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Update And Configuration Of Appointment Booking Pro

We already have Appointment Booking Pro installed on one of our sites. Now wed like to get it up to date and it live. The current installed version of Appointment Booking Pro is 1.4.2

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Iphone / Android App Taxi Booking System

A booking system for customers to be able to book a taxi using the app for both Iphone and Android and automatically sends the information when booked to our base to dispatch the taxi.

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Magento Booking & Reservation Modulte

We require a booking and reservation module for a Magento webshop. The shop will rent out appartments by the week. The week will start on a on the product configured start and endday in the week. The user must be given the opportunity to select a period via a calendar. Based on the startday in the week, the calendar must show the user which weeks will be booked. Key is that both the selected dates from the user and the generated dates based on startday are stored in the database for future use.
1 Configure bookable products via product type
2 Display calender in product list to indicate available dates
3 Display calender in product view for period selection
4 Calendar appearance via css
5 Display period in quote and order items
6 Robust double booking prevention
7 Multilingual
8 Reserve items after successful MultiSafePay payment

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Website Like

I need a website exactly similar to please get back to me with demo links and I would not like to build it from scratch.

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Booking Form Modification

Update the booking form form chanign nthe old pick up and drop off dates for new ones.

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Booking And Ticketing Website

I am interested in developing a website for the purpose of booking and printing tickets online. The tickets would be used for a ferry service and parties.

E commerce is required so that customers could purchase the item online. A good example of something similar is ticketmaster, yet it does not need to be so complicated. I want to make the website user friendly and simple.

I could outsource online ticketing software firms to create the programming of the structure needed to process the tickets but I really need to have the "skeleton" of the website completed for me.

For more information do not hesitate to contact me.

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Holiday Website

Need a holiday website with a booking calender (similar functionality as stayz website we are currently listed on)
have a look at to see our house and what info we want on our own website
We would like automated email responses to a booking enquiry
We want template letters to send out in response to various enquiries
we want guest comments to be able to be posted (after moderation)
set up paypal on site
We want to be able to manage our own site and add content and photos
We want website stats
We want a database list of clients who enquire and group email lists to advertise to
Get optimisation of the website
link to facebook and twitter
Would like sms contact capabilitity
Any other suggestions?

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Integrate Booking System Into WordPress

I need a programmer who has experience in PHP and WordPress. We need to integrate a booking system into wordpress. The system should allow users to book a seat for events and make payment via eNets. The bookings must be also transferable and the user can also check their confirmation online.

The main page should have something like a calendar which will reflect the number of available seats. Upon registering, the user has the option to select under individual or corporate booking and of course the price will reflect that.

All these must be configurable within WordPress itself and be able to provide support for at least 6 months.

Should not be too difficult for experienced bidders. Will provide more info upon confirmation.

Thank you.

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Custom Component Joomla For Flight Ticket

Dear all

I need a joomla component or module to display a list of airline ticket prices in Indonesia in realtime. As some airlines in Indonesia include AirAsia, BataviaAir, Citilink, GarudaIndonesia, LionAir, Mandala Air, Merpati, and SriwijayaAir.

For example, a search interface design you can see in, and later as search results. Available facilities
– change currency IDR-UDS and USD-IDR
– booking button that leads to a booking form
– set the booking fee
– can send emails to customers about the booking data.

All the booking plot and design you can see in, i need same design.

Please Bid if you interesting.

Best Regards

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Drupal Calendar + Booking Timeslots Update, Mods

When a user registers for a booking time, the calendar displays the entry on the date that user created the entry. I would like the booking entry to display on the actual date of the booking itself. For example, if a user registers on January 1 for a booking that occurs on March 5, the booking entry appears on the January 1 block of the calendar, instead of on March 5. How could I make it appear on March 5? I think its probably just my ignorance of Views / Calendar.

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Drupal Calendar + Booking Timeslots Updates

When a user registers for a booking time, the calendar displays the entry on the date that user created the entry. I would like the booking entry to display on the actual date of the booking itself. For example, if a user registers on January 1 for a booking that occurs on March 5, the booking entry appears on the January 1 block of the calendar, instead of on March 5. How could I make it appear on March 5? I think its probably just my ignorance of Views / Calendar.

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Online Booking System – Sports Fields

Create an online bookings system to manage sports fields.

