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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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$1/post- CRAIGSLIST Posting

Looking for someone who could post for me 50/posts per day in different cities, Paying $1 per Live non-ghosted ad.
You need to use your own accounts/proxies- I will provide only ad copies and where to post!

Place a bid for 100 posts ( $100) and send me 10 of your previous posted ads on CL, Will hire on Spot if I like you!

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Looking for REAL israel Fans.

Must be at least 80% Accurate

Got many accounts esp 1-2k to be done.

Offering $35 per k

PM ME how fast you can do 1k, 2k, 5k

Pm me only you can provide and only can $35 per k if not dont bother.



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Looking for REAL israel Fans.

Must be at least 80% Accurate

Got many accounts esp 1-2k to be done.

Offering $35 per k

PM ME how fast you can do 1k, 2k, 5k

Pm me only you can provide and only can $35 per k if not dont bother.



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Project For Edata 1

600 links bookmarking

title: Cape Town Property for sale
Keyword: cape town property
desc: Cape Town Property is known as some of the best. Mansions look upwards to the mountains and many have fantastic views over the sea. Many famous people have bought real estate in the area. Further away are splendid wine farms.

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Apartment Rental Script

I am looking for a script for apartment rental.
For now I would like for somebody to do a similar site as this one.
See Demo here:
This is a script available for sell at a good price, but it is unscripted.
I like this script, but I want to be able to make modification as needed.
I will give more details to the bit winner.

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Proxy For Cloud

Need to Install and configure , with User name and password , Squid Proxy in the Linux / centos operating system

will be installed on a cloud server

Also Would like to have an API Script wrtten to be able to add cloud srvers with a click

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Django Developer Required

We are looking for a qualified Python/Django developer to work on a series of projects over a 3-4 month period starting ASAP.

The projects are for international clients and will involve communicating and working with our in house Technical Director.

On a technical level you must have experience with Git, south, memcached, virtualenv and be confident building scalable web applications in python and Django.

We are not location specific but we will require people to be available during part of the working day in GMT.

We work with an Agile project workflow and have a great team of creative individuals to work with and bounce ideas off. If this sounds like your sort of thing then please do get in touch.

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$1.5 Articles- Longterm 2

Hello everyone!!

Am looking for a dedicated article writer who can handle 2500 words per day. i.e. if it is 500word articles he/she has to do five. The total for the week should be 17500 words so you might have to do more per day if you don

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I Want To Make $25/day On The Internet

I want a steady Internet income of $25/day. I live very simple in South America and that´s it, all I need for early retirement.

Right now I have about $6.7/day coming in through Adsense, averaging the last 5 days since I put up ads on my forum .
The forum is my main site. It got between 20k-35k unique visitors/month.
I have Adsense ads, an Amazon Store selling books and movies related to the topics that are discussed at the forum. Just put up the Amazon store yesterday, no sales yet.. Just added social bookmarking on the forum in order to find more members. 365 registered memebers.

Next site is my blog . It´s basically a blog promoting my writing on the . Got 581 visitors on that last month.. Got Adsense up, and a link to the Amazon Astore as well..

My 3rd site is which is a debt consolidation blog which I bought on ebay recently. Haven´t really had any visits there yet.. So far 66 visits, and 4 clicks on Adsense.. Might be potential there.. Got some clickbank products as well.
My idea is to outsource the writing on to produce some unique material for the blog and find more visitors.. Have bought some traffic, which haven´t showed up yet.. Registered the sites with site submission engines.. Right now the site is not very interesting.. Maybe buying up some expired domains to direct traffic there?

I also bought a black jack blog which I haven´t yet got access to..

So, the job would be to help me promote these sites, and maybe create some new blogs and sites in order to reach $25/day in income from the Internet..

Payment will be made when mission is accomplished.. I want quality traffic to do this job, no waves of crap traffic that will eventually disappear, I want traffic that keeps coming for months and years.

Please give me some suggestions on what you would consider doing in my case to help me reach my goal!

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I want someone who can make a website just like .Add an extra feature of webworth,daily pageviews,daily revenue daily visitors .

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Add Front And Back Mucis To Audio Clips

I have 38 audio clips.

There is about 10 seconds at the beginning of each clip that must be trimmed off and then front and back music is to be added to each clip.

The clips are current mp3@128kbps

I will need the clips saved again as

and also saved as


budget $50 or less

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Car Multimedia Webshop


We need good looking Car multimedia webshop.
Here is a sample website of what i am looking for:

We require the ability easy add new products based on Car manufacturer.
New products will be added from me and from my bussines partners.

