is high

Generic messages will ignored, I want this project read in full and some one who is capable to deliver


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Pos Bluetooth Scanner

Good morning Im searching for a Pos Scanner that uses Bluetooth it has to intercept the data from the bluetooth pos
(Track1 and Track2 and Pin) and I need a software for my computer to catch the data from it…

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Android Bluetooth Marketing App

Looking for an Android app that will accomplish the following:

Mobile Owner opens the Android Bluetooth Marketing App
The user can click on a "settings" area and Place a text ad, along with an image. (perhaps like a business card)
User then goes back to the main menu and selects "Broadcast Ad"
User can then select to "Stop Broadcast" once completed
Shall be a section where a user can see their stats, i.e. how many times their ad was shown on other phones.

The purpose of this app is to allow the mobile user to broadcast small ads to other mobile phones via bluetooth. We come in contact with hundreds of people through the day. This will turn the phone into a mini advertising system. The user can broadcast ads, personals, just say hi to others etc.

EXAMPLES – PC versions:

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Phone Bluetooth Signal Detection

Detect bluetooth device (e.g. headset) connected, disconnected and reconnected, even the app is running in background.

Include something like "facebook-like" for apps promotion in facebook.

Source-code is required.

No memory leak is allowed.

Please provide previous similar projects as reference.


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Need Help With Hobby Project.

Hello i need some help.

I recently bought a Bluetooth SMD Module – RN-42 from and started messing with it and i think i broke it dont know anyway I will pay the person 100-200 dollar who has the best design and full fills recuirements for my project.
Need to use the Bluetooth SMD Module – RN-42 from spark fun or one of there other bluetooth modules.
Only use stuff that can be bought from online shops. Need to be able to solder everything from home.Need full schematic so i can etch and do everything at home.

In depth description of my project. I want the bluetooth module to send of the information to my computer in my room when i swipe my magnetic card that will function as a key to my computer and i will be giving out some card to friends when they want to use it. I will be running debian (linux) i will be programming all the software in python.

Step one
When a person swipes the card in the reader it need to be decoded with w f2f chip i believe its called.So you need to find a magnetic reader head(1,2,3) tracks and a f2f chip for decoding all built in the custom pcb board.

step two
Send all the information with bluetooth to my computer to log everything(my job).

i will pay the person that comes up with the best design remember it has to be easy to use and to make needs to be portable and have a connection distance up to 10-20 meters in doors .battery length 5 hours min.

I know i could use simplers methods for my project but i just happend to have some left over bluetooth modules from school.

Payment i will paypal or other when i receive the schematics and product names so i can veryfi that i works.

i will pay more if.

+ Less than 2 days of delivery of product in my email. + 25$
+ Easy guide to solder everything together. + 25$
+ Very small and long battery life and use the Bluetooth SMD Module – RN-42 + 50$

ground price is 100 dollars for product. All the information about products can be found at big plus if you use that site can use ebay or similar for products.

pm me with if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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ECG Monitoring On Android Platform

Our project is to design a health monitor application on an android phone which is specifically connect to a sensor device over Bluetooth connection, whenever ECG level goes beyond threshold the android mobile should send pretyped mesg to doctors or concerned how to convert digital emitted signals from bluetooth device to analog signal which should show as a ECG waveforms on android platform. v can get more detailed information on this site.

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Network Adaptor Switching Software

I need to have some software created which manages network adaptor states when an ethernet cable is connected/disconnected. The utility needs to disable the WLAN/3G/bluetooth adaptor when an ethernet cable is plugged into the LAN and then enable the card when the LAN is disconnected. I would also like it to have the ability to disable 3g cards etc. I would also like the software to have a licensing method added, so the software can be installed for trial periods (30 days) or unlimited when the license is purchased.

The software will need to run as a Windows Service and must run for all users, not just administrators

I will need to be provided with the source code and own the copyright

IMPORTANT – This needs to work on Windows XP/Vista/7, both 32 and 64 bit

It needs to be very similar to the way Wireless AutoSwitch (you can google this) works.

I would like this software to have the option to function in different ways which you choose during install.

1. The software automatically disables all wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth when LAN is connected. If the user enables a card manually then it will stay enabled.
2. The software automatically disables all wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth when LAN is connected. If the user enables a card manually then it will automatically be disabled again.
3. When the LAN is connected, the user will be prompted and asked if they would like the wireless/3g/aircards/bluetooth disabled.

I would also like the user to be able to setup an exclusions text file if they want certain devices excluded.

Licensing of the software is also important, I need to be able to issue license keys for both individual and enterprise use

Please, if you are bidding on this project, send me a PM to tell me a bit more about how you can help. Let me know if what I am asking will cost extra also.


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Ingenico 3070 Bluetooth Software

Looking for software for ingenico 3070 bluetooth chip, i have a software that i use to download, but on download only half of the information displays on my screen and when saved it encrypts the data. Looking for someone who has the full software that i need, or also if anyone could help with decrypting the information that i downloaded using my software.

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Mobile Application – Java

I want an mobile application written in J2ME, that should run on all mobiles supporting
Java. This application would basically be a mobile social networking app, that would allow
users to chat with people using bluetooth and view their profiles on our website using their mobile.

The application should be able to display all bluetooth devices around the phone with the
bluetooth device name : . where profile names varies as per actual profile set.

It should mainly allow users to chat with each other.

Need a basic version for now.
Long term development efforts required for more advanced version.

Will provide details on PM.
Tight Budget.

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Android Mono Bluetooth App.

Need a clean android app the will route audio from android phone to any mono bluetooth device. Must be proficient in android app development and have a android phone that you can use to test the app.

This app needs to work on a variety of android phones and version of android (1.5-2.2).

App needs to be able pause audio playback when during a phone call and automatically resume after the call has ended.
Also needs to have a simple widget to turn on/off.

Must have a clean and simple looking interface.

Please message me if you have any question or need further details.

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A2DP Android Gateway

App that acts both as bluetooth ad2p transmitter or receiver.
If headphone hookup is used as an audio input then app act as AD2B bluetooth transmitter.
If bluetooth is used as audio input then headphone jack will be transmitting the sound via headhones.

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Bluetooth Marketing Advertising Software

Bluetooth Advertising Marketing Software

I am looking for someone or a team of programmer to design a fully completed and branded Bluetooth Advertising Proximity Software similar to &

It must be very easy to install and run with simple prompted on screen instructions that anyone can follow ie install wizard and must work with windows / xp / vista / 7 and the drivers for the Bluetooth dongle must install very easy on vista and must be user friendly for clients with little or no IT experience.

It must also be an executable file and all software like net framework, Bluetooth drivers, java etc must be included and whatever else it requires to work.

It should run in trial mode for 7 days and ask for activation code after 7 days of usage

I will need a key or licence generator that I can enter the Bluetooth Address of the user and that then verifies the BT address before fully activated use.

You are free to use ANY programming language you require, as long as the required product is achieved.

1.Able to send any type of files
2.User able to send photo & edited text together to the client
3.It can send multiple files to many phones at the same time.
4.User friendly GUI
5.If client deny, they will not get messaged again within a set timing .e.g. 1hour or 12 hours or 24
6.If client accept, file will be sent to them.
7.Files are never sent to the same mobile device more than once in a session.
8.If the program runs without serial number it will run as demo (run for 3days)
9.Provide source code.
10.It must support most of Bluetooth Adapter types like: BlueSoleil, Toshiba, WidComm and Microsoft Bluetooth stack.
11.Source code provided
12.key or licence generator and licence activation popup

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