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Iphone Developer Expert

I want a programmer who can make similar like the iPhone Viber App but dont make it too obvious.
-Add the Call me tone/Caller tone, Caller Tunes feature to it. Both these two should work together.

Note: Serious Bidders only and No time wasters Please. Make sure you have reviews before you can Bid.

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Cold Caller Needed To Call Local Businesses: Free Web Design

Hey Freelancers,

I have a list of companies that I would like for you to call. I am offering my free website design services and need your help. The call will be extremely easy and quick. If you are experienced and do a good job, I would be willing to hiring you on a full time basis based on your results. Looking forward to your bids.



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Celebrity Caricatures Needed

Celebrity caricatures required

Simon Cowell (X-Factor UK Judge / American Pop Idol Judge)

Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud Singer / X-Factor UK Judge)

Dannii Minogue (X-Factor UK Judge)

Louie Walsh (X-Factor UK Judge)

Michael Caine (UK Actor)

Arnold swarchenegger (Actor / US Governor)

Sly Stallone (US Actor)

Alan Partridge (UK Sitcom Character – played by Steve Coogan)

Family Guy Cartoon Characters (Group of Peter, Stewie, Cleveland, Quagmire, Joe)

Homer Simspon (Simsons Cartoon Character)

Bingo Caller #1 (made up character) – in the style of

Bingo Caller #2 (another fictional character)

Please quote for all 12 caricatures (including the family guy group), they dont need to be completely accurate, just simple and atleast with a reasonable likeness. Prefer delivery in editable vector format – if you want to deliver in another format please say when bidding – must be large enough size for printing. Can provide photos/links if your unable to find photos. Any other questions just ask! Possibility for future work if price & quality acceptable.

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Caller ID Application

This is about a Caller ID application.

This is a really easy and quick project since most of the part will be done from the client since its need a lot of customisation that can

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Cold Caller With A+ English Speaking Skills Needed

We are web development company looking for an expert cold caller to help generate meeting bookings for our sales representatives.

Looking for someone to do 1-2 days worth of cold calling to Australian (Victorian) based small to medium sized business.

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Cold Caller Required To Book Meetings

Cold calling other businesses and arranging meetings for a website development business.

You must be able to travel to new Farm, Brisbane daily and have an ABN.

$15/h , 5 or 6 hours per day. Initially for a 4 week period, but ongoing if it proves to be successful.

2 hour lunch break, plenty of food places near by. Fun office to work in.

Provided: Call list, laptop, phone, desk in shared office.

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A2billing Sms And Ivr Verification For Adding Clid


We have currently asterisk 1.4 and a2billing 1.8.1 installed on Centos 5.5 OS. We need to add clid verification for the customers while adding a caller id to their accounts.

To give an example.
if a customer wants to add +44XXXXXXXX( mobile number ) as caller id to his account. They should click "Add caller id" button in billing system and then they should enter their phone number. The system should sent them a unique code via sms and they will enter the unique code back to a2billing . After this process it will be provef that the phone number entered in a2billing is belonging to them.
A2billing will use this number as clid for that account.

Also the customers should be able to add more than one phone number with this method. and they will be able to see which phone number are verified to be used as clid for their accounts.

The same process will also required for non mobile phone numbers. This time instead of sms their should be ivr.

When they click add caller id button a uniqu code will be shown on a2billing and ivr will call the customer and they will be required to enter the unique code to ivr.

We are looking for a specialist to add this fuctions to a2billing


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Bingo Caller

i am wanting a bingo caller numbers 1 to 75 and card generator consisting of 24 random numbers and a free spot in the center made for a upcoming bingo site

i need it to operate as such,,
2 patterns for games being 1 line anywhere on card and a 4 corner on a card that will alternate back and forth leaving room to add more patterns at a later date.
Pattern name,current number,cards displayed on page
9 cards generated
when member joins cards are sorted,numbers called are highlighted on their cards for them.
if a member has a winning card game ends with a popup idles for 60 sec displaying winner and auto starts new game there after with a 60 sec start delay,a play button should be displayed so player does not get card function until play is clicked but can see called numbers and current number being displayed..

programmer should be available for future projects of the same nature,additions,mods ect..