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Want To Add Few Tab,links And Feature To Socialnetwork Site

We have existing social network site and we need to add few tab, links and feature to our existing site. We need to change front layout too. It

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Craigslist 5 Add A Day Maby More

I need a professional thank can put some ads on craigslist, I will pay fro every successful add and I need at least 5 a day…….contact me with you offer, thanks for taking the time to bid

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EXT JS Layout

We have a web bases system, but we need to create a new UI for this system.
We already have a web developer who is doing a part of the job, but we also need someone who can create a layout for EXT JS.

Example of the layout:

We have approximately 30 pages that needs this layout (with minor variations from page to page).
Most of the layouts will look like the example above, while some of the pages will not need any content on the left hand side.

The variations:

"Sample layouts" from the example:
This block will contain a few buttons, and these will varry from page to page

This block will contain text added by us

"Start Page"
We will provide the content of this block

Some pages will only contain the main block (Start Page) and nothing on the lft hand side.

You must have experience with EXT JS (, and we need a estimate for how long it will take to complete this job.

Please contact us if you have any questions/need more information.
You will receive a full specification before you start the job.

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I Can Provide 1k Fans For Just $25 In Just 1 Day

i can not only get 1000 but upto 1 lakh fans with the rate of minimum 1k per day
the fastest and the cheapest on the internet….:)
interested ones pm me
price fluctuations on bulk orders:)

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Image Retouching Required

We are looking for help to retouch 90 images.

They are all images of people and the person has to be cut out and placed on a specific background. We would provide the PSD the images would have to be dropped in too. There will be 2 sizes for these

budget is 30$ and i need them in next 12 hours, no exceptions please

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Youtube View Script

We need a professional programmer to make us a youtube script that can increase views of our youtube videos.

If you have a working script that can increase the views past 300 and still keep getting views please send us a PM. We are not looking to BUY views, we want to have a script where we can input our URL and it will increase the views for us.


We need a script that will continuously get youtube video views on the url we input daily. This script should generate real youtube video views and get anywhere between 250 – 600+ views per day and per video.

This means, we need to be able to add unlimited urls to our server. Each url / video that was input should be generating 250-600+ video views per video. We should also be able to *delete* any video that is input to our system and taken off the server.

Please see this link to how some are made…

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Am a Ghanaian live in Ghana, I want a lotto chart that will enable me win Lottery in Ghana.

It is played everyday of the week except sundays

5 numbers are drawn from 90 numbers. You win when 2 or more of your numbers is drawn.


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Script As


we want to made a only german site the same as with the same functions as freelancer, freemarket.

the page should be in german speak

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Yahoo Answers! Replies Needed 40-120 Per Day

I need 40-120 replies per day on yahoo answers for next 10 days.

All replies must be by level 2+ accounts.

All replies must have my link in them, and be new questions asked within 10 minutes of reply. You must supply any text if needed as long as my links are added.

You can not reply to your own questions made from alternate accounts. All replies must be to real questions.

Bid on 10 day job based on number of replies you can post per day.

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Small WordPress Project

I need two very quick tasks completed on my WordPress site. Its a classified ads site and the AdSense on the individual classifeds pages are after each individual ad at the bottom of the page. I want to move it to be within the body of the actual add so that AdSense sends me content related to the actual ad itself. So I need you to move the AdSense code to the correct spot on the page.

The second task is I need to take the logo and give it a transparent background and upload it so that it blends in with the background.

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Autocad 2D Drawings

I want a autocad expert who can redo my 2d drawings which are in pdf. I will provide pdf. The drawings are some machine components drawing.(Urgent)

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UK Only 1000 Fans

Need 1000 real and active UK only fans. will provide insight.

no spam , scripts etc

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Photoshop Paintover

I need a Photoshop expert to Paint over some photographs that I have to create a painting look.

Do not send me replies if you use Photoshop filters; this is not what I want. The photographs need to be digitally painted over with brushes in Photoshop to resemble a real painting.

Please send some examples.


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Build Directory Based On Vbulletin

I have a child care website that uses vBulletin. I want to enhance the functionalities of the website to include a directory, where the user can add their day care information. This function must be seemless, where the user only need to register and login once.

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Blogging – $1.3 Per Posting


I need well written blog postings for
One every day for a full month.

Somewhere between 300-400 words.
Must clear CopyScape.

Please provide samples of your work.

Best Regards,

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