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Modify Script

I need someone to modify a php script and add additional features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

This work may take a few hours to accomplish but not more than a max of 2 days in any case. It all depends on your efficiency. However i can allow you 3-4 days to get this done if youre working on other projects as well but not more than that in any case.

Budget is $100 and under.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

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E-Business Report

Need someone to write an E-Business Strategy Review Report on Internet Banking based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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MBA Level Economist Business Case Study Writer

You will research a case study and submit answers by April 12. This is not a school paper, but you
need an MBA or Ph.D from an Americian or European University do write this case study, which involves a complex set of decisions related to valuation and present value of a firm in the wake of management shake up. You will use extensive footnotes and compose about 7000 words and a spreadsheet.

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Accounting. Case Review

To begin, please read Case 11-22 on page 487, Ethics and the Manager.

1. How were the standard costs developed?

2. Are the standards set too high or too low? Please elaborate.

3. Should Lansing be permitted to continue the practice? Why and/or why not?

4. What are Cummins alternatives? Should she just go along? Why not?

5. If you were in Cummins shoes, what will you do?

budget 30$

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Excellent Content Writers Needed


1. The writer must be capable of doing at least 5 quality articles of 500 words a day. The articles must be original. I will check them through copyscape in case of articles and in case of essay or research papers.

2. The writer must also be capable of writing on different versions of same topic again and again while avoiding self plagiarism.

3. I will pay via GAF ( daily except Monday. The Mondays payment will be given on Tuesday or released on Tuesday in case of milestone. I will also launch milestone on workers special request.

Stuff to be included in PM:-

Please attach your previous sample work or paste the link of your work if any. The bids without having sample in PM will not be considered in any case.

BID $35

Please only serious writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck,
Arslan Ali

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Case Study 2

Project that we discussed

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Native English Writers For Ongoing Writing Jobs

I am still in need of a few native English writers to write for me on a daily basis. This is a daily job(6 days a week), and I only need dedicated and sincere writers. US writers are preferred. NO NON-NATIVE WRITERS PLEASE, I wont reply to any of their bids.

The writers must be up on G-talk through the day(business hours). They must also return the projects and mails without any delay. Turning around each project on time is a necessity, so is communication.

PS- I am not looking for excuse-mongers. In case you face certain problems midway through a project, you must mail me.
I dont need people that write to make a few dollars ahead of a prom night/Basketball game. I can keep the deserving candidate/candidates busy for months to come. ONLY BID IF YOURE SURE OF ALL THIS, AND IN CASE YOU DO, PLEASE SEND ME ANY OF THE TWO SAMPLE WRITING COPIES THAT YOUVE WRITTEN TILL DATE.

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Case Study 1

As discussed

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Need CIM "Marketing Project Mgmt" A/B Grade Case Studies

Hello Bidders,

I need very specific case studies – that are submitted to the Chartered Institute of Marketing – Marketing Project Management (MPM) course – and that have earned A or B grade. These are very specific case studies that are submitted as part of the course work deliverable of the MPM course.

I am looking for 2-3 case studies – preferably from the 2009-2010 sessions.
Please keep the bid reasonable and I will select before the bid closes.
If you have any questions, please contact me via PM.

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Organisational Behaviour Case Study

Looking for an organisational behaviour major to analyze an OB case. Candidate must demostrate knowledge in OB.

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IPad Case Plus….

We need a talented and creative Product Engineer to create an iPad case. We are flexible as to which 3D program you choose to use. The unique aspects of the cover will be discussed at the start of the project. Without giving away details as to how the cover will function I will say that it may have a few small movable parts and some unique functionality. The 3D renderings should be delivered to us in full and if needed in a sperate format that can be sent and understood by our factory. We will expect at least one included revision after the first prototype and can discuss future revision costs. Experience with different types of plastics would be a plus.

Along with your quote please also provide previous work that you have done and why you believe you are qualified for this job.

(There has been some confusion with the description. To clarify, there will be no electronics in the case other then the iPad itself and the iPad will not actually control anything in the cover or connect to it in any way other then being held by the cover.)

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Excel For Lawyers

I need an excel workbook with seven different sheets.
1. The first will store details of clients, their addresses, dates of birth, tax number etc. There will be about forty fields.
2. The second sheet will store details of each case. Each client will have more than one case. This may have 100 fields. When the number of the client is entered for a new case, certain fields should be automatically populated with relevant information that is already in the client sheet. There may be one hundred fields with information regarding each case.
3. The next sheet will store records of time spent on each case and the total of time spent for each case will carry back to the cases sheet. This sheet will have about 10 fields.
4. The next sheet will store details of wills held by us for each client.
5. The next will store details of deeds held for us by each client.

I will need macros to have attractive input screens for each sheet.
I will retain copyright of the sheet and be able to amend it as I see fit.
I will need a small sample of the work (with, for example, the first two sheets with four fields in each showing how information flows from one to the other) and a data entry screen before deciding to proceed with the balance of the project. I will pay

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Case Analysis

Looking for a researcher to analyze an SCM case. Bidder must show deep understanding of Supply Chain.

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Web Site Design And Programming

Web site Design and programming needed.
For a web site like :

We will give the clients to Make a case truly uncommon by uploading a personal image or
choosing artwork from our Galleries.
The case is for Iphone 4

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Magento Website

We are looking to get a quote for a website configured and customised using a template supplied by us for a Level instrument company. We require the following to be created.

