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Recruit Campus Representatives

A newly developed free site for college students would like to have some campus representatives. Membership is always free to all college students. Site has Homework Forums and College Blogs.

Your job: Invite current college students to :

1. sign up for a free membership at the site and
2. apply to be the campus representative for their college/university.

All new members for this site at this time will get a Charter Member badge and a small welcome gift.

If you can sign up at least 30 campus representatives within a month, we would like to hear from you. Please tell us what you can offer us and how you can get the job done. Preference will be given to those who can recruit campus representatives from the colleges/universities at the United States.

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Campus Poker Club

I am starting a business along with two other guys that is a Poker Club geared towards college campuses. We need an attractive website that isnt too complicated, but has 3-5 pages that we can place things like standings, rules, FAQs, rates, and schedules of games and such. We have a relatively low budget at the time, but we would like to entertain offers and see where exactly we are at.

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Interactive Campus Map – Completion

Our firm has been working with a freelance vendor to implement an interactive campus map for a U.S. University similar to the ones at Notre Dame ( and Oregon State University (

This map will provide a number of features which will make it easy for campus visitors, students, faculty, and staff to locate facilities, departments, individuals, and events via the web. (To get an idea of some of the kinds of features, please visit the two links above.)
Our interactive campus map is based on the following technologies:

– Google Maps API
– Javascript/jQuery
– Drupal

Unfortunately, our selected vendor has been unable to successfully complete the map on a timely basis. There are errors, gaps in functionality, and other issues.

We believe the project is very near completion but some of the remaining issues were just beyond the technical abilities of the present vendor.

We need for a person or firm who has worked on similar projects to 1) evaluate the existing code and provide an estimate of what would be required to complete the project, and 2) actually complete the project.

The successful vendor must have a very strong command of English and we must have direct access to any developers working on the project.

This project will be paid on an hourly basis. Please submit your hourly rate. We plan to move forward with a new vendor as soon as possible.

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Campus Library Web Site

I need to design a campus library system with web site. As the below of my requirement:

1. This system is linking for all the library (primary school, secondary school , public library & University..ect)
2. This system is support e-book. reader can borrow a book and online read thier mobile, pc…… (the file format is pdf)
3. This system will store the reader borrow book record with 3 month.
4. This system can online find a book.
5. if user online borrow the book, when the date is expired, the system will cut of the book links.

Design like this one:

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Readymade Projects On Campus Mgmt,Hospital,HRMS,Jewellery

Hi Everyone, We need readymade,bug free,.net/c# based erps like Campus Management system(school/college), Hospital Mgmt System( Multi speciality), Payroll & HRMS, and Jewellery tracking system with source codes. We wish to purchase outrightly in 3-5 days. Budget for all above four softwares is Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakhs only.If you have any innovative readymade projects kindly send the demo version login details along with the above four. It can be desktop or web application. Any applications on bar code or RFID are most urgent. Dont just bid, casually. Only ready to deliver projects need to apply for bidding.

After viewing your application, we will travel to your place and will finalize the deal within 24 hours. Hope we can mutually benefit on a long term basis.

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New Features To An Already Existing Site, Make It Dynamic

I already have a site, however id like to make it more dynamic. The design, and colour scheme should stay the same.

Budget for this project is $500 plus 10-20% bonus depending on communication and quality of work. Deadline should be about 2 weeks from the start of the project. WILL ONLY CONSIDER THOSE WITH EXCELLENT REVIEWS. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. PHP development.

Here is a list of features that i would like to add to the site:
1. Need login for members.
People should be able to sign up for membership online. The will fill out a short registration that will include the following questions:
– Campus
– Age
– Program
– New Member (check box)
– Phone
– Email address
They will also need to have the ability to pay for the membership online and have the money go to our bank account. When paid members login they should have their own section (similar to dealsTOdo "My Stuff"), should be something like "My JBN" which would take them to their account. Their account should have the following sections:

– My JBN
This is where all their info will be, account updates, campus updates and info (that campus leaders could update through their login).

– Events on my campus
This is where the event info would be updated.

– Internship Portal
I want people to be able to go through the internship process online, submit their resumes, cover letters, project ideas, etc through their login.

– My Network
This should have all the people/users/members that are on their campus with their contact info (email and program).
* I want to build the ability to invite people to become members of the JBN through facebook, email them, etc: "Invite other to join the JBN"
* I want them to be able to see who is involved in their campus and JBN (all over): "Expand your network".. I want their to be an ability to befriend them via facebook or something (instead of adding a friend system to the JBN site)
* Should have a facebook link to the campus group on facebook.

Executive Login
A JBN leader from each campus should have limited administrative capabilities. They should be able to add information regarding events, news, updates for their specific campus page. The info being updated should be for the specific campus information page (available for all to see) and the specific campus member updates that can be accessed by paid members.
* this needs to be easy enough to use for any leader that isnt very tech savvy

We need to have the administrative capability to create accounts and logins for people. This will be for people who dont sign up online.

– Video pop out. I want there to be a video player pop out which will appear before anything else.

