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I need an experienced expert to set up a PPC campaign so we can test keywords for 2 websites.

I need a true expert that has experience in setting up and running a successful lead generate system, using Google pay per click.

You will set up a ppc campaign, tweek and select keywords that will generate many leads per day.

please only apply if you have experience in this,



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Google Adwords Campaign Management

Required Search engine marketing person for handling campaigns

Need to work on keyword analysis, Grouping campaign management, & optimization, set up proper advertising campaigns for google adwords. Do analysis for month and make changes by every week to get better positon. My budget is $30 to $75.

Please add your past experience related to this.

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SEO Articles,link Building Campaign & SBs

as discussed for link building campaign

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Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Im looking for someone who can facilitate a mass email marketing campaign to auto dealers. I have a list of 40k in names.

* You need to be white-listed. Your account/ISP etc. can not be considered a spammer.


*will want an html based email as well, must be created.

* Emails MUST go to the inbox and NOT to the junk or spam folders.

*Must create a gmail account which will forward on to my personal email notifying me when someone is requesting more information or would like to schedule a phone call.

*If done properly so all emails reach the inbox this campaign should last about month.

*Multiple ips must be used to ensure that the email is not blocked or sent to spam.

* You should be able to send these on a given date and time.

* You should be able to provide reports, including opened, read, bounced, click-throughs, etc.

* About 50 random emails in the list will be used to verify – you need to be able to deliver 98% successfully.

Looking for a long-term partner.

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Adwords Live Campaign

Hi. I need someone to creat adwords account and run it with my campaign. I have new website and credi card for it. But you should guarantee that campaign would not stop. So you must be adwords professional

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PayPerClick Advertising – Detect Via Keyword

What I need done:

Detect certain keywords on my site(they vary from page to page) automatically detect which ones are on my site. Have a database or something like this.

NameOfMyAd, http://URLOfImage , http://ImageClickURL,Keywords for that campaign, Total Paid, HowMuchMoneyLeft,PricePerClick

for example: Lets say I have someone promoting an IPad Offer.

Free IPad 2; , ; ; free ipad, get ipad free, ipad 2 free, etc. ; $10 ; $5 ; $0.10

Once the row/campaign or whatever you wish to call it runs out of money, have the campaign stop.

Be able to have it load via javascript or whatever would be used that when someone comes across a page with any of the mentioned keywords for that "row / campaign / ad" that ad will be loaded.

Before payment, I REQUIRE to see a WORKING EXAMPLE of this.


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Targeted Emailing Campaign

We are looking to start an ongoing targeted email campaign to generate leads for our new software product. We have already written all the content for the email campaign but need to find someone who can help us compile lists of relevant companies, their emails and actually send out the emails. This is not a one time job. If you are diligent and can come up with innovative ways to build relevant lists of company emails, then we will continue working with you indefinitely.

Candidates who can be online via Skype for a brief period of time each day will have priority.

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Facebook IFrames Coder.


Need someone to turn my PSD vision into a Facebook Landing Page using iFrames preferably.
Landing page will include:
-4 boxes with text and pictures, 3 of them will lead to a website.
-1 will include a campaign – newsletter registration, share button, picture gallery, link leading to information on Facebook.
-Campaign will induce 1 finalist per day and show them on the campaign information.
-Quality is essential.
Bid and write PM to get the Photoshop Document.

Happy bidding!

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Adwords Optimisation & Management

I have been running a succesful adwords campaign for one month but yesterday sacked the campaign manger as he was not proving reports and still after 4 weeks had not supplied Analytic codes.

I currently have 1 campaign with 14 ad groups. I need someone to come in and tweak the account. Get rid of the non performing keywords and add new keywords. I notice I am also loosing out on clicks due to budget so I need advice here.

So with this project you will be cleaning up my current campaign and reducing cpc.

Only certified google people need apply

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AdWords Project & Possibly Frequent Future Work


I represent a Canadian automobile dealership. We have prepared a Google AdWords campaign, following generally recommended principles — separate Search and Display ad campaigns, very granular keyword splits, modified broad match, appropriate geotargeting, negative keywords, relevant ads and landing pages. Despite all of this, we are having difficulty increasing our clicks and CTR.

Our suspicion is that there is something very fundamental that we have missed, which if done could substantially improve our campaign. We are looking for an AdWords pro to take a look, provide feedback, and make any required adjustments. There should be no need to build a new campaign, hence the lower price point.

