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(4) Different Facebook Campaigns Of 1,500 US Facebook Fans

I am looking for a professional freelancer or company to work on 4 separate 1,500 US Real Facebook Fan campaigns.

Here are the requirements:

– All 4 campaigns must be complete in 10 days or less
– Must have experience in this work and MUST have feedback
– I am a reseller so please bid accordingly. I have many projects on here and many more coming up so I always take care of the providers that take care of me.
– I dont offer milestone payments. When the work is complete, then Ill send full payment. I have + feedback.

Thanks for bidding.

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1000 Facebook Fans + Invites

1000 Facebook fans to Like our page and send out invites to our Like page

Preferably gamer fans
We are looking to promote our Facebook Like page which promotes our iPhone Apps.
All fans must be real people with active facebook accounts.
No bots, No spam. All facebook fans must have 20+ friends.
All fans must have status updates that go back at least 30 days.
Our Facebook account must not be banned from your actions.
Accounts from any country to Like our page is fine, however we prefer the majority to be from: USA, Australia, UK and Canada.

Payment will be made once 1000 fans have liked our page and those fans have sent out Like invites to their network of friends.

Depending on performance we may continue this marketing campaign in the near future.

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500 Facebook Fans From Australia


I need 500 Facebook fans for an Australian based company. I have previous experience in managing social media campaigns but currently I have busy schedule and therefore I decided to outsource this job.

The Requirements:

– We are only interested in acquiring REAL accounts for people living in Australia. We have zero-tolerance policy regarding spam or fake accounts.

-Were after active Facebook users. Fans must have at least 50 friends on their account and show signs of activity on their wall like status updates, adding new friends, commenting on other groups/pages …etc.

-Were expecting that the service provider will only employ good practices to get the fans. The page should not be suspended/deleted due to his/her marketing actions. Should this happen, the project will be terminated and the service provider will not get paid.

-Were looking for slow and steady approach to collecting fans. We dont want to draw a lot of attention from Facebook admin for our page. No need for you to be in a hurry to finish the job. A period of 10 -14 days to finish the job would be optimal.

-Please note that you will not be giving access to the account administering the page and we will not add you as an admin either. You have to work on the project from your accounts. Thats a win win situation for all as you can keep the friends collected during the project for your use in future projects.

-You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are real and not disappearing. This means that the number of fans should not fall below 500 during that period and in case that occurs, you must replace the ex fans with new ones.

The Ideal Candidate should have:

-Good command of English language and good communication skills: I expect to see a daily update about the progress of the project. I will be available on IM/email for support in case you need anything or have questions.

-Previous experience in social media: This is not mandatory but will be very appreciated that you worked before on similar projects in the past.

-positive attitude and flexibility: We all know that projects sometimes face difficulties and I expect the provider to show good spirit and be cooperative. The client may ask for fans substitution if he encounters few that dont meet the requirements.

– IMPORTANT: Preference will be given to the provider who already has a database of facebook friends living in Australia. You should not have all the fans required from the beginning ( that would be awesome of course ) but the bigger the number of ready fans, the more favorable your bid will be.

-NO OUTSOURCING WHATSOEVER: I expect to work with the person who bid for the project not some random guy. Please start your bid with the answer for ( 2 + 5 = ? )

This project is the beginning of many to come in the future. I am planning to outsource most of my social media projects and I need to find someone whos reliable and hard worker. Do a good job this time and you will be rewarded with more projects in the future and I MEAN IT. You will be given the 1st chance to bid on my projects.

This could lead to a long term business relationship not only in social media but in other areas that the service provider excels at too. Show me that you take your job seriously and you are dependable and you wont regret it.

Finally,the budget for this project is $40.

Looking forward to your bids and questions.


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15,000 Facebook Fans In 7 Days

We are looking for a person/team who can provide us 15000 Facebook fans in 7-10 days max. Mainly MIDDLE EAST AREA for my Facebook page. All fans must be real people, have at least 30 friends (aged 23-50). FANS not invites. And can also get likes for external pages.

You MUST be able to provide targeted fans also. For example, if i want fans also like investing you must be able to provide them.

Please only apply if you have the resources available to complete this job and not get accounts banned by Facebook .

Please provide a portfolio of pages that you have added fans to in the past.
Must have a skype Id for communication

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50K Facebook Fans Required

Im looking to add 50,000 Facebook Fans for a Tech News related page.

Qualified bidders only apply! Please only bid if you can deliver with requirements below.

Time Line:
1month – 3month+


Project requirements:

My account must not get deleted coz of your activity.

All Fans must be REAL PEOPLE with ACTIVE Facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended.

Fans are to be located within USA, Canada & Europe

All fans must have their status updated within the past 30 days.

All fans must be targeted to have interest in technology or gadgets.

All fans must have a minimum of 50+ friends.

ABSOLUTELY NO fans that will risk my fan page being deleted.

