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Idea Capture Project

I want help creating a website that lets people post their ideas and gives them the opportunity to share it with the world. The project using a MVC framework will entail the following:

1) a registration page (with facebook, google login options, linked in, and twitter)
2) a profile page for the user
3) an ideas page that relates to other ideas by keywords, and can be voted on
4) a ideas summary page which ranks ideas by three categories
5) and various form type pages to upload the users idea

What Im asking for is a relatively simple site that copies the economists ideas economy page, which can be found here:

The page will be due two weeks (14 days) from when the winning bid is choosen.
I will be designing the graphics for the site.

I also have the layout created so that you can immediately begin coding without having to design much. Ive tried to make this as straightforward as possible.

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QR Code Email Capture Website

Hi, I am looking for someone to help me build a site. Here is the concept – I want businesses or causes to be able to use QR codes for email capture. So the site would work like this: Business/cause comes to the site and enters their info (bus/cause name, add, phone, etc) The site creates a QR code for the business When a customer scans the QR code a prompt opens up with the business info and a place to enter an email address. Customer enters email address and presses send. Email address is sent to data base on the site Business/causes can log in to see email addresses captured and download them to excel. I want this to be a very simple site with only a few pages. I would like the design to minimal but in a web 2.0 design. (like can you help?

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Betfair Iphone Application

UI as so:

two textboxes to capture username and password details.
button to login to betfair.

option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers (3 options: 1 min, 2 mins, 3+ mins) drop down or radio group.
option to capture price move to report on (5 options: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3+) drop down or radio group
option to capure what to report on: (3 options: steamer, drifter, both) drop down or radio group
option to capture action to take (3 options: back steamer, lay drifter, back steamers and lay drifters) drop down or radio group

The required rules are as so:

1. At one hour PRIOR to a UK horse race going live, the software need to store any selections in that race that fall within the "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" + 5points, so if the "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" is 2, the application records all selections inclusive of the prices 2.00 to 7.00.

2. At "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" the software checks against the stored selections at rule 1:

If "option to capure what to report on" is "steamer" or both" and the price of the selection has REDUCED <= "option to capture price move to report on" and option to "capture action to take" is "back steamer" or "back steamers and lay drifters": present simple screen to place BACK BET as per standard place bet functionality at betfair.

If "option to capure what to report on" is "drifter" or both" and the price of the selection has INCREASED >= "option to capture price move to report on" and option to "capture action to take" is "lay drifter" or "back steamers and lay drifters": present simple screen to place LAY BET as per standard place bet functionality at betfair.

Standard validation is required – i.e check and report invalid betfair credentials, etc

I have the code for this application, but it is written in VB.NET, I basically need it converting to objective-c as I dont know the language, dont have the time or desire to learn it!

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Capture Page-Affiliate Program

Need to create capture pages/opt in forms with Video , a place where I can give free value on the front end with written content/video and then sell my product on the back end. Internet marketing/network marketing! An example is :

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Video Capture Player In Flash

I am looking for a flash programmer to build a swf file that will play video from a local video capture device, I will want all source code for this project.

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UK Companies House Xml Data Capture

I need to be able to query the UK Companies House xml database for either a range of company numbers, a list of company numbers or for a partial postcode, and then process the returned data into an excel spreadsheet. There should be error capture so that the download does not stop if a non existant company number is requested.

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Facebook Contest Data Capture

We are looking for a customizable scratch and win contest app. for Facebook. Functions required as follows:

Participant must "like" to see the contest page
Participant enters email address
Participant moves mouse over scratch area to reveal a randomly generated prize amount from a pool of prizes
Participant is then given the opportunity to share the contest on their wall to "double Up" the prize
Participant is emailed the unique promo code with instructions

We will need a functioning data base with a cross reference of emails to prizes awarded.

We see this as a 3 page process:
Landing page, Scratch Page, Thank you page

Please respond with relevant experience in facebook applications, contests, etc.

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Data Capture

Looking for someone to compile a database of email addresses, this would need to be done from randomly surfing the web from site to site & copy the data.

They MUST be Australian addresses.

Pricing should be per hour, per entry or per x amount of entries – the data will be screened to ensure it is genuine.

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Email Capture Area With Drop-Down Options

Looking for Email Capture Area with Drop-Down Options.

I want to capture emails of visitors. They are given a few drop-downs which gives me information regarding what they are looking for. This info is then emailed to me or stored in a database. I would prefer database.