Start your own campus page needs to be improved. This should have the info as well as a short application process. Some questions that needs to be asked is: campus, city, contact info We should be able to post a video.

Pages to Add:
1. Get involved. Should have links to:
– Become a JBN Executive
– Become a Corporate or Organizational Sponsor
– Become a Speaker
– Become a Mentor
2. Speaker profile page. I want to have the option of putting small/short videos with them speaking.
3. Learn
4. Media (pictures, articles, videos, etc)
– should have links to all the above
5. Donate Page

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Community/Group Connecting Campus Student

Create a group for campus students in a university in Pennsylvania

Design and program a community website with social networking looks and feel

The design has to be clean, easy navigation, SEO friendly

Features include login, front page with some graphic design, users have a profile page, can create or subscribe to a group

The web design should provide the user with an easy to follow logical steps and the possibility to interact and communicate with other users by chat, forum, IM

More details of the website will be provided in detail after a bidder is finalized

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NVN Campus Center

We presently have a web site that was written for us by a former employee and we need it update and some of the bugs removed.

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College Books

I am a college student in California and UC book store prices are too ridiculous.
Therefore I started researching about international edition books which are the same but a lot cheaper. I started buying it for myself and save a lot of money.

Than I realize why dont I sell the books on campus, I will deal with the legal issues pertaining selling around campus.
Since I am a college student, I know which book are in high demand and which book our professors are going to use.

I need someone either from: Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, to purchase the international edition books abroad and send it to me.

I will provide you with the specific amount of books, their ISBN, Edition, Author, all the close details. I will provide you with a specific purchasing order.

You simply go to local bookstore and purchase the books for me.
You put up a customized listing on Ebay, I sent you the money through Paypal.

Commissions will be given base on the amount of books purchased.

Thank you for your time

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Manually Extract GPS Points From Map – VERY EASY PROJECT

*** Immediate Need. Very quick turnaround required. ***

We have a very simple project which requires almost no technical skills–just a good mind, a little patience, and great attention to detail. Some familiarity with GPS coordinates is necessary. Any familiarity with KML (Googles GIS format) is helpful but is not required.

Essentially, we need to collect the GPS data for the corners of buildings from Google maps on a college campus. We are looking at somewhere in the vicinity of 150 +/- 25 buildings. We are building our own Google Map overlay and need the data ASAP.

There is a very simple tool which will allows someone to do this easily. (There also could be others. This is just a simple one which is freely available. If you know of another tool, you are welcome to use it.)

To use this tool, you would basically follow these steps for each building.

1. Drill down to the lowest level in Google Maps for a building. (We will provide coordinates for the campus upon project award.)
2. Click the corner of a building.
3. Click on the next corner of the building. (Repeat until all corners of the building have been clicked.)
4. Click the "Close Polyshape" button. (This finishes off the building.)
5. Click the DrawMode button. Change to "Polygon". (Default is Polyline).
6. Click the "Document, Placemark Button". Edit the Name of the Building (Placemark). (We need the building name for our reference.)
7. Copy the KML into a Text File. (This is the XML markup used by Google Maps. It is automatically updated on the screen each time you make any changes to your data.)
8. Click clear map.

Repeat for each building on the campus.

NOTE: All campus buildings can be easily distinguished. The campus has a darker background on Google than the rest of the map.

DELIVERABLE: At the end of the exercise, we need to up with a text file containing the KML (with very accurate GPS coordinates) for the polygons for every building on campus.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THAT ANY DATA YOU COLLECT MATCH THE GOOGLE DATA AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE. The polygons you create should exactly overlay the ones in Google Maps. If you are very careful using the tool, they will match up just fine. (We will need to look at and verify the data before final payment.)

You will most likely need to adjust your screen resolution temporarily so that you can better zoom in with your mouse on the building corners.

We need a very quick turnaround on this project–as within about 8-10 hours from award.

We anticipate this should take approximately 2 minutes per building if a person is exercising appropriate care. All work should be able to be easily completed within 5-6 hours given occasional breaks.

Thank you for your help on this!!!

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Psd – Ecommerce2

I have psd pages (homepage, product page, sign up page..etc) of an ecommerce site to be coded into a website. (very minimal ajax will be needed). This is a simple e-commerce site that sells textbooks.
Here are sample jpg images of the psd images created for the website:

