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Create Us A T-shirt Design For A Streetwear Brand

This is an emerging street wear brand and we need someone to create a great design for us.
This brand is a new streetwear clothing brand that will offer the finest quality, exclusive and fashionable t-shirts for men. Our intention is to brand it as a premium quality, stylish and clothing brand.

I need some cutting edge, fine designs to be printed on t-shirts. Ive attached some designs that I like and sort of represents what our clothing brand is about. I w.


– I like CLEAN, SMART, CUTTING EDGE designs.
– I like the bold san serif fonts
– Nice, clean and simple illustration design. Clean, simple yet fly but I dont want quick / cheap looking designs.
– I dont like really messy designs (stuff you see on rock/metal shirts). Dont do any crazy illustrations. Adding heaps of stuff dont impresses me unless its really well put together, like a NEAT illustration.
– I like pencil sketches of real life portraits with water color on it.
– Its streetwear but NO GANGSTER design with the really tacky graffiti font. Please no.

– T-shirts are worn with grey jeans with sneakers . Think premium, luxury, hiphop yet classy.
– Think designing for classy rich guys and hip hop. Imagine designing for celebrities like pharrell.

– Check out the attached files but DO NOT COPY, BE INSPIRED.

Some of our clothing are influenced by the east too (Japan) and music (DJ-ing / hiphop / RnB ).

Check out these brands for inspiration
– I like the FEEL of this brand. I like the logo illustration. Not really the designs though.
– – I like clean bold words and the OSAKA t-shirts (serif fonts works fine here). Superdry is too retro though.

Heres a few way for me to want you to design for me
– Show me samples of your work (portfolio)
– Must give us exclusive rights for the design
– Must be able to do revision until the design is suitable for our brand
– Must be able to provide a design ready for screen printing
– Must be able to provide files so it can be edited if needed.
– For me to use you as a designer you must agree to confidentiality
– Maybe continued work for the right designer
– Price :up to $150 – $200 per design if great and more for exceptional designs. Less for concepts only.

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Graphic Design For Online Brand Bags/clothing Shop

I already have several designer partners to create graphics for my online shops, but they are too busy, so, Im here again to look for some other great designers.
My requirement for quality is very high, if you can not offer high quality work, do not bother bidding because your design may be rejected at a glance.
I personally prefer small companies of 3-5 persons because bigger companies ceo are usually not available on line for discussion.
All designs are for oscommerce, and I prefer two column graphic, I dont like default column right box because we need to list more items per page.
To create high quality graphics, designers should be open to learn some basic knowledge of the brands, and all our designs should be brand niche related.

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Real Estate Branding

I am a realtor who is looking to create a brand for the team my husband and I are forming. We are thinking Cunningham and Company but we are open to suggestions. We want something simple, clean, crisp, friendly and that can be easily tied into the Remax brand. We will use the new branding on our new website that we are getting developed and all other correspondence and marketing. We would like something in full colour but that can also translate to black and white.

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5 Eyewear Articles Plus Upload To Joomla

I need five articles written about eyewear for an optical e-retailer. The titles of these articles are as follows:

1. How to choose the right glasses frame
2. Demystifying Lens types
3. Eyewear fashion trends for 2011
4. William Morris Eyewear: New Brand on the Block (overview of an new eyewear brand)
5. Choosing the right contact lenses

The articles are aimed at consumers wishing to buy glasses or contact lenses from a UK based website.

> Articles should be around 600-800 words.
> You will also need to find two acceptable images for each articles.
> Lastly you will need to upload the articles to our Blog using Joomla.


I have identified the following existing articles that can be used as a basis for the above:

How to choose the right glasses frame

De Mystifying Lens types

Eyewear Trends for 2011

Choosing the right contact lenses
Embed video:

William Morris Eyewear – New Brand on the Block
OneSpecs will soon be selling William Morris Eyewear and we need to tell our customers about the brand, what it stands for and what styles it has. I have asked the company for any additional literature they have. About Us page

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Looking For Flash Games That We Can Customize, Re-brand

We are a small scale software services company looking forward to launch a gaming website. To support the same, we are currently exploring to buy Flash games that we can customize, re-brand, re-sell and distribute. Every game need to be handed-over with full source code.

Please respond with your games details and pricing. I will respond to you at the earliest and arrange for payment.
Note that the price really matters for us and if any quotes received with unrealistic estimates will not be reviewed or responded.

Thank you,


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Flash Game / Contest To Create Brand Awareness

Wed like to develop a Facebook game / contest for our fans page, to create brand awareness of our products.

Well be running a competition at Facebook for our fans & new fans. there will be a weekly winner & monthly winner.

The game is calculated as point system.

We suggest simple one page graphic, may be like a treasure map, there will be 5 level to achieve within a week. I wil give you details brief of our brand direction & theme once youre selected. All print ads shall provide to you.

Participant can gain point to answer simple question about our products, follow by, play simple game (TETRIS, puzzle etc. which we suggest to use our product as graphic) within timeframe given to gain extra points. Beside, by inviting their friends to join the fans page or participate the games, this will also help user to gain extra bonus point once the invited user join in the fan page. This is basic ideas we have in mind, if you have more ideas, pls share with us. Thanks & Happy Bidding!

* Ill appreciate if you could PM me know your previous work / portfolio.

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New Brand Needed & Applied To Existing Joomla Site

Right folks! I need a new brand for my copywriting / marketing freelance business.

I have come up with the name The-Honeypot for this, although I am self-employed. And have visions of – honeypots & bees, creating a buzz, attracting customers etc etc… I think there are lots of ways to take this.

Basically what I need is a simple brand and this being applied to my website only for the time being.

