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Website Build

We need someone who can build a website similar to It will need to have customer log in capability, and parameters will be necessary to match people together. It will be a service based website and whomever builds it will need to make it user friendly on the back-end so that I am able to edit any and all fields, pics, boxes, etc, as necessary. I would like to know how much it would cost to build this site, how long it will take, what type of site it is (php, etc) and have references of similar sites you have built. I selected a budget as it made me pick something, but we are open to all proposals. We arent necessarily looking for the cheapest…just the best fit for our needs.

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Private For Acedesign123 #4

Design and Build Quote Engine API for Over 50 Life Insurance.
Design and Build Admin Section to Manage Data

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Looking For Someone To Build A Dating Website


I am looking for an experienced web developer to build an online dating website with a possibility to cooperate in future.

Site should include the following:
1. User registration
2. Profile page which includes personal info; search option; sending mail between registered users; adding photos (paid service); profiles visitors (paid service) and newly registered users

Samples of webpages which had been done in the past are welcome.

Thank you.

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WordPress Site Build With Pay Wall


I have an existing WordPress site that is pretty poor, I will be needing you to do a number of things:

– Find/build and install a theme that is worthy of a news/visual website
– Build in a paywall so that we can charge for premium content
– Build the existing content into the new theme
– The site will need the ability to add video content and photo content (in separate areas)
– The site will need space for advertisements
– The front page will need a slider that showcases new and interesting content
– Needs to encourage sign up
– Needs to be easy for users to sign up (only able to post content once registered behind paywall)
– Very simple navigation
– Link in to Twitter both to show our Tweets and to allow content to be tweeted
– The content will all be centred around COMEDY so needs to be both light hearted and serious in relevant places
– Will need a features page to be built for signup

Of course I would also like input from you as to what you think would add to the site.

Please read the entire post / project before bidding and when you message please provide examples of your work as well as an idea of what you have in mind for the site.

Many thanks,


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Idea Entrepreneur For A Portal Of 4500 Domains


We are a company that recently bought a bundle of 4500 domains.
Our first idea was to build adsense websites on all domains, but we need one or more entrepreneurs to make the right structure, because we also would like the domains to do more than Google Adsense.

We need to create the right setup, so we do not need to change 4500 websites manually when we get a new idea, so before we start building sites, we must know :
– How can we get most out of the domains
– How to get most traffic on Domains.
– Is Google Adsense the right choice or should we combine with clickbank and other ads.
– Should we have same CMS on all Domains or 1500 WP, 1500 Joomla etc.
– We want to build 5-10 "backlinks shops" and use our portal of 4500 Domains for backlinks, is that possible ?
If it is possible, how should setup be ?
– How can we earn extra money while we have 4500 domains
etc. etc

In a few words : We have 4500 Domains that must be optimized and generate as much money as posible – how should the setup be ?
You should only come up with the ideas and structure of the portal, you do not build the sites.

If you have no experiense in handling this kind of project, please do not bid.
As bidder on this project, you need to come up with a detailed plan and winner(s) will be awarded with 50$.
Maybe winner(s) will be given long term jobs after this.

Thanks for bidding.

Best regards

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100 Posts Of 150 Words Each For Build My Rank


I am looking for a writer to write posts for Build My Rank.

The project is for 100 articles.

Each article will need to be at least 150 words.

Each article must have a keyword mentioned in the first two sentences.

Each article must have a title that is more than a couple of words and relates to the article content.

We will supply the keywords to be used and the number of articles allocated to each keyword.

The articles must be unique and pass a human editor. This cannot be five articles spun into 100. We are looking for excellent quality and may be able to offer the author more work in the future.

We prefer a writer who has written posts for either Linkvana or Build My Rank, but we will consider others as well.

The budget for this is $50.00. Thats $0.50 or 50 cents per article. Lower bids have a better chance of winning, but we will not sacrifice quality.

Time to completion must be ten days or less.

We are a reputable, established real estate company based in the U.S. We work with all vendors in a professional and fair manner and we look forward to getting this job completed on time.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your bids.

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Web Pages Design From Pamphlet

One of my customer had a friend design a new pamphlet for his masssage business
Now he would like the design of his site to match the look of his pamphlet

I can provide the pamphlet in a PDF format, Not you cannot extract the PDF other than one image
Looking to get this broken down so that we can build a header, footer, common background, with the images. Bassiocally build a template that I can use to build all his pages from.

