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Project For Edatasolution – 60 SB

Title: Cape Town Security Estates

Desc: Cape Town Security Estates are perhaps the most popular residences for those who are wealthy and concerned about their security. The Estates are architect designed with beautiful gardens.

Keyword: Cape Town Security Estates

Category : REAL ESTATE

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Small Changes Needed For Website

Hello there,

I previously posted this website on freelancer, found a developer and he did some excellent work. I now need to more changes to the site as i am about to start SEO work but need these changes before i start.

1st. I live in south africa. we have 9 provinces. Our delivery is free throughout the country but each province must have a pre-defined minimum order quantity. this means if they register as living in Cape town, their minimum order quanity must be x amount. If they live in Eastern Cape, their minimum order quantity must be x amount. they cannot check out until they have purchased enough for this checkout amount

2nd. I want a testimonial place on my front page. I can add the comments myself or allow customers to add them. just so that new visitors to the site can tell other people how great our company is.

These are the two features i need attended to. Please let me know bid and time completion. Thanks

03/03/2011 at 7:24 EST:

The website link is

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Project For Edata 1

600 links bookmarking

title: Cape Town Property for sale
Keyword: cape town property
desc: Cape Town Property is known as some of the best. Mansions look upwards to the mountains and many have fantastic views over the sea. Many famous people have bought real estate in the area. Further away are splendid wine farms.

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Calculation Of Google Rank/Position

The program is not working properly. The calculation of the rank/position is working 95% of the time.
use CODE : susan and keyword = cape town property for sale – URL =

Please do not include PLACES or URLs from Adwords

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SEO Problems

I will give $30 to the first person who can solve my SEO problem.
keyword = cape town property
search engine =

Position 8.

Cape Town Properties (24) – CAPE TOWN PROPERTY | REMAX | CITY BOWL …
There are many wonderful locations around the world to buy property. However, not all locations are equally wonderful and Cape Town properties are proof of … – Cached

The heading has not been used by me and I have not used (24). It has been stuck in position 8 for some time while links have still been loaded.

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Links For RL

Title = Cape Town Property
Keyword = Cape Town Property
Category = Real Estate
Desc = Cape Town property is some of the most sought after real estate in the world. From homes that have magnificent views of the mountains to vast estates with views over the sea and the bays. Of course one must not forget the homes on the edge of the white sand beeches.
900 social bookmarks + 1600 directory postings

Title = Cape Town Properties
Keyword = Cape Town Properties
Category = Real Estate
Desc = Cape Town properties are in great demand due to the climate and the beauty. Many foreigners purchase property with magnificent views of the sea and the mountains. The property is expensive and many of the homes are really large with sprawling gardens. It is a great summer destination.
900 social bookmarks + 1600 directory postings

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Links For A Property Site For Nehasb

The URL is =

keywords = cape town property
cape town properties

12 Press Releases

as discussed

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Places for property near Cape Town

search engine

We want to rank top in the local listings for "cape town property"

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Keywords = cape town property – cape town properties

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Assistant Cape Town

We are looking for an assistant to answer calls an provide basic product support for our construction business.

We would prefer someone in Cape Town (or nearby) who can occasionally meet clients at our display village in Kalbraskral (about 30 mins from cape town by car).

We will also consider anybody willing to work on local Cape Town time (GMT +2)

The job currently requires around 10 hours per week however you need to be able to answer the phone between 8am and 5pm local time

The job would be suitable for someone who currently works from home and is looking for extra income.

You will answer the calls in our company name, take caller details, answer basic enquiries, transfer calls, send emails and other basic reception tasks.

-English speaking, preferable South African accent
-familar with computers. Has internet connection. Able to email
-Willing to learn 3cx phone system (a virtual PBX system to transfer calls)
-Available full time during local business hours to answer calls.

There is also the opportunity for the successful applicant to advance to a sales position with increased pay and possible commission as the company expands.

Please bid on a monthly rate. The employer will pay any additional fees for software or telephone.

