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(4) Different Facebook Campaigns Of 1,500 US Facebook Fans

I am looking for a professional freelancer or company to work on 4 separate 1,500 US Real Facebook Fan campaigns.

Here are the requirements:

– All 4 campaigns must be complete in 10 days or less
– Must have experience in this work and MUST have feedback
– I am a reseller so please bid accordingly. I have many projects on here and many more coming up so I always take care of the providers that take care of me.
– I dont offer milestone payments. When the work is complete, then Ill send full payment. I have + feedback.

Thanks for bidding.

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Day Care Website Design

I want to change the design of an existing site:

The site is for a day care, it should have a friendly, funny and attractive design for children.

Any technology that you consider it could bring something (like flash) is allowed but not necessary.

The site should look ok even if the number of menu items is changed. Sub-menus are not allowed. You have to consider that the pages may have more or less content (no strict height).

It is expected that at the end of the project a single html page/template is delivered with all the files that belong to it (css, images etc).

A mock-up is required in order to be selected.

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Write Ebook On Dangers/risks Of Preservatives In Skin Care

The requested ebook will form part of the promotional funnel for sales of a line of incredibly high quality preservative-free / paraben free skin care products on line. The ebook is expected to be 25-40 pages in length and focused on educating the reader on the risks and dangers associated with common preservatives used in skin care products and why they should use preservative-free and paraben free skin care products.

The contractor will have written several ebooks successfully used in online product promotions and will have done other online or direct mail copywriting. familiarity with the skin care industry is an asset. Please include a sample e-book if possible. This is not required but is highly encouraged.

Anticipated Milestones:
1. Approve Research Plan – this will include a limited review of published scientific results as well as consumer advocacy information and health authorities. In addition, the company marketing and educational materials should also be reviewed. We would like a copy or bookmark for all research reviewed online.

2. Complete Outline – this would include a full outline for the book with summary bullet points for each section as well as completed drafts of 2 sections to review for style

3. Full draft – complete first draft of the ebook

4. Revisions – We expect up to 1 major rewrite of the book and up to 3 minor revisions of the document (no changes to structure – i.e. a rewrite of a couple sections).

Please provide a breakdown of your quote by milestone.Add to Project Description

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2 Lawn Care Themed Landing Page

Lawn Care Maintenence services has need of two (2) creative, graphical, html and effective (converting) landing pages (1 page each with submit forms) for Online Lawn Care business ads.

Landing Page content should be structured, as such:

1. Explaining the services we offer (Client) [landing page # 1]

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Want PR 5 And Above Backlinks

Hey there,

We own quite a few web properties, and we would like to secure some high PR backlinks…

We do not care what type of links there are to be honest, but we have some conditions.

1) PR has to be on the page where link is placed. So this means that I do not want links to be placed on PR 5 domain, and the page where our link is placed has no PR.

2) We want at least 50 high PR links placed per day, for each website we run.

3) Pages that our links are on have to have PR 5 or more..

If you can help us with that, please let me know.. As I have mentioned, we do not care about the types of links, as long as they are PR 5 and above links.

This will be an on going monthly project, so please keep that in mind.

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Need Content Writing For A Elderly Care Bussines

English language native speakers only please bid on this project .( or wery experienced english writers )

need to build 5 + more pages ( on my – elderly care website business – .
i have keywords which we will use on all the pages to target seo and the text will be made for different cities with the main page theme .
basically we will plagiarize the main text from index page , using same target ( to get clients) the same keywords , different cities and arrange the words every time different.

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Simple Online Interactive Game

Hi , the work in general : A card playing game between real people in real time with points system that can
potentially be exchanged for cash and vice versa.I dont care about what skills you use as long as its functional.
Not much graphic work but maybe a chat option to go along as a feature would be needed.
Not many issues to implement as its not poker or similar.
I am on a small budget since its a small-ish project but most important – if the candidate is a person
of good nature(we dont care about money more than we do about people) then the door is open for lifetime revenue
or a set time – depends on service charges.
More details upon request.
Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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Forex Robot Software Seller

Hello, I am looking for people to sell my forex trading robot software. The price for this item is 50 dollars with my employee discount. Although it seems pricy people will pay that much for it. For every product you sell higher than the list price, $50, you will earn the difference. Ex. You sell the product for 85 dollars and you will then receive 35 dollars from me (85 – 50 = 35).

