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Editing Of My Rough Draft Book Manuscript On Cloud Computing

I am writing a management / IT book on Cloud Computing. I wish to have an editor review and transform my rough manuscript to a draft manuscript that I can pass through the final pre-publication edit, rendering and proofing stage in preparation for publication.

The draft manuscript is approximately 70 A4 pages comprising approx 17,000 – 20,000 words in 2,000 lines ~900 paragraphs.

The document is in MS Word, and I need to have an index created, appropriate styles applied for bullets, indents, paragraphs, headings, etc so that the revised manuscript is consistent from a presentation an layout format

I need to have this manuscript standardised in terms of terminology, spelling, and phraseology, so I probably need someone who is familiar with business and possibly IT concepts to make sure that the content reads well, maked sense, communicates ideas and concepts clearly.

Tharget audience for my book are NOT IT people, but are business managers, so there is no jargon and technical complexity

Primary objective for this book:
The primary objective of this book is to provide the reader with a practical assessment and decision making framework that will help them and their organisation arrive at the most appropriate Cloud Computing solution for their organisation, for known risk, cost and benefit.

The core value in this reading this book, are to:
1.Provide the reader, or their key stakeholders, with a series of questions that are intended to highlight important factors that you otherwise would not necessarily consider
2.Explain the context and relevance of key factors inherent in Cloud computing to their organisation
3.Provide a simple framework with which to assess the cost, risk, and governance issues of a potential implementation (or further expansion) of cloud systems.

Its not about the technology
This book is not a technical or theoretical, research based treatise on Cloud, just a practical, real world expose on the risks, costs and governance considerations in the implementation of this new IT model.

The intended audience are executives and key stakeholders in the readers organisation that have a vested interest in the successful implementation and use of your organisations IT systems. This includes the roles of CEO, COO, CFO, CIO as well as the key managers across their organisation.

This book discusses, in non-technical terms, the commercial, governance, risk and cost issues of cloud for your business, and provides them with an easy to understand framework to assess the cost and risk of moving to the cloud.
The process is analogous to switching on one Xmas tree light, one at a time, in a darkened room. After a while, the overall shape of the tree becomes obvious.

I wrote a book that I could not buy.
I decided to write this book in response to the large amount of information, mis-information, misrepresentation and confusion that is currently Cloud. Within the IT Industry, there are Cloud conferences, vendor breakfast events, Cloud specialists , self appointed and self proclaimed Cloud evangelists, and others who are clamouring to be heard above the cloud noise

In the midst of this clamour, how can you make an objective and well informed decision on whether Cloud is relevant and/or appropriate for your business, either now, or at some point in the future?

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Pay To Book A Restaurant Table

I need a module for joomla that allows users to sign up and be able to book a table at a restaurant for a specified date with the number of people etc. Ideally i would like a credit system where they buy up and book a table and the credits is deducted but if that cant work then a simple pay as you go is sufficient. I came across a Joomla credit system called Joom Credit and a table reservations module called TableBooking. Is there any way we can mash these two together?

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Book Indexing About 250 Pages

We need an indexing specialist to index our new book. The book will be ready in 2 weeks for indexing. It is about 250 pages (still finalizing). Please provide price and time to index. We also want to know your prior experience.

Saja Team

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Children’s Book Illustrator

Need a childrens book illustrator. Full color drawings. Would like to see samples please. Budget is $1 per page and I have about 30 to 40 pages that needs drawings. I will have more projects in the future as I have 4 more childrens I will write in the next 4 months.

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Transfer Book To Kindel Via HTML

I have a 365 pg book to transfer to Kindel via html. I have the book is in Wordperfect and pdf.

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22 Niche E-Books

Good afternoon,
We are a large internet marketing company located in Spain running many different online projects. One of our current projects requires us to offer a free gift to our daily visitors; we want this free gift to be a free short e-book relevant to the content of the site.
In total we need 22 e-books (1 e-book per niche, i.e.: healths, alternative energy, make money, etc…). Each e-book must be:

– Written in 100% English
– Contain a front cover image
– Approximately. 15 pages (or 4500 words + relevant images)
– Completely relevant to the niche
– 100% unique content

As far as text font & size, Calibri at font 13 for normal text and Calibri at 16 for titles should be perfect.

Anyone who is interested in working with us, please post your figure and/or send us a private message if you require any additional information. Please also bear in mind that this project could be the start of a long-term relationship with a lot more work to come.