Further Details–please read completely:
Here is the structure of the webpage in more detail:
There will be two homepages depending on where the customer views the webpage from.
A) Homepage1: textbookbg10.psd. We will not be using the dark blue ajax popout to show the books. Instead, redesign the left light blue navigation bar by put the formating of the ajax popout (book picture, name, savings..etc) in the light blue navigation bar to the left. This means for about every 2.5/3 bars, there will be one book. We will only be selling 4 books. So the navigationbar (navbar) may be stretched vertically a little, but that shouldnt be a problem as long as the rest of the page to the right of the navbar is still vertically centered.
B) Once a book is clicked on, it goes straight to section1.psd. Before we were going to link the button to artdesign.psd but decided not to. This should save you some time and energy because right now you do not have to create the artdesign page. 🙂
C) Once on the section1 page, the get it new buttons will link to the shoppingbag.psd. The checkout button links to Quickchekcout.psd. The page then goes to thanksfor.psd.
AA) Findcollege.psd is the homepage to use if the customer is looking at our site from a location we do not recognize. This page is the homepage so that people can type in the school name and find that homepage directly.
1) Homepage2: textbookbg10.psd. The other homepage will be for the other school we serve. This page will look just like homepage1, except for two things: 1. Instead of saving Yale students money we will be saving KSU students money on the center header. 2. the blue navbar on the left will be kept the same as it is right now. We will be supplying books for 8-9 classes only, so you may have to vertically shorten the navbar.
2) Please follow instructions B) and C) above for the rest of the website for this homepage.
The 3 pages: account settings, credit cards, and order are actually the same webpage. They have 3 psd images because of the different buttons pushed. It should be self explanatory. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Affiliate page: The become campus champion page should link to the apply campus champion page. (Campus champions is our way of calling affiliates). Once they apply, please create a simple thank you page that just says thanks and includes 1. header and 2. footer and 3. light blue left navigation bar with 4. guarantee.
The sign in page should be self explanatory. This will be the same place customers can sign in and campus champions can sign in.
The campuschampion page should be linked to the homepage button where it says: see the student manager that runs your
The customerssaying page should be linked to the homepage button where it says: students say
There will be ajax for the guarantee box on the homepage–I will provide you with the text soon.
The other pages should be self explanatory.

There will be NO backend programming needed for affiliates.
1. All the text on the pages should be be editable for me through the backend
2. On section 1 page, the buttons that say Get it new or Get it used. I want to be able to edit the $19 Off sign also because the percent sale may be different each time depending on item.
3. e-commerce backend- 🙂

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Route Search Within Campus

Using ArcGis 9.0 to work on my project.
Software : ArcGis 9.0 – ArcView , ArcCategory
Programming: VBA

Route Search within the campus. When the user clicks on the GUI. They have to select the starting point and the ending point. A route will generate out showing them the fastest way.

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Interactive Campus Map

Our firm will be implementing an interactive campus map for a U.S. University similar to the ones at Notre Dame ( and Oregon State University (
This map will provide a number of features which will make it easy for campus visitors, students, faculty, and staff to locate facilities, departments, individuals, and events via the web. To get an idea of some of the kinds of features planned, please visit the two links above.
Our interactive map will be based on the following technologies:
Google Maps API

We will also be collecting GIS information related to buildings and populating it into ArcGIS server. From ArcGIS, we will export relevant information and store it in SQL Server.
We believe that much of the functionality we may need may already be available from other universities, and we are in the process of attempting to acquire the code to perform this functionality before engaging a firm such as yours. If we are successful in this endeavor, it is highly probable that we would use the acquired code–though some modification would be required to meet our specific needs.
We are hoping to find individuals or companies with significant experience in working with ArcGIS, GoogleMaps API, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
If you have some or all of those skills, we would be interested to talk with you regarding using you on this project.

We realize there is not enough information here to quote a price. We need to talk with you about your capabilities and how to accomplish this project. Then we can post supplemental information and you can then bid.

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Dropping Pins On Image In UIWebVIew

Example of what Im doing:

This is for a college campus. In the UIWebView I have an image loaded that displays buildings on the campus. I want a search implemented where a user can search a building and then a pin would drop on that particular building they searched for.

In addition, I have a table that lists all the buildings on campus. Upon selecting the building on the table, a detail view is loaded. On the detail view I would like a button labeled “Locate Me” where it loads the UIWebView that has the campus map and a pin is dropped on the building the user asked to locate.

If you have any questions regarding the project, contact me via PM and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. Also – code is available upon request.

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Campus Network Desing

I am looking for designing a network for a company with three sites in different cities.

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Part Time Campus Rep For Canadian Universities/Colleges

The Paper Editing Service is actively seeking motivated students and professionals with a flare for marking and a love of the university and college campus to join our team of Campus Reps.

Successful individuals will be involved in poster distribution to start and other jobs as time goes on.

We will also entertain bids from individuals involved in e-marketing and have a successful track record in this field.

These positions are currently only available for Canadian universities and colleges, although our US division will be launched early in 2010 with a EU division shortly after that.

If you are interested please bid 30$ and PM with your qualifications.

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Campus Management System

A fully operational campus management system that is web-based developed in php and is suppose to manage the entire records of a campus.

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Need 10 Excellent Quality Orginal Articles For US Audience Website

I need an article writer for the following articles:
1) 10 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a College
2) Why Campus Visits Are Important
3) Career Colleges: The Right Choice for You?
4) Should I Live On or Off Campus?
5) What is Your Hook to getting into College?
6) Making Your Essay Stand Out
7) The Personal Interview
6) All About the SAT
7) How to survive first year?
8) Finding and Applying for Scholarships
9) Money Saving Tips for Buying and Selling Books
10) Extra-Curricular Activities your secret key

The articles have to be original, 500-750 words in length and must cater (grammar and language) towards a US audience. Also please PM with a sample (or link of a website) of your work.

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