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Backlinks / Permanent For Ecommerce Web Sites.

Dear Sirs.

We need: Someone who will first provide permanent backlinks from PR 3-10 sites (at least 50 PR5+) for a ecommerce web site. We need better ranking on google (USA, Australia, Canada).

First please place bids for 100 links.
We require:

* 50 PR5+ backlinks. Some websites must be PR6, PR7 and PR8. As many PR9 and PR10 as possible.
* 50 PR3+ backlinks.
* All links must be minimum PR3 or above.
* At least 50 links must be minimum PR5 or above.
* Links NEED to be relevant to our websites content.
* All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL links will be checked.
* Page Rank is for page that has the backlink – not the homepage or other page on the site. No more than 30 external links per page. (will reject any links in excess of 30)
* One link per domain (different C class IPs)
* Links from websites that already contain a link to our site will not be counted.
* Links must be deployed over time with maximum 10 links per day. Every page must have established PR or it will not be counted.
* No spam links.
* No link farms accepted.
* One link per domain will be counted, so 100 links must come from 100 different domains.
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
* Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
* Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
* No links from "under construction" pages.
* No sites which ask for money later.
* No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
* No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
* No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, hacker, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
* All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
* Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
* Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
* Links must be in text, not graphics.
* No use of black hat software/techniques.
* Slow deployment of the links is required over 10 days to avoid any penalties.
* We reserve the right to cancel a link if it is not suitable (with detailed explanation).
* Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
* Backlinks will be required not only to the homepage, but inner pages as well.
* Experience is important and proof of quality work and extensive experience is required.
* White hat is crucial and required. Black hat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for.

The link builder should be highly experienced. Must know how to check that links are good. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link building experience.

You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet before payment is made:
-Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink)
-Site Name
-Site Type
-Google Page Rank
-IP address
-date placed.

Please send me your report once a week every Friday.

When you contact me for the bid, please show me some url examples where my links will be coming from.

Read the above terms carefully and tell me what you can and can not do.

Thank you.
Eric Dolchester

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Guaranteed Dmoz Listing For Two Web Sites

I have two sites i need listing upon DMOZ

sites are bathroom retail sites

payment upon listing

50% payment for one site listed

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WordPress Web Sites Design And Integration

I wand a websites with a forum. WordPress i guess is the best utilities to use ive been told.
so i need something simple. have a title banner, a forum so i can post video and mp3 track and have people to comment these links.then a contact pages.

thanks you waiting for your bids..

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Three Business Web Sites Needed

Three business web sites needed.

Our firm manufactures 3 different product brands. The commonality currently shared by the brands is that they are all applied to the skin 1) to cleanse, care for repair the skin or 2) topical analgesic products applied to the skin for pain relief. Our vision is to have 4 individual web sites, one for each of our brands and an umbrella site under which all 3 brands will be accessible. The web sites need to stand each stand on their own and function both individually and in unison under the umbrella site. One of the individual sites is complete and satisfactory. We need 2 additional individual sites and the umbrella site. The smallest web site has been completed and features 2 products, for the additional two web sites needed one web site will feature 7 products while the other will feature 18 products.

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Generate Traffic For 50 Sites / Blogs


Thanks for looking at my posting. I am looking to generate traffic for my web sites. I have 50 blogs all in quite specific niches. I am looking to generate 2000 visitors per site per day.

I am not sure how possible this is or not?

I am looking mainly for USA traffic, the purpose is to generate more revenue for my adsense on the web sites.

Please let me know if you can do this project, and to discuss in more detail.

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Hosting Site

I need a real good, clean and dynamic design for the site. It has to look amazing. It has to have dropdown menus which also should look really good. or would be considered good looking sites.

I want it clean an nice. I also want it to be in DIV an not tables. It is a hosting template, so i need every possible thing / image / javascript needed.

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Emails And Web Sites Of Companies

I am targeting looking for a list (prefer a huge list) of companies that do not have a website and could benefit from one, or companies that already have a website but could do with a re-design or re-build. I am looking for companies worldwide and in particular this list must include at least a handful of companies in the UK.
Small businesses, local shops, travel agents, self employed people etc would most likely fall into the list.
The larger the list, the better.
Please bid including details in a PM on how you hope to compile this list.
Budget is not very high so please keep this in mind. However, if you successfully complete this task I may hire you for more tasks as I have lots of general work that needs doing so please also list other skills you have.