Look forward to hearing from you,

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5.5" X 8.5" Trade Paper Back Full Color Book Cover

This is a cover for a cancer survivor book. Short-run, offset and LSI file preparation required. Front cover, spine and back cover – bar codes provided.
Thank you.

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Updated Online Address Book

I need to create an online address book with php/html front end into a mysql back end that will be hosted on local pc with xampp. It needs to be similar to simple customer but with some additional changes. Using simple customer as a base template, to include additional search functions, print options as well as advanced note taking capabilites and reporting function.

1. dashboard page – show total contact stats in two graphs: 1. by last 7 days and 2. last month. show lates notes

2. contact page – add facility (in pop-up) to add notes to contact, add radio box or tick box that records date that last spoke to.

3. contact details – ability to move to next or previous record in database, show list of dates last contacted.

4. search – ability to search and display results by street ascending or descending,

5. print search results with phone number

6. retain abilty to import and export from/to csv file

7. sidebar – show quick link to streets in database

The point of this is to use it as a tool for monitoring prospect phone calls so key information recorded is that date that they were last contacted and notes taken.

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Real Estate Book – Combination Fiction / Self-help Style.

Need a creative and straight-forward dynamic writer with sorting and research skills to assist me in writing a book on the current real estate market in the US (and perhaps globally as well) and how anyone can use my techniques, technologies and methodology to sell their home and quick and for maximum dollars. Main use of the book will be for a sales tool however I anticipate it could turn out to appeal to a wider audience as well.
Looking for a super-star willing to work on a budget. More projects to follow.

Already have quite a lot of pieces written (needs to be compiled and placed into a good workable order), ideas flowing, and concepts in mind.

The book doesnt have to be large nor drone on and on with meaningless dribble and fluff. It will read like a novel but will be very instructive as well. In the self-help, self development theme.

Format I have in mind is one where we tell a story about a fictitious character (based in large part on my own experiences and lessons learned, deals Ive completed, real live examples, etc) like non-fiction in perhaps every other chapter. Alternate chapters will be instructive much like fiction / textbook / seminar workbook. And / Or perhaps we just add in a re-cap / summary section at the end of each chapter on lessens attained, etc.

Must be filled with statistical data about history of the real estate market place and where weve come as well as references to where were heading and solution therein. Graphs and charts skills will be a big plus as well.

May also want to gain permission from other authors to utilize a few quotes, info and data, etc. and will be adding in many resources like websites, companies to utilize for tools, tips, etc.

While Id like to get the project done relatively quickly Im also not in a huge rush. We can take some time to get it right. Also, candidate must be a good organizer.

Please let me know your thoughts and any previous work product would be great to share as well.

Thank you!

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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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#### Need Copy Past & Book Write Work #####

Dear all freelancer,

I need copy past work and book write work.

Who can give me.

Bit Please and give me PM about your project.

Thank you

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Atlas Comic Book

Im creating a comic book title Atlas. Its a new take on what a superhero could be in our world based on eastern teachings. He is like a Superman, but all his power comes from his mental connection with the earth and the elements and properties that give our world structure.

So with that said Im doing all the writing and art, but Im in desperate need of a professional letterer. Its not a traditional comic book in style or in concept so I need someone who is professional with the ability to recognized the look and feel of the pages and produce something that supports that. The job is not very big, this is only a 6 page submission piece with a cover page, which spells out the story arch. All in all Im looking for someone who has experience lettering comics and can do a professional job.

Im willing to pay a professional rate for a great product, but I would also ask if I could see some samples of your lettering work so Im confident in your ability to produce a quality product.

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22,000 Word Book Typeesetting Project

This is a cancer survivor story with a workbook component. Approximately 22,00 words to bulk out to around 112 pages 5.5" x 8.5" provided in WORD format. Primarily text and some halftones that will require some adjusting for print.

I show a sample layout to the author for approval – before we typeset the entire book. This book may require two files – one for LSI, the other for an offset printer. The only difference generally is the spine width and occasionally the presentation of the print pdf.

This book will be used to launch a speaking career and the designer receives a copyright page credit as well.

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Convert HTML5 Book Into PowerPoint For Instructor Material


I am a web application architect who happens to also teach at a university. Ive created a new course in HTML5 that I will begin lecturing in May. The book I will be using is located at It is a 200 page book with 10 chapters. Im looking for someone to convert the each chapter into a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, I need someone to summarize all the technical content. The book is perfectly layed out with sub-chapters. Each chapter should generate approximately 50 slides. At the end of the project you are generating black and white 500 slides.