Serious bidders will be given the website URL. I will give you the sites HTML / CSS / images to you. You will be responsible for creating something which seems a great fit (look / feel) perspective.

*** show me something that you have done to get my attention ***

Self starters preferred.


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Iphone App Form

To create an iphone application to capture a customer registration (standard personal details)

To also capture details of a recent appliance purchase (example Television).

Form to contain around 20 fields.

Data to be sent to SQL database or equivalent – with the customer receiving an email confirmation of entry.

Pages must visually look good and be branded. e.g. Panasonic branding

App should have a link to Terms and conditions page and a data protection statement.

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One Single Product Web Design Or Capture Page.

Needing a bid on some work for my Hcg website single product…I need to get a website up sell my product..

[Removed by Admin]

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Image, Video, & Sound Capture App For IPhone & Android

We are looking for an iPhone and Android app which captures and stores video, pictures or sound, depending on which the user selects. The video, picture or sound capture may be triggered by shaking the camera (or other trigger methods of similar complexity). The user should be able to select the sensitivity level of the shaking or other trigger methods. In addition, the video, picture or sound capture may be triggered by the video imaging going from dark to light, or by a loud sound. The user will select which will trigger the video, picture or sound capture.

*Bug free functioning application delivered to the App store / Android marketplace.
*We provide App icon, you provide all other background images
*All copyrights, source code, and intellectual property belongs to us, everything submitted through our developer account.

Timing: 2 weeks

Maximum $300 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App, plus Maximum $300 for Android App. You can bid on the iPhone App only, or the Android App only, or both.

1) iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch iOS 4.0 or higher
2) Android iOS 1.5 or higher

3 installments
1/3 up front
1/3 on successful demo
1/3 after 1 week bug-free operation in App store

-Successful bidder(s) will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Successful bidder will briefly tell us about their experience with picture/motion/sound capture and provide links to other work. You will also specify if you are bidding on the iPhone/iPad app OR the Android app OR both.

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Data Capture


We will mail you magazines. Each magazine will have pages marked and on those pages data will be circled or highlighted. We want you to go into a spreadsheet (provided by us) and write down the name of the magazine, page #, the actual data and a few other quick things.

All articles will be in English, but the articles and data will be very technical. You will need a very, very good grasp of the English language.

We want you to quote a price for each data capture (for example: $0.10). The initial project will be for $250 – $500 (and thousands of "data captures"). If you do a good job the project will be significantly expanded.

Please respond with questions.

Thank you.

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Data Capture


We will mail you magazines. Each magazine will have pages marked and on those pages data will be circled or highlighted. We want you to go into a spreadsheet (provided by us) and write down the name of the magazine, page #, the actual data and a few other quick things.

All articles will be in English, but the articles and data will be very technical. You will need a very, very good grasp of the English language.

We want you to quote a price for each data capture (for example: $0.10). The initial project will be for $250 – $500 (and thousands of "data captures"). If you do a good job the project will be significantly expanded.

Please respond with questions.

Thank you.

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Stealth Keylogger With Visual/Click Trigger Screen-capture

– Must not have any dependencies.
– Logs keystrokes using keyboard hook.
– Saves logs and sends via email/ftp.
– Automatically install itself and run on each reboot with no user interaction needed. It is also able to hide its own installation files. STEALTH.
– No EOF settings, compatible with crypters or other similar support tools.
– Keylogger operates hidden.
– Screen capture based on visual/click trigger with-in game. *VERY IMPORTANT*
– Logs encryption: data in logs file be encrypted with a key. Logs stored in the hard disk will be always encrypted, and when sending them to e-mail or FTP they will be decrypted on the fly.
– Logging filter: activate the keylogger only if user is writing in a window which title contains one or more specified words (for example

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Simple One Page Web Site With Text And Lead Capture Fields


Im looking for a custom single page web site that will feature some pictures, and text offer the benefits of an auto repair business I am promoting. I also need a field to capture their email address, name phone number etc.

I have an account with … if you are able to do it there using html that would be preferred as I dont need a separte auto responder.


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Video Capture Software Convert To Java

Convert a desktop video capture software application into a web based application. It should be able to run as client-server application or as standalone application. The program is planned to include a new Content Management module into web-based version. So experience with CMS is preferred.

The application should be coded in Java language. When done, program source code should also be submitted.

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Capture Search Engine Referring Search String

I need a coder to edit our on-line form for our website to allow capturing of the search engine keyword.

