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Several Mods Needed For An OSCmax Ecommerce Website

1. Add dropdown menus for sorting by sizes, date added and prices to product listing page (index_products.tpl.php). Sorting by sizes has to be independent of other sorting methods and available size selections may not be the same depending on the categories selected.

2. Show total price amount and numbers of items added to the cart next to the My Cart navigation bar on the top right hand side of the website, i.e. My Cart(1) $20.00.

3. Need a crawler to keep my inventory in sync with the vendors. Each product of different colors and sizes from vendors website has its own unique attribute sku_id listed along with its price and quantity that we can extract and input to a csv file and then upload to the database where the existing table products_stock is used to control product quantity info of different attributes. I notice there are some web crawlers out in the market available for download, so I dont need anything more complicated than those. Any other better idea is also welcome.

4. Add option of view 80 per page to product listing page, currently only one option is allowed and is set to 20 via admin control panel.

5. Change the way search result is displayed. Current setting is one product per row, and I like to change it to 4 products per row just like the way products displayed on other pages.

6. Change the way color and size dropdown menu of product info page is displayed. Current setting will display i.e. "red" and "small" upon entry of the page and like it to be changed to "red" and "size", so customers will be forced to pick the right selection. Also, the available size selection should change accordingly with the color selected.

Some existing contributions might be helpful for this project:

Sort Products By Dropdown-

Quantity for Product Attributes Mod- – Since the total summary quantity does not automatically sync with the sum of attribute quanities, might need a way to reset the total quanitty, so no errors show from QTPro or Stock Report of admin control panel.

What I need for all the Mods except Mod #3 can be found from as reference.

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Ecommerce T-Shirt Website

I am looking at launching an online t-shirt business. I want artists and members to be able to vote for the design that will be printed. The example websites I would like my site to be like are and please take a look at all these sites to see what I am talking about. I would like a forum as well so that I can build a community. I will be the newcomer so it will be pretty small at first. I would also like to be able to go in and tweak/add/and customize myself if I need to change anything.

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Customized T-shirt Website

The project is to build a site for customizing the T-shirt design. the site will be similar in all aspects except some additional features and few replacements to

In order to make the entire custom design process easier, ooShirts has developed a new design tool that allows users to quickly and easily design their custom t-shirts. The newly created tool, programmed in Flash, uses the newest web technology to create the most suitable user interface. It has a plethora of features that eliminates the need for the customer to have their own expensive software to make their design.

First, users can choose a shirt from the inventory. This includes long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, girls style shirts, and sweatshirts of multiple brands. There is detailed information in the tool explaining the specific attributes of each style of shirt.

Next, users can enter text or images and immediately see the results on the t-shirt. Every aspect of the text and images is customizable. The shape, size, rotation, color, or style can all be changed, giving users a full sense of control over their custom t-shirts.

Lastly, it runs on the web browser, increasing the level of convenience of the tool. Unlike other design tools, this does not need be downloaded onto a hard drive to work. Users can directly click a button from within the tool to be led to the checkout screen, where they can buy the shirts they have just designed.

The custom t-shirt design lab can be found at:

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Dynamic Website With Ecommerce Features For Luxury Jewellery

I require a dynamic website with ecommerce and flash, minimalist design for my high fashion luxury jewellery label with an easy to use content management system. The website needs to have a zoom function for the gallery that displays products so customers can zoom in to see the detail of the pieces (zoom by mouse over function) Urgent!!!

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Cubecart Ecommerce Website – Move To New Hosting Co.


I have a situation where my friends website hosting company has shutdown her website and say they will no longer host the site – they have made an archive of the whole site and I have uploaded this 80MB archive file to the root directory of her new hosting on Hostgator.

The site is an ecommerce site using Cubecart shopping cart. (

The site used to be fully operational with all the product details, images, orders etc. (it was taken offline a week ago)

I now need to get setup this archived site for her onto this new hosting.
(Cubecart will then need to be updated to the latest version.)