I require the person to have good writing and basic web development skills.

Below is a list of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Main Structure
Chapter 2 – Text
Chapter 3 – Forms
Chapter 4 – Video and Audio
Chapter 5 – Canvas
Chapter 6 – Data Storage
Chapter 7 – Offline
Chapter 8 – Drag and Drop
Chapter 9 – Geolocation
Chapter 10 – Messages, Workers, and Sockets

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E Book Inside Page Layouts & Creation

Weve written an 18 page E book with 50 tips on our niche. It is in a word document at present

Wer have a front cover already designed.


We need:

– a general template making, quite plain, to be match our site to be used on each page.
– images adding to approximately 10 tips. You must source images and must be copyright free, thought you can use some images we already have on our site.
– supplied cover to be used
– PDF to be secured and locked so it can not be easily copied or edited.


– Your work must be 100% original and unique.
– We receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
– Please include if and how many revisions are included in your bid.

This should be quite straight forward for the right person and we do have a limited budget for this work.

However, for the right person with a good price we do have more similar work.

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E-book In A Medical/health Field

We are looking for someone who will write an informative, self-help book in a medical-related field. The finished book will have approximately 90.000 words (which is 300 pages, each 300 words long).

This is a ghostwriting project. All ownership and copyright of the book will belong to us.


– You need to have experience with writing books or short reports on a similar topic (for example, nutrition, health, natural remedies, medical conditions, fitness, wellness, etc.). Provide samples of your previous work with your bid.
– Good command of the English language, fluent writing and impeccable grammar.
– You need to be punctual, hardworking and respect deadlines.
– No third parties. You will write the book yourself and not outsource it to someone else. Only individuals are considered for this project

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Write Ebook On Dangers/risks Of Preservatives In Skin Care

The requested ebook will form part of the promotional funnel for sales of a line of incredibly high quality preservative-free / paraben free skin care products on line. The ebook is expected to be 25-40 pages in length and focused on educating the reader on the risks and dangers associated with common preservatives used in skin care products and why they should use preservative-free and paraben free skin care products.

The contractor will have written several ebooks successfully used in online product promotions and will have done other online or direct mail copywriting. familiarity with the skin care industry is an asset. Please include a sample e-book if possible. This is not required but is highly encouraged.

Anticipated Milestones:
1. Approve Research Plan – this will include a limited review of published scientific results as well as consumer advocacy information and health authorities. In addition, the company marketing and educational materials should also be reviewed. We would like a copy or bookmark for all research reviewed online.

2. Complete Outline – this would include a full outline for the book with summary bullet points for each section as well as completed drafts of 2 sections to review for style

3. Full draft – complete first draft of the ebook

4. Revisions – We expect up to 1 major rewrite of the book and up to 3 minor revisions of the document (no changes to structure – i.e. a rewrite of a couple sections).

Please provide a breakdown of your quote by milestone.Add to Project Description

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Research Project Due

This project consists of two parts:

A.). A bibliography consisting of 3 books that you have researched. They should be related to
your topic and of a very high quality.

B.) A critique of one book from your bibliography.

You are not expected to read an entire book for this assignment. You should carefully read
the table of contents, introduction, selections from the first and last chapters, and references to
get an overview of the book. You will then evaluate it in a 1-2 page paper, considering these

-How general or specific is the source?

-Who is the author? What are their credentials? Are they a scholar or a journalist?
Do you consider them reputable?

-Does it provide an overview of your topic or a highly technical resource, requiring a
lot of prior knowledge?

-Are there any obvious biases in the source?

-Would you want to use this source at the beginning of your research, when you are
first exploring the topic, or towards the end, when you already have a good idea of
what youre writing about?

In your paper, you MUST include at least one direct quotation and one cited paraphrase to
support your arguments. Obviously, you may use more if you feel it will help your conclusions.
Note: Remember, your in-text citation of a direct quote should look like this:
(Author, Date, page).

example: The author frequently presents her opinions as facts. In one example she
states that, "the library is the most important building on the college campus" (Jones,
2015, p.65) but presents no evidence to support this idea.

