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Ecommerce Affiliate Site Builder For Business Cards Etc

We require a software that will allow us to create an ecommerce site with various products like greetings cards and business cards, calendars et.But the software must also allow us to create affiliate sites.Please only reply if you have done this before or have a ready to go product

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Web Design Project For Afzaal Business Cards

Project details will be posted in email

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Simple IPhone Game Written In Appcelerator Titanium

Looking for a simple "Concentration" (also known by some as "Memory") type game for iPhone to be written in Appcelerator Titanium (for quick deployment and easy handoff of code). There are many versions of this game already available, and such template could be something like:

The game would allow the user to go through various levels, each another game of Concentration with cards to match up, or cards to avoid matching up.

Written in Appcelerator, the game would allow the levels to call upon a sqlite db to determine the rules and cards files for each level.

Other things the game should include:
-splash load screen
-main menu with level chooser
-upon choosing next avail level, user would be presented with a "dossier" (cheat sheet) for that level, telling them what cards they need to match, which ones to avoid matching up. User would be able to complete the level if they successfully match up all the good cards in the allotted time without matching any of the bad cards.
-upon successful or unsuccessful completion of a level, user would be presented with a simple animation (the file would be called as spec in the sqlite db).
-help screen
-ability to play/trigger sounds in the bg of each level (ala Angry Birds)

Bid should include all the framework work to create the game, with the exception of creating the actual cards images for levels and sounds (placeholders would be recommended to be put in).

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Printing Business Order Forum

We have a client that is need for a template for there clients to order business cards or
the clients web site is a Joomla web site
customer need to login to web site
customer will be associated with one company
logo will be on top
customer enter information about them selfs to get the B. Cards (name, email, Cell Phone, ext.)
email will be sent to client and customer for confirmation

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Business Cards And Letterhead Design

Small start-up company needs business cards and letterhead design work done using existing logo.

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Business Cards/t Shirt Design


im looking to create a business card. i already have the logo, just need a couple extra details to make a clean lookin card, and to format a t shirt deisgn for the back of the shirt, with company info. I waas hoing to get everything to look proffessional with custom font.

this should be a relatively quick project

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Business Card Design

I am looking for a unique design for a business card.these business cards will be a dual person card. where two sales people will be on the card. there will be an extended approval period before paymnet as i must submit this design for approval to head office. we are furniture salesman. all required text will be sent. when i select the appropriate winner. please send samples .

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New Business Cards & Stationery

Need a design for business cards and stationery

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Web Application Updates And Fixes

We are in need of a talented web developer to assist with completing an existing project. We expect you to be proficient with PHP, JS, Linux, Ajax and Json. Be familiar with Joomla and graphics design.
The site is fully functional at this time but there are items that were not implemented: (Welcome / Help pages, contacts uploader); there are items that were not done to specs: (contacts, recent and sceduled); items that were not laid out correctly and miscellaneous items such as standardizing fonts size and button layout. Below is a list of items that have been identified.
The budget for this project is $1500

Current Bugs:
Contacts and Mobs is missing functions (More details available)
Bugs in text editor
Clear text does not work consistently
Text from old card shows up on new card
Second added text deletes first text
Each new text box sits on the one before so user cannot tell that it is there
Additional info above card should include "To move TEXT, click and drag to desired place on your card"
Wrong text is sometimes displayed
Add Text, does not clear the text input box
Pop Forwarding
Red Yellow Green
Updated TryIT
Failed sent cards are deducted from user account
Breadcrumbs (Requires refinement)
FAQ in lightbox (There are menu items that do not belong there)
Add Cards
Welcome / Help pages
Card count update real time
Personal Gallery does not match original design
Category selected should be highlighted
Highlight "My Uploads" or "My Recent"
Prevent sending more cards than available
Able to reset userid and password
Recent sent cards does not show realtime
Add more fonts
Navigation arrows on text edit screen similar to facebook
Change button title "Select Delivery" to "Continue"
Pop Forward
Email failover
RYG Setup with

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Business Card Entry Into Excel

I have approx. 550 business cards that I need entered into an excel spreadsheet. I would like to keep this job in Australia as it will involve posting these business cards.

I need first name, last name, company, position, email, telephone.

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Business Cards

Hi Guys ,

I need a business card for a photographer.

I need it to be a classy looking design , simple yet attractive and a bit of flare.

I do not want a busy card , just a nice simple looking attractive card.

here are some examples :

I really like the one that is a plain black background with white writing.

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E-Commerce Web Sit Design And Bussiness Cards And Logo

I need an online store created to sell electronic devices for my company. Applicant needs to be skilled in SEO, graphic design, web design, online marketing techniques, logos, and shopping carts. I also need Business Cards and Fliers. Creative personnel only.

The brochures and business cards need to be on digital files and printed, they are separate entities than the E-Commerce website. The ditgital files of the cards and brochures need to be customizable for future updates. Also the Company logo needs to be on a digital file.

The E- Commerce Website must have a check out. e-junkie is an option. Paypal is a requirement. Website must have auto response reply system. Currently my site is registered and "started" on google sites. I am unsatisfied with the site and want to start all over. URL is on google sites. I want to keep my URL I dont know how to get my URL off of google sites. If that is needed then i need assistance.

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Need Business Cards And Envelope Design Created

Need business cards and envelope design created. 2 day turn around is the best case scenario.

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Automated Playing Card Identification System

We just need an scanner who can immediately recognize the playing cards. We need to identify the playing cards on our FLASH application. We prefer the scanner to work with flash using as3.

Also if preferable to live in London for live meetings.

