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Scrape Car Parts Database has a database of 130 million car parts I need to either scrape their database if possible… (here is what a search results page looks like )

If its not possible to scrape the results, I need a script that can query their database, without getting detected by them and return the results on my website…

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Andriod App For Car Dealership

App required for car dealership – will have admin panel through which dealer can update info – app will show car stock, offers etc.

more details later

more work assured in future too

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Revision Of Joomla Car Community Component

I am posting this job as I need a revision of an already existing component and module for joomla. The component is a car listing component, basically a directory of my websites members cars with a community element mixed in. In essence its a pretty simple job, removing some functionalities and adding some. It is mostly a job to update the component to current web standards and adding in a flexible communication element (like a simple facebook wall). I guess one of the main points of this assignments is making it a little more dynamic, in keeping with current web trends. So that means there is an amount of jQuery work involved.

All the details are in the attachments, everything that I would like to get done for now. Additionally I added the already existing component and module, so you can see whats its all about and if you can work with the code.

Please remember that the details I specified are flexible, we can talk about it!

Also there is a mock-up of the layout attached, this is how the updated components car profiles should look like. These should also give an overview of the very simple functionalities of the component. Important is that this very simple div design is also picked up for other pages in the component. BUT, Im not asking for difficult layout work though, just make sure the CSS abilities in the code are retained, I do other layout work myself easily. Further information can be had through a private message of course 🙂

I hope this and the files in the attachment explain what Im looking for. Im hoping on a cooperative and honest developer. As I know one or two things about coding and web developing myself you can expect pro-active input from my side as well. If I had the time I could probably do most of the work myself, so please give me a good offer! Remember, the basis of the component and module is there, therefore Im looking for offers around $75-200!

Simplify, update and rework! That are the three main ingredients of this task.

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Simple Program And Operator Overloading

[A] Define a class Car to represent an automobile in a driving simulation program.

You are required to include the following components: integer ID number,
2.the odometer reading,
3.the name of the manufacturer
4.the purchase dates (define another class called Date),
5.the fuel economy rating in kilometres per litre,
6.and the petrol tank (define a class Tank)

The class tank includes the following components:
1.the tanks capacity and
2.the current fuel level, giving both in litres,

Include default constructors and constructors for all classes.
Overload << and >> for all three new classes, ensuring that the definitions of
<< and >> for Car use the definitions of << and >> for Date and Tank.

Define a member function called fillUp for class Tank

Define a member function called drive for class Car.

Function fillUp should copy the tank capacity value into the current fuel level
component and return a type double value indicating the number of litres required
to fill the tank.

Function drive should take the number of kilometres driven as an input
argument and should adjust the odometer reading and the tanks current fuel
level component.

[B] Write a driver function that fills several Car-class variables in ways designed
to test the three classes various constructor functions and the overloaded >>
and << operators. Also include calls to fillUp and drive.

[C] Store class interface and implementation in separate files.

I need this is Visual Studio 2008 and with in By [Tomorrow Morning]

Have a budget maximum of £30

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Good Project Car Article 300 Or 500 Word 3$/1000 Word

I am Looking someone or Team who write daily 3000+ word

Copyscape passed

Good Grammar

Long Time relation

Payment weekly every Monday at Night

Payment method gaf or paypal

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Car Sale Portal

We are setting up a multi phased ecommerce portal. Phase one will be to develop a Car Sale portal and subsequent phases will incorporate other products and services that will be added on.

I have seen the readymade packages available but they look too cluttered. The portal needs to cater for both mobile and regular users. It will need to have capability to extract the car details from the VIN by looking it up from the Internet.

Display images of the cars
Simple navigation
SMS and email integration to send notification to sellers about offers that are being made on the car
Pages for latest additions
Notification of additions to registered users
Multi language capability (English and Arabic)
Users should be able to upload images And display their Ads after either an online payment or if they are a registered user with appropriate credit.

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Create Advertisement To SELL MY BMW

Alright – I sell a lot of things and I can tell you that a nice advertisement sells something 10xs faster than a plain advertisement.

