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Multi Media Development Business Site Design

Project Description

The winning developer will design and build a business website. we will provide the logo and all copy/text used within the site.

The project will consist of designing and building 3 pages including a contact form so that emails and quote information can be sent via email.

We are looking for an easy eye catching, professional, clean, easy 2.0 website. That focuses on the service that we provide

Please submit your portfolio we would love to see your work. Developers we like will receive details about the project. Were looking to start this project ASAP.
here is a similar

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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Meeplace Script Modifications Needed

– The city list for people registering as a new user is way too long and hard to use. We want this to be an auto suggest box. This needs to work with wildcards at both ends of the results ( i.e. *term* instead of term* )

– We also need to have a good multi country functionality added. All of our listings right now are limited to the US, we would like to be able to add new countries. This doesnt have to be through the CMS, we are comfortable with editing the database to add countries if need be.

– We also need a better tell-a-friend page. We want the script to request permission from the user to pull their contacts exactly the same way that facebook does this. We need to do this with gmail, aol, comcast, msn, hotmail and all yahoo addresses (.com etc.).

– Due to the fact that this is a business directory script, its not easy to add products in a cohesive manner. We need a separate page template that would allow for product listings that would leave out some non necessary info such as zip code, street address etc. This would be the default page template for several of our categories so we would need to be able to control that as well. We want a new tab in the admin panel for product management.

– The city autosuggest feature is buggy. Right now if a city has multiple zip codes it suggests once for each zip. So if you have a larger city like LA you end up with close to 100 suggestions.

– We have created a new header template through photoshop. I would like this sliced and coded in css and used as the new header design for every page.

– We want to create a new sorting function in the search results. This would allow us to sort by name/rating and one other category that we will discuss later.

– We also have small design bugs throughout the script. Such as an extra linebreak in the search results that we would like removed.

$500 Dollar Bonus for the following features beyond your estimate

We are offering an additional $500 USD if you can complete the following two tasks. In your quote please list whether or not you are able to complete these additional tasks.

– WordPress integration. I want to have wordpress installed in a directory called /blog and I would like to have it so that people logged in through meeplace would be able to comment on blog posts and the username would link back to their meeplace profile. This needs to use the same stylization as the rest of the site.

– Meeplace offers a premium listing feature, we just want to automate the payment process so that it is hands off. We want a custom area for people who have approved claimed businesses that will allow them to become premium members by paying a recurring monthly amount through paypal. Once approved their business would be featured and highlighted at the top of all pages where their search results would normally appear. We also would like to add the ability for a featured business owner to select which of their user reviews they would prefer to have highlighted. These reviews would be featured at the top of their business page.

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Increase Traffic And Business

Hi Folks,

I have couple of websites in different areas, I am looking for a candidate who can improve traffic and business for my websites.

Need someone with very good experience with facebook.

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Ecommerce Affiliate Site Builder For Business Cards Etc

We require a software that will allow us to create an ecommerce site with various products like greetings cards and business cards, calendars et.But the software must also allow us to create affiliate sites.Please only reply if you have done this before or have a ready to go product

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DotNetNuke Business Skin For Business Presentation WebSite

I am looking for a web designer to implement a clean, simple, business skin for a DNN site.
Skin should specifically exclude any not necessary items such as social networks references, 3-rd party add space (such as Google or other exchange systems).
Design should allow multi-language versions selection (for the versions set in the backweb as available), clean business menus (dynamical and allowing nice layout for at least 2 levels), a set of custom flash banners on the site thematic (enterprise infrastructure IT projects).
Design background should be WHITE, main colour of design artifacts (lines, menus, partial area background, etc.) is preferred to be blue.
Please observe existing company logo and visual identity on the web site
Existing content (which is in-hose design from scratch, not DNN) should go as a link from the presentation site.
An ideal result would look much like this site which can be taken as reference (especially for menu, flash and organization) –
For integration reasons we can only accept DNN Skin projects. Please do not send proposals for any other technology.

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Design Artwork For Business Vans – Garden Company

We have recently launched a new brand and logo for our business

We now require our company vans to have a design created to suit our branding.
Here is the vehicle we need branded (white):×384.jpg

Please provide designs in EPS and high quality PDF versions (we will get the stickers printed and installed to the vans).
We would like 2-3 samples to choose from with revisions permitted.

We also have a new business card which you can use a similar design for (attached).

Please only respond if you have had previous experience with designs for cars and/or a portfolio/samples for us to review.