Happy Bidding,

03/14/2011 at 10:03 EDT:

need to work using an USB port

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Bingo Site Functions

Im looking to aquire the functions of a online bingo site that i can use as a template to add in the design and build around so simple pages.with a 1px border to contain the working end result of the project is fine.

i would want the same functions as almost any sucessfull bingo site,for example,

caller: numbers 1 to 75 random
caller coard 1 to 75 in 5 rows of 15
cards: 9 cards 5 by 5 of 24 numbers with a free space for the center with a max of 15 cards per game.
current game pattern displayed.

layout example
player logs in directed to lobby where link to current game is
clicks join game
new window opens displaying current number called and active,9 cards sorted with a blank white image in replace of card numbers till a play button is clicked,current pattern displayed bottom left of page.

player clicks play called and current numbers are fetched cards are sorted with numbers called and current are marked,
when a player has a winning card game stops winner gets image display ow being winner others get display of who won,
60 sec delay then game would restart choosing a random pattern.

database work ofcourse updateing who won and what ect…

any question please message me

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Business Card

We need a nice layout for own business cards designed. Logo will be provided. This is a home theater company.

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Flash E-cards Need


I need 10 funny flash e-cards.

– 5 with easter theme/messages (see
– 5 with birthday theme/messages (see

The text which will bee provided is going to be in Swedish, English and German.

Please show samples!

Best regards


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Online Greeting Card Website

Im looking for someone to design & develop an website that sends & manages online greeting cards. No cards will need to be created, as I plan to populate the site myself.

Website details:

People will come to the website, and are able to select a category (Birthday, Sorry, Christmas, etc.). Once they select a category they will be presented with a list of sub-categories (Belated Birthday, Happy Birthday, Romantic Birthday, etc.) Once they select a sub category they will be presented with a list of applicable cards, each with a thumbnail & title, for that category.

Once they select a card: they will be presented with the card view, which will be either a static image or a flash animation, and an area to customize their personal message below it. They should be able to change their font and text color. They can then preview their card: This will be a page that displays the image or animation, with the personal message under it. They can then select to either: return and edit the card, or send the card. If they choose to send it they will enter their name and email address and the recipients name and email address. Once sent an email will be delivered to the recipient telling them a card is ready to view. The url to view the card should be random, ( example: ) so people can no simply increment the ID and view other peoples cards.

The system should also allow users to sign up & save their sent cards, so they can view a list of cards theyve sent and see if theyve been viewed by the recipient yet. When they sign up their information (email, username & password, email opt in) should be kept in a database.

The site should have a content management system. Admin should be able to add/edit/delete categories, sub categories and cards. Every card in it at least one, but possibly many, sub categories. Each sub category is in exactly one category. Cards can either be an uploaded image (.jpg, .png .gif) or a flash animation (.swf).

This needs to be developed in (2.0 is preferred) and all databases need to be mySQL server 5.1. The design should be clean and warm, but Im quite easy going with the look as long as its professional looking. The menu should allow for many categories and sub categories while maintaining the clean look. The design should reserve space for 1 leaderboard ad (728×90) near the header, and one wide skyscraper (160×600) ad along the side.

Once completed I will require the source files to make changes if needed in the future.

Bidders please provide portfolios with related projects / work.

03/10/2011 at 14:19 EST:

This is an outline of the project. The detailed project profile will be provided before a bid is accepted.

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New Poker Odds Calculator

Im looking to produce an exact identical clone of the following poker odds calculator:

The poker odds calculator needs to work exactly in the same way and give the same identical odds/results.
It needs:
– menu to choose the game type (Texas Holdem, Texas Holdem Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo, 7-Card Hi/lo No Qualifier, Razz)
– menu to choose the number of players (from 2 to 5)
– a Deck of cards to pick cards from
– calculate the odds button
– reset button

It also must function in the same way as the example shown.

The only extra thing that I ask is an "easy way" to change the central image (the poker table). I must be able change this image in the future with a certain ease. We will provide the graphics of the table.

We will need all source files a .fla files at the end of the project.

Please let me know.

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Two Graphically Designed Double-Sided Business Cards

Need two 2-sided business cards designed for $40.

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Simple Printable Greeting Cards 3

Private project for Sather. 2 illustrations and 1 vector drawing.

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Need A 2 To 3 Page Website For Selling Business Cards

I am needing a website similar to with not that many pages. The business only sells Plastic business cards so i wont need very many pages, i just need to display my prices and pictures of sample business cards and have it look professional. I would like to have a slide show of the different business cards also, I am looking for low bids with good quality

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Business Cards Logos And Tshirt Designs


-Business Card Designs
– Logos
-T Shirt Designs

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Simple Printable Greeting Cards 2

This is a private project for Sather.. 3 more cards for $35 total.

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Business Card Design

I need very professional cards made up and would like it to look like a credit card. It is a security company and the name is Inline Security. wholesaler for all CCTV products and Spy Goods

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WebDesigner / Graphic Designer Needed…

Just a simple website design plus a few business cards and flyers

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Satellite TV Cardsharing Website

Want to build a modern Cardsharing Website for Satellite TV.

– User should be able to share their own cards/keys into system to get access to other cards/keys
– User should be able to just buy access to cards/keys.

System and Website should run on a webserver that feeds cams like cam3d, cccam.
System needs to be able to get codes from cams and spread them to the users accounts.

Coder should be able to work with those cams and build custom version for the service.
Website can be based on any CMS.

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Print Shop

Dear representative,

Hope that this email finds you doing well ,
Please I am in a process of opening a small printing shop in Luanda, Angola
The shop will initial focus on making and printing the following products

 Business cards
 Logos
 Calendars
 Envelops
 Greeting Cards
 Post Cards
 Letter headers
Please advise me the right equipment such as Printer, Software and paper cutter/trimmer do get the shop running.

Thank you,

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