Think this should be a $15-100 range for this work. Yiou tell me what you feekl is involved with your bid.

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I have an idea for a website that I need someone to build out….

I need an affiliate based store…..I will have the domain name and hosting..

I NEED TO SEE SAMPLE AMAZON.COM AFFILIATE sites you have build….if you have none, then DO NOT BID!

I want this to look unique and NICE…..

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Build Bots And Spider

build bots and spiders for

yellowpages and

output: csv into excel

must be able to grab specific records for entire US, not city by city.

website url

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Looking For Someone To Build A Dating Website


We are looking for an experienced web developer to build an online dating website, preferably use php or java as the website needs to be constantly updated and improved. It is very important for the site to be found easily on search engines.

We need customizable Search Fields, Registration forms, image galleries and a subscription based system as well. We will also need manage user accounts and be able to delete inappropriate content. We must be able to customize our features.

Site functionality should include (but is not limited to) the following:
1. Search Members
2. Profile
3. User registration
4. Chat
5. Invitations
6. Subscription
7. Send Rose, Gift,e-cards Like Poke
8. Ability to offer the site for free or charge for different levels of membership plans

Please send us samples of the work you have done int the past, that is similar to this project.

Thanks very much.

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Changes To Website (build With Frames)

A small website built with frames consisting of less than 20 html pages needs a few changes.

10 images need to be edited.
Font style needs to be changed.
The contact form on the contact page has to be removed.
The navigation needs one more link.
Maybe 4 or 5 more little changes.

All in all, I estimate that the time needed to do all changes will be less than 90 minutes at the most.
However, you should be aware of how frames sites are constructed and should have prior experience with websites built with frames.

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Looking For Freelance That Can Build A Website Arabic/Englis

I am looking for freelancer who can build a website for me Arabic/English/Dutch
With CMS. It is preferred to be easy to update as I am not very professional .
The website should consist of 10 pages at least.
Also , look for someone who can design my logo in professional way.


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Website Build


We need a simple, 4 page website put together. Info below.

– Sitemap is ready
– We have all images and copy ready
– Cant be in Flash
– We have domain ready
– Any SEO experience is a huge plus
– Going after a very specific market and looking to rank better on Google
– Looking to have site up and running before April 8th – its only 4 pages and we have everything ready so should be possible.

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I need a website for Fruits & Vegetables Retail Shop, Similar to the website

Please visit the veggiefresh website to get to know the requirements.

Need an interface to update the prices of products daily.

All online orders should be received by Email & SMS.

Online payment feature is not required.

Request you to let me know the Price & Time to Develop.

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To Build A Website Similar To Http://

Project is to develop a website similar to To be developed using flash, flash 3d library and PHP.
Freelancers/Company located in hyderabad(india) are preferred.

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Web Design And Build For Online Shop

I would like my current website to be redesigned to include an online shopping cart. An easily managed gallery is important. My business is homewares, furniture and lifestyle accessories. I am Australian based and will be marketing primarily within the australian eastern seaboard. The website currently has a gallery but no ecommerce set up.

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Build WordPress Site

I have installed wordpress on my server and I am looking for someone to add the content and images. I will give you the content but not the images(I will guide you how and where to take the images).

I will show you the eg site and you should build the site similar to that.

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Clone Or Build A Similar WordPress Website

We have a wordpress website hosted with a hosting company that we need to be cloned or re-built similar and transferred to our host.
Details in PM.

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AD+World Health Website

We are looking for a creative web builder to build our website from an existing design. Storyboards via pdf files will be provided. There is room for the web builder to add their ideas. We are a not-for-profit providing medical relief to those without access to healthcare in the US and in remote regions abroad. Our designer is unable to build the site and is now on to other jobs but we still need to finish our project.

There is primary and secondary navigation. It is a simple site not too complex with some room for more dynamics depending on the builders skills and ideas. The site is visually driven and not copy driven.

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Build Site Similar To Digg

This project is to build a site similar to Digg where the community can enter links or submit stories, pictures or videos.

The vote up button is "interesting" or "not interesting" instead of thumbs up or down.

If you have a script that is fine but I want to see a live example.