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Online Teaching 20% Commission

im a teacher having an experience of five years. i do have practical knowledge and its implementation on the operation of business. i offer courses like banking laws and practices,marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, economics,
Offer Worldwide Through Online System
IF u can bring student for us we will pay u 20% commission on every course

Courses Fees Are Between $100-$125

Bid Here Fast
We Will Choose Approximately 3 Bidder Person

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HR Managment, Process Optimization Using SixSigma, BD

Process Optimization using Six Sigma mathods.
Business Development Strategies and Implementation, resource Hiring, Project Management
HR process development,

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Business Website Design/Code/more Needed

I need a web-site for a business, similar to this one ( I plan on selling toys and electronics, about 500 + products. I will need a shopping cart, login and registration, A design on the site pages for background, any buttons/links/text,and the general looks of the site(excluding a logo)to go on this site I want to be able to edit the HTML and to up-load products to the site so please add comments to the code so I can understand what they mean(You dont have to go into to much detail w/the comments, I have a basic understanding of HTML). Id like to see some of your work before I accept an offer. My budget is about $200 to $500.


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Business Coaching Start Up Project

Im planning to start a business in business coaching in Australia (based in Brisbane), and need some assistance in starting this up.

A brief outline of what I would require is as below:
1. A website ~ $1,000AUD
2. Web contents on business coaching ~ $100AUD – $300AUD
3. Internet marketing & SEO ~ $500AUD
4. A contractual agreement for service ~ $500AUD
5. Business brand/image design ~ $500AUD
6. Business plan inclusive of a marketing research ~ $200AUD – $500AUD

Prices are indicative only, but please do not deviate too much from it.

I would prefer if your proposal can do all of the above, however, proposals for individual sections of work will still be considered, please submit your proposal and let me know clearly what you can assist with and provide me with examples and a forecast budget.

Timing for project completion is 30th June 2011, and payment terms will depend on the proposal submitted.

Experiences with Australian business consulting will be highly regarded, portions may also be required over a period (e.g. web contents and SEO).

Regular communication is expect for the successful provider.

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My name is Luis Enrique Berrios and I am an Angel Investor looking to invest up to $5k for with minimum 30% stake and 15% Royalty for a completely though out business plan.

This will be a first come first serve basis.

Please send my your NDA before we discuss any part of your business plans.

Once you received the signed NDA back from me we can move to the next step which is a phone conversation to discuss your Company/Project.

Please contact me for further details.

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MYSQL Database Creation Needed

Database Situation

We are looking for someone that will work with us to build
a database to make it easier for our company to manage various nuances of our business. We are in the
telecommunications management business supporting hundreds of locations worldwide. We need a
mysql database that will allow us and our clients to access account, contract, and vendor information
through a web access portal on our web site. There are dynamics associated with telecommunications
that require slightly more robust database functionality. The goal of the database is to keep track
of the many facets of an organizations communication services and equipment. Since no two businesses
are exactly alike we need the flexibility to build a companys information based on what they have and
not a cookie cutter profile.

Please see attached document for more project details. Please email questions and your project bid. We are looking for a flat project fee, not to be paid hourly.

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PSD To Business Catalyst Site

We will supply you with the PSD file for the site layout, You will need to login to our business catalyst site and update the 2 site templates (main and sub)and layouts for the shop etc, the site is similar to You must be familiar with Business Catalyst.

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Data Needed For Business’ In St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK

I need the following data for all companies based in St Ives in Cambridgeshire:

Company Name
Category of business (I.T. Support / Taxi… etc….)
Website Address
Description of company (probably easy enough to take from the meta tags of there site)
Email Address
Keywords (probably easy enough to take from the meta tags of there site)
Twitter user name if possible (not to worried about this at the moment)

Please send examples of the data you could provide to make sure were on the same lines.

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Web Design Project For Afzaal Business Cards

Project details will be posted in email

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Ipad Application Catalog For Field Representatives

Hi there,

Application will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. I need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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SEO & Social Media For A Small Business

Get me real clients to the site

I need someone who has shown redults before.
You need to be able to do SEO & Social Media –
This is for a small business.
If you can do a GOOD job here then you will be used for many other projects that I am working on.
You may be hired permenantly if I think you are able to do this and know what you are doing.


Lower bids will be prioritised – however for future projects a reasonable price can be set.

Happy Bidding!!!

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Business Listing Sites For Sayantan Ghosh

I need 10 category themes created for the following using Directory Press


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Facebook Business Page Design

4 different Facebook business page design
-Custom avatar (profile pict)
-Reveal tab (to force the like before they can see offer)
-Landing / offer page (where you make your special offer)
-Optin box (aweber)
-Custom graphic representation for some kind of give away to encourage the
-optin for future marketing
3 different Webpage design making
1 existing webpage redesign.

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Urgent Brochure Design Tidy Up

Need Graphic Artist to tidy up A4 brochure design
Letter Head and Business Card

I have our letter head , business card and brochure however i feel it needs a tweak here and there

Will welcome any suggestions to our standard design

Budget under $50

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