You will be paid bi-monthly. Please note that you can sell this item on any site that you wish. Only Serious inquiries. I would like to get started right away, please email me through freelancer if you have any questions.

I will send you more details when you PM me.

If you take care of me, I will take care of you.

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Forex Robot Software Seller

Hello, I am looking for people to sell my forex trading robot software. The price for this item is 50 dollars with my employee discount. Although it seems pricy people will pay that much for it. For every product you sell higher than the list price, $50, you will earn the difference. Ex. You sell the product for 85 dollars and you will then receive 35 dollars from me (85 – 50 = 35).

You will be paid bi-monthly. Please note that you can sell this item on any site that you wish. Only Serious inquiries. I would like to get started right away, please email me through freelancer if you have any questions.

I will send you more details when you PM me.

If you take care of me, I will take care of you.

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Email Blast For Los Angeles Health Care

I am looking for someone who can provide or create a email list that contains people living in the Southern California area
Los Angeles Ca.
El Monte Ca.

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Health Care & Delivery Systems (Letter) Due ASAP

Draft a letter to your local congress person in which you (a) express your concern about one issue related to each topic, specifically, the overall health care delivery system; beliefs, values and health; and the evolution of US health care services. (b) Suggest a resolution for each of your concerns. The letter must include an explanation/resolution of the three issues below.

1. Reasons why despite public and private health insurance programs, some US citizens are without any coverage

2. Main objectives of public health and success in attaining them

3. Why reform efforts to bring in national health insurance have been unsuccessful in the United States

This project is due on Tuesday evening 2/8/11. This project calls for a LETTER only. Please have knowledge of the US health care system.

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30 Pics For Editing

Urgently looking for a professional and talented person in Photoshop CS5 to edit 50 of my own HORSE pictures. The main job is to edit pictures colors, change background, sharpness, remove some horses from the background and move them to other place, and etc.

My deadline for completing this project is 10th Feb 2011.

Files that should be provided to me once you are done is PSD with history of work and high resolution JPEG. PSD files also should contain a layer mask of the horse and other layers that u edit.

Softwares that you should use is Photoshop CS5. And you could use if you want Lightroom 3 and mystical lighting.

Ps: take care when removing a horse from its place, we dont want the black/white line surrounding the horse. Also, these pics will be printed very large, so we will need you to take care of this.


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WordPress Website Design


Id like a real simple job done..I am in the process of building a wordpress website and honestly dont know anything about it…Ive got the domain registered and the hosting taken care of..Id like somebody to take care of the designing and the programming required to get it up an running soon…Also dont bother about the content because thats already taken care of…Just the look and feel of the website…More will be discussed in Pm..Lowest bidder will be considered…


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Hotel Database

I would like to have a hotel reservation database design.

The database should take care of my hotel bookings and availability, price, type of room, bed size.
The database should take care of customer information, like name, age, traveling with family or alone etc

Take a look at to get a sample hotel rates and rooms that need to be taken care of. Assume your design for database is to take care of this.

I need this done within the next 3days.


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SEO Eye Care

I would like to be the on the first page of all search terms for eye care. LASIK, Cataract, blepharoplasty, eye care, glasses.. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO BID UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN SEO AND ARE WILLLING TO SEE THE PROJECT TO COMPLETION.

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Article On Primary Health Care,community Medicine.

I need an article about community medicine,health,health care,phc,community,health releated topics with who definitions.require within two days.

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WHAT can you do for $100/month?

Remember Im only paying $100/month!! Give me details regarding how many links you will give me.

I need link building, one way, permanent links.

ONLY bid if you can guarantee this:
– 90% will be on niche sites related to: hair, african americans, health, beauty, or personal care.
– 10% will be on general directory or social bookmarking sites.

01/26/2011 at 12:43 EST:


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Need A Site For A Moving Company 10 Pages With An Easy CMS


I need website design for a moving company. My latest website was This website has to look different as in pictures, color, layout, but can utilize the same site structure, i.e. etimate form on the homepage, etc.