Website is in the new Joomla so you can play around with whatever modules you think would work.

I like the following sites:

I want:

I am also looking for someone in either the UK (Im based in London) or the US. Just purely for language reasons – Ive had some bad lost in translation experiences!

If you feel you have the knowledge and expertise to help me out please respond with you buzz me in your response header so I know youre not automated and have read this.

This would be a great opportunity for a student too 🙂

Thanks – i am looking forward to reading your responses and what you can do for me. Examples of previous work are pretty much a must.

Thanks, and happy bidding!

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Copywriting Wizard


Can you use the written word to sell my brand?

Im looking for a creative dynamo to help me sell my Tech Marketing business online and offline. I will expect to be impressed with your advertising copy mainly for its ability to move me or the millions of potential prospects who require my services.

Flexibility is a key trait because I will be brainstorming new projects consistently and that will require scintillating copy to help to propel the service. Coming up with new ways of selling my brand to local business requires someone who can comfortably think outside the box.

For the right person this will be a long term relationship, so obviously I dont want any applicants who have only written articles with no interest in copy writing but are thinking they will give it a try. Examples of your work – whether you are a novice or veteran – are essential or the bids will not be considered. The initial jobs are small for the time being but that will change as I pick up momentum.

I know what Im looking for when I see it so please be honest in assessing your capabilities, we dont want to waste each others time.

Many Thanks

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SAAS Solution Naming

We are looking for the right brand name of our own Web Based Solution soon to be launched on the market.

Our on demand software empowers companies to manage and monitor out-of-office workforce in real-time.
More details will be disclosed upon NDA signing and job assignment.

The name we are looking for will be short, meaningful and expected to sounds good.

Also the exact-match .com domain name have to be available.

The employer will choose from a list containing at least 20 brand names.

Broad experience in branding and copywriting with proven track record and references required.

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Pet Treats Re-branding

Our company is looking to re-brand a range of pet treats that are sold in Australia. We dont want to influence your design by showing you the existing packaging, but we have developed a style guide that outlines what the brand stands for and you can design the packaging to reinforce this identity.

We are keen to have two or three people work on this so we get a variety of ideas and we can choose to go into production.

We have big plans for this brand with new products being introduced so we have a more attractive range to role out in stores.

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Fashion Brand Web Site

New Website for our Fashion Brand.

It must be full flash(CS3 with actionscript3) website, CMS(PHP).

I like this template. and I am open any suggestion.

It must be in four languages. Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian. I will enter the text content for these languages by CMS. I can enter products picture,code,size,contact information by CMS.

Candidates should show the best five websites in this category.

I give more details by pm.

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Simple Conditional Dropdown Menu

I just want to create simple conditional drop-down menu without any database.

For example one menu will list camera brands like (Nikon, Canon, Sony etc…) another will list Models related to to that brand.

From first menu user will select brand which automatically shows only that models which are related to that particular brand in second menu. AND user must select first menu…

After the selection when user will click on submit button he will rediredted to predefined URL related to that model.

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Small Website For Luxury Brand

Full design (graphic and code) of a small website for a luxury accessories brand.
I provide texts, pictures and a basic graphic from an already printed catalogue and need them converted in a good but very easy website: no e-commerce, just products and brand presentation.
The content will be about 10 pages, with the possibility to chose the language (Italian and English to start, perhaps more in the future).

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Brand Name Design

Hi, I require a marketing guru to come up with a name for my website and business. I am a retailer of mens fashion rings and wedding rings. I need a name that will stand out and seperate me from the opposition in Australia. Great brand names are a driving force in the success of a product.
The name will allow me to proceed to the next step such as designing the logo.
I do not envisage this will be at all difficult however I do not have a great deal of marketing experience.

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The Business Of Fashion And Luxury

I am starting a boutique firm providing consulting and executive education to help build fashion and luxury brands.
I would like to have design and brand identity done. These would include logo and brand name, the look and feel of what "The Business of Fashion and Luxury" would look like. There are some existing sites that are similar but certainly dont provide what I am going to provide. These are "the business of fashion" and "fashion business club". The names are similar, but what we provide is completely different.

I am also open to suggestions for brand name, if you have any.

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Iphone Games And Apps For Power Tool Brand

We want creative
1. games/ apps for power tool brands,
2. Product app .

1. Would integrate powertools in the use of the game
– should be unique and not exist in app store
– Can be simple but addictive
– prefer with multiple levels
– need full game development including graphic design
We need a game that we can upload to the app store, publishing it under our companys name, and inside the game we have to be in the credits as developers of the game. The game design and graphics presented must not bring us any problem with copyrighted material and/or games published by other companies.

2. Will use product catalogue as app content with links to website (examples supplied in replies)

For interested parties, pls. Send us your past game and app references and the general game idea.
We need a game that we can upload to the app store, publishing it under our companys name, and inside the game we have to be in the credits as developers of the game. The game design and graphics presented must not bring us any problem with copyrighted material and/or games published by other companies.
Brand will be disclosed to winning bidder

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Article Spinning/ Rewriting Perfect English Only

I have 2 article which are around 500 words each, I need them spun to be 30-40% unique.

These 2 articles need to be spun 12 times each. One is about brand design, the other advertising design.

So I need to be sent article about brand design 12x, and article about advertising 12x.

Should not take too long with a program with the best spinner. Just 2x 500 word articles with at least 30-40% unique.

Only half of each article needs to be perfect english, the other half can be a little hit or miss, Ill make clear which parts when I send you the articles.

Your english must be perfect, so being your first language would be a strong advantage. Please do not bid unless if your english isnt up to scratch. Youre wasting your time and mine.

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