This is the first of seven childrens books being produced by myself and a few others. I have drawn all the pictures by hand but need a designer to bring them to life. I want the artwork to look cartoon-like and colourful, with simple backgrounds. The book is a teaching device for children and the artwork will be used in the book itself, and on a web-site. I am also in talks with people to have the book made into an iTouch (and possibly iPhone) application. Initially the artwork will only be for the book to get published and to use on the website. We envision this project to slowly build over time and eventually produce seven books, each with their own applications on the iTouch and possibly made into seven short cartoons to be sold on DVD.
I of course want the artwork to look the same over the entire project so given the success of the initial book launch there is every possibility this will lead to future work.
There are approximately 26 pieces of artwork, ranging from a simple characters face to a jungle scene, and of course the front and back covers.
The work will need to be submitted as files we can manipulate in order to arrange in the books layout, and make any possible changes required. Having said that I really would like the person who does this to bring their own creativity to the project and feel free to improve upon any of the art I have done. I have given the bidding time one month, in which time I will have the proposal and publishing document ready for submission, and will use the art work in the submission after it is ready.

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