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Time Caller

Especification: iphone app in which you can add your favorite callers, you will choose if this caller you want to text or call, image next to the name and number should be included depending of this variabale. This app must include a setting in which you can setup a timer in which a message will prompt if you like to hang-up or redial the active call. The timer must start at the beginning of the call and this must be trigger when the call is dial from the addressbook.

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EMCM – Enriched Mobile Call Manager

I need to get a mobile call management application developed deliverable with source code and build/packaging process.

Feature List
Feature 1

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I Am Looking For Cpa Caller

I am looking for cpa approval service now.. I have big network lists, about 50+, if you do this ,pls contact me,
And also I need some one help me to call affiliate network for resolve issue..$30-100 per case.

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Bellcore FSK Caller ID Decoder Circuit Design

I need a circuit design to decode the FSK based caller ID can be used in USA (bellcore standard 1200baud).
The circuit should be compatible to connect to any microcontroller preferably PIC MCUs. Microcontroller circuit need not have to be designed. The output of the designed circuit should be compatible with any microcontroller.

PM me for more details

Happy bidding

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Caller Id On Steroids

I need schematics, part #s , source codde and a full working prototype of
a caller id that will read data from a SD card and compare the phone numbers to see if they are "A list" or "R list" if Ph# is A list lets the phone ring, if ph# is R or is not specified it drops the call

must be capable of handling at least 100 A list and 100 R list

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New Android App

How it will work:

1. When user run application, It have to answer (On hook) any incoming call, play a sound like MP3 or … In the meantime, this application have to mute all the rings when user have incoming calls or SMS, If Caller hint 9 then this application will run a music to alert driver, have an emergency call if driver press answer key the call will connected to the end user otherwise, the caller will record a message.
2. If user does not hint 9, application has to record user message.
3. Application has to show records and Caller ID in two separate list, Emergency or non-Emergency.
4. User can dial any number in the list by click on them.

Options: if user has Bluetooth Speaker, application has to show an option to answer calls on Bluetooth speaker.

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Skype Interfacing With SAPI

What we need is a set of re-usable functions in C# which can be used to interface skype with Microsoft Speech API.
These functions must be able to:

1.Answer a skype call after a certain number of rings a synthesized speech
3.record/stream what caller says after each text to speech message, send it to SAPI for speech recognition, and return the recognized speech as an string output.

Text to speech message to be played, or a sound file is given to these functions as an argument. outputs of these functions should be: status
2.callers phone number
3.recognized speech as string
4.Recorded messages [see example below]

A few sample conversations are given below:

Software: Hello, you have called [name], who do you want to speak with?
Caller: John
Software: [name] is not available at the moment john, would you like to leave a message?
Caller: yes, please
Software: Please leave your message after the beep, and hang up when finished
Software: Hello, John, how may I help you?
Caller: Have I got any messages?
Software: Yes, you have one new message, do you want to hear it?
Caller: yes, please
Software: [plays last recorded message]

Just to make it clear, All we need from the chosen contractor is skype interfacing functions with SAPI. The content of conversations such as above are generated by other parts of the software.
This is part of a bigger project, so if the chosen contractor performs well enough, there is a possibility of a long-term business.

Skills Required:
C#/.Net, Microsoft SAPI, Skype API

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IPhone Call Controler Application – Urgent

This is a safety application and any one can use it while driving.

How it have to work:

1. When user run application, Application has to answer (On hook) any incoming call, play a sound like

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Spoof Caller ID

Dear bidders,

I am having my own VoIP GSM gateway that basically used for termination business, what i need is when the calls terminated via the SIM cards installed in my gateway, either the caller ID number shows at the called party or a value I specify like 000 or "No Number" . I DO NOT WANT MY GATEWAY SIM CARDS NUMBERS SHOWN AT THE CALLED PARTY!

i surfed couple of websites explaining that with combining Asterisk and A2billing that would be possible, and that would be ultimate also for establishing a spoofing calling card service , where assigning a DID and callers calls in , they will be asked to Enter their PIN# , their number , and the number they wish to be shown at the called party.

Note: The mobile operator here in Egypt does not allow CLI restriction.

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Asterix Project


We require an asterix solution for our business.

Here is what we are trying to achieve:

1. caller dials into our hotline

2. caller says location(eg NSW)

3. caller says product id

4. ivr reads out contact details of recommended technician to fix problem based on LOCATION and PRODUCT ID.

