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Auto-Voting Bot

I need someone to set up automatic voting bot for a simple voting system. You are able to vote as many times as you want from your computer, I dont think the voting system tracks IP address. Let me know as soon as possible or if you need more details. I have attached the web address so you can see what I am working with…we are voting for Pete Trocano.

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Need A YouTube Thumb Up Bot

I need a thumb up bot that could give thumbs up and down to a single comment. I will need a trial of the program and a video of you using and proving it works.

I need:
a video proof
a trial for me

All should be proven before payment.

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Unique Views Youtube Bot

Looking for a youtube unique views traffic bot. this traffic bot however will work like this:

1) search a keyword phrase on google/bing
2) scroll through the results and click on "video results"
3) scroll through the video results and "watch" the pre-determined video
4) terminate thread


a) the bot must accept the keyword phrase in syntax and nested syntax.
b) the bot must be multi-threaded
c) the bot must accept public and private proxies as well as socks 4/5
d) the bot must use a browser with no "user id/agent" such as a java browser
e) the bot should feature a "time-out" option
f) the bot should be able to be set to a "random" option, say, greater than 400 & less than 500 views
g) the bot must always visit youtube from a search engine, find the video and watch it.

Let me know if you can do this.

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Build A Spider Or Bot To Scrape Data

I need a special spider, bot or script to scrape records from the following two sites….



You can create one or two spiders.

I need these to scrape records for the entire US in a few steps. NOT city by city.

I need records for: Event Planners, Party Planners, Event Management Companies, DMCs

Business name,
zip code
website url

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Auto Blog Posting Script / Bot Wanted

have you got a auto blog posting script you could customize for me?

I need a bot/script to enable me to post an article to many different wordpress blogs.

I have 1000 self hosted word press blogs and have author access to them all. I need a way to post an article to all of them automatically.

The Bot would hold all of the log-in details for the 1000 blogs and up to 20 articles. Then I would like to schedule the posting so the bot posts the articles on a schedule.


> Able to add 1000s of blogs and manage them into groups, sort them, etc
> Upload up to 4 meta fields with each blog and sort on those fields once uploaded
> easily upload and store all of the login details
> able to post an article to all blogs, selected blogs, or specific groups
> upload many articles and auto post them on a timed schedule (cron)
> easily upload the articles in batches if they are txt documents (title, and body text)
> abilty to spin titles e.g. {green|purple|black}
> script can be hosted on a domain/server so it can be access by anyone anywhere

Any other features you can

How much would it be for you to develop such a script or even better, customise a script you already have?


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Facebook Fans Bot (to Increase Fans)

Serious Bidder only,

I need a bot that can add Facebook Fans to any facebook fan pages.
I need real human fans(no bots) to increase the fans on the fan pages automatically.

Bot that can Target Fans from country would be better.

Must be supported by Window 7.

Serious bidders only.

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C++ Twitter Bot

Hi we are looking for a professional coder that has the map and design us a twitter bot with professional functions all questions are welcome . We are prepared to end this bid early and our budget is $550 thanks .

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Email BOT Crawler Extractor

We are looking for a software expert who can provide a way to extract email addresses from a few chat forums websites. The BOT must be able to get email addresses from the members of the forum. Please let us know your capability and past experience/examples is very key.

We would like to know the cost and time please. SAJA is a well rated employer on Freelancer and we always insure escrow and payment once job is proven and completed.


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Openholdem Poker Bot Ongame Or Party Network Sit’n Go


i need a fully workable bot configured with openholdem to run on ongame italian network with sitn go flash

This kind of sitn gos are very fast with 1,5k chips and blinds from 50-100 increasing every 3 minutes

i think could be very profitable build an icm bot for this kind of game in italian restricted poker network. Italian player are very weak.

Ask me for more information

What i need is a bot that can handle multitabling (not hard, just 3-4 table max) with auto register at sit n go

I need it for network . It s the same software provided in network

It s also ok for party poker network


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I Need Youtube Vide View Increase Bot

I Want a YouTube Bot Urgent So if anyone have ready In stock I will purchase . I need Per day 1 video 10k view So I want a Ready Bot. Please Pm your price.


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Bot Ballot System

I want a program able to read and vote capchas 1000 votes automatically every 24 hours on the following top
Via proxy
Compulsory voting in the list below

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FB Bot/Script To Create Accounts And Auto Like Pages

I need a bot/script that will create FB accounts. It needs to be efficient and fast. It must support decaptcher(captcha bypass) and it must work with large email providers such as Hotmail etc to verify the account over email. It must also support proxies together with decaptcher.

This bot/script also have ability to auto like defined Facebook pages based on the created accounts.

I need the script ASAP. The successful candidate will be someone who can design an effective and fast script (over 5k accounts/day). Also I want to work with someone who will be able to update and maintain the script/bot as well, as if you are skilled I will invest in additional work. This can become an ongoing relationship with the right candidate.

Please dont waste my time with apps or bots that dont work or are not made/modded by you as you WILL need to make changes due to FB updates at some point in the future.

An example of something that we want, would be FB Devil but that particular program is too slow and unreliable

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Software Developer Or BOT Programmer Needed


I require a software developer/programmer to create a bot or software for me.

The bot must do as follows:

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I Need Someone To Make Me A Fake Roulette-bot Software

Okay lets get down to business…

I am NOT looking for an actual working roulette-bot, i need software that looks professional (so yes, designer skills needed too i guess).

What does it have to do?
– It will check if you are logged into a specific casino software, if not it will give a custom made error. If it IS logged then it still wont work. There is a big catch into this, its more of a way to trick people into registering for a online casino website.