1. Contain brief information about the company on the homepage and a featured articles banner. The featured Articles or Case Study banner would cycle through 5 or 6 case studies with images.
2. Dynamic graphics and images created.
3. Search Engine Optimised
4. A professional, dynamic look and feel which is also very easy to navigate and use.
5. Taking information from existing website and integrating into new website.
6. Embedding items from other website.
7. Multi language
8. Distributor login with variable userprofile based discounts (numberic)

Looking for the website to be up and running within 3-4 weeks.

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Virtual Assistant For Emailing

I need a virtual assistant to send emails to people on craigslist and backpage using a template. Template will have to be adjusted slightly on a case by case basis. Looking for someone that can get about 200-300 emails out per day in no more than 3 hours per day. This will be an ongoing project.

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Joomla Website With E-Commerce

We are looking to get a quote for a website developed for a Level instrument company, written in Joomla. We require the following to be created.

1. Contain brief information about the company on the homepage and a featured articles banner. The featured Articles or Case Study banner would cycle through 5 or 6 case studies with images.
2. Web page template
3. Written in Joomla for easy administration
4. Shopping cart system
5. title bar and menu system
6. Dynamic graphics and images created.
7. Search Engine Optimised
8. A professional, dynamic look and feel which is also very easy to navigate and use.
9. Taking information from existing website and integrating into new website.
10. Embedding items from other website.
11. Webpage for Mobile devices – multi browser support
12. Multi language
13. Distributor login with variable userprofile based discounts (numberic)

Experience in SEO, Joomla and shopping cart/online purchasing systems
Looking for the website to be up and running within 3-4 weeks.

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Marketing Case Study

I need someone to help me with a project that is due for monday 28th.
i am doing the project on supervalu which is a irish company (not american).
the project needs to be carried out under the following headings.
1. a critical discussion of how well this company has preformed to date.
2. a discussion and evaluation of any growth opportunites which this company could pursue.
3. an assessment of the marketing communications which the company uses.
the project also needs to refer to marketing management theory and use various models/matrix/literature matirx, swot.
thanks get back to me asap

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Case Study And Solution Writer

We are looking for someone who can write casestudy of current and previous work. We will have a in details discussion with you before you write something up.

We are into Voip solution, so if you have some past experience on skype,asterisk and other relevant technology if would great help.

You should be able to design solution diagram in-case its required.

Budget – $50

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IPhone Case CAD

I need to create a 3D file of an iPhone case design that I have design sketches for. The design is very simple and straight forward. No elaborate details just a sleek angular design. Preferably would like it created in Solidworks or Rhino. Will only consider bids with positive feedback history.

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Case Study Analysis (Lifestyle Analysis And Evaluation).

I need help to write an essay on Lifestyle analysis and evaluation. Analyse the diet, phycological ans psychological wellbeing and physical activity. i will provide all material needed and i need a 2000 words long document with referencing. Please let me know if more information is needed.

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Implement Multi-threading Into Interspire Email Marketer

Product: Interspire email marketer (multiple users) Built in php with mysql

Issue: The Interpsire permit that I send emails only one client per time. The support tell me that is a php problem "unable to make multi-threading"

Solution: I

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Script For Fetching Mails

I need a script that connects to mail servers via POP3, POP3s, IMAP or IMAPs and fetches emails without deleting them. The script shall check for each mail if a pattern can be found within the mail body defined by the mail subject. If not an error shall be written to a logfile. If one error occurs during a fetch the status is BAD, otherwise OK.

The script shall take the following arguments: mailserver.xml tests.xml logfile.log status.log


<ID>CHECK ONE</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 123</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>ABC</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body
<ID>CHECK TWO</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 456</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>DEF</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body

logfile.log (Format and possible cases):
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID OK # If pattern for subject can be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID ERROR # If pattern for subject can not be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID CONNECT-ERROR # Mailserver can not be reached
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TIMEOUT # While fetching a mail an timeout occured


The script can be in perl, php, python or bash.

The source code has to be very lean and well documented.

Please state in your private message which language you want to use and add a sample script of yours as reference.

The chosen service provider has to be able to issue a valid invoice (including local tax id OR vat code in case of a company). Additional projects to follow.

Best regards,

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Need A Product Designer For A IPad Case Idea.

Looking for someone to bring my IPad case idea to life. I am open to multiple design platforms, however I prefer someone with product design experience who can suggest possible materials. Please include samples of your work with your bids.

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SAS Programming – Business Intelligence

For the case study:-

a. Model the business process using SAS
b. Create a SAS data set

Write a report (3,000 words) that describes your model; shows the results; draws conclusions on the information obtained and proposes future analytical analysis that could be performed.

I will provide the case study to the selected coder

Bidders should provide me with a brief extract of other work in this area that they have undertaken.

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Vacuum Cleaner Robot

We are needed a design of the robotic vacuum cleaner case.
The design of specific surfaces of the robot-vacuum cleaner and design of the case, partially with constructives is necessary to us. We consider only candidates which can to send us 5 and more variants of the available works (portfolio) devoted to appearance or design of the case of home appliances.

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Business Case Writing

Business case for Nes

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Vinyl Size Cd Casing.

4 sided 12×12 casing to be printed for a regular sized cd with a tray on the inside for the cd to sit in, art work for the case will be sent by me by any means necessary. Its for an album to be launched in may 2011 so im looking for the work to be completed and be in hand by the end of february 2011. Ink must be quality and professional for the printing on the case.

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Symbian App From Existing Mobile Website

We have an existing mobile website which we would like to launch into an application on Symbian. The task is pretty straightforward: create an app that just uses the existing mobile website (basically a launcher for the existing website) with a notification in case of no internet connectivity.

We would like a finished and signed product that we can upload to the Ovi store and be approved (get UID from Nokia).

The app should work on all major Symbian versions, it is ok to supply different files in case this is needed for different versions.

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