IMPORTANT: To bid on this project, you will do the following:

1. Send ONE link to your best Digg-like site you have done in the past. If you dont have a live site ready, please dont bid.
2. Copy and paste "I HAVE CREATED A DIGG SITE BEFORE" and place that before your bid. If this is not cut and paste I will assume you are spamming me.
3. Do NOT include any other company information. I will contact you if you are short listed based on your one url example.

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Build PTC Site

Build a ptc site like neobox.
do no hesitate if u need any query.

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Design/Build/Launch 1 Website W/Content & Traffic Generating

Design/Build/Launch 1 website w/Content & Traffic generating a constant monthly revenue.

Domain and Hosting:
I currently have a few domains and unlimited web hosting available for this project.

In short: We are looking for someone to design, build and launch a profitable website that can
generate a constant revenue.

Please see attached for more detail on our requirements for this project.

Note :
This is a Proof of concept project.
Goal is to turn this into a turn key process for our customers.
We would love to work with you on future projects if you can prove the quality of Your work.
Upon successful completion of meeting these goals set above for the revenue generating site.
This may open the door for a longer term work and or the possibility of long term employment.
If the site generates the desired revenue, there could be the possible of commission and or profit
sharing on further endeavors.

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Build Free Offers Website.

Want to build a website so that i can put my affiliate program offers on there.

need front end designed. have simple layout in mind, but needs designer to make it pop and look good. web2.0 look.

front end – needs to be searchable, needs to be sortable, word cloud, integrate aweber email sign up,
back end – need to be able to enter in new programs.. each will have image, link, enable, disable, categories

want stats for website.. google analytics peferred. want to be able to see who is clicking on what link etc.

should be pretty clean and quick. not too many moving parts.

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Website Design And Build – Interactive Shop Site

I am looking for someone suitably qualified to design and build my new ecommerce website from scratch.

My business provides personalized printed wedding stationery (ie. Invitations, RSVP cards, save the date, thank you cards etc).

The way my business works is:
1. Customers choose a design they like from a range of

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Small Business Website

Good Evening,

i require a webdesigner to build a small business website for me. There should be 5-6 pages on the site:


I would like to be able to update the page myself on a regular basis so it would be ideal if you could tell / show me how to do it once the site is build.

Due to time differences I would like to work with someone from Europe.

Any questions please use the message board or send a pm. Please use the message board for clarification purposes only. I will not accept any "bids" from it.

Thank you and happy bidding

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Build A Mini Site (php Joomla Expert)

Contest Programming
We are looking to build a "mini" site to promote a contest we are doing that allows you to design your own watch. Similar to this site: http : / /
and more detail in PMB.
p/s: i will provide design for you.

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Build-up A Site Similar (layout) To One Already Existant


I need an expert to build up from scratch a website very similar in layout to
No FLASH, only jascript libraries (like jquery or FX() ), no audio.
I can provide most or all of graphic needed.

I can extend budget up to 1000 $ also.

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Logisitics Company Needing Website

We are a fast growing Logisitics firm out of DFW area in TX. It has become very important for us to have a web presence for Recruiting and Marketing purposes. Our primary business is heavy hauls and Overside Loads. We want a website that is built around this with links to information about Oversize Loads. We do not have any written material and will have to build this from scratch. Im willing to pay excellent rates to someone who can help me day by day build this site.

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Build 4 WordPress Websites

Build 4 wordpress websites. manchester electrician, manchester builders, manchester plumbers and manchester roofing. these will be the website names/titles all these websites need to link to each other

these are my competitors and i wish my sites to be very similar to these, simple but effective, based around the keyword relative to that site with the word manchester in it eg "manchester roofing" "electrician manchester" etc

i want all websites to have the same look and feel about them be well written. if you take a closer look at you will notice it has a google pr of 2 with no backlinks. exept from the 2 sister companies. this is because they are well written.

please use all the detail for the website text from other similar websites.

i want these pages , Services, About Us, Contact Us portfolio
i dont nee a portfolio on the plumbing and electrician websites.
i will be adding a logo at some point.

i have already purchased the domain name just need to decide on a host, i am open to recomendations.

i want to see examples of websites that you have done that are well written, clean and effective, i could build these websites myself in a day, so please be realistic when pricing.

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