The reason the old hosting company closed her down is because she got hacked and they suspended her account and wont even consider reinstating it.

Thanks and Kind Regards – Trevor

PS. Here is what the email from the hosting server support guy said :-

There will be TAR files within TAR files with this single compressed
archive, absolutely everything, including a lot of stuff you won`t need
(such as old log files) is included, the database, the photos, the cart
and CMS scripts – everything. Over 80 Megabytes worth, its a fairly
hefty file.

Take note that the notion of "everything" may well include the malicious
code that caused the original problem although it is my guess that
Trevor will more likely use the original scripts held by himself rather
than the ones coming off the old server – in which case he basically
will only need the MySQL database files and product photos from the
archive. To minimise the risk of this happening again, where ever you
finally host this site, the CubeCart libraries MUST be kept entirely up
to date. I think CubeCart is up to about Version 4 at the moment.
Many vulnerabilities in packages like CubeCart or Joomla are taken
care of simply by making sure you are always running the latest
version. For more info, goto

cheers, Cam


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Content Management Website With ECommerce And Community

I am looking for someone with experience building websites that use content mangement software, ecommerce, and community functionality (blogs, forum, etc). I want to build a fitness membership website that will have a have a ton of content and will scale well. The content should be easy to manage because it will change frequently. Initially the ecommerce section will only be used to sell products but it will eventually become a subscription based website. The community section will probably just contain a forum right now.

I think the quickest way to get this site up and running would be to purchase all the different pieces (CMS, eComm, community) and integrate them together. If this is not the way to go, I am open to suggestions.

What I am looking for right now is a few quotes on what it would take to get this done and the software that would be used.

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Experienced Website Developer To Build A Survey Site

I am looking for a website developer who has experience with
building a survey website.

I need a site developed which mirrors the functionality
of these two example sites:

Its best if you log in to each site, and study
the functionality. Survey sites run a Get paid to
script which is able to serve up surveys and track
surveys completed so that rewards can be issued when
a certain amount of points have been accumulated by the
survey taker.

Please respond to this email only if you have experience with
building a survey site. Also provide and example what you have developed.

I will need the site to be designed with graphics and the scripts implemented.
I will provide further details when you respond.

I am looking at developing two sites like this. I do other internet marketing
so there is a long term opportunity for the right candidate.

Thank you for your time.

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T Shirt Website

I am looking for someone to deisgn and build an e-commerce website that will sell funky, funny and "in your face" t shirts. The site will have a shopping cart and check out.
There will be a homepage and 6- 10 pages of shirts, each page with a different category of shirt.
The website should include the usual internet marketing tools (SEO, keywords, etc).
Need someone who has built something similar and can send samples of his / her work.

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Build Main Website And Mobile Website W Added Custom FormS

Need to convert template to joomla so I have CMS joomla backend. Customize the website with my menus and additions. Build several custom forms that will email. Create iphone / mobile site from template I will provide – make custom forms for mobile site just like main site forms. Need CMS backend for Mobile site so I can make changes later on my own.

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Website Ecommerce Style

We have a website we want to build it is based off a similar site we found and like.

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Building a customized website. Details of the project will be given. Ability to build site aggregation is a must. Database querying also a must.

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Website Ecommerce Type Feature

I need E-Commerce type website.
Where user can buy/sell new as well as Old cars.
User can buy online.
need a admin interface. you can use open-source or any framework of PHP.
Design must be simple and attractive. need to complete in 20 days. need day by day progress to.

You can see this I need similar to this. But with minimum feature. Feature that i have mention. is vast. I need something very simple. Want it to be done very fast.

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Website Ecommerce

I have purchased directory software to produce an online marine directory, see for Ireland. So far, I have been filling the site with categories etc. as I get it ready to launch.

