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Remove Watermarks II

We have 100 images of clothing article from which we have to remove watermarks.

Our budget is $30 for 100 images, please do not bid more than this.

The watermarks must be removed in a very clean way without tampering the quality of the images.

The designer who gets this project can get an ongoing job for this similar kind of work.

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Web Designer Needed ASAP

I need a designer to convert my site into WP

Send me your quotes and portfolio/past projects

I will only pay via freelancer!!

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Symfony Project


I have a project at the moment in which I need someone to jump in right away, the project is a symfony based, I have already finished more than 30% of the application and I need a developer with sense of ownership and dedication to jump in. It will require a lot of communication and if things work well, I will continue working with other projects.

For the time being,

the project needs some modificstion to the backend and a lot of work to the frontend.

contact me for details

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This is a $450 project. I have 300 pages that need to be made. I will pay $1.50 per page. I only want the best designer. The instruction is below. If you want this project you must send 2 sample of the work below. DO NOT SEND ANY 2 sample. YOU MUST SEND 2 sample of the work below you can put watermark on it so i dont use it. I WILL NOT HIRE ANYONE that does not send sample. Please show me a template of the work below, do 2 sample and if done correctly i will hire you for the other 299 pages. Total project is $450 please bid $30 for the first 20 pages and send me 2 sample of the work below (do your best quality work the design must be the same as the one below. )

1. Go here after you go there it will redirect you to the actual site and the username is test(at) make sure you change the (at) to the at symbol the password is test . After you login it will take you here That is our Emergency Medical Response class. Students come online and take the class and take the quizes and they get a grade. Now that is all done but i need you to make another class in similiar design but i need a few things added. The new class will be in the same design as the old class but must be in this format so basically above the picture there should be 4 tab, one that says My Job Interview Class, My Jobs, My Job Settings, My EMT Class , do not make the tab green make it look good and make it match the site. Also above the tab it should be called My Activites , and the picture that picture there was for the Emergency Medical Response class this is the Job Interview Classroom so search google or something and find picture of job interview and put it there and instead of Emergency Medical Response make it say Job Interview Classroom just like this … Now also under the Jobe Interview classrom there is Job Interview Setting just like the picture… Under List all Job Titles you want to work in is a (textbox) so they can put in the list, and under list all cities you want to work in is another (textobx) and under that put a button that allow them to save it. and under that you can just copy all the chapters from onlinecampus.php And the last thing the design should also include a right side bar , in the right you will see a side bar that says # of JObs Applied put that in the design the sidebar you can make it look like this on that right side we are basically going to be putting all the job we will apply to. So this is very simple i have explained everything very clearly if you dont understand read it again, I am basically making a new class so i need a new page made, the new page should be similair to the old page but it should have 4 tab on top, a side bar and underneath the 4 tab it should have a different picture becuase it is a job interview class not an emergency class and under that there is a simple form.

The total project is for $450 , each page is $1.50 .. you can finish 1 page in less than 30 so you can make the $450 in a week if you work hard. If you want this project, please bid $30 for the first 20 pages and send me 2 sample of the work above (do your best quality work the design must be base on the instruction above.. you cannot send sample of any other work i want to make sure you understand my instruction and can do quality work. send me 2 sample of the work above so i can choose you as winner and make sure they look great.

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Graphic Designer Project

I need design related business card,brochure,Post cad,Posters etc

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Building A Website

Im looking for a very simple web design with a couple pictures and my contact info. Shouldnt be too long for an experienced designer but looking for a quick turnaround (hopefully finished today)

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Flyer Design

Need to design a flyer.

All bidders must have a good portfolio, high quality flyers to see.

This project is the beginning of more flyers projects

Budget $20-35

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Forum Posting Project For Sharaj

Forum Posting project for sharaj

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Forum Posting Project For Abdussamad

Forum Posting project for abdussamad

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Magento Project Work

I need magento work done. I need it done in 4days. What I need done is in the hotfile attachment

I want to use Magento for purchase offers and once validated the final product is activated or updated outside of Magento.
Magento is also used for users accounts to identify the user when he is out of Magentos pages.

Ill pay $225-275 for this work. Again it must be done in 4 days at the most. More projects to come after this one.

Normally Id pay $150 for this work but I need it done in 4 days or less.

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Finish My Project

Our programmer has completed the majority of the work but have to leave because of an upcoming holiday.

Your task will be to:

1) Tweak PayPal/Payment gateways which are already implemented
2) Make additional minor tweaking to our ecommerce site
3) Tweak signup process
4) Other minor tweakings*****
5) TESTING, TESTING, TESTING – we need you to test our payment gateways, coupon codes and affiliate systems – TESTING IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US!!!!!!!!!!!
6) Tweak coupon code, affiliate section features (Minor tweaking)
7) You may be required to do other small fixes as well


Who we are looking for:
– PHP Expert
– MUST be willing to start immediately
– MUST not be occupied with other projects
– MUST be available to discuss via skype and make changes immediately after discussion



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Backlink Building Project #1

This project is for M11ph

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Profile Link Building For Jai

I need 5170 forum profiles created.

You will need to create 11 email addresses (yahoo, etc.) and register 5170 forum accounts. You will then need to confirm the email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email. After that you will need to post the following information to the forum profile: name, address, birthday, picture, as well as 3-5 links.

I will give you the websites where you need to register as well as all of the information to add to the profile.

Ideally you should have some experience building forum profile links, but this is not absolutely necessary.