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7 Web 2.0 Web Sites Created

We are looking for 7 "templates" created that are professional, Web 2.0 style, and elegant.

All 7 templates would have similar content, but would look completely different (graphics, backgrounds, colors). But the basic shape would remain the same.

Each template would be just 2 pages. Home page (very SIMPLE homepage) and content page.

Home page can be similar to this:

The content would be similar to this:

BUT NICER DESIGN! We want it to look REALLY NICE. And unique logos for each domain that we give you.

*** So MESSAGE us your portfolio of websites. ***

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AS3 Programmer

AS3 Programmer
We need an interactive flash application in order to show our products by a touch screen. The perfil seeking is about an expert AS3s programmer.
1.- AS3 expert level
2.- Flex / Flash
You can see this example:
Programmer who send to us mockups will be prefer, it

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Design, Build And Deploy 10 "mini" Marketing Web Sites

I have purchased 10 descriptive domain names at and want you to design, build and deploy ten "mini" marketing web sites. The sites should be rich with keywords and developed so I can get good exposure in Google search, as it relates to the keywords for my products and for people looking for a good MLM company to join. The company I am marketing is a network marketing company (MLM) in the health and wellness field. The company has about a dozen key products. My end goal is to recruit well qualified leads for this MLM health care business by gaining exposure to web searches and the numerous people who are searching for this companys products and/or for a good MLM company to join. All of the companys product information is already well written and packaged into .pdf brochures. I want to get this existing information on to my new web sites. I realize I will need to be very involved as it relates to specific content for each of the 10 sites. I am hoping to find a 1-stop shop that can help me get launched on the web and also help me get exposure to the many new marketing medias like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more. I see the big picture but I need help with strategy, details and implementation. Remember, in the end, I am looking for well-qualified MLM leads for this rapidly expanding company that is offering a revolutionary health care product. I am open to other suggestions you may have that would allow me to find these leads in the most cost effective manner.

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Business Plan For Flipping Web Sites

We need business plan like

we dont want ordinary template used from business plan pro software

it has to satisfy all elements of canadian banks

this plan will be used in canada and usa to try to raise money from banks like bdc bank of canada or any bank that can give small business loan for high tech internet business considered -intangible assets. also we need version of the same plan to be used for vcs and web sites that connect vcs angles and entrepreneurs like gobignetwork,com

we need version or basic plan that can be used for flipping any web site and then we will need more detailed version for web site we choose to buy but for now we need modular version. basically what we do we buy a web site or domain and then we improve its seo or traffic which means improving revenue/profit. or we want to buy undervalued web site that is not ad sense or affiliate web site and convert it into e-commerce web site

then we will give you 3 specific domains from different niches that we can use for full business plan where we can identify streams of revenue like ad sense or if e commerce we will identify possible suppliers. this should be easy modification and we could have all 3 web sites mentioned in one business plan or we could have 3 versions of business plan with small modification

there are so many people who claim to be millionaires from flipping web sites like:
all of the content from sites above could be used as good material for business plan

some of this from where we mostly buy sites could be used as value proposition"

Website flipping is all the rage with the cool kids right now. This is in no small
part due to the emergence to the rather brilliant which is closing in
on $35 million in sales. Not too shabby…


Website flipping is the process of buying, improving and selling websites. The
term originally comes from the bricks and mortar property industry where
investors buy a property, with the intention to sell quickly for a profit.

In some cases investors will renovate the property to add value to it, before
selling it at a higher price. In other cases the property is simply sold immediately
for a profit. Website flipping is essentially the same process. is the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites. At any
one time Flippa will have have a wide range of sites which sell for a few dollars
up to those that sell for a few hundred thousand dollars.


What is VERY interesting is that people are regularly selling new blogs (on
domains just a few weeks old) for between $200 – $300! These Sellers make no
claims of revenue and are often selling on the potential of the domain.