System will need to be almost identical to the one found at Goals Football (link below)

Only small design & functionality changes would be needed to the above example.

Any questions regarding the job, please enquire.

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Drupal Calendar + Booking Timeslots

When a user registers for a booking time, the calendar displays the entry on the date that user created the entry. I would like the booking entry to display on the actual date of the booking itself. For example, if a user registers on January 1 for a booking that occurs on March 5, the booking entry appears on the January 1 block of the calendar, instead of on March 5. How could I make it appear on March 5? I can pay you to set this up – just let me what you think it would cost. I think its probably just my ignorance of Views / Calendar. Let me know.

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WP Booking Calendar

I am looking for a solution to accommodate a hair salon.
Needs a Logo upload & skinable

Create/Edit Employees
Create/Edit Service Types
Create/Edit Service Time Duration
Create/Edit Employee availability Times for Service Types
Create/Edit Work Days for an Employee
Create/Edit Block off days (Holidays, etc.)

Front End User:
Book an appt day.
Book an appt time.
Book a specific service type of an employee.
Not allow double booking of an employee even though they may offer more than one service.
Front End Registration for 1st apt booking (acct creation) Name, Phone, Email

SMS Text alert & email to a backend employee that the service is booked with prior to apt time
SMS Text & Email to end user of booked appt prior to appt time
Email Notification to Admin & End User when Appt. is initially booked.

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Online Booking Calendar For My Small Hotel

I require a online booking calendar for my hotel, i have a brief description below about how the clients interact with us.

All of our clients are sent a email offer to pre purchase a voucher which will entitle them to log on line & make a booking over the next 12 months, we run these offers every month for one week, once the offer has ended will would need to upload the serial numbers of the vouchers sold in order for the system to cross validate them when they log on.

This project is of a urgent nature & should be completed within 2 weeks,

It is also very important that we have a very easy to use & visually appealing calendar.

Before making my selection i would want to speak in detail with the prospective person via skype so please include your username, i would also like to see an example of some previous software you have made.

I will also be able to provide the assistance of a designer to make the front end if it is required.

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Tuscany Online

Our existing website needs an online payment page without it looking like a shopping cart. As we are a bicycle tour we want to keep the "look" of our website.

Please see the example of the website payment page which we would like to incoporate into our booking page.
All the features which are on the example below are pretty much what we are looking for. give or take a few fileds.

below is our website booking page.

[Removed by Admin]

Time frame for work to be done is 1 month max.

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I require a similar functionality to integrated with Joomla. I have no requirements for how this is done, but possibly just a modification to the joomla component appointment booking pro ( It needs to have the full administrator section. Please login to ZocDoc to see the functions. Please careful research and go through the site before you bid.

Please only bid if you understand exactly what this project entails, including all the functionality required.

I develop many Joomla sites and am always looking for good programmers, so this could be the start of a nice professional relationship.

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Booking System

Please read project brief and come back to me.

Booking system

Home Page
The system would need to be very visual, Home page would probably be a table representing the rooms in the hotel with at least a week to view. (Would be useful if you could zoom out to view a fortnight or month?) maybe home page would default to the current week, above the table is a box with today

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Accommodation Affiliate Site Required.

Job Description

I am looking for someone that can make a site from scratch that will fulfill the following requirements:

* Professional look and feel whilst also being easy and fun to navigate

* offer search options for Australian accommodation

* display search results from (for which the site will be an affiliate).

* This is where it gets tricky: Once a customer has chosen there desired accommodation choice the site will offer two options:

1. Continue with there booking as normal
2. accept a promotional offer to reduce the rates further.

If the customer chooses option 1, the booking will be made through the normal process using expedia.coms normal affiliate booking system.

If the customer chooses to accept the promotional offer and reduce the rates the customer will the run through a qualification page to make sure they meet the promotions minimum qualification. if they do not qualify they will be notified straight away and have the option to book as per normal. if they do qualify for the offer and wish to book, the website will then make a booking through spending money from my companies bank account, the customer will then pay my company not expedia. Once the booking has made the client will then be taken to a promotional offer booking page to set-up a date and time to view the promotional offer.

* the site will then send the customers information and promotional booking information to different email addresses dependent on which location the customer has chosen for there accommodation booking.

