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Link Builder Needed

We require a good link builder to improve the ranks of our sites.

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UK Builders

Looking to have a website very similar to to be built with the following additional features:

1. Site needs to enable "House Builders" & "Building Companies" to register their business for an annual fee.

2. Each "Builder" listing to display number of user "ratings" and an associated average "ratings value".

2. Website users need to be able to carry out a local (5 – 50 miles- selectable) UK post-code search for a suitable builder without having to "Post a Job".

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Talented SEO & Fast Link Builder

I am looking for someone who has a very good knowledge of off page SEO and fast link building

I am after someone to work with on a number of sites and possibly leading to an ongoing situation.

The keywords we are targeting are in the 150-200k competition range.

You need to be able to build a large scale (1,000+) back links showing in yahoo or google quickly

You also need to be able to find high PR backlinks from relevant sources for the site, to increase or PR

Please bid by telling me what services you can do and what your charges are.

We track all our rankings and backlinks, so please dont apply if you just plan to claim what we have already done.

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Facebook Fan Page Builder

ok will make it simple i want to basically i want same feature as this website shortstackapp_com and to be able to add shopping for my clients i looking for a long term commitment since i will be updating the site quite often also i want the site to be easily translated to spanish, please only those who have work on projects similar to this show some examples thanks..

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Link Builder

High PR profile links-500
High PR blog comments-100
Press release submissions-20

To be completed in 2 days..

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AD+World Health Website

We are looking for a creative web builder to build our website from an existing design. Storyboards via pdf files will be provided. There is room for the web builder to add their ideas. We are a not-for-profit providing medical relief to those without access to healthcare in the US and in remote regions abroad. Our designer is unable to build the site and is now on to other jobs but we still need to finish our project.

There is primary and secondary navigation. It is a simple site not too complex with some room for more dynamics depending on the builders skills and ideas. The site is visually driven and not copy driven.

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Content Builder + Writer + Designer Needed ASAP

I have a project that is almost done, but I need help with writing to make sure that everything get completed. I have resources for the writing as needed for my pages. I need help with designing a help page based on website content. I also need to have some videos from youtube for the project. Fast and skilled writer preferred for this small project!

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Shopping Aggregator WordPress Site

Were interested in developing our domain into an aggregator shopping site where visitors can visit to shop for, you guessed it, area rugs. What we need from you is to deliver from the ground up a shopping experience similar to that offered by Like, we will join various top affiliates, only, rather than offer general merchandise like they do our focus will be exclusively on this one product category–which, by the way, is a highly competitive Google Ad Sense category so the more professional and Web-2.0-savvy the site is, the better.

Were interested in setting up a site that requires no maintenance other than for someone without database programming ability to be able to add to or subtract from the inventory offered at will, make sure the links are working, etc. We request no need for the builder of this site to provide updates, technical assistance, etc., but would prefer the basic amount of instruction needed–preferably via painstakingly detailed, customized documentation–to achieve these modest ends.

We also require the builder of the site to be adept enough at SEO to pay close attention to this aspect of the site when building it so that when built it has a fighting chance to make it to the first page for "area rugs" on Google and other major search engines.

We have other kindred aggregate site ideas in the works as well–e.g.,–so a successful job with may lead to further work in the future.

Time is definitely of the element, so please be sure to respond as soon–and yet as thoroughly–as possible. Thanks! We look forward to a mutually enjoyable and successful project.

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Link Builder Required

We are looking for a full time link builder to build links to several websites to achieve and maintain our search engine results,especially for Google.

Please get in tocuh asap.

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SEO Link Builder

SEO Articles and Link Building

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Create (3) Real Estate Type Sites To Compliment Each Other.

Need an expert who can help with the creation, layout and integration of (3) real estate/property management websites. I need somebody who is creative and can come up with their own ideas and concept for us to go with. This would take someone who can understand the end results of what we are trying to achieve and then make it happen on the sites. The sites will have to be dynamic and will include functionalities such as:
-Different search queries
-Multiple subscriber types with varying levels of access to site
-Subscriber unique Profile page
-google map integration to locate business location
-registration forms
-subscription module w/ different payment plans
-Blog w/subscriber author privileges

Sites will be nationwide directory type listings, with features to view the subscriber profiles, location etc. The sites will also include a blog, articles section and FAQs. Managing (3) sites can be time consuming so there is the idea of somehow integrating the sites to all run off (1) Blog, article section and possibly registration.

