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Add Restart Button To Flash Game…

I have a flash game that needs to have a restart button added so that win a person wins or loses they are able to restart the game….

files are attached

this is a simple project and the budget is $30 MAX

You can use stock flash/flex buttons if you like, label needs to read "restart"

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SEO In Flash Game Arcade Industry

Hello, We am looking for someone to optimize my website for search engines. Looking for good results in certain keywords.

– Keyword researching must be done first to determine which keywords we should focus on.
– Before we start, you must give me a guild line of the steps taken to achieve better placing for the chosen keywords.
– You must send me daily reports of what exactly you are doing to boost my website up the search engines.
– White hat methods ONLY. Black hat is not allowed.

This will be an ongoing project on our other websites if results are good.

Thank you.

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Need To Build 500 PR3+ Links

We are looking for 500 PR3+ permanent, one-way back links for a financial software website. At least 50% of the links should be either from Australian or finance-related websites. The link builder should be experienced – please do not bid if you have no link building experience. Links MUST NOT be made using automated software or any other illegal linking methods. Blackhat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for. We have the right to reject URLs that do not comply with the following Guidelines.

Our guidelines:

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Flash Game Distribution

I need a skilled person to upload released games from my website all over the web

Upload the game on lists given and compile an independant list of his own to upload and/or contact websites with my game

I need you to have a list ready of 1k + sites

Contacting sites for submission and sending emails as well as uploading is easy

So i want a flat rate for this..

This job will be weekly

Read here to get an idea of how this work

I need a excell list after each submission to know to what sites you have submitted to

No duplicates, dont try to cheat .. decent work will have long term partnerships

After you get used to it it will take you a couple of hours to do so


If you have experience in this then its better

if you can compile me a list of 1-5k sites it would be great too


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Flash Game Development

Job Description
Development of a flash Blackjack game. Game dimentions, mechanism and design should look exactly as , not leaving out sound and animations.

Technical details
– game dimensions as in the provided example
– the flash should be able to read a configuration XML
– chips values should be configurable ( ie. 1,2,5,10..)
– maximum allowed bet should be configurable
– graphical asset configuration used for the background and card-backs
– the game should manage all the game logic and randomise the cards
– basic API to work with the server side:
** balance request/response
** place_bet request/response
** settle_bet request/response

– source code in AS3/Flex
– vector files of all the assets created
– swf file
– simple demo page demonstrating the game in work
– simple configuration file format and API documentation

No upfront payments. Payment would follow after complete testing and approval

Notes to the developer
– we are looking for the main developer, who would be able to organize the whole technical team

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Flash Game

Hi all,

Im looking for flash game makers for many projects, when you do a good job I have about 2/3 games to be made a month. I would like to know how much you ask for an exact replica of the following game(included all the levels) :

I hope hearing from you soon!


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Flash Game Developments

We require a flash game developer to create and illustrate 2 games.

The first game is something similar to this:

Where by you drinks are thrown down the bar and you have to catch them and drink them. The bar on the right hand side fills with beer until it is reached.

The illustration wants to be set in a bar theme and as the person drinks they get FATTER until they fall over.

Scores also want to be held in a database.

The second game is similar to the above but with 2 peaple being able to play so the first person to get fat and falls over wins the game.

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Flash Game Development

We need a simple game creating in flash that also keeps scoreboard.The game will be tied in with a website and be branded to the site.

What we would like to happen in the game is to have a man stood in a pub and by clicking your mouse he picks up a drink and drinks it, this makes his stomach bigger after drinking so much his stomach explodes, the person with the quickest time wins.

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New Flash Game

I need a simple flash game to be added to my facebook application. This one will be similar to the classic Scorched Earth. Small tanks on a 2 dimensional layout have a bunch of weapons to choose from. This is single player for now but will be made multiplayer in the future. The "computer" tanks must be logical in attacking the human player, but not too hard to defeat. Make some tanks better at playing than others. Create 25 different types of weapons. The landscape is destroyed with each blast from a gun, in different scales depending on the weapon.

Please also make 5 different musics that are randomly played with each turn. Create random landscapes.

Do well on this project and more will follow, thank you!

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Flash Game Development

A simple spaceship game.
The user represented by a spaceship and need to shoot certain objects in space.
Each level the user shall shoot objects from a certain type.
There is 50 object

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Flash-game Required


I required one flash based game, details as follow :

1-Design Bejeweled type flash based game.Use 4-5 3d "fruits" picture, instead of 3d "jewell" picture.

2-Game play must be same as bejeweled game.Game must be single player as existing bejeweled.user login
and play the game to make score.

3- Game graphics must be good quality.

4- Game feel and look MUST has to be unique (we dont want any copyright violation) and high quality,

5- Game must consist, leaderboard.Which display top 10 users along with their name and avatar (more details
must be provided to selected provider time to time).Allow users to register to play the game.registerd
user able to set their own avatar from user area.

6- Register user able to play the game.We have existing website, and we want this game design for our
existing users.If provider required to use existing database for leaderboard etc, we provide the dummy
database for help.

7- Admin panel for our help to control user, game, leaderboard, scoreboard.

8-Game must display our corporate logo/picture over it.we provide the logo.

We only required expert game designer, who understands requirement proper way and able to implement
it effective way as required.

Please must read complete details proper way, before make bid, we required only expert game designer.


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Flash Game – Box2D

Im looking for flash game as inspired by

Playing is usually this. You can create account and test.

Transformice uses Flash and Box2d technology.