The website will hopefully make money for me in several ways.
1) From advertising.
2) From companies taking paid listings.
3) From classified ads.
4) From people paying to add events & articles.
5) From clients booking watersports and watersport packages, eg (2 nights hotel & 1 day sailing) etc.

What I need…….
I need a form designed for the book watersports page which I can change and update at my leisure. The form will be asking the client for name/ address/ phone/ email/ no. of people/ type of watersport/ preferred dates/ comments….etc. with drop boxes etc.

I also want to open a merchant account to accept credit card payments. My bank and my PSP (Sagepay) told me that my website has to meet certain standard conditions, ie clickable terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. I want this to be integrated into the website.

So basically I need:
1) A watersports booking form for my website.
2) An integrated payment system that meets requirements for my website.

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Sweet T Shirt Website With CMS

Need a new T shirt website with a CMS – it can be made from a template – and then customized to our specifications – you will need a membership to DreamTemplate or a similar service to give us lots of options to pick from. We already have a logo, so we are all set there.

About the functionality of the site: Take a look at one of my other sites – this new T shirt site we need will need to function very similar. We need a CMS that allows us to pick clean URLs of our choosing, input Meta Data without messing around in the code, and create new pages, or blog entries in a snap.

This T shirt site must have good browser compatibility for all the big ones – various versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome…etc

About the look of the site: something sleek and simple like this – with a checkout area that looks very similar – also, much like, we need to be able to program the CMS to associate shirts (and other shirt pages) so that other shirt images (recommendations) show up at the bottom of every shirts sell page

Just to reiterate about the functionality – the CMS needs to provide us with the ability to do any of the following quickly, and, of course, without going directly into the code:

Change a title tag

Change a meta description

Change a page URL

Make a new blog entry

Make a new article page and have it show up as a link at the bottom of the home page (refer to for an example)

If you have any questions, make sure you ask via PM before bidding. I have had some good experiences and some bad ones putting projects up for bid on Freelance sites in the past – please do not trick me into picking you knowing you cannot do this project, and then beg me to not leave you bad feedback after you epic fail. My usual web designer is semi-retired now, so I dont have a choice but to bid this out. However, I do have lots more interesting and zany projects coming down the pipe soon – so I would like to establish a relationship with someone we can work with down the road. Communication is important – Skype is preferred.

Please send examples of your work, and/or pitch your self or your company properly to have the best chance of winning this project

For example – we are not likely to pick a bidder that writes this, and this only:
"yes sirs we happy to start for premium site very happy – let me know detail for begin"

If you want to bid like that, feel free, we are always looking for a good laugh – but to be honest, its not terribly likely your bid will be chosen.

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Website Re-build

Were looking at having our website completely re-built.

Please provide us with links to your most impressive work (we will be contacting site owners to verfiy the work is yours).

Our current site is here

We want this Faster, slicker, better designed with LOADS more functionality.

We want the ordering canvas process to be similar to this site
Please try the above link a add an image etc, see the room view with it on the wall, see the custom options, live preview etc. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DO THIS BUT BETTER….

We will also be adding approx 10,000 products of our own to the site.

More info will be provided to those were interested in giving the job too.

Were also asking other companies weve worked with in the past so if we get a quote were happy with elsewhere then we wont chose anyone.

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We have a current website which suits our small order quantity comedy t-shirts but is not the right look for the corporate market; we need a site that is mostly geared towards larger orders of 20 or more. Very similar to this site, I like the functionality and features by not so much the design and we can obtain a full catalogue in digital format that can be used to upload the many products from our suppliers to save time on product entry , For the look I like, quick link grabs to give an idea but I think clean and light with nice use of graphics)
Trading name for this site will be Nex Gen Shirts, and pretty much all content will be the same as allowing the customer to chose a product and get an automated quote which they can then send to us if they wish so we can monitor if quotes are requested but not forwarded to us will tell us if our prices may be too high..
Seo will be a big part of this site as can be seen by typing in various shirt printing relevant key words in Google Indigo clothing seem to always rank the highest so they are doing something not straying too far from this formula should be the way to go…
We are also aware of the growing social networks and their ability to improve search rankings and so will need face book, twitter, linked in as well as a blog and news site set up that will automatically populate from one entry point to save time as we do not always have the time we should for updating..
We need something very slick, very cool and very google friendly so we can give indigo a run for their money..