I am selling my BMW and I want this ad to look HOT – . I am very selective about who does my work and I dont want to see a bunch of irrelevant listings showing me all of the websites or templates youve worked on…

I dont want to hear about your company and that youve got 10 people on your team that does XYZ…

What I want to hear is real communication from you to me. Not some copy and paste crap with a long list of things Ill never look at… Dont waste your time. It makes people wonder if youre in Indian Bot or script thats been written to post on open projects. Why did I say Indian? Well because 99% of the bidders that do it are Indians.

I am attaching some images of my car and a PSD that Ive played around with… – some of you can make mock-ups or create examples if youd like. This is not required, so please dont bother writing me and telling me that you dont do mock-ups, your actions speak louder than words. I will say that if you do create a mock-up, your chances are higher for selection.

There are details that need to be shown in the advertisement – here is a very ugly advertisement – I am showing you this so you can see the other details that must be included * i.e. options, vin#, mileage, full list of options etc
*** ***

That link provides you with text examples of options, VIN#, Mileage etc – notice how the features were bulleted?

I will need this done as a PSD and PNG image. Make this look GREAT!

Ad Description –
This 2006 BMW 325i Sedan -6 Speed – White with Tan Leather Interior – Is Absolutely Stunning!!! Great Fuel Economy with power Best Color Combination! Meticulously Maintained and A Blast To Drive – This is The One To Have! Premium Package, Premium Sound with In-Dash CD Player, Moon Roof, Remote Keyless Entry, and Power Everything! This Car Looks, Runs, and Drives Like New! Non Smoker, Carfax Certified Car! Perfect Combination of Performance, Luxury, Safety, and Reliability! Do Not Hesitate Because This Car Is Priced Right and Will Sell Quick! Nationwide delivery is available

Here is some carbon fiber backgrounds from iStock:

Budget $30-65 Max

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Mobile App For Car And Phone

my kids copy wited an idea for a mobile app to be used in car and phone there are no other apps at present time that does what thier idea is. we would share profits for a agreed time contact me .must sign a NDS statement, hope to hear from you.

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Excel Duplicate/vlookup Function

Hi all excel pros,

For in the next couple of hours.
I want to merge data from cells in the 4th column ("fits on").
There are multiple rows.
Merging should occur only if there is a match for product name AND product id AND image no.
If TRUE, values in "fits on" column should be merged into 1 cell, SEPARATED by a comma.
Ideally, the copied rows should then be removed.

product name product ID image no. fits on
headlight A 16 1256 car D
headlight A 16 1256 car C
headlight P 11 1142 car M
headlight P 11 1142 car S

Should become:

product name product ID image no. fits on
headlight A 16 1256 car D, car C
headlight P 11 1142 car M, car S

Maybe some kind of combination of & function, countif and Vlookup???

thansk in advance guys!

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Volvo Sport Car Design!


We need help to design some aftermarket styling parts for Volvo XC60

1) Front difisuer
2) Sideskirts
3) Rear Difisuser

If you are intrested and have SKILLS please bid

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Online Car Sales Platform.

I want a price and information on building a car sales website for Ireland with possible future expansion to the U.K. or Australia. The information and detail I would need would be similar to ,, , Obviously automation for customers is very important aswell as multiple easy payment options. I would be hoping for a very clean simple design. I also wish to have a business directory on it too which would also have to be automated for easy use by businesses. They would load up onto set parameters like – Company name – company address – specialisation – link to there website. I would also like to include google maps on the site.
I am not opposed to a template being used if it is suitable.
Please give prices and an estimation of turn-around time.

Thanks in advance,

James OFlynn.

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Need A Clean Bright And Professional Design In Photoshop


Here goes the site:
I need it redesigned so that it looks professional, nice and clean. Need 2-3 pages designed. One with the same page with a form and without the car.

The car will be exactly the same. talk in pvt.

Looking for cheapest solution. Dont need to be the most creative.


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Android Race Car Game App – Unity Experience Needed

Hi, i am re-posting with new requirement below. I need a complete race car game app for android including good graphic design 2d/3d and programming. You will also help add to android market. I own all rights and you will deliver source code upon completion. I want a game like raging thunder or drift mania championship. A good game app with good graphics and fun game play. If you can make for iphone/ipad/ipod touch that will be a plus.

Unity experience required. I will provide source code and demo to help you get started and save development time and cost. I will escrow. Budget is $250-$750. Thanks.