Current sites:
Site #1 created 2007 is live PR3, will be scrapped. But can be used as a go-by.
Site #2 created 2011 is live PR0, Joomla 1.5

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Required Link Builder Expert

Need link builder expert for my project. Don

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Similar To LOL Cat Builder

Hello all

I am looking for a company that is 100% sure they can complete this project. Dont bid if you cannot do it.

I want a script built like the one on this page (lolcat builder) :

It need to have all these features.

Please give me a price and how long it will take to complete.
I also want this installed on my wordpress website.

Please only serious bidders, i want all the same functions as the example above.


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Link Builder Wanted (Karachi, Pakistan)


We need a link builder to work from our office in Karachi.

If you

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Joomla Community Builder + Groupjive Integration

This is what I need.

I have a social networking site built with Community Builder. I also have an older version of GroupJive installed within the site. As of right now, if someone wants to join a group, the user has to join the group or I have to manually drag them into the group in the backend. This is what I need from you.

When someone registers and selects that they are a "male"..I need them to be placed automatically, when registering, into the "male" group. In other words, I need that user to be forced automatically when he or she is registering for the site. I have a variety of groups (coinciding with custom Community Builder field values), so this would not just be for one group, but rather for a number of them. For example…

Jeff signs up and says he is inbetween 18 and 24, is a male, and is from California. I would need him to be placed within the 18-24 group, the male group, and also the California group *instantly* when he presses the Register button.


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Simple Online Exam And Resume Builder

You have to design a simple online exam and resume builder application using php and mysql.
there will be 3 user types.
1. general public
3.registered users.

Estimated time:5 days
Budget:40-50 USD.

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Website Builder

We are looking for someone to build a website builder where clients would have backoffice type of capability to manage and update their site content. Similar to like a godaddys website tonight, intuits site builder concept but more of a point and click from for clients to select from templates that are preloaded for them. clients would be able to upload photos,widgets, built in site analytics and other stuff.

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Community Builder Database Import/Export

I have a current Joomla site utilizing Community Builder. Database is existing. This database needs to be modified to include fields that match client formatting for incoming data. I need to import additional client data to populate existing user fields as well as populate new fields for each user that still need to be created. Client can provide xls or csv etc. Need the ability to export this data back to the client as well. In other words…the Community builder database and their company database need to talk to each other. I have all necessary field information and client database.

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Link Builder Needed

I need an experienced link builder for a reciprocal or 3-way campaign. You will be provided with link pages for the outbound links. Please, bid for a set of 25 links.

Links should meet the following criteria:
– Sites should be travel related.
– Links should be permanent; must be replaced if dropped within 6 months.
– At least half of the links should come from PR1+ pages (that refers to the page rank of the actual page the link is on, NOT the homepage).
– The link page must be cached by Google and Google must have crawled the page in the last 30 days.
– 1 link per IP address.
– No more than 20 outgoing links on page.
– No article or directory sites, blog comments, forum posts, popups, ads, sponsored links.
– No links from ping sites, banned sites, spam sites, scraped sites or classified sites.
– No profile links, Angela and Paul links or social bookmarking sites.
– No rel="nofollow" or "noindex" pages.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– Links must be static – no iframes, no redirects, no JS, no BS…
– Sites have to be at least 1 yr old.
– English language sites only
– TLD must be .com/.net/.biz/.org/.us/.edu sites – no .info, sorry.
– URL must not contain "links" or "partners" in it.
– Absolutely no Black/Grey hat techniques.


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Dynamic Dropdown For Joomla Community Builder Registration P

Modify Joomla community builder registration and edit registration page to have dynamic dropdowns. Should be clean and

This would allow users to input select from a table in and based on that would show items.
I have the list of items that need to be in and the items in
This project is similar to: was for country and was for cities based on country.

This could be done by CB Plugin or hardcoded as long as it gets into the database and can be edited later by user.

Joomla! 1.5.20
CB version is : 1.2.3

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Online Image Builder

We are looking to promote the coaching division of our company. We customize care plans for individuals nlooking to reconstruct their lives. This includes, seniors, those suffering loss through illness, addiction recovery just about anyone who wants a new begining and needs a support staff to facilitate their needs.

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Link Builder Required – Professionals Only!


We require experienced Link Builders only. Case studies must be provided.

Required are approximately 500 quality dofollow backlinks which will be permanant. You will need to advise us best as we are looking for someone who is qualified in this with long term experience.

PR2 upwards with Keywords/Alt tags in which we will specify.

Looking for someone who can start today if possible! So please, you need to demonstrate superior knowledge and if all goes to plan we will like to have you on board long term and for various of our clients.

