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WHMCS Payment Module For Beanstream(credit Card Processor)

Need a custom WHMCS payment module/addon/plugin for beanstream processing

Should have previous experience in writing payment modules for whmcs

Please show examples

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Magnetic Date Collector

You will be making a small portable magnetic reader that runs off a battery and has similar dimensions to 4 x 5 x 15mm .

This magnetic card reader collects/stores tracks 1 and 2 on its 2mags of onboard memory. The magnetic head and magnetic stripe will be ISO. You will have to create the F2F decoding for it. You will make it so it can run at all different speeds, fast and slow. The data should be read and recovered even when the swipe was not completely successful. All interrupted swipes are collected. The battery usage should be very low so when swipes are not made the board automatically goes to sleep until the next swipe. All swipes should be time stamped. Another feature is that we would like it so when selected in the software you can swipe a card and the data will pop right up on notepad after swiped when plugged into the computer by the USB cable.

You will be creating this project from scratch.

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Expense Management System

The scope of this project is to design, build and test a website and online Data Base where employees can create a log in and build an online travel expense report, the report can be submitted to the employees manager who can review and approve the report.

The site will have very similar to the reference site expensify(dot)com

If you are interested in bidding for this project, you must provide the information requested in the section Proposal Format – See below.
Any proposals that do not adhere to this format will not be considered.


Import Credit Card / Bank Details
The employee selects their bank and enters their online banking credentials and the employees bank and credit card statement are imported into their expense report.

The Employee can create a new expense report. They enterer expenses either manually or using the import feature. The expenses are then assigned to an expense report. The employee can then upload receipt images and attach these to the expenses.

The administrator can create new travel policy rules where restriction on expenses can be set eg if the expense amount is greater than $5 you must have a receipt.
The administrator can then assign a policy type to each employee.

Mobile App
Mobile App that will allow the employee to take an image of their receipts and attach them to their expense reports.

Customised Categories
The Administrator can create pre-defined expense categories, add new users to the system, assign access levels and rights to employees.


Adding new expense rules
tips / help
Assign Email Preferences
Add bank account details to receive reimbursement
Connection to other systems not in scope
Billing where the administrator can add a Credit card to pay fees and reimbursements.

Report on the expenses created eg expenses paid, not paid, outstanding, expenses by category, by employee, expenditure per month.

Submitting Expense Reports
The employee can submit an expense report and identifies their manager who will approve the expense report. The manager reviews the claim and any policy violations are highlighted in red / yellow. You can hover over the report for pop up windows with further information.

Data Export
Need functionality to be able to export all data and images out of the online data base, in .xls , CSV format.

The System will be fully tested in all main browsers.

Proposal Format.
The proposal should cover the following key areas:


Please email your proposal to Eamon Clune at by Thursday 7th April.


The project has some unique features some of which do not appear in websites very often.

The main technical elements are:

Phase 1
1.Development of an online work flow solution, with multiple roles and levels of access – where an expense form can be passed from the originator; to the approver to the payer. The work flow solution needs to be able to route the claim to the correct person in the flow and have automatic email notifications

2.The solution need to have an invoicing feature, The invoice will be made up of 1) the monthly subscription fee based on the number of users per month. 2) the approved expense amount for each employee.

3.The system will have 2 billing/ payment features, 1)the admin enters their credit card details and the credit card is charged monthly based on the number of users that company has using the system per month. 2) each time an employees expenses are approved by their company, their company credit card is charged and is paid to the employee.

Phase 2
4.An iPhone and Android App will be required. The App will allow the employee to log in and create a new expense, take a photo of their receipt and submit this

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Cre Loaded – Express Checkout – Custom

1. Im looking for a "Sew Quick Instant Checkout" button on product page that will generate an alternate shopping cart page that will automatically forward product info to our SSL card payment account.

2. From the traditional Shopping Cart, i would like an "Sew Quick 1 Page Express Checkout" option that will send all of the products in the cart to the express checkout SSL file.

A new template will be needed for our SSL server (no follow by search engines);
the template will pull the product information from the new shopping cart page.

Option to continue shopping and add more to cart(Send BACK to Last product Manufacturer), open fields to capture, Name, Address, UK only(send back to standard cart if outside UK), card payment details(type of card, card number,expiry date, valid from date, CV3 security code, issue number).

Submit Button to submit the data to the card capturing mechanism and forward customer info and product to a new page in cre loaded that will then fill the database with the sale information so the sale will be displayed in the same manor in admin.

I have attached the current SSL file to give an example of how the SSL works, giving the references to put the details back in to the database.