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SEO, Link Building, Writing Articles On Blog Pages

I need someone to build maybe 200 links to my webpage, I also need him to write and post few articles about my website.
This is a new car-rental site in Iceland. If you have more ideas about marketing a car-rental and getting it higher on google then please write a description so i know what I will be paying for.

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Car Wrap Racecar

i need a race car wrap designed for a touring series on the east coast. this car
will be featured in circle track magizine and other tuner publications. I will give
general information and i need a idea for design and also the wrap design. This
design will be printed inhouse and installed inhouse. We use flexisign and
roland versaworks

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Auto Repair

I need three automotive articles 500 words each.

1. How to buy the best used car.
2. Ten things to keep your car healthy
3. New or used car, which is a better buy?

Due in 10 days.

Send work samples to be considered.

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Car Wrap Design

I need a race car wrap designed for a touring series on the east coast. this car
will be featured in circle track magizine and other tuner publications. I will give
general information and i need a idea for design and also the wrap design. This
design will be printed inhouse and installed inhouse. We use flexisign and
roland versaworks

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Hi Engineers.

My title says it all. I want to control an RC car or plane or helicopter using gsm/gprs.

Transmitters in remote controls are usually low distance. I want to be able to control it over long distances. I can only think of GSM; If you have other ideas please advise. Lets say i have a plane and want to fly it 100km away (if fuel was no problem for now). I want to control it with my pc; keyboard or joystick/pad. I would also want to have a camera on board the plane for which i can have a view.

Project must be completed with detailed instructions.


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Plain Coding


This project is simple, i need to the able to had employes to a DB. (ADD and DELETE)

Need to be able to ADD and Remove the refered scroll down list

Admin can edit client.

Then when someone is connected we need to fill a form that look like this :

We need a place where they could look into the DB to find a client by their phone number. If they find it, they are able to ADD new info, like a new policy number. So to give an example, if they quote a car, then the client may call back to quote the home.

When they pull out the client, i need a field where they could say its has been sold.

The date need to be written automaticly.

fisrt name
car policy number Price
Home policy number Price:
Refered by (i want that field to be scrolling one, because i need to edit this field.)


Then i need to be able to have a report of this By agent, need to know how many quote they have made each week.

Need to be able to calculated their sale.

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Moblie APP For Car Dealers

My business handles the marketing for large car dealers in the Tri-State area and we need an app built that could be skinned to each dealer. If you are interested please respond to this ad. I would pay hourly, per app, and include a contract for support and maintenance. I have the dealers inventory hosted on a mobile friendly site so I would need the app to have the following functions: Click to call, service schedule form, specials (prefer customer to be able to login and edit, worst case we can have fixed specials), link to inventory button. I would like to have someone that is within an hour of Philadelphia so that we could meet in person. Our website:

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USA Car Rental Web Site Is Seeking For Linkbuilding Service

USA car rental web site is seeking for linkbuilding service for internal pages.
Links must be from Car rental industry/tourism sites.
Specific keyword sets for each page will be provided.
Please read this before you place a bid:
We need only quality links from Travel related sites(car rental industry preferred).
We only contact freelancers with at least 10 completed projects and 20 positive reviews. All newcomers with 0 completed projects please do not place your bids here.
The key requirements are that the links must be placed on travel related sites, legit and permanent. Links must be quality incoming links, which are relevant our website niche (travel / car rental industry) and are from quality sites!
Guidlines for links:
1) Links must be permanent, free (non-paid), one way, non-reciprocal (two ways) and static to our website (in-content preferred);
2) Links must be on English language/USA sites;
3) No .info domains or cheap sites;
4) No black hat techniques allowed. No cloaking, banned sites, link farms, blog farms, scraped content sites, mirror sites, or sites overrun with contextual advertising and pop ups;
5) NO links from blog comments, , link farms, forums, blog farms, classifieds, directorie, spam sites, link directories, link exchange, guest books, web rings, FFAs, gambling, dating, x-rated adult, newsgroups, violence, sex, hatred, hacker, pharmacy, or spa;
6) All work shall be performed in an ethical (white hat) method in compliance with Google guidelines – No spam emails;
7) Links must be submitted manually

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SEO Article Writing

We require six (6) high quality, original content articles each of 700 words in length to be used on our website. Each article is to focus on one keyword only. The 6 keywords to be targeted are:

-Car Loan
-Car Loans Brisbane
-Car Loans Australia
-Auto Loans
-Car Lease
-Get Car Loans

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Magento Theme For Car Brakes ECommerce Website

I would like you to create a Magento Theme for Car Brakes eCommerce Website. I would also like you to integrate Vehicle-Fits module withing this theme.