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Need Research Chemical Website Build, 2 Products

Need simple 4 page website integrated with shopping cart and high risk merchant for research chemical website. will only be selling two items at various quantities which i will inform you of before you begin working. I want a website built and then shopping cart integrated, so not like bigcommerce or volusion which is an all in one type of deal. Would like some adobe shock of pictures on homepage. I have a reference website to look at.

Need website to be build with SEO in mind very much, would love to have top ranking in google after you design and use your skills.

Should not take more than one week to be completely done with project. I look forward to meeting and doing business with qualified prospects.

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Website / ECommerce

– To build a new website that accommodates an eCommerce platform.

– Site needs to be designed clean, professional with a touch of elegance & simplicity in HTML, minimal flash. e.g. ,

– Most materials will be provided

– To build each page with SEO

– Approx 10 pages

– No advance payment

– Payment made partial during the course of development

– Creativity is a must

– Examples of previous work relating to Spas, Cafes, Restaurants is required

– Tight timeline (1 week)

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5 Website Projects To Build Up Portfolio

If you have done some projects which you are proud of then you are are the one we are looking for.

To Build up a Strong Portfolio for My Company Image

How It Works?
We will test the existing system and select which project we are going to buy. After that we will provide a new interface for your previous project and do some modification or enhancements from there.

We prefer to use existing projects because we want to reduce the time for planning, testing and debugging.

We need 5 Different Types of Websites
The best is we can showcase our skills in different area.

Social Networking
Online Booking
Fun/Game or Hobby
Online Booking
Mobile App

We are expanding our Business from Design to Web Development. Programmers / Developers are welcomed to contact us. He/She must have a right attitude who will work closely with our designers in order to complete the project in timely manner. Latest knowledge in coding (CSS, AJAX, JQuery) will be an added advantage. We are looking for a long-term business partner here.

If you are interested please contact us to discuss further more in details.


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Basic Ecommerce Website To Replicate

I am looking for a basic e-commerce website. Below are the features i am looking for.

— Content, Look and Feel —
The content, and look and feel of the website is to be very similar to the existing website, There are some links and features on this existing website which are not required which i can detail later to the winning bidder.

Note: I am an Australia reseller of the products sold on this site and have permission from to use their content.

— Online store —
Online store for a maximum of 5 items with basic shopping cart functionality
However, this online store can be replaced by a link to an online e-Bay store instead if cost to develop is significantly cheaper.

— Ability to manage site —
I need the ability to manage and make changes to the site on a regular basis. I have minimal skills in web development using Dreamweaver, so would prefer a site that is compatible with Dreamweaver.


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Build Private Proxy Or Squid Proxy Website

I want to build a private proxy/squid proxy service website where users can buy private proxies for a monthly fee.

Examples of similar websites are:

I want someone highly experienced, enthusiastic, proactive and dedicated.

You should come out with perfect solutions and recommendations as well. and dedicated to work on this project. You will take care of everything from:

– Studying & analyzing the above websites
– Deciding which script to use or build custom script as per our requirements
– Deciding on the server specifications
– Implementing entire system where in we can add and manage users, assign proxies to users, etc.
– limits and systems in place to keep IP reputation strong
– proxy fully administrable

filter by ip: I want set 3 IPs source by user for each proxy

Ideally use Linux/Debian

I want full documented report of changes & configurations.