Also features:
[ADMIN] Menu,
[ADMIN] Send message to online users,
[ADMIN] Send message to room,
[ADMIN] Add moderator
[ADMIN] Delete user created map
[ADMIN] Add cheese to player
[ADMIN] Add a item to shop
[ADMIN / MODERATOR] Unban user
[ADMIN / MODERATOR] List banned users
[ADMIN / MODERATOR] Play music in room
[PLAYER] Vote ban a player (optional: reason)
[PLAYER] Map editor

etc. etc. you can look

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Slot Machine Flash Game

We want to create a slot machine flash game.

You will be integrating into an existing API. It is better if you know OOP, but not required.

There are two main functions used. One function loads all data based on a unique token, the other function sends data to the server based on the unique token.

When the game initially loads, you will need to load data using the given function and display it.

When the user pulls the lever to use the slot machine, you will need to collect information from the user and send it to the server using the send function provided.

The send function will return the prize number that the user won. They can win a prize between 1 and 7. When you get the returned number, you must make the slot machine stop spinning and display the results accordingly.

If a user does not win a prize, it will return the number 6. At which time the slot machine will quit spinning and none of the items will match.

If it returns a prize number of 7, you will display an error message. There is additional error checking that needs to happen so you display the appropriate error message. However, some of that code ready.

Really we are looking for someone to program the visual side of it, the spinning of the slot machine. Also, we need someone who is creative and will be able to find unique solutions to our situation.

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if you have questions.

08/31/2010 at 17:10 EDT:

We have a graphic designer who uses illustrator and photoshop. We can either provide the necessary graphics or you can create them. Please let me know if you are capable of graphic design or working with a graphic designer. Thanks

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Simple Flash Game – Slot Machine

I need a very basic Flash game created.

The game will depict a casino-style slot machine where the user can pull a lever to activate the game.

After pulling the lever, the three wheels should spin for about 5 seconds and always land on 3 "gift card" icons.

There should be sound and the game should look engaging and fun.

Once the game is done, the browser should be redirected to an arbitrary URL.

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Redesign Flash Game Sl

I have a flash game with slots. ( )
I need you to change the graphics of the game and make it look like a cleopatra video slots game.If you are good with animations in flash,then this is the project for you.
You can decompile flash to use same graphics on my game from here :
File will be provided in .fla FLASH CS4 Format.
Must be finished until 12th August !!!

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Flash Game

Hi, i need create a small flash game(5 levels) auto ralli with health control.

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Flash Game

We wish to create a game like club penguin, but lower in scope. This world will be based on a line of kids action toys, under NDA. We want to test what a game might look like for this franchise, and if it is successful, develop it further. We have an art team and designers already.

We want no-download flash world in a web browser, in facebook. The game will let kids log in with a character, choose their clothing and look, and choose what their "lair" looks like. Kids can communicate with each other via facebook, send each other messages and items, and such. They should be able to find other kids, as well. The end result is a kid will have a lair with a character standing in it. Since were just building the foundation, we dont need anyone to be able to walk around, but everyone should be able to see everyone elses lair.

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Flash Game Looks Similar To Doodle Jump

Develop a flash game similar to Doogle Jump (the iphone app). But now it need to be played in a Flash. I will provide the graphics.

After finish the game, the scored need to be posted to a server (I will provide the PHP codes). And the game should see the top scores of past gamer (I will provide the XML file with top name & score).

Its a very urgent job.

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Flash Game Development

I want a flash game designer for a game building. The game is a space fighter, have many obstacle, enemy, and score oriented. Space ship have gun which will improved by getting some target. Score will increased depends on number of destroyed enemy. Score will store in a xml file with player name. Player name is getting after the completion of the game play.
I want some demo game sample from you. Please do not bid if you have no sample.
Happy Bidding!!!!

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Biofeedback Flash Game

Game synopsis:
Turn the rainy day into a sunny day by using the neurosky headset ( measuring the meditation brainwave state.

Game play:
A. meditation readings are low – the game will show a rainy day.
B. meditation readings gain a higher value (user starts to experience a relaxed meditation state) the game will slowly turn from a rainy day to a sunny day (blooming flowers, birds start to sing and so on…)
C. game nears end – a sunset will appear and the game will end.

at any point – losing meditation value – the game will slowly regress back to the rainy day starting point.

there should be some kind of pace setter on the screen helping the user breath slower and achieve a more relaxed state – like telling the user to breath along with the butterflies wing movements. these movements should be set at a timing that coincides with healthy breathing.

This game will only have 1 input – "meditation value" from the headset.
(and of course the obvious on screen commands like "quit" or "start again" etc.)

of course you will not have this headset but is there a way to program it in and we can test it here.

We have an in-house graphic artist and programmer that will work with you, providing artwork and help with the API/ Headset Hardware.

English as first language. AIM account that we can talk to during CT business hours. We prefer someone who is in the area and can stop by our office if needed.

thanks for looking.

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Small Flash Game Customization

I am looking for a flash game developer who can customize my footbal penalty kick game. modify this game in order to make it more appealing in terms of nicer background, sounds, scores, etc. You also need to take note that this game should ask or accommodate the following:

1) scores of the players can be saved in an XML form so that we can store this for each users in our database.

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Flash Game

I need simple flash game "heads or tails". The game must be on AS3 ONLY (not AS2). I have design and animation i NEED ONLY GOOD SCRIPT.

About poject: The user can choice HEADS or TAILS than place bid 1point or 3p or 5p or 0p. Than spin the coin and win or lose.

Ask more in PM.

Happy Biding!

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Flash Game Golf

Flash game golf

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Command And Conquer Falsh Game

Hi my name is Matt, I want to hire a experienced flash designed who can able to design game like command and conquer( a desktop game) in 3D flash.

If anyone interested can mail me

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Finalize A Flash Game

I need to make some changes for flash games to finish them. All games are on flash/AS3 and working with server client.
All sources for games will be provided to winner.
More details in PMB.

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