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Looking For BLOG Writers

We are currently looking to employ one or more qualified bog writers to write a testing article about our product, and publish it on their own blogs, facebook, or forum. The requirements are as follows:
1. You must have an iphone4 and be a fan of iphone, as one of our products is a kind of air jacket for iphone4.
2. You must have a high level of influence through your blog, facebook or forum.
3. Applicants from America or Canada are preferred.
After winning the tender, we will offer a free product to you. You are then required to write a positive article about the product, attach some pictures or videos along with a link to our website. After our review, you need to publish this article on your blog, facebook or forum, reply to all the questions as soon as possible and make sure it becomes a hot topic in one week. If everything goes well, you will be given further opportunities to co-operate with our company.

Payment: 50% will be paid after our review , and the remaining 50% will be paid one week later.

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Looking For Blog

I am looking to buy a blog with content i wana use adsense on tht blog so blog must have unique content and can make 3$ to 5$
per day

blog must have legal content no porn
just have good traffic on it

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Looking For Ebay Business Supplier Or Parnther…

Hello, I need someone to supple my Ebay store or send money for me to buy items in Bulk for it..

I am strictly business.

And if you help me you will get 25% ( will increase) and postive review.

I am looking to sell Electronics like laptops, tvs and Dvd players and eventaully clothes..Name brands and more….

I am very serious.. I am not looking to scam.. I am looking to make a business.

Possibly long term..

PM for details

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Content Writers Wanted For A Blog.

This is a long term project. You will make 1$ per rewritten article, around 250 words. The article should be related to the latest business/technology news. You should upload the article to my blog.

You will get paid after every article through paypal.

You have to write one article every two days.

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Looking For Blog Writers

I am looking for professional blog writers who can write blogs on ezdia related to its project posting features. He should be regular and professional blog writers. His blog page rank should be high and having good amount of traffic. I will pay $5 per article. But the article will be high quality and no chopped English. Should pass from copyspace.

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