ABSOLUTELY NO fans are allowed to be spammers or risk of having their accounts deleted.

ABSOLUTELY NO fans with illegal pictures, pornography or any content that will jeopardize their accounts deleted.

Please use good practices when gathering fans. (Facebook account must not be banned/deleted for your actions. It should always be kept active. If Facebook account is not complete/no longer active there will be no payment for this project.

Payments Terms:
You will be fully paid after 20 days when all the fans are delivered. If you are able to deliver fans faster than the given time duration then please inform me.

I would prefer to pay the full amount upon completion of the project.
When bidding please remember

Previous experience is an advantage but willing to give newcomers a chance (payment terms will change)
Please provide what techniques you will use to generate fans first
You are bidding on my payment terms
Time Schedule can be worked out if different from request
If everything works perfect same project will be required for different fan pages so guaranteed future work


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Need Facebook Fans (and You Will Be Awarded )

Have each parent set up a FB account for their child.

Send status updates, pictures and even homework or problems of the day to the kids FB pages.

well thats not hard, i think every child should have a facebook account,both for socializing and for educations, well am pretty sure they do.
am looking for fans/child thats is willing and hard working that can make the world and future a better place for the new generation

they will only serve to increase the fan headcount. I will pay USD 50 for every child with at lease 8,000 fans.

I am looking for providers with existing friend accounts to speed up delivery.


1) Fans can be from all around the world.

2) All fans must be real people. Fake fan accounts will lead to immediate termination of services without payment.

3) All fans must at least have 2 photos.


1) Good practices must be used to invite fans (ÂSuggest to Friends feature) so that the Facebook account will not be banned, which will otherwise lead to immediate termination of services without payment.

2) Facebook accounts to be used to suggest the Facebook Fan Page to friends should be existing accounts with a lot of friends.

3) Full payment will be put on Freelancer escrow when the service provider is selected, and released 10 days after the fan count has been increased by 10,000. No partial payment for incomplete work.

4) Payment will only be made if the fan count still remains at the original figure or more at the time of project delivery.

5) Fan accounts that are deleted / suspended / penalized / banned must be replaced with immediate effect.

6) Please PM me an explanation of how you will perform this job and your similar work history.

7) If your pricing is reasonable, I will hire you again for the project continuation.

8) We will not be paying more than $50 for 10,000 fans.

9) Kindly state the estimated duration needed to complete this project.

When you bid on this project, you acknowledge that you fully understand the job description and agree to the terms & conditions.

Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you.

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500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Needed.

I require 500 targeted facebook fans.

The facebook users must be:

– Between the ages of 20 – 50 years old.
– A mix of male and female
– MUST be at least 90% from the U.S, Australia, New Zealand.
– A small percentage can be from the UK, Canada, Italy, France and Spain.

– ALL must be from major capital cities in the above countries, such as New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, etc. No users can be from rural areas, small towns, third world countries, etc.

Our business is in high-end accessories, so users must have liked similar fan-pages in the fields of art, fashion, design, architecture, media, luxury goods and premium international brands.

ALL users must be 100% real, with at least 50 friends and 10 photos on their profile, at minimum. They must also have status updates that go back at least 30 days.

They cannot have any racist/homophobic/suggestive/sexual/pornographic/dating/gambling or any other possibly offensive material or inappropriate comments on their facebook profiles!!!!

No bots, no fake accounts, no spam!!

Please disclose your strategy/methodology in your bid email. Only good practices for inviting fans will be accepted or tolerated. Our facebook account cannot be at risk for being banned at any time.

When bidding please provide examples of other facebook accounts you have done this for – and also excellent references.

Payment: You will be fully paid within 2 weeks of completing this job, just to make sure that fans are not deleted or disappearing.

Deadline: the 500 fans must be delivered within 2 weeks, staggered gradually during that time.

If we are happy with the quality of your work, we will continue to buy blocks of 500 fans from you on an ongoing basis.

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5K Facebook Fans Needed Fast

– 5,000 "likes" needed
– must be REAL people
– from all countries (not just asia/india etc)
– no bots, no scripts
– must abide by facebook terms & conditions
– quality assurance
– professional service providers only
– 2 week deadline
– bonus payable for successful completion

Fake accounts are NOT welcome. Our marketing team only work with REAL service providers who provide an honest service.

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USA Facebook Likes (Fans) NO SPAM OR BLACKHAT

Need Facebook "Likes" (Fans) for fan page. Need 100k fans minimum in the USA. Must show proof of past work (other fan pages that have 100k+ fans that you own). Must show sample work (500 fans sample) to show you can perform. New fans MUST be targeted (USA, have at least 130+ friends, and be active users of my application). Will explain more info about application after bid.




This is a LONG term project (I dont expect you to get 100k+ targeted fans in 1 week), therefore, money will be in escrow until job is complete AND before paying the money, I will wait 2 weeks after job is complete to make sure facebook does not ban the fan page. Then money will be released.