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Voice Talent Needed For Childrens Book

Looking for voice talent to read a childrens book.

we need 4 different character voices:
1) Farmer Joe (8 words)
2) A Duck that speaks english (34 words)
3) Aunty Joan (55 words)
4) Narrator (453 words)

Only for candidates who has clear English language without heavy accent.

If you are interested please,
1) forward your profile and previous experince in this area,
2) give your best samples of each of the voices needed,
3) number of days of your deadline,

The final product will be presented in a series of MP3 files – 1 file per sentence (There are 43 sentences, so 43 files needed)
Payment will be released to you within 48 hours after your project is satisfied and approved.

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E-Book Production

1) Format an existing 60-page word document (on Growing a Small Business) into a compelling E-book product. This will involve:

a) Optimising fonts and formatting etc
b) Inserting appropriate graphics at your discretion
c) Expanding paragraphs which have been marked as needing extra content. There are c. 20 such paragraphs in the document, each of which will require less than 10 minutes online/wikipedia research in order to write a sufficient paragraph.
d) Checking spelling and re-checking formatting
e) Publishing in pdf.
f) Give metrics-based suggestions for an AdWords campaign to market this product.

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Electronic Book Production

I have about 200 forms that I have catergorized and I need them in ebook format so that my staff can go to the book, i.e. "auto accidents" and have a list of all the forms I have categorized. Click on the form and it pulls up. I want my logo on the front of the "book" so it appears to be officially mine.

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Ming And The Tsunami

This is another Ming the Minibus Book. It requires 12 Illustrations. The book is designed to let children know that if they on the beach and the water suddenly starts to flow rapidly out to sea then its a sign a tsunami or giant wave is approaching. The book will be distributed free online and to schools in Hong Kong. It will also be translated into Chinese and provided free to schools in mainland China. It also may be used by charities to raise funds for Japnaese Tsunami victims.

The illustrator will need to be able to produce the characters shown on Ming the Minibus cartoon show. These can be seen on youtube or at

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Web Designer Needed For Best Selling Thriller Writer

I am a best selling author with a current website and am about to come out with my second book. I need to improve my current website and prepare a new design that incorporates the second book which will come out in September, but also links to the first book, which is already out.

A good example of what Im looking for is – though JUST the simplicity, not the actual design. There are some features however such as the live tie-in with Facebook that I would like. is also good though slightly too much in my opinion.

I would like to have the ability to edit and add stuff too after its done, if possible, though thats not absolutely necessary.

SImple, cool, easy, gorgeous – those are the elements

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Individual Posters Wanted & News Letter Creation

Serious from home working individuals for manually Forum postings, Blog Postings, Directrory Listings, Face book set up, Social Marketing, Book Marking, creating News Letters for our diffrent websites on long term basis. No Escrow or advance payments but only weekly payments on completion of tasks by paypal only. Please quote per 1000 poists and can submit per week for the tasks seperately in message box. Please apply for a task at a time you are experienced and willing to work with.

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30 Book Reviews $1.00 Each

I need 30 Book Reviews for $1.00. It can be any genre, but needs to be a practical review of information. Each review should be 300-400 words in length and I need them ASAP. Please only bid $30.00, GOOD ENGLISH IS A MUST, and MUST Pass copyscape!
Can be Non-Fiction or Fiction of any genre, and may be either a book in print or an eBook.
Thank you

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Need Face Book Likes (this Job Is Only For Azamafzal)

Need Face book Likes (Only for azamafzal)

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Book Cover For Mexican Novel

We are a new independent publishing company in Mexico and we need a memorable color cover to launch our first book! The cover has to be 100% original work and the rights will be transferred to us. We have a budget of $75 for this assignment. More book covers will come.

Trees are the main theme of this cover. The novel is situated at the end of the XIX century in a medium sized village in Mexico. The cover will feature the scene in the novel when a man and an older woman go to a beautiful orchard, surrounded by several fruit trees (pears, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, grapes, oranges) in an old Mexican setting, one afternoon, just before a hard rainfall. Familiarity with the context is a must (type of trees, houses, people). You will use your creativity and imagination regarding perspective, general layout, etc

The style will be modern and appealing. These are book covers that we like.

Please send samples of your work! You have to be open to suggestions and check photos, if needed. We will strongly appreciate a strong communication through all the project. Understanding of a text in Spanish and/or knowledge of Mexico is a plus, but not necessary. You will deliver the final illustration in ten days, or before. The quality of the final work must be similar in style and quality to the samples that you showed when you bid. Payment will be released when the cover is approved and you send the file. You will send a high quality scan of the illustration by email. If you have read this far, we thank you warmly and invite you to bid on this project.