When a person is interested in our services they complete an on-line contact us form.

I would like to capture the search engine referring string – ie. which keyword they entered in Google per say to land on our site.

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Notepad + Capture SMPTE Timecode

Need to create an ipad app (artwork provided) that captures timecode information from the audiojack input. Interface is scrollable grid made up of three-column rows that are created and ordered dynamically. Interface states are "normal" (creates/deletes row at any position and cell text is writable) and "locked" (existing row order is static and cell text is read-only).

Audio timecode comes in audio jack/mic input and the frame value is put it into column (as text) when triggered. Possible solution may be something like libltcsmpte library for reading/capture timecode ( But feel free to implement any solution that works. Documentation on the data structure of timecode can be found at or Wikipedia "SMPTE time code". Application does not need to be single-frame accurate.

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Trade Tiger & Diet Odin RT Data Capture To VB Prog.

Hi, I need to have a program that can Capture the real time data feed into Sharekhans trade tiger and Angels Diet Odin; also i need the captured data to be redirected to Text box of my own Visual Basic program.

I need to have the source code for it.

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IPhone Data Capture

Establish an application thsat can capture data related to training activities from other existing apps. Retract these data (e.g. pulse, steps, speed, mileage etc.) and pool these for compilation in the app to suggest a personalised training programme.

The app should also be able to send these data to a centralised database for computing.

I do not know whether this is indeed possible at all.

Here are some examples of apps from which data for my new app could be sourced from:

– also capture of GPS-data is relevant.

Best regards,
Henrik Lund

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Video Capture ActiveX Need

Hi all,

We Need a video a ActiveX Control for Video Capture. ActiveX must be usable in Visual Basic 6 . Please make sure we nedd 100% video output quality and also we need Resize ActiveX Control Resize on runtime with timer. please bid only if you will provide us demo because we have tested much activex controls but not working as our requirements.

Budget is 30$


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Video Streaming Server And Client


I am looking for a freelance that is willing to develop a video streaming server application on a Linux environment (utilizing as much open source libraries) that includes:

The video streaming server
b) Application triggered by motion detection on configurable hotspot in the camera view
a) Video input stream originating from a web cam connected to the video server
c) Video capture & streaming starts upon API request from client application (over TCP/IP)
d) Video capture end upon API request from client application via TCP/IP
e) Typical video capture session between 5-10 seconds (capture duration specified by the API request)
f) Video stream also displayed on a digital display (standard LCD screen) that is connected to the video server while the video clip is being captured and stream
g) Allow remote querying via API the status of the server (over TCP/IP) for monitoring purpose
h) Enable remote restart the server and service via API call from a remote client (over TCP/IP)
j) Watchdog to ensure that the server application is running at all times, and after server reboot.

The Client

a) The client is also a Linux server
a) Trigger video capture start and stop towards a video streaming server (there will be several video streaming servers)
a) Video stream saving as a MP4 file
g) Transcode the saved MP4 file to one or more additional formats (e.g. 3GP)
h) Periodic monitoring of the status of all video streaming servers (via API)
i) Ability to restart a video streaming server via API

The client and server development language should be C++ or Java



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Bluetooth Integration Into A Video Capture Device

I am looking for an individual or company to integrate Class 1, 2 bluetooth transmitter into a video capture device.

The video camera already is in full production and captures video to an SD card on board. the scope of the work is to transmit the video to a pda or laptop via bluetooth for preview or recording.

A small footprint is required, size is important, but on the other hand range is also important. Maximum bluetooth range with small bluetooth footprint on device.

Bluetooth programming, protocols and experience is a must, I do not want to waste anyones time and do not my time to be wasted. Previous projects would be helpful.

I can provide the video camera for testing and implementation purposes.

Thank You.

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Convert SIP Capture To Database Entries

Convert SIP capture to database entries

You will start with some large (100MB-500MB) "pcap" capture files as generated by Ethereal or Wireshark, which include only SIP messages with SDP. The final goal is a database table that contains one entry per SIP message, with the essential fields inserted into the DB (source IP/port, destination IP/port, From, To, Call-Id,SDP etc). I want this so that I can perform SQL queries and gather statistics from captures off my switch.

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C# Joystick Feedback Capture

Open font code API that captures joystick axes(x,y,z,r) velocity of each axe and force feedback of the joystick(chosen joystick) ( this is a must ), that will be transformed in a class library.