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Build Private Proxy Or Squid Proxy Website

I want to build a private proxy/squid proxy service website where users can buy private proxies for a monthly fee. Examples of similar websites are –

I want someone highly experienced, enthusiastic, proactive and dedicated. You should come out with perfect solutions and recommendations as well. and dedicated to work on this project. You will take care of everything from:

– Studying & analyzing the above websites
– Deciding which script to use or build custom script as per our requirements
– Deciding on the server specifications
– Implementing entire system where in we can add and manage users, assign proxies to users, etc.

If you do this project successfully, you will be assigned our next two projects of VPS & FIle Hosting as well.


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New Website To Build

I need a website with the following specs. I have attached a document will all the requirements.

The project needs to be completed by Nov. 15th 2010

The payment structure should be as followed:

Payment Terms:
· 25% upfront in escrow to get started
· Release 25% from escrow and deposit next 25% in escrow when all UI Pages finished and
database design completed
· Release 25% from escrow and deposit next 25% when 75% of the functionality completed over
demos server and approved by you
· Release 25% and deposit last 25% in escrow when site is beta ready and we are doing final
testing and release final when site is ready to go LIVE but before any delivery

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Ecommerce Website And Consultation

Hi, I need someone to help me develop a ecommerce website, I will need you to replicate a website that looks similar to another website. Contact me on instant messenger if possible for more details:

AIM: ladeda063610
Skype: deuscypher

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URGENT – Website Ecommerce Fixes


I would like to have a developer or a team to take my project which requires urgent fixes to an ecommerce website.

Please bid with your experience and sample links for applications built in Magento, OScommerce and WordPress.

More details will be sent through PM. Bid price can be altered receiving the details through PM.

Thank You.

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Make Ecommerce Website Secure- HSBC CPI Experience Wanted

Website that needs to be made secure- repeatedly hacked.
I have an existing shopping cart that works but has some existing issues- its HSBC PCI. The graphs and info feed from the shopping cart is not going throught to the admin panel properly. Also when discount vouchers are used the statistics are not being generated properly.
Some images need to be restored to the site homepage aswell.

I want 2 quotes if possible.

1. Bring current shopping cart to 100% functionality.

2. Create a new cart that has:
– the option of discount codes generated and a detailed analysis on the usage of these codes.
– can be integrated with HSBC

If you have HSBC integration experience this is preferred as the integration is (as my old developer told me) very complex and difficult.

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Website Prototype Build

I need the following website for a digital subscription journal. the journal will be a subscription based and will utilized metatags. This will just be the building of a prototype of the actual site that will be built a later time so only a limited set of functionality has to be available. the site will be soliciting stories of multiple genres and a submission method with must be created. the submission method must allow the submitted to attach a series of metatags to the submitted story. the site must show the different stories that we are soliciting. the site must all create a system that will allow for the storage of digital stories. the storage sytem must have the ability to attached metatags manually. the site will allow users to sign up and register. The site on the backend that will track user

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Small Ecommerce Website Needs PayPal Parallel Payments


Small ecommerce website needing paypal parallel payments (adaptive payments). Payments will go to myself and 1 other vendor. My site has only 4 products at this time, but will be adding up to 60 new products from partner vendor.

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Copywriter Need From B2C Ecommerce Website

We are a new startup company(online shopping B2C) and are looking for a professional writer

In Initial stage, the copywriter will be a team member of our seo project.

The work will include(the content will be in 400-1000 words):
1)At least 20 articles in 10 different themes in each week.
2)At least 2 press release in each week
3)At least 3 blog post in each week;

The right candidate should match the following:
1)You must be a person who is very responsible for the work you will do;
2)You should have a very good exprience on the SEO-oriented copywriting work and have a lot of success case
3)You must be fluent in English with perfect grammer.
4)Its a plus if you have work exprience on the online shopping company or ever worked with them;

If you think you are the right person to cooperate with us, please contact us

thank you

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One Sale A Day/Woot Similar ECommerce Website

We need to have all the functionallity of these type of sites:,, I would prefer developers that already have a start on this or a website that they have created (Demo should be provided).

Thank You

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