Thank you,

Virtual Employer.

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Wikipedia Link Builder

Wanted Wikipedia link building expert. Im wanting a bunch of different links coming from Wikipedia for traffic and back-links.

Heres a video that will give you Ideas on how this can be achieved:

I would need as a detailed report and these links need to stick and not deleted

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Sports Uniform Builder/mock Up

I need a fully customized sports uniform builder/mock up that I can have either in my desk top or be able to access it from a satellite server or space. i want to be able to access it from anywhere and anytime. I need the builder to be sports interchangeable if this is possible, meaning if someone is in the market for football uniforms, with the click of the mouse I can change it to a football builder or if someone is in the market for baseball uniforms the same uniform builder can be changed to that sport. Changes should be the same for all other sports such as; basketball, softball, or volleyball etc. Again, only if this possible. otherwise I need a football, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball for now and eventually, I would like to have the same person design my website if the price is right. Also, the uniform builder should be designed for me to access, the uniform builder should be password protected. The builder is for me to use not the customer. Maybe in the future, I might change that feature and add to my website when thats built. Lastly, I want the builder to be in 3D and be able to make changes(styles, colors, team and player names and numbers etc.) and view all sides of the uniform (front, back, and sides) including the pants and or shorts. I thank you in advance for your interest in this project.

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Double Optin List Builder Needed For Home And Garden Blog

I am looking for a motivated & experienced list builder for my home and gardening blog. I need about 10,000 subscribers who are interested in home and gardening. The List Builder must promote my website and have people sign up to my list via my auto responder. List builder should target USA, Canada, Australia and UK. No fake emails or duplicate signups or IPs allowed. as this will result in non payment. No type of fraud is acceptable. In order to show you fully understand what I am expecting please PM me with how you are going to complete my job with the term "Home Gardening" in the subject line.

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Scrapebox Link Builder Needed.

I am looking for professional Scrapebox link builder.
You must have Scrapebox expirience and know how to get 1000s of backlinks in very short term.
I have numerouse of websites to be promoted.

Please let me know if you can help me to build links using Scrapebox ONLY! Include your fee in the PM.

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Website Similar To My

To All Professional Web Designers

website similar to needs to be built.

start time asap.

Please send information about your projects and experience and estimated price.

Looking for long term business relation with the right person (company)

No time wasters please, I need to start quickly

Thank you

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Mobile Website Builder

I need to develop a Mobile Site Builder:

Similar to, or

Trough a website I want to be able to create mobilesites with:

– Header (image)
– Page title
– RSS feed with diferent layouts (picture on top, picture aligned right,etc)
– Images
– Images gallery
– Google maps integration
– Links
– Share on Facebook
– Post On Twitter
– Like on Facebook option
– Click to Call
– Click to SMS
– Weather widget
– Form Builder (when completed is sent to an email adress)
– Store Locator (Optional)
– Insite Search Bar

Option to change colors and type of font (Regular, bold,etc), option to change background colors (site background, image background ). All the images and content must adapt to every mobile phone (some features obviously are not supported by every phone)

All the sites should have a subdomain of my domain.

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Mobile Site Builder

I want to a wap site builder script, of a very different concept and build from all the available ones on the wap site world, something like WAPKA.COM or WEN.RU, etc, but I want this project should be in such a way that:
1. Site creators, could insert html, php, css, wml, xhtml tags for their sites, all these formats should be available.
2. There should be simple games for users to add to their site
3. Forums, and club menus can also be added by site owners
4. Gallery option should also be available
5. Dating, messages, BB codes, flirt alerts should also be available
6. Also line editor option for site owners to use to edit their their sites
7. Advertising columns where I could enter up to 10 ads that will be randomly displayed on all the sites created from the wap builder
8. All created sites should be a subdomain of my site
9. Security of the site from hackers and hacking should be taken care of
10. Other features like Owner CP, Admin CP Mod Cp, should also be included as options
11. Users should be able to create their own avaters and similies
12. Shout box, that allows html tags
13. Chat room for users
14. Gusetbook, feedback form, News room, RSS feeds should also be added
15. And also any idea from you that might make it better is welcomed
It doesnt have to have all theses featres,just let me know what you can do or if you can build a wap site builder close to the likes of or

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Mobile Website Builder Needed

I need a mobile website for I dont want an app I want to have its own mobile site

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Top To Bottom Web Builder Needed

We needed top to bottom web builder. Our web site like to online investment and with MLM based.
Bid now then i will select good web developer and lowest rater.

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