If you are serious and can complete this task, please bid. Include "single" in your bid so I understand you read these terms.

Thank you, and good luck!

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Need Facebook Fans & Twitter Supplier

We are looking for QUALITY, RELIABLE and COMMITTED Twitter Follower, Facebook Fans supplier. We need the Followers and Fans to be high quality and with extremely GOOD prices and FAST delivery times.

Its long term work and we already have lot of orders for you

*** Prices and delivery time for:


Preferably with no password or account login info. Preferably with NO "following" others method.


PRICES for both. delivery time for both.


Please make your that you are using legal methods (White Hat) only. You will get many projects of you will become a good service provider.
Please no bots/ androids/ or scripts
We dont want people who are using twiends or any such site for fans or followers

The winning bidder will become our preferred supplier and receive all our business. Bidders must meet the following standards and must provide all of those :

Candidate can do Twitter Followers only . Or Facebook Fans only or all 2 together.

If you fill this requirements please contact us and bid, if not: Dont even bother, were NOT going to consider the following:

– Biders that CANT supply enough
– Bidder that have too long delivery dates.
– Biders that dont include the full details were asking
– Biders that cant deliver high quality
– Biders that dont provide competitive low prices

Those who dont comply with the requirements above wont be considered.

Thanks, happy bidding. We are happy to work with you in the future if you are a quality supplier.


– All must be realNO fake accounts, NO bots! & ACTIVE USERS.

* Any Fans/Followers that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for. So when 1000 is asked for 1000 is what I get.
* Your methods will not lead to the account being banned or deleted!
* You will NOT get paid if accounts get FLAGGED, SUSPENDED OR BANNED!
– No Fakes, No Bots, No Wares, No Spam, No Farmville, No Mafia Wars!!
– No "BLACK HAT" techniques (using automated software/bots)that will lead to the fanpage/twitter account being deleted. If I wanted to use Black Hat methods Im more than capable of using such means so please dont even bother as I can see straight through it
– All fans/followers MUST be real people with active accounts (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon
* NO Fans, Followers, Viewers with illegal, pornographic, hate, or racist content

The intention is to establish a long term relationship as I will have bulk orders on a regular basisso bid your wholesale prices accordingly. I am looking for a Team of Suppliers.

Happy Bidding,

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2500 Targetted Facebook Fans

2500 Targeted Facebook fans

Indians living in United States, you need to target the profile of Indian people who lives in United States.

– All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages no accounts at risk of being suspended soon – NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– All fans must have 20+ friends
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.
– If the page is banned because friends are being added too quickly, you wont be paid.

Very Important ; Only Need Indians living in United States.

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Facebook Fans Bot (to Increase Fans)

Serious Bidder only,

I need a bot that can add Facebook Fans to any facebook fan pages.
I need real human fans(no bots) to increase the fans on the fan pages automatically.

Bot that can Target Fans from country would be better.

Must be supported by Window 7.

Serious bidders only.

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Need 500 REAL Facebook Fans

I need 500 FB fans/likes added to a fan page. The fans must be from Coimbatore(city),tamil nadu(State),india only! No other countries or states or cities mixed in.

Must be real people! – No Fake profiles.

Must start adding fans within 5 days of awarding the project.

This is a confidential project and you may not share the url of the Facebook page nor post in your portfolio after finished.

The page currently has 0 like.

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Need 20k REAL Targetted US FANS !

Hi ,

I need 20k REAL USA Targeted Fans on my Facebook PAGE ! Please kindly Tell me your completionTime and rate in PM!

Looking to work with you guyz 🙂 I can determine which are real which are fake so better to show me your previous example 🙂 if not then fine ,
Tell me your rate for Admin access and without that too . 😉

Happy Bidding


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50 Facebook Fans From USA And UK

Hello I need 50 REAL facebook fans for my website connected to webdesign, website templates.

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I Need 1000 Facebook Fans To My Website

Hey Guys,

I need 1000 facebook fans to my Website. It has to be people living in Australia and 80% of them has to be young overseas people.

Are you an expert in Social-networking? Then get in touch!

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100,000 Facebook Fans

I am looking for 100,000 Targeted COSTA RICA fans for our Facebook Fan Page.
Please bid only if you have rich experiences for facebook fans marketing.

Project descriptions and requirements:

– All fans must be real people – NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– All fans must be from: Costa Rica
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions).

When bidding please include:

* Price
* Date of delivery

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8k Facebook Fans Needed

Need urgently 8k face-book fans immediately

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10,000 Targeted Facebook Fans Reqd Urgent

I need 10,000 Facebook fans from India for a fanpage

serious experienced freelancers only apply

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50k Facebook Fans Needed


I need 50k facebook fans for my charity page ,

The same users should be registered on my website

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