IMPORTANT: I am looking to build a relationship with one or multiple AdWords professionals for future work. I anticipate many similar projects in the future. If you are interested in building AdWords campaigns of moderate complexity on a regular basis, please send me a bid and any additional information you feel is relevant.

Criteria for this project, and for the ongoing relationship: Communication skills, responsiveness, diligence, and substantial experience with Google AdWords. All criteria are equally important to me. This particular project is small, but there is opportunity for regular ongoing work, for the right candidate(s).

Feel free to PM me with any questions.


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Ads Campaign

I am looking for someone who can get clients post ads onto the following websites:

This job has also been advertised elsewhere. Only serious individuals would be considered. You are encouraged to post your sample ads too on the above sites….. those who do so will be highly considered.

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Small PPC Campaign

We are exclusively in NYC. we will work with a very small budget initially. You must be knowledgeable and have the time and b able to answer our questions. This is long term

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Google Campaing

Need a certified google adword to continue the google adword campaing that we have in place for aproximtly a year,
to expertly research and develop likely multi-word phrases for use as

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Email Test Rendering Application

See web site. We are interested in technology that we can have developed that would provide us with this same functionality for our internal mailing system.

The ability to identify "test" email addresses for many popular email service providers such as yahoo/aol/msn, etc. Then have our email platform deliver the message to these "test" seed accounts and your technology should retrieve the test messages that were delivered to the accounts and provide tools similar to this site to show the preview of the email with images on and off as well as code discrepancies. Please view their video and you will see a complete description of what the testing system does. Development needs to be done in c# .net and if there is a web interface.

A second half of this project will be for us to identify "seed" email accounts that the message will be delivered to during the live campaign and we need a system that will poll those seed accounts periodically and find our campaign emails and identify if they got delivered to the inbox or bulk folder, and retrieve the messages and store them in our sql server by campaign so we may report on the successful delivery to inbox/bulk folder, etc.

Programmers must have experience with email,, .net, c# and sql.

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Google Adwords Expert Needed

We are in the flash game arcade site business, specially girl games. This is a fairly new site and i am planning to drive some heavy traffic to it with Google Adwords. We are looking for an Adwords Expert.

I am looking to make the most out of my monthly budget. The traffic also must be targeted to people who are interested in my website.

I am looking for someone who can:
1. Guide and teach me the best way to use Google Adwords.
2. Do keyword research on which keywords i should buy to make the most out of my monthly budget.
3. Run through how to set up a good campaign with me.

This may be an on-going job if the first campaign is a success.

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An Invitation Project 20110312 # 2

This project was created for siliconbulls

As agreed, hereby a request for a skilled virtual assistant that without using any "black hat" tricks is able to create a "social bookmarking campaign" for a non profit venture working to bring free assistive software to people suffering from disabilities.

In your bid as before I want you to describe in detail what you can do in this area.

If you have been invited to the project then please make your bid.

If you are not siliconbulls and have not been invited first of all do dont expect to be picked as a winner

Also notice that if you are making an uninvited bid then you better be able to describe in a fully fledged plan how you would implement and execute such a campaign in very great detail and even if you do manage to comply with that I can not be expected to respond to the bid.

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Email Delivery Campaign

Project involves going into my microsoft exchange account and sending emails to a list I will provide
entire list consists of around 12000 names. Emails will need to be sent daily in batches of 500.

Please note this cannot be done automatically each email will need to be manually input.

Budget is $30-$75 depending on how many you can do per rate – looking for best quote as there will be ongoing supply of new jobs.

Payment will be made every week

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Adwords For Website

We are looking for Search engine marketing Professional to create and manage Campaigns with High Conversion Rates for this website

You should be a Google Certified Adwords Professional (Certification Link Verification) and should have executed numerous successful Adwords campaigns with high conversion rates ensuring minimal CPC.

You should be able to do:

+ Keyword Research including long tail
+ Keyword Analysis
+ Keyword Grouping & Organization
+ Identify Negative Keywords
+ Adwords Campaign Creation
+ Adwords Campaign Management
+ Effective Ad Writing to Maximize Sales
+ Create Converting Landing Pages
+ Split Testing
+ Ongoing Campaign Optimization
+ Able to achieve minimal CPC with High Conversion Rates
+ Most importantly Generate Sales & Ensure ROI

Please provide relevant credentials and past achievements in Private Message Box.