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Third-party Payment Module For VirtueMart Or CubeCart

I need to create a component that sends the price and my merchant ID to a external credit card processor web page. The API of the external credit card processor company sends the result of the payment process to my site, then I need to complete the order after that response. The merchant account has given us a php plug-in which receives certain response codes and basic form fields.

It must also exchange cryptography keys between the bank and the website where the shopping cart (joomla/virtuemart) sits. We have a testing environment but the production environment works exactly the same.

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Online Greeting Card Customization

We are looking for someone to integrate a Greeting Card Customization solution into our existing website hosted by BigCommerce. We are not interested in switching to another ecommerce provider so solution will have to be able to be implemented using BigCommerce

Features Needed:

Customers will be able to pick a greeting card and add/edit text onto the card.

This includes font size and position.

Ability for customer to upload photos

Please give as much detail as possible in your bid. We are looking to get this project started asap.

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Alter And Create Current Business Card

I have a business card that I need changed.

1) I need a phone number added to it
2) Then a 2nd one created with change of name and phone number.

This is a very simple and should someone no more then 15 mins. I need this immediately and will award this to the first person who bids on this and will do it for $10.

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Card Game Sueca

We are looking to develop a card game online which is not poker but with similar software as in a poker room, both to be played in free and real money mode. This has to be a platform with a desktop based gaming solution, which can be downloaded from our website and installed onto a local machine or we are open to listen to other safe options. It will have also client and server communication among other features such as security, robot Player and disconnection mechanism.
Security mechanism also a must to avoid cheating and to protect customer information. We need very good quality graphic design and a very modern platform. More details will be given later.

This is mainly one game with another 2 variants of the same game but all need to be available in the same package.
Please let us know if you are capable of achieving this project.

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SD Card EyeFi Power Modification -SD

Various Budget Bid are welcome.

I am needing to use a EyeFi SD card inside of a Bushnell 119435C to transfer pictures taken automatically to my iPhone. The EyeFi card has the software infrastructure to handle this. The card automatically transfers pictures when it is on a WiFi network and the iPhone has an application to recieve these pictures.

However, this trail camera uses a motion detecting system that power on only when something is moving in front of it, it then only powers up long enough to take the picture and save the picture to the card. At that point the power to the SD card is turned off. This does not give the card ample time to transmit the picture.

I need a solution for the power to stay on longer to give the card time to transfer. This needs to be done on the card side NOT the camera side. I need to the card to tell the camera to stay on longer. This needs to be able to work with other similar make and model cameras so updating camera software or in anyway modifying the camera is not an option.

This project is going to be pursued asap. Please provide your solution and we will begin immediately.

Low Budget with High Experience given Preference


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Business Card For Upstart Clothing Company

I am looking for a nice business card design with the same feeling as my website:

I would like to use the Vintage Wear logo idea of the orange scripted text, and would like an old vaudeville feel to the cards… something that feels vintage when passed out.

It will end up being a double-sided, full color card, so any creative ideas are welcome.

The full name of the company is Vintage Wear Clothing Company, and our tagline is.. Putting the Super Back In Superficial.

Thank you!

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Include Credit Card Payment On WordPress Site – Eshop

I have a website created on wordpress with eshop plugin, we need include payment system with credit card

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GSM Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

I am looking for someone with high experience in GSM/GPRS and SMS data transmission. I need the qualified bidder to build a GSM Magnetic Stripe Card Reader. After the card has been swiped, the data has to be sent via the GSM module to a phone number of my choice.

Also most importantly the reader must be able to read interrupted swipes. (If the card is swiped half way and then back out and then forward in a fast,slow or jitter motion), the magnetic reader can still read the data from the card.

It also must have a long life rechargeable li-ion battery. The device is required to be portable, so the PCB is required to be as small as possible.


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Tri Fold And Matching Business Card


I need a 8.5×11 Tri-Fold Brochure and Business Card created. They need to look like this, but with a different color scheme.

The Business card should look just like the Tri Fold just with less information.

I need a 1 day turnaround time, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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Magento – Problem With Gift Card Not Showing In PayPal

Using Magento ver.

Installed at

Gift card module

When a customer tries to buy items and uses a giftcard everything is fine until you order for something more than the value of the gift card. Then if the customer chooses Paypal or our Invoice solution (Klarna) the value of the giftcard is removed and they have to pay the full sum as if it did not exist.

We need this fixed so that customers can combine gift cards and card payment. And we are in a hurry.

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Business Card Design

Looking for a talented designer to come up with a 2 sided color business card. We are looking for a hand drawn (even a bit rough) fun style that is bold and eye catching. Nothing too sleek or corporate.

We will supply you with a range of graphics and current corporate branding – but we are open to new fresh ideas. Show us your RELEVANT samples and lets get started!