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Project For Edatasolution

Http:// somerset west property somerset west property for sale
same somerset west properties somerset west properties for sale hout bay property hout bay property for sale
same hout bay properties hout bay property for sale (x2) cape town property cape town properties

6 in TOTAL

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SBM 2 Cape Town


Title = Cape Town Properties

Desc = Cape Town Properties are some of the most stunning of all major holiday destinations. Sometimes you feel as though the waves are breaking on your verandah. The sea sand is white and on the Atlantic Seaboard the rich and famous holiday during the summer months. Names like Clifton are famous through out the world.


Keyword = Cape Town Properties
Category = Real Estate

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Nehasb – Project2


keyword = cape town properties


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SBM 1 Cape Town


Title = Cape Town Property

Desc = Cape Town Property is some of the most magnificent that there is. On the one side it has magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean and on the other it has views over the Indian ocean. Many properties look up at the magnificent view of Table mountain.


Keyword = Cape Town Property
Category = Real Estate

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NEHASB – Project1


keyword = cape town property


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For the keyword phrase "cape town property" in the Search Engine please supply with a quote for position 1.

We will develop and appropriate Landing Site.

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This Project Is For Mercy Mathews

I need 5 articles on Somerset West (property / property for sale / properties / properties for sale / houses)

1000 words of content with the above keywords mixed.

Somerset West is near Cape Town – please research it.

I need 2 articles on Western Cape Farms.

1000 words of content on Western Cape Farms.

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Links Project For Nehasb

Please create 300 links to each of the following sites using my list:
keywords: eastern cape farms for sale
eastern cape farms
keywords: eastern cape game farms for sale
eastern cape game farms
keywords: eastern cape farms
grahamstown farms for sale

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Farm Project For NEHASB

Please could you do links for the following –


Description: The Eastern Cape of South Africa is on the South East side of the country. There are many farms for sale in this area. They are mainly stock farms or game farms. There are also irrigation farms which produce lucerne. In the dry areas one also finds ostrich farms.

Title: Eastern Cape Farms for Sale

Keywords: East, Eastern, Cape, farms, for sale, game, stock, irrigation

180 links

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Multiple Site SEO Submission + Optimization

I have 3 sites I need SEOd and submitted to various search engines and systems online. These are all WordPress systems and if necessary I can give you administration access to the platform to perform your SEO tasks. I need white-hat tactics used here so that the sites will not be penalized on the search engines. I have Google Analytics on all sites so I can track results.


Title : Donald Jackson – Kannel, web and mobile development
Keywords: Donald Jackson, Kannel, PHP, C, Cape Town, Developer, Symbian, iPhone
Description: Donald Jackson is a software enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa specializing in web, mobile and Kannel software.


Title : the bad photographer – Donald Jacksons photographic journey
Keywords: Donald Jackson, Cape Town, Photography, 2010, World Cup, Green Point, South Africa
Description: Donald Jackson is a hobbyist photographer based in Green Point, Cape Town in South Africa


Title: Elite SMS Gateway – Complete SMS/Text messaging platform
Keywords: Elite SMS Gateway, Kannel system, SMPP Server, SMPP Client, SMPPBox, Prefix Routing, Mobile Billing
Description: Elite SMS Gateway is a complete SMS/Text messaging platform tool with advanced features to deploy high speed and scalable services.

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Description Many farms in the South Western Cape area which has a mediterraining climate. Productive farms as well as beautiful lifestyle farms. Farms that produce thatch, olives as well as dairy and many others.

Title: South Western Cape Farms for sale.

Keywords: South, Southern, West, Western, Cape , Farms, Farm, for, sale

MAX NUMBER follow links please

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Flash Website Header 900w X 200-300h

An undisclosed object with a cape will fly in and land on a mountain with his cape blowing in the wind as he stands proud and accomplished.

This flash graphic will be the header for the website. Upon successful completion of this project I may contact you for further services which may include a menu for the site or a splash page. I will require the hex codes for the colours used in your final product.

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