* The site also needs to be able to track every client that has accepted the promotional offer, as any client that does not attend the promotional presentation will be required to make up the discount and will be charged on the credit/debit card used to purchase the accommodation.

Other requirements:

* Logo design (If you believe you are capable in all other aspects of the site but would rather not do the logo we will consider outsourcing this to someone else)

* Complete front and back end set-up

This is just a brief overview and im sure once working with the right people we will find some more things to add

If you believe you can do this please feel free to get in touch

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Booking Site

Booking site needed on ROR that can accommodate private rentals and hotels . Same look and feel of with extras features to be discussed in detailed. Must include (uncompleted list)

-Email system
-Social integration (e.g. facebook sign in)
-Booking engine
-Payment engine
-Seller administration
-Referral system

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Software Architecture For Online Booking System

This software is for Sports Car Hire. We need to create a customised booking system for the company. Please see points below of what is required:

We can enter the enquiries as the customer speaks
It goes in the system with an enquiry number
When they book, it is converted to a booking, then an invoice is created with what is owing and an outstanding (estimated) balance
It is auto added to a calendar system
We can put all the details in a database to send out letters , emails, and exciting offers, and membership if possible.

We would like to be able to see all the bookings on the calendar immediately, like in outlook

THE VEHICLE on the days (and the times of start and finish)

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Travel Booking Site Similar To Airbnb And Customization

Travel booking site on ROR similar to airbnb but it goes beyond private rentals. It should have the same look and feel but is aimed at professional and private rentals. Additionally we would like to add many features not included on airbnb.

We would need many of the of the look, feel and functionalities of the site. All the major features of airbnb must be included (uncompleted list):

-Email system
-Social integration (e.g. facebook sign in)
-Booking engine
-Payment engine
-Seller administration
-Referral system

You must be able to prove that you are technically capable to create a leading edge web application.. Tight deadline looking for someone who has done this before where we can start from there with a lot of customization work.

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Reservations Module For Tours Php Mysql

I require for a reservation module for an existing php mysql website. The module will be an online tour booking system for a historical museum. It will be for booking school excursions, functions, weddings and day tours.

1) A front end booking system with a calender so customers can select the dates they wish, be given a price and can click to continue with their booking. Once they have chosen their dates and had a price there needs to be a page for optional extras and then an option to cmoplete payment using a number of methods. This would just be a deposit for the booking. I would like to add a function so that users can return and pay the remaining balance sometime before their holiday if possible. The dates must automatically shade out once the customer has paid the deposit.

2) A back end system which allows calender changes, bookings which have been processed through another source to be added and basic admin.

3) The system must be able to handle extra services and have a clear admin system so that bookings and payments can be identified and attributed to individual attractions or facilities with ease. It would be good if we could see how much money has been paid for each property at a time, who paid what and what each customers balance is and what each propertys balance is if possible.

The web design can be handled by us, we merely need the booking/backend and availability system set up on our behalf.

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Edit JS And PHP Code For Time Booking System


I have a section of code for booking time slots.

The calender shows the available dates and times, and currently allows each time slot to be booked once, however I need this to be changed so it can be configured to allow multiple bookings.

For example, I have 4 delivery vans, so I need each time slot to be booked 4 times – or I have 10 delivery vans and need it to be booked 10 times per hour…

I have all the existing code etc by zip file.

Must be very quick to fix – $20 budget.

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Reservation Booking Form In Officelive

I would like to create a simple html codeon my office live to book reservations for a few hotels. It needs to show hotel rooms select dates and display info etc collect payments. I would prefer not to have a new site but keep my office live one.

Please advice

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Online Hotel Booking Platform

I need a top notch designer to build an integrated web site for the Hotel Business. This web site will need the functionality of sites like,, and

Must be able to build it to work with with reservations from a central reservation system. Must be able to have individual hotels use a backend or extranet site to load room rates and inventory. The reservation system is called Secure-Res and you can see it by searching Vertigy Secure Res. We are not affiliated with Vertigy and will be a customer of thier reservation platform to work with our booking engine.

The site will compete for business with the sites listed above.

Designers/Companies that have a background in building OTAs Online Travel Agents of Hotel booking engines will be preffered.

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We need someone to develop a booking and dispatch system for our chauffeur service company. The system needs to be scalable because we plan on developing it slowly, adding different functionality on a monthly basis.

So whoever we award the job, we will be working with long-term to develop an all encompassing system.