Many Thanks.

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Telemarketing Caller

This will involve calling cold leads and having them go through a 3 step online process.
An internet connection is necessary as you may have to send out emails.
If you are equipped with a way to call the usa that would be a great help skype is
also an option.
Native English skills are a must and anyone considered will be tested before being hired
This will be a part time job leading to full time.
4 to 8 hours a day.
200 a month part time — 400 a month full time.

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IVR Software

Design of IVR software writen in .net. I need the software to do the following:
1. Deliver Automated pre-recorded messages via telephones.
2. Automated telephonic surveys.
3. Record verbal feedback and speach to text capabilities.
4. Web based upload.and the ability to run software by user protected passwords.
5. Administrative back end including billing platform.
6. control implements call routing and queuing functionality and is used to provide custom ACD capability to an application. CallTimer control maintains a call duration timer and allows a maximum call time to be set on all or part of a call.
7. Delay control implements a waiting period for the caller while some other activity takes place.
8. Dial control is used to go offhook and to start a call, transfer an existing call to another extension or phone or dial some digits to an automated system, such as a pager service.
10.GetDigits control plays a greeting and waits for digits from the caller for a predetermined amount of time.

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Iphone-Ipad-app/ GeoLocation/caller/ID-display

Need to develop an APP for the IPHONE
1) when pressed it calls a fixed number and sends multiple emails
2) Gives the geolocation of the user
3) Send the caller number as an ID and password
4) Sends three Peoples names to the receiver.

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Speech Wav File To Text Conversion



I have an website ( Php/MySql) where I use telephony APIs to interact with callers. But at some point int he middle of a call, I need to ask the caller to say their alphanumeric user ID. The user ID is saved on my web server in the form of a wav file. I want to be able to convert the wav file into text format and use the user ID to do some SQL lookup and reply back while caller is still on the phone.

The caller user ID code is spoke using ICAO standards codes, a combination of only these words and nothing else:

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Fox, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Union, Victor, Whiskey, Xray, Yankee, Zulu, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero.

Ideally, I like to be able to have something like this format of execution on Linux:

wavToTextConverterExecuitible -i inputWavFile -o outputTextFile

Thanks, Sharok

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Automatic Text Message And Voice Message Solution

We seek a custom solution for our message forwarding service. In a nutshell this solution will automatically send text messages with preset messages to a group of cell phones and automatically deliver voice messages to the same group of cellphones in response to an incoming call. Incoming calls may be received by land telephone lines or through a cellphone line.
The solution we seek may be implemented in either software or hardware or a combination of both. The contractor may design a new solution from the ground up or he may choose to adapt already existing solutions( hardware/ software) to achieve our objective.
Regardless of how this solution is achieved it is required to have the following functionalities:

There will be a database that will be used to store client data. The database must be able to hold a large number of data, at least 100000 records.
Each record in the database will be contain the following fields:

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IPhone : Caller


" An iPhone/iPad application for generating automated calls.
" A tab bar with RUN and TEST RESULTS tabs.
" RUN tab Should have fields for user-defined settings at runtime

More requirements available for selected individual.

Domain: iPhone Voice Calls, Internet Connection, FTP, Ping, GUI, presentation

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Caller Line Identification


We are a development company ourselves and are developing a website for our client. This website would contain a huge database of business name and business number. Client also wishes to have a customer support for their clients. The customer support agents would receive calls and they wish an application to fetch the name of the business based on the number in the caller line identification and show the name of the business on screen. There also could be a scenario when a new business is calling and in that case there should be an option to enter details of that business while on the call. This will help them to see name of that business when they call again.

The database from which the numbers would be fetched is in MySQL. Hence the application built for customer support should be able to connect with the MySQl Database.

I would need this application completed asap. Thanks in advance.

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Windows Phone 7 Caller ID


I am looking for someone to build a caller id application for Windows Phone 7. It should work the following way:
1. An unknown number calls the phone
2. The application sends an async request to a website (, note this may be a web service so you dont have to screen scrape
3. A name is returned and displayed on the phone screen
4. After the call is completed a notification shows up asking if the person should be saved to the address book
5. Save the contact if the users presses yes

Thats it.