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Business Cards/t Shirt Design


im looking to create a business card. i already have the logo, just need a couple extra details to make a clean lookin card, and to format a t shirt deisgn for the back of the shirt, with company info. I waas hoing to get everything to look proffessional with custom font.

this should be a relatively quick project

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Inside Sales – Merchant Credit Card Processing

About Us:
We are a leading provider of merchant payment processing services. We enable business owners just like you to sign up to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit, check services, cash advance, and more. These initial services are just the beginning of the wide array of products and service options that we have to offer each business owner.

Project Scope:
Looking to outsource an inside sales person to call on main-street merchants that want to save money on their current credit card processing rates. The inside sales person will be required to attend our training webinar to understand the business from the inside/out. He/She will then have the knowledge to make the sale from beginning to end.

Daily call reports are expected
Excellent English read and write is a must
Leads are provided

Bonus split on each sale which can range from $60-$160 depending on the Annual Volume of the merchants sales.
The bonus is paid the following Thursday of the previous weeks approved contract

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4 Logos, 2 Business Card, 3 Banners Design

You have to design and provide ready to print formats :

– Logo: 4 unique logos for different services. Some logos may have a brand statement as text below it.
– Business card design – 2 nos
– Banner: Need 3 unique Banner Designs for 3 different services for use in google adwords. each banner design is to be delivered in 6 standard sizes as used in google adwords.

Creative Designer required
There can be 3-5 reviews for each of the items.

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Business Card / Letterhead / Banner Designs

Please place your bid. I have the logo file i just need a modern looking banner/ letterhead / business card

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Business Card Design

I am looking for a unique design for a business card.these business cards will be a dual person card. where two sales people will be on the card. there will be an extended approval period before paymnet as i must submit this design for approval to head office. we are furniture salesman. all required text will be sent. when i select the appropriate winner. please send samples .

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Web Application Updates And Fixes

We are in need of a talented web developer to assist with completing an existing project. We expect you to be proficient with PHP, JS, Linux, Ajax and Json. Be familiar with Joomla and graphics design.
The site is fully functional at this time but there are items that were not implemented: (Welcome / Help pages, contacts uploader); there are items that were not done to specs: (contacts, recent and sceduled); items that were not laid out correctly and miscellaneous items such as standardizing fonts size and button layout. Below is a list of items that have been identified.
The budget for this project is $1500

Current Bugs:
Contacts and Mobs is missing functions (More details available)
Bugs in text editor
Clear text does not work consistently
Text from old card shows up on new card
Second added text deletes first text
Each new text box sits on the one before so user cannot tell that it is there
Additional info above card should include "To move TEXT, click and drag to desired place on your card"
Wrong text is sometimes displayed
Add Text, does not clear the text input box
Pop Forwarding
Red Yellow Green
Updated TryIT
Failed sent cards are deducted from user account
Breadcrumbs (Requires refinement)
FAQ in lightbox (There are menu items that do not belong there)
Add Cards
Welcome / Help pages
Card count update real time
Personal Gallery does not match original design
Category selected should be highlighted
Highlight "My Uploads" or "My Recent"
Prevent sending more cards than available
Able to reset userid and password
Recent sent cards does not show realtime
Add more fonts
Navigation arrows on text edit screen similar to facebook
Change button title "Select Delivery" to "Continue"
Pop Forward
Email failover
RYG Setup with

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Paypal Payment Pro For Virtuemart (Credit Card Processing)


I need a joomla + Virtuemart Expert to add Paypal payment pro (credit card processing) in to existing joomla + Virtuemart site…
also need a template for the same…

More in PMB….


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Magnetic Card Reader / Algorithm, Firmware/Software

Security Door Entry…. is looking for a person to help us design the smallest portable magnetic stripe card readers with a Swipe Interruptions sophisticated Algorithm, Firmware/Software Technology.

The Selected contractor will Design a 6x15mm PCB board.
How we are going to accomplish a 6x15mm PCB board is simply using QFN components and possible multiple circuits layers.

Most magnetic swipes readers won

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Corporate+website Design For Clothing/fashion Company

New small womens fashion label looking for a logo, corporate identity kit (business card, post card, stationery in printable format) and very basic information only website (home, collection, about us, shop, contact). Looking for something simple but elegant. Please include portfolio with existing corporate identity projects.

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Customer Loyalty

A program required to run on a stand alone P.C to collect customer information based on a customer loyalty card,
Customer setup. ie, cards from 1 to 100 allocated, to a customer or club, and the same for other customers,
when the customer arrives the card number is entered and asks for the invoice number and spend,
Also a report is required that shows the customer/card number / spend

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