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Find 1000 Links To 2009-2011 Car Reviews (with Photos)

Research into 1,000 Links to 2009-2011 Car Reviews (with Photos). Each Review minimum is 50 words, else to be discarded.

Our blog needs to recommend to our audience top-rated cars worldwide and show them photos, and the commentary. The photos must also be downloadable. Each car review MUST be accompanied by their own corresponding photo.

This is a research job meant for the hardworking but honest chap.

If the link to the page shows more than one car there, you either be specific as in linking more specifically to the standalone page with only 1 car and its review involved, or you name on your Excel table the particular car model you are mentioning there.

The Excel file will have 2 columns: 1 column for the link and 2nd column for the long, precise Name of the car model the review is about. Compulsory for Photo be associated with the car model that your link is pointing to.

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Car News Sites Fed By RSS Feeds Running Joomla

I need 3 sites made on Joomla that displays car news articles from RSS news feeds. one site will display general car news, and 2 other sites will display car news of a specific brand of car. I will provide RSS news feed URLs. I will provide an existing sample site that i want the site to similar to. The site will need to also feature the following

– Basic logo
– ability and placholders to add google, yahoo or AOL ads on the sides, footer or headers (possible joomla module)
– users should register and login to respond to an article ( joomla native capability)

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Worldpress Site Design

I own site and I want someone to put it together for me, something similar to We want to be able to use youtube links as source of videos. The menu bar should have Home, Manufactures ( drop down menu with listed all car makes), About us and Contact us.

the main page should be like a blog view every time we upload somethign it should update on the main page but it also should go to the right car manufacturer. The right side will have google ads, ads should be in the same spots as, facebook fan page, and easy access car category with listed all car makes. We want a clean layout, footer should be something like

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2 Banners For Car Ad Campaign

I need 2 banners each one should be available in the following formats:

1) 336×280
2) 728×90
3) 468×60
4) 160×600

Jpeg, gif, png, swf

The main subject is a car model (for car sale)

Design must be fresh, modern and eye catching.

Portfolio or examples of previous works are preferred.

Ask for any information, project is very urgent.

Thank you.

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Joomla Build And Development – Car Leasing Website

We are looking for a technically capable and pro-active Joomla Developer to work on an exciting commission. Should the relationship become more serious, there will be potential to take on further projects.

We have produced a wireframe along with flat designs for a car leasing company which needs to be built using Joomla. There will be two XML feeds, one which contains something called CAP data, which is data pertaining to every car in the market place and its relative details including an image. The second file will be pricing information. Both files need to be fed into the database and will use the unique vehicle id within the CAP xml file to tie both files together, the vehicle can then be displayed with its correct price. 

There will be an element of unique functionality that will be required on the site but nothing too complex, in turn some aspects of the back end will need customising to suit the content being managed. With a view to this, some PHP and custom mySQL functions will need developing. The sites basic focus is to display vehicles to be leased to both individuals and businesses alike.

We are looking to start initial project development within the next week or so, please bear this in mind when pitching your services.

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Local Seo For "junk Car Brooklyn" – 7 Pack Guarantee

Need to rank high in "junk car brooklyn" and related keywords in google Local search.
Must get the site in top 7 of local (map) search for the term "junk car brooklyn".
Payment only when site reaches top 7 spot.

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Rent A Car Website Like Hertz With Admin Panel Needed

Do u have a car rental website already done. show me we might have a deal

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Voice Recognition Robotic Car

I need to make a Voice Recognizable robotic car….It is basically robot car which operates on voice recognition commands. If I tell Left it will turn left if I tell right it will turn right. I need project report (Small understanding enough) too.

You can take idea from this link.

I need this kind of hardware and software project. I need this project as soon as possible. I can give 100 to 200 $ for this project.

Have question let me know.

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