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Screen Capture And Upload Tool

Any of our registered user that wants to access some of the advanced features on our website, will be required to upload two references. These references are actually available on pages of external, password-protected, HTTPS sites. The user is expected to visit those sites and provide us a screen capture of the relevant information on those pages.

Ideally, we would like to provide him with two buttons/links on our web page: "Upload Reference1" and "Upload Reference2"

The user will then open another browser tab or window, to visit the external URL where his reference material exists and will login to that account. Once he has arrived at the right page within that external site, he will click on Reference 1 on our web page and a rectangular frame will appear with a title called Reference 1 and a Capture button on the bottom right of the rectangular frame. The user should be able to resize the frame to cover the specific area of the screen that he wants to capture. The frame should remain

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Screen Recorder Client Application

We need someone to create an application to be installed on our clients workstations. Our clients are large corporations, the software much be professional and the install process must be simple and hassle-free.

The application can leverage existing open-source programs or libraries but we need to verify the licensing.

When responding, please describe any experience or specific knowledge that you have about screen capture, screen casting or related technology (e.g. spyware) specifically. We already have developers who can do general programming. We are specifically looking for someone who understands the area.


Create video file (format must be something that can be opened and played by Windows Media Player, AVI preferred for now) of screen activity during an agents calls. The video file is to be "blended" with audio to create synchronized audio/video file.

High Level Requirements:

1) Create a client program that will be installed on the agents workstation and capture screen information, then send to a central collection server for further processing. The screen information should be such that a video file can be easily and accurately created. The resulting video file must preserve the time interval of the recorded data accurately, since it will be synchronized to another recorded audio file.
2) The client program must be undetectable to the agent. That is, the operation of the client program can not interfere with the operation of other applications on the workstation and cannot affect the agents screen (e.g. no flicker, pause, etc.)
3) The information available on the data sent to the central collection server must allow for identification of the workstation.
4) Program must be developed in either Java or C++.
5) Resulting data at central server will be queried by workstation, date, time and duration to identify the screens and video file created from result of query.


– Agent: person taking calls whose activity is being recorded
– client: program running on workstation of client
– workstation: PC of agent. Assumed to be Windows XP or Windows 7

Specific Requirements:

Captures frames up to 5 frames per second
Configurable resolution with these choices:

* 4 Bit Gray scale
* 8 Bit gray scale
* 16 Bit gray scale
* 32 Bit gray scale
* 4 Bit Color
* 8 Bit Color
* 16 Bit Color
* 24 Bit Color
* 32 Bit Color

Undetectable to user
After install, the program starts automatically each time the machine reboots
Install process confirms successful installation to installer
HTTPS transmission from client machine to server
Address of destination server is configurable by IP address
Capture files are sent to server on configurable schedule (every X seconds, from N:NN to Y:YY client time)
Each screen capture has time stamp
Each screen capture transmission has machine name of the client server
Screen capture files are as small as possible within the limits of the resolution selected
Encryption of the screen capture information must be easily implemented. Ideally, the application will encrypt as part of its normal operation.


The following describes additional functionality that would be added to the initial application. This is not part of the initial project but is provided for reference:

1) Capture agent login name (when user logs into workstation)
2) Key logging (log all keystrokes of user)
3) Identify applications in use, active and also the caption at the top of each application window
4) Use Optical character recognition or other technology to identify specific types of screens (e.g. data entry screens by specific function.)
5) Obscure specific areas on screen captures (e.g. to prevent capture of confidential information)
6) Trigger applications (when specific events occur on the screen, send transmission to server to alert for these)
7) Trigger screen capture externally (e.g. when a call starts on the audio recorder, it sends trigger to client to begin recordin

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Capture Team Needed Urgent

I need loge team for capture ……24 hours fast server .

—————only for team work …………………………..

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Fix Javascript Errors On Nivo Slideshow In Magento

We are having javascript error causing the slideshow not to work on our home page. The homepage is

Additional, if you can complete this too, you will GREATLY increase your chance of winning this project:

Not required for this job, but a bonus: Add javascript to capture information in the shopping cart before they leave to capture contact info. What I mean is we have a lot of people starting to check out, then leaving before submitting it. I would like to capture their email addresses, names, and phone numbers that they enter before leaving. This is easy if you know Javascript, but I do not.

Budget is $30 and time is important. If you have good reviews and Im confident you can do both, Ill pick you and put money in Escrow right away.

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Refresh & Capture Appraisal Order Software

Looking for a software to auto refresh and capture broadcasted orders.

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