This project should be completed by December 7. If your work is good I will need you to complete similar projects for me every month.

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Project For ASAPwriter

The private projects as discussed!


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Another Repeat Project For NiNa07

For NiNa07 only

As discussed….. same as this project:

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Private Project: Rmvankoot Only!

Bex, please get in touch. I have some projects for you! ~ Helen

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Facebook Project For Marjanahmed13 And Other Invited Persons

Please bid here only invited person and marjanahmed13 as we can discuss about facebook related projects.

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Graphics Project

Im looking for the chosen provider to create a set of graphics.

For the right person with basic graphic design skills it should not take longer than a hour or two.

The ideal person for this job will have excellent reviews on GAF with a proven record of getting projects done in a timely manner.

Im looking to get this done ASAP so you must be ready to start this job immediately.

Any questions PM me.

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Web Designer Project


If you are an experienced web designer/developer who can design a site from scratch from a Photoshop (psd) file that we will provide, then we have work for you.

Below are our requirements: –

– Mush be experienced in using html, CSS and js (Dreamweaver)
– The site needs to be designed fully in CSS, so all the buttons/rollovers coding will need to be in a CSS file.
– All other coding must be in the cgi-bin
– Site to be WC3 compliant and will be checked
– Site needs to work in all browsers (All internet Explorer versions, Firefox and so on)
– Site to remain in the middle of all browsers (background to expand to fix all windows)
– For the top section, which includes the menu bar; for that section to remain open in order to reduce reloads on each click? No frames but something similar to frames that allows web search.
– Allow us to add more links/pages to the menu bar (through the CSS coding)
– We have 2 coded pages, which need to open within the sites body (all the coding for the Customer Login and Sign Up is complete, just need the pages to open within the site body section). The pages relate to the Sign-Up and Customer Login section to open within the parent section of the site.
– All feedback forms to work and connect to the cgi-bin
– Active pages e.g. rollovers, dropdowns and informative pop-ups
– Be able to read Mysql tables and display data as we do have a section on the site that will change monthly, (this must work on our servers).
– Must be able to work from Photoshop
– Small shopping cart linked to PayPal
All examples of our requirement will be provided in detail

Please only reply if you have more than 10 URL working examples that you have worked on and have fully completed.
Work must be done on our servers and payment will only be made after all the work has been completed, if payment is requested during the project or before all the work is completed and checked, or you withhold work, we will end the project.

We require for the site to be fully designed using CSS therefore no tables, no coding on the html pages itself only in the CSS. Please only reply if you are fully experienced with the above details and can work to deadlines.
We will only look at bids/providers who send URL

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Repeat Project For NiNa07

For NiNa07 only

As discussed….. same as this project:

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A department store has a bridal registry. This registry keeps information about the bride, the products that the store carries, and the products for which each bride registers. Some products include several related items: for example, dish sets, include plates, specialty dishes, and serving bowls. Brides typically register for a large number of products, and many brides register for the same products. A bride may also register for several of the same product but may register for different colours or types of each product. For example, a bride may register for bath towels, which typically come in sets (bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth), and may register for 4 blue bath towels, 4 blue/white striped bath towels, 8 blue hand towels, and 16 white wash cloths. The couple then notifies people who are invited to the wedding that they are "registered" at the store. The registry also must keep track of what registered items have been purchased for the bride so that a current list showing items registered for but not yet purchased can be produced for friends and family who come to the store. The friends and family can then purchase items on the list which then have to be marked as having been bought. For example, someone may come in and buy only one place setting of the brides china. If eleven other people do the same thing, the bride will receive twelve full place settings of new china.
Information kept about brides includes name and fiances name, address and phone number. Product information includes product number, description, and store department in which the product can be found.


You are required to produce a report which documents the following tasks:

Use Oracle Designer to produce for the Analysis stage: i.e. Process Modelling/ Dataflow (just one of these), plus Entity-Relationship and Function Hierarchy diagrams for the system given in the scenario. Also generate the server model and database tables using database design transformer and the Generate tables option from design editor. State any assumptions made and justify any design decisions made during the analysis stage.

Use Oracle Designer to develop and generate Modules and Forms. Use your own data use the form(s) to add data and then conduct queries on the data

Critically Evaluate the quality of your database design, the user interface aspects of your forms design and the Oracle Designer components used to carry out this assignment.

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Help With Building A Joomla Community… Must Be CB Fluent.

I need an assistant Joomla expert to help in building a new community site. Must have excellent background in Community Builder, CB Subs, Joomla 1.5x, as well as outstanding English fluency. Job will primarily involve installing and configuring extensions, etc. No significant design tasks. Could eventually evolve into an ongoing series of projects.

ONLY bids that include private messages with links to sample sites and/or portfolios will be considered. ONLY bids by solo Joomla experts will be considered. Do not bid if you are a large group provider.

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Project For Building 10000 Fans On My Page..

I need 10000 fans on my page….

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Website Design

This project is to make changes to an existing website and to create a new website.

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W3b link build campaign

A W3bmaster link building project. Thanks for your interest

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Fund Transfer Software

This is a project designed to allow reliable programmers with the funding they are entitled to.

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Sahtya21 Ringtones Project

Sahtya21 Ringtone Project

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Link Building Project

I want high pr links from celebrity blogs, entertainment blogs and other related sites. This is a long term project that pay $5 per link exchange from a pr 4 or higher blog. $10 per review (with one way links) posted on other related blogs with pr 4 pr higher

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