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Call Center Application Using Asterisk

I am new to Asterisk and need some help getting to where I need to be. I am opening a callcenter and I will want to use softphones. I am running AsteriskWin32 and would prefer if you can maintain me on Windows. Im not a fan of Linux. Right now, I have 10 SIP trunks, this will grow. I also have a broadband connection of 4 mb. I can make and receive calls at the moment, but thats about it. Also, I have the one computer that I will use, but I will be expanding. This computer is serving as the Asterisk server and the first operator, but as we expand so can the system.

What I need (or so I think): I need a pbx manager that will manage incoming calls. When an incoming call comes in, I will want the app to open a webpage and transmit the caller id and dnis info in the page (example:"dnis from caller"&callid="caller id from caller").

Also, depending on the dnis, I would like a welcome message (hold music) to play before the call is answered by an operator. What I mean is, depending on the dnis info, the hold music will be different.

In addition to this key feature, I would like other features like call transfer, hold music (determined by dnis), call recording, search for available operator, call forwarding to specific phone numbers defined by dnis, reporting (like queue, call length, various measurements), sending incoming calls to remote locations, and outgoing calls via skype when we hit a max number of minutes or when we call long distance. Chances there will be more/change orders as we go forward, so you will most likely make more money in addition to your first bid.

I also need a soft phone, I am testing a free version of a few, but if you like one, let me know.

Please keep in mind that we will be expanding, so I dont want to hit extension limitations.

IMPORTANT: part of your task will be to educate my as to the use of this system. I am an asp programmer so hopefully I will be able to keep up. If it works out, you may become a regular contractor for me for system maintanance.

Finally, I have a beginners budget for this project, so please give me your best bid.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks


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Custom Caller ID Based On Number Dialed Asterisk

We have a client that owns a couple flower shops throughout the country. The use Asterisk 1.4.25 at their headquarters. At the headquarters they have a small call center (4 agents) that follow up calls makes calls on behalf of their remote stores. They want to their phone system to change the Outbound Caller ID based on what phone number the call center agent dials, if that number exists in their customer database. Heres an example

Agent = Jane Smith, Exten = 100, Default Outbound Caller ID = 310-555-1212
Customer1 = Joe King, Phone Number 661-555-1212, Local Store Phone Number = 661-888-1212
Customer2 = Diane Wallace, Phone Number 212-555-1212, Local Store Phone Number = 212-888-1212

Jane Calls a Joe King
Asterisk looks to see if Joes number is in the customer Database
If it is, then Janes caller ID is changed to 661-888-1212
If not then Janes caller ID stays 310-555-1212

Jane Calls Diane Wallace
Asterisk looks to see if Dianes number is in the customer Database
If it is, then Janes caller ID is changed to 212-888-1212
If not then Janes caller ID stays 310-555-1212

We can run a dump from the customer database to create a csv file that has Customer phone number, Store Phone number. Well update the csv file nightly. But it will always be in the exact same location on the asterisk server and the format will never change.

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Asterisk + Trixbox + A2billing Customization

Hi there I need a quote for the following customization for a2billing.

First I will explain my scenario for you to understand my idea.

I have 2 servers with trixbox 2.6 on diferents locations. One of them has a2billing and the other is my call destination for my customers. The problem is that the bandwith between them is very low in peaks hours and only 1 simultaneous call is possible. during not peak hours 2 simultaneous calls are available.

What I want is to do a customization to a2billling or asterisk do the following
when there is 1 call in progress and a second caller goes into a2billing. The second caller will setup a regular call but at the moment of place the call if there is 1 call in progress in that trunk the system will play a sound file and schelude the call for later when the line is available. When the line is available the system will callback the customer trough a system trunk and will play a sound file for example "Do you still want your call to be placed press 1 to place the call or hung up" if pressed one the system will connect automatically with the number he previous dial in the previous call.

I want to be able to ad anothers trunks with this characteristic in the future.

I want to setup a voice broadcast system.
my goal is to call for example 100 phone numbers and play a voice msg if posible select my caller id, I dont know if this can be done with campaings in a2billing.

Any sugestions are welcome????

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Anonymous Caller Reject Script Installation Asterisk Trixbox

Looking for an experienced asterisk / freepbx / trixbox programer to install a script that will block all calls which do not show a caller id.

The script may already exist. Therefore, only installation would be needed.

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