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Research Customers For Targeted Marketing Campaign

I am looking to create a list of quality targets for a direct mailing campaign.
This will involve searching for companies in three to four categories in three to four counties in England, making a quality judgement based on their website or any other source you choose to use and ideally finding a contact to send the information to.
It is hard to put an exact number on it as the quality of the targets is more important than the overall number but 400 to 600 leads would be a good result.

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Email Campaign – VMM-1

Need to send an HTML email campaign to a list of approx 6000 email addresses.

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Facebook PPC Campaign

Experienced Facebook person who specializes in PPC campaigns to lower cpc and raise roi plus increase clicks and impressions. I want a facebook specialist who knows how to tweak the PPC campaign to get maximum results. Please take a look at MedicalTourCancun dot com and Facebook Stem Cell Therapy and please give me your plan of action and bid.

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Social Media Campaign

Public Relation and branding using Social media like facebook, twitter, plurk, blogging, and media research

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Facebook Campaign- "likes" Needed

For a Facebook Campaign is it important that a comment get the most likes.

1. Two posts on a Facebook Fan page need to be monitored.
2. User have to like a special comment in one of this posts.
3. Mission: in the end the comment has the most "likes"- compared to all comments in both posts.
4. In order to like the comment user have to like the Facebook fan page- everybody is welcome, no limitations
5. Fans & likes have to come in an ordinary row

6. Likes will be counted by April, 8th, 2011- 05:0pm Bangkok time
7. Fans can leave the Facebook fan page earliest May, 1st 2011

I suggest a few hundred likes or even less will do this project.

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Ongoing Email Marketing Campaign

We are looking for a reliable email marketer to undertake our on going sales campaign. A long term partner is required, looking at about 60,000 emails per day.

Our Requirements:

– Server must be whitelisted and have very good inbox rate
– Completion report must be provided
– Ability to personalise the recipients name
– Ability for recipients to unsubscribe

We Will:

– Provide the email list
– Provide the template

Thanks for looking. Please PM any questions.

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Email Campaign – MB-7

Need to send an email campaign with pdf attached to a list of approx 60 email addresses.

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Google Adwords Campaign Optimisation Expert Needed

Hi Everyone,
We are looking for an Adwords Expert to help us optimize our existing adwords campaign. We have one campaign, 10 ad groups with 2 ads each.

I think our ads are pretty good and we follow adwords good practices to the tee, our landing pages are optimized and we have very high CTR whenever we appear on first page, however google keeps placing our ads very low and we try really hard to keep our ads on first page because they always fall to second or third page.

We need a very experienced Google Certified Adwords Expert – Please provide your Certification Link Verification – to help us optimize our campaigns to stay on the first page perminent.

You must check our ads copy, keywords, adwords settings and anything else you need, to draw a conclusion what weve been doing wrong and of course you must help us fix it. The goal is our ads to stay on the first page perminent and improve our CTR/Conversion.

Also, somehow our adwords campaign is no longer linked to our analytics and we can no longer track adwords keywords within analytics. We tried everything but we havent managed to link them back together. You will need to help us link them back if possible.

We pay for results. If you cant help us improve our adwords performance and if you cant find what is wrong with our adwords unfortunately we cant pay you.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding

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2 Banners For Car Ad Campaign

I need 2 banners each one should be available in the following formats:

1) 336×280
2) 728×90
3) 468×60
4) 160×600

Jpeg, gif, png, swf

The main subject is a car model (for car sale)

Design must be fresh, modern and eye catching.

Portfolio or examples of previous works are preferred.

Ask for any information, project is very urgent.

Thank you.

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Flash Project

Looking for provider capable of producing a Flash magazine below are examples of such…

PM With examples of past work in this area

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Seo Campaign Needed For Client

Hello I need seo expert for our client.

I need some one expert in link building and article submissions and social bookmarking.

Place your bid if you have seo experience and have great reviews !

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SEO Campaign – Unlimited Keywords

I will need an SEO campaign for my website.

I want the campaign to have the following features:

– Unlimited Keywords
– Onsite/Offsite Optimization
– Guaranteed Results

I want you to give me YOUR website (I presume youve your own website, be it Freelancer or a Company). If youre skilled in SEO, your website will be ranking for the keywords that youre targeting for. Additionally, I want a portfolio of at least 5 companies that youve done SEO for with the list of keywords and the rankings.

When you bid, state the campaign duration and the features of the SEO campaign.

Bid away!

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