Now please pay attention. Before I will consider your bid, I require a mock up. You can use pictures from other websites I dont care, I just need to see that you can do this project. was built from a mock up as well, I liked it, and chose the provider as the winning bidder. PLEASE dont bother sending me your portfolio, I do not care. All I care about is that you actually see the project, provide a nice mock up, and get the job. I dont need any flash on the site. Also the site has to have an easy to use CMS so things like pictures and text could be switched around if needed.
Please only bid if you are able to provide a mockup.

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Labels For Skin Care Products

I am creating a Skin Care Line for children ages 8-13. It is all natural and organic. I need 8 labels for my bottles. These labels will be 8 inches x 4 inches. I have an endangered animal representing each product. The image of this animal, along with a small "fact" on each animal (or a joke) will be included on the back of the label. Please contact me for further information. Thanks.

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"taking Care/raising A Person" Iphone App

I am buiding an iphone app that looks like the "pet" applications that you see know.

We need to create a person that we need to keep feding and giving attention. What kind of attention we will get into later (no sex) and this person can give us a mail or sms when we forget to feed it or give it attention.

the person can be:
-an icon
-real movies.
so depending on what we do we see different movies or icons.

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10 Article Writing + 50 Article Submissions Total

Number of Articles to be written: 10 with min 400 words

Topics: Canada Child Care, Canada Elederly Care, Canada Disabled Care

Help on Topics: You will be pointed to the related website with lots of information about the topics above.

Keywords: following the 3 topics above

Number of Article Directories for submission: 50 including Ezine, GoArticles, Article Dashboard, Amazine and all popular and high PR article directories

Requirement1: Each of the article must be original and pass copyscape 100%

Requirement2: articles submissions need to be done in 50 different article directories using each tiem one of the 10 articles written and MUST be "APPROVED" 100%

Requirement3: Only approved article link/URL will be paid

Requirement4: Submit report in excel spreadsheet with the title of the article, where it was submitted, the link/URL where the approved article is located

Payment: Through 50% escrow upon acceptance of the project. release on delivery of the articles to check. 50% more escrow and release when the report is turned in for checking article submissions and everything is perfectly done

This is a trial project, we have many SEO clients, we want to build long term cooperation with people capable on doing this well, quickly and inexpensively.

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After Effects Slideshow Video Needed For My Company


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30 Original Dog Care Articles Needed

I require 30 articles in total. All of which must be 300 words or greater. Each and every article must be original and pass a plagium and copyscape test. You must also agree that none of these articles will be sold, given, or in any way distributed to another party. You must also agree to frequently update me as to your status (via email) and submit completed articles for approval at least twice per week.
A writer with experience with dogs/dog care is preferable.

Deadline: 2 weeks.
Payment: $3 per article for a total of $90 USD
Method: Freelancer Milestone

I require 2 articles for each of the following keywords

Dog Vomiting
Dog Skin Conditions
Diarrhea in Dogs
Allergies in Dogs
Ear Infection in Dogs
Dog Flea Control
Dog Eye Problems
Hip Dysplasia in Dogs
Dog Arthritis Treatment
Dog Seizures
Puppy Vaccination
Acid Reflux in Dogs
First Aids for Dogs
Dog Hot Spots
Dog Obesity

I would prefer an author who is passionate about excellence (and dogs) to an author who wants to finish the job quickly. Should you be the right author, much more work will be available in the immediate future.

To qualify, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the project in your comment or PM.

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Call Center Wanted For Outgoing Call Campaign In USA

ONLY for American Native or Sounding English Speakers.

We are wanting to partner with a call center to sell our large portfolio of GEO domains/websites properties that target the home improvement and home service industry. Websites are professionally designed, keyword rich and perfect for lead generation. We are looking to divest out of this niche so that we deploy capital and resources in our other businesses. Our website/domain package averages $299 and is priced to move.

Use the online yellow pages to find businesses, call and sell business to business. We take care of the payment and after sales queries. You will be paid a generous 25% commission on each sale you generate.

Please note- this is not for appointment setting but for the total sale. This is not hourly!

Initial training and explanation of the product and service will be provided by the firm. Rest of the facilities, infrastructure, employees, computers, internet connectivity e.t.c … would be taken care by the call center company.

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