The software shall NOT encourage people to actually deposit money or gamble or anything, just make them register for a website, after that its all errors and such. Also this piece of software shall NOT have any spy or spammy stuff into it.
We dont want this beeing seen as a virus or anything illegal, because its not.

For more info please contact me trough PM. There is also a Joint Venture bound on this if you are good!

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Vote Bot Gamesites200


I need bot to vote
who will use the proxy server to vote
Bot have to change ip and clear cache of automatic internet when making a vote.
Automatically read CAPTCHA code
Bot needs to be fast and efficient.

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Bot For Poker Application In Facebook

I need a bot for an application of poker in facebook

Ill give you the details of what i need in an attachment, just PM me
and we arrange the budget and timeframe

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I already have a source.
What i have currently is an youtube bot that automaticly Subscribe/rate/comment… What i need added is "Flag option" to it..
ANd 1 i need one more app done in which only "Rate and Subscribe" but done with api or something… Since my bot is working very slow, and from what i heared if you use apis you can make it very fast…
I am not a codder so i dont know, but you can tell me if that can be done, since i need it work VERY FAST!!!

03/13/2011 at 7:17 EDT:

Someone also told me that it can be done by using multi threading i dont know…It is coded in

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Ubot/PHP Bot


I am looking for a script/bot. Which is able to check a certain forum section to see if there is a new post. If there is a new post it will login and post a reply.

If the forum thread has more than a certain number of posts it wont reply.

The bot must be able to rotate posts and accounts.

It must be able to run 24/7 so i can run it without having to worry about it.

You must have skype.


I will provide u.

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Help Increase Facebook Fan (Like) – No Spam, No Bot, Etc…


We are launching a worldwide treasure hunt where we hide puzzle in different city around the world. We would like to kick-start the viral process and need freelancer help to do so!

Please bid with the follwing information:
1) Number of fan you plan to bring (like) in what timeframe
2) How you plan to do it. More exactly, how you can ensure you wont do bot or spam people in doing so 😉

The puzzle will be hidden in:
– Montreal, Canada
– Vancouver, Canada
– London, UK
– Barcelona, Spain
– Paris, France

Here an example of the San Francisco puzzle:

Looking forward to work with dynamics and creative people! =)

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Ubot/PHP Bot


I am looking for a script/bot. Which is able to check a certain forum section to see if there is a new post. If there is a new post it will login and post a reply.

If the forum thread has more than a certain number of posts it wont reply.

The bot must be able to rotate posts and accounts.

It must be able to run 24/7 so i can run it without having to worry about it.

You must have skype.


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Bg And Play65 Backgammon Bot

Im looking for somebody who can write a backgammon bot who plays automatic and worldclass backgammon on Bgroom en play65 and it must be undetectable….It has to play winning backgammon so I can make online money…
For the designer who can create this and the software is a winning playing backgammon bot then he will earn money for the rest of his life…;you get a percentage of the winning who can create this

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EvE Online Station Trading Bot

Need bot for game eve online, the game is written in python.
Should be memory based, not based on OCR or macros.
Basic function of the bot should be:
Check orders to make sure they are the highest when buying and the lowest when selling.
Built in stops so that if the price moves by more than x, it should cancel the order
Once an order is fulfilled it should either check to see that the trade was profitable and rebuy or if a buy order was filled to list the item at the lowest price.
Should work at random intervals

Hope to develop a relationship with the programmer so that as the game gets updated and patched we can work to make sure it still works!

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Increasing Youtube Views And Likes

Im looking for someone who can increase views and "likes" on Youtube videos. You will most likely want to do this using a script or a bot, as Ill be looking for thousands of views which would not be feasible to do manually.

This will be a long-term project, and if you do a good job with the first video, Ill keep creating milestones and sending you payments for additional videos for the foreseeable future.

When placing your bid, please leave a message or a PM and let me know what script/bot/software youll be using, as well as whether you have done projects like this before. I used to be able to do this but after Youtube changed their formatting a while back, I cant do it myself anymore. If you have 0 feedback Ill ask you to do a sample video before hiring you. Thanks and happy bidding.

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Bot Or Script For Sending Emails Via Webform

I need a bot (for windows) or a script (hosted in unix-server) that can send emails via a webform on a website.

It should work that way:

the application gets the url`s with the forms from a file
the emails which should be inserted are also taken from a text-file

then the program submits the emails from the file into the form at the website and clicks "send email".
one the list of url`s is done it should start again with the first url until all emails are sent.

proxy-support needed! (format= ip:port)

the bot/script can be very simple.

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Adsense Click-Hit Bot Or Script

Im looking for a programmer for this project. I would like to get it Done ASAP.

The program can be web based php script or a desktop software written in any language that will automatically click adsense ads on list of given URLs and should randomly go through all the URLS.

The Inide: This program MUST have a way to randomly change its proxy/connection and footprint/user agent so it cant be detected as bot or script hits. There must also be a way to limit visits for each URL by unique ip using per day or week rule. All clicks must be done with random intervals. should be able to work in multiple threads like visit set number of urls together with each connection.

Please only bid if you have experience working on a similar project.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Shopping Bot

Looking for someone to create a shopping bot that will search specific sites for products and return the lowest cost product with the site info. eventually we would like to have the bot place the orders directly for drop shipping, but this will be a phase 2.

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Looking For Automatic Email Creater Bot!!

Need a Automatic Email Creater Bot
It should be a loop system

Email Providers will be the following.

Please PMB me with your con.tact method

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Twitter Bot

Looking for a good twitter bot. Tell me what you can offer with your bot.

03/07/2011 at 4:58 EST:

Also looking for a bot that can open 1000 youtube accounts in less than 1 week.

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