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Reasearch For An Ebook

Researcher for an ebook
We are looking for a researcher, an enthusiast, to do an extensive research on two kinds of fish.
This may later turn into, along with e-book writing, p/t or f/t job for the right candidate. We need the researcher ASAP!
1. You will be responsible for locating and gathering content from various sources on the Internet relating to both topics of interest ( for chapters that we will send) and to keywords.
2. You will also need to:
a. create a list of additional keywords/keyword phrases during the course of research
b. submit an excel spread sheet containing a detailed and organized list of all content
c. you must provide religiously all your sources
d. the candidate we are interested in will need to make a short research on a topic given (not paid) unless he is awarded the contract – then the total fee will cover the short research requirement
e. download pictures for the points talked about in the book ( make sure they are not copyrighted)
f. be very neat and organized with great attention to detail
g. have great editorial skills
h. meet the deadline!
i. provide us with 300 pages of research data on the topics given; not less
j. please write; " I accept the terms" to show you have read and understood what I wrote
If you also have an e-book writing experience and can prove it, please indicate that you may also be interested in writing it later. ( separate bid)
REQD to attach:
1. your resume
2. cover letter
3. references
4. sample of work
5. your availability schedule

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Art For Children’s Book

I need illustration done for a 12 page childrens book – has to be computer based. The first page follows as an example

One day the people came to the Prophet Salalaahu alaihi wassalam and told him of a camel that was behaving badly.

[Note to illustrator: garden area with trees (including date palms), shrubs etc.- group of men speaking to one Man standing alone. All of the men are dressed in Arab garb with head coverings. Man has no distinguishable facial features – can be shown with head covering blocking face – this would apply to scenes where he is present. ]

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E-book About Leadership/Management

Book should be writen in simple language meant as self-study material with references where appropriate. (titles are subject to change if writer have better suggestion). Writer needs to be knowledgable about business leadership and management and offshore industry targeting Oil&Gas and Mining industry (and do research if necessary). In all chapters focus must be on uniqeness of leadership in offshore environment.
Leadership in offshore environment
Chapter 1: offshore environment chalenges for leadership
Chapter 2: Leadership vs Management in offshore environment
Chapter 3: Education of leader and manager
Chapter 4: Measuring success of leader and manager
Chapter 5: Values of succesfull leader/manager to offshore project
Chapter 6: Leadership traits and skills for offshore environment
Chapter 7: Motivating employees working in offshore environment
Every chapter should conclude with checklist for leader/manager (question that one must answer to see is he good leader for offshore project)
Every chapter should have 3000 words, have 6 appropriate graphics/charts/ilustrations
This will be used as course materials so it should be written in that maner. Feel free to use for research any business leadership book for a foundation but accent must be in uniqeness traits of offshore environment.

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We are looking for a researcher to prepare a fair amount of research for an e-book.

You will be given two related topics and keywords. This must be a very detailed and thorough research, well documented and done as soon as possible for a high quality e-book/audio.

All sources must be very well documented

REQD to attach:
1. your resume
2. cover letter
3. references
4. sample of work
5. your availability schedule

After you place your bid, if your bid holds our interest, we will ask you to do a shorter research to assure us of the quality of the work we may expect.


1. You must have experience with doing e-book research and writing SEO content
2. You must not outsource this to anyone else.
3. As a content researcher/gatherer you will be responsible for locating and gathering content from various sources on the Internet relating to keywords and keyword phrases provided.
4. You will also need to create a list of additional keywords/keyword phrases during the the course research.
5. You must demonstrate great attention to detail and possess great editorial skills
6. Have a positive attitude
7. Must have the ability to finish on time
8. Please write: " I accept the terms" to show you have read and understood what I wrote


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WordPress Custom Post Type


I am looking for a WordPress Coder to add two custom post types with the appropriate columns to my theme (functions.php).


Books Post Type

– Book Title (text field)
– Book Link (text field)
– Book Description (text area)
– 2 x Book Photo (image upload)


Events Post Type

– Event Title (text field)
– Event Description (text area)
– Event Location (text area)
– Event Picture (image upload)


Please only bid if you have worked with WordPress custom post types before as it can be completed very quickly for the right person.


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