What makes these sites attractive to Buyers is that they are pre-packaged. In
other words, people are essentially lazy and will pay for the convenience of not
having to identify a good domain name and putting a site with unique content
on it.


So think about how, using aged domains, you can take advantage of the basic
human desire for convenience…

Aged dynamite domains come with key SEO attributes already intact, so you can
pass these advantages on, along with the basics – content, a good, clean
looking site etc – and as a result you increase the value of your offer. So now
you may be offering a site that has:

** Page Rank
** BacklinksPre-indexed pages
** Listings in major directories
** Alexa rankingHistory
and of course – Age.

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Simple Web Sites

I want to build many sites for future clients.

Use free CSS templates like from templatemo

Each site has:
Up to 10 pages
1 contact form
Photo Gallery (use free script

Please bid based on quantities of 5, 10, 25, 50, to 100 sites
Before you bid, see a simple site which is free site done at

You should be very organized for mass production.
Your bid is against the free site made by webs. Please bid competitively.
Tell me how many people you have. and how long to make 1 site.

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Articles For Web Sites

I need at least 2 articles written per week for web sites the articles need to be completely unique and between 350 – 700 words long and contain and keyword or phrase that I will specify. the keyword will need to be in the article to a density of between 3-5% and no more and no less.

the articles could be from anything to sheds , diamonds shoes , bags to a little research may be required but the most important thiong is the exact keyword density more than the complete accuracy of the content.

this will be an ongoing project for many months so will be looking for a competetive price.

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Port A Gallery2 -site Into Google Sites.

The job is to move my current family homepage:

to a site on Google sites.

The new site should be a functional copy of the original with all the picture galleries and older HTML pages copied. Design does not have to be an exact replica but standard Google sites features can be used.

The Gallery2 specific features especially on the left navigation do not need to be ported. The main thing is the real content, pictures and the text.

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Convert Site To 2 WordPress Sites

Convert this site into a wordpress site

and this page into a separate site / url:

this content will be placed on this url:

I will move the 2 urls to a new server and I can install wordpress so it is ready on each url, so all you have to do is convert the design and add the content to each site..

So we are splitting one site into 2 sites..
One site is for Hypnosis/NLP and the other site is for Tai Chi..

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Sumbit My Site Links To 2 Sites

I have a TV show site with over 10000 episodes in it. I want a team which can submit my links to TVDuck and Yideo etc. It is simple copy pasting job and do not require any technical skills.

To be considered please submit couple of links of my site to Yideo and TV duck for checking.

My sites main domain is "

Submit links in related tv show and season and episode.

Please only bid if you have a team and can finish all this in couple of weeks. Since this is just copy pasting and very simple job so i am not willing to pay alot. For the right team i will keep on using your services for my other sites as well. Also i will be using your services to update my sites.

So pretty much long term job for right team.

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2 Web Sites


I need to create 2 web sites for ppl affiliate.
Details in PM

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27 Banners

For 3 different web sites

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Profit Making Web Sites Needed

I am looking for 5 completely turn-key operational web sites. Each site or sites must to be able to generate a minimum of US $50 per day in real revenue.
The revenue could be made through any means as long as it is legal. The language and location is not important as long as the income target is met.
The sites should be easy to maintain with minimal technical knowledge.

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Need 4 Web Sites

Contact me

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I need about 2500 links and back links to
for all natural health forum like curezone yahoo and google health and natural health forum in the us and major international web sites
kanwa minerals is a part of zion health and our main focus
are natural cosmetic and internal health base on edible clay
please also check
i would like to bring good traffic to kanwa minerals to increase sales

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Accounts Creation

I need 5 onlywire account creation with all the web 2.0 sites set up and also one with all the networks set up.

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Magento SSl Certificate

I want SSL Certificate expert as soon as possible.
I need to have SSL certificate installed on 2 web sites runnig successfully on the site.


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Magento SSl Certificate

I want SSL Certificate expert as soon as possible.
I need to have SSL certificate installed on 2 web sites runnig successfully on the site.


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Cashback Site design modificiation required

Need the design upgrading so it looks fresh for the summer. You will need to know a bit about graphic design and web design. Immediate start required. You will be working live on the site. Need quick completion.

Low Budget.

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