Its very important that the system is clean and well designed, were looking for a system that is as well designed as Xero, Highrise and Freelancer. The UI must also be clean and 2.0 looking nothing like a 95 Windows database.

The system must be hosted online.

To start with we require:

Home – Jobs that are due to be despatched, links to other sections of the system
Booking Screen – Here the booking agent will input all the necessary information for a booking to be made

– Name
– Phone number
– Which service? (Hourly hire, charter, airport transfer, tour, wedding etc.) (this option will determine the address information and how the job will be charged)
– Which car?
– Date and time
– Pick up address (possible search functionality using postcodes)
– Drop off address (possible search functionality using postcodes)
– Referred by
– Optional info


This is just a brief overview of the project, we will need to have a thorough conversation to identify all the necessary start-up functionality. But we would like to keep it simple to start with!

Please reply with examples of your previous work.

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Theatre Seat Booking

We are looking to update / upgrade our current booking system and need someone to help us with this.

At present we use Fusion Ticket which does meet our needs to an extent however we need a few new features. Our new site we would like to operate on a similar basis to or

For our customers we would like a list of current shows, the option to see a graphical view of available seats, which can then be selected at which point they choose whether seats are for children or adults and price applied dependance on this. They must then pay for their order via paypal (which will add another amount on in handling charge). Their tickets will then be emailed to them as pdf with barcode etc.

In admin side they need to be able to design venue and tickets, add shows, select prices, and print orders and cancel.

There should also be a staff section where our sellers can sell tickets by Cash or Cheque and print them out instantly without extra cost being added,

Any idea you have also please let me know,

Happy also to hear from people who have created a script like this before and want to sell again,


You can see our current site at

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Booking System With XML API


The system is for a car service company.

**Accommodate all our packages and pricing structure

—- Airport Transfer
—- Charter Services (A TO B)
—- Diplomatic Service
—- Personal Assistant
—- Tours
—- Roadshows & Events
—- Weddings

**Bookings and booking management

**Send emails to agents, customers and suppliers incorporating booking / customer information

**Create documents (such as MS-Word / RTF) documents (e.g. invoices, pre-departure information packs)

**Incorporate credit card payments into booking engine

**Alternatively save card details & bill later or send emails to customers requesting payment

**Track and record commission due to and from partner companies

**Maintain a single customer and booking database
Single endpoint source for product availability ensuring you we dont overbook when selling via multiple channels

**XML API for advanced integration with other websites / distribution systems

**User login including user hierarchy (administrator…)

**Clean and modern UI

**Must be scalable

We agree to a milestone payment but only after we see tangible proof of work. Please reply with example of previous work, experience and which coding language you plan on using.

03/12/2011 at 12:47 EST:

**Web Portal for Customers with account functionality (Previous bookings, draft bookings, payments due, etc…)

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Tour Booking Section

We would like to create tour booking section on this site,

This must have a detailed administation section.

Requirenment,,c#,MySql,AJAX etc

Deadline for this will be 4 weeks.

bidders must provide examples of tour booking websites that they have created!

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Build A Online Booking Calendar For Small Hotel

I want to have a online facility for my clients to automatically check availability & book themselves in to my hotel, the process would need to work as follows.

1. My customers all pre purchase a "coupon" to stay at my hotel – they get these automatically emailed to them as soon as they have paid – there is normally 12 months to use the "coupon"

2. they log onto my site, they would need to register themselves as a user & then from there they would be able to check availability & make a booking.

3. They would need to imput the unique id code from their coupon as a way to verify they are entitled to make a booking, once they have submitted the booking it has to check the unique id against the list of id that i have to verify the client & from their that id would be crossed off as a used id.

I would also like my staff to be able to log in & make manual bookings for clients
I would also like a instant confirmation to be sent to the client – this would be mailed merged with their personal details etc.
The calendar has to look very clean & fresh for the customer, so there is no hassle in booking in.
I would also like to have the ability for reporting down the track.

This would have to be made so it can in effect plug into my website ( currently being built)

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Software Architecture For Online Booking System

This software is for Sydney Sports Car Hire. We need to create a customised booking system for the company. Please see points below of what is required:

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Travelotel- Booking Website

We require a travel portal website connected via XML RPC with The project include design and complete development, site functionality should be similar to

for technical information please check

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