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Memory Management And CAT Tools Support

This is a project for CAT Tools expert.

It involves CAT tools support, troubleshooting, translation memory management, terminology management etc.

You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the following tools:

This is a 1 month project.

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Simple Animation For Website Made With ~ 20 Pictures. Flash


We need a Simple animation for website made with ~ 20 pictures. ( made in flash, jQuary or other technique… )

We need a funny animation for Pet Website, where Dog and Cat are performing a funny dance by using / mixing ~ 20 pictures. We got over 20 pictures with dog and cat in different positions ( standing, sitting, laying down, dog in the hat, cat with balloons etc.

The audio file is ~ 25 – 30 seconds long, so animation should be ~ 30 seconds long !

We have pictures and audio file ready !
Animation should have a simple intro page ( 3-4 pictures with pop up text ) and thank you page. ( static picture and text + two simple buttons )

**We need this animation ASAP ( 1-2 days ) **

You do NOT have to draw pets for animation, you got to use pictures of real dog and cat for it.

budget $40 – $60

Please provide time, technique and budget to complete this project .

thanks and good luck with bidding

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IPhone App – Talking Crocodile


I would like an iPhone app similar to Talking Tom Cat. See:

This is the quality I would like.

The character to make 3D animations: a Crocodile.

The bidders must have previous applications successfully uploaded within iTunes.

Payment: 100 % release to you within 48 hours after the app is approved by App Store.

1. For serious bidders only
2. You should have apps selling on App Store
3. Honesty, integrity.
4.) Please provide personal Portfolio

The app is to work on iPhone.



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Similar To LOL Cat Builder

Hello all

I am looking for a company that is 100% sure they can complete this project. Dont bid if you cannot do it.

I want a script built like the one on this page (lolcat builder) :

It need to have all these features.

Please give me a price and how long it will take to complete.
I also want this installed on my wordpress website.

Please only serious bidders, i want all the same functions as the example above.


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Flash E-cards Need


I need 10 funny flash e-cards.

– 5 with easter theme/messages (see
– 5 with birthday theme/messages (see

The text which will bee provided is going to be in Swedish, English and German.

Please show samples!

Best regards


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Create Nav Menu Using Jquery &css

I am looking for experince designer with strong knowlage in jquery & css to create navigator menu using jquery and css.

You can see what we did at:

The new script should used the <ul></li> structure as in the file:
you can add id, class in the items(ul,li), DONT change the items (ul,li) structures.

The script also have to show the active cat, and the active sub cat:
1. Active cat with blue backgroud – as the mouse over.
2. Active sub cat with white backgroud – as the mouse over.

You can create 2-5 test pages to test the script (active cat & sub cat).

The menu must be fast, andHTML & CSS valid and very simple.

Our budget is 40$.


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Seo For Shopping Site

I need help on this project, please choose any urls that you think you can SEO and give me the price.


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3d Animation Like Talking Tom Cat For Iphone

We need someone that can create something like this for us
Are just in need for the 3d animation it should be about 20 – 30 second.
Ofcouse it will not be a cat.

So just bid if you think you can do a great animation for us. What you bid is what we will pay, remember that.
Will need this quite fast as we have have deadline to beat.

it will be for our next iphone app.

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WordPress Theme Needs Altering And Recoding

Ok this is the site you will be altering and I have listed the changes I want below.

1. Want a logo adding into the header (top left)

2.If you see here each post has a summary of the reviews, positive review, negative review etc, but when you click into the catagory here and look at the posts it is not there, I want it adding there too.

3. If you see here the post ranked number 1 has Read Reviews and Visit Site next to it, well I want this adding on ever post summary and also in each post such as here just below the stars rating.

4.In Each post you can add a picture such as here I want the picture position changing so its to the right of the stars instead of above them.

5. In each category like here I want the posts to be in alphabetical order and be able to jump to a certain letter i.e there will be a list of letters A-Z under the highest rated table and you will be able to click the letter Z and then it will display all posts beginning with Z you will then be able to scroll through the Z lists and the same with any other letter.

I want this doing fairly quickly so please only bid if you can start immediately.


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Animation Like Talking Cat App

We need someone that can create something like this for us

it will be for our next iphone app.

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Modify Xsl File For Additional Functionality

You will find an xml and an xsl file from the link below.

The current functionality

– The xsl file displays the "title" nodes (i.e. <title></title>).
– When you hover over the title nodes, you reveal the values in the description nodes (i.e. <desc></desc>).
– When you click the first node, the description stays visible.
When you click the same node again, the description is hidden.
– After typing at least 3 letters/numbers in the search field at the top of the page, a drop down list will appear when a match is found in the "title" or the "desc" nodes. The results of the search will appear after clicking "Search" below the field.
– Clicking "Reset" will return the list to the default state (i.e. show all values in the nodes).
– The list displays the title nodes in alphabetical order.

Modifications required

I added a third node to each "item" node called "cat" (short for category).

I would like:

– All nodes grouped by category (i.e.<cat></cat>. For example, all nodes with the value "Meat" will display below it "Hamburger" and "Steak".
– The nodes to display the categories in alphabetical order, and the items under the categories in alphabetical order.
– When running a search, the results are to display the results along with the category that the items belong to.

And as mentioned at the beginning, heres the link where you can download the xml and xsl file:

I need this done as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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Simple PHP Script/Regex To Repair Corrupt Text File

I require a simple php script to repair a corrupt text file.

The file should do all of the following:

– Read from a text file
– Output to another text file
– Remove html tags and special characters
– Remove uneccesary alphanumeric characters i.e multiple stars/underscores
– Ensure all sentences begin with a capital letter
– Ensure all sentences begin with a word
– Sentences end with a full stop
– Insert paragraphs every given number of sentences
– Insert given words a specified number of times
– Short sentences are removed (less than 5 words)
– Essentially must be readable text


– Code must be well commented and easy to understand
– You must be available for ammendments if the code does not work
– The code must be able to work on large amount of data.
– Please indicate how long the script will take.

Sample Corrupt File:
Mr Somemalefirstname Somesurname, 00001 *** Buckingham palace, London WC1. Joined date:14/01/2010. Somemalefirstname owns two cats and three dogs. Somemalefirstname favourite cat is billy the cat. 4Somemalefirstname * is married with 3 Children.1 ? </td>mrs Somefemalefirstname Somesurname, 00001 Buckingham palace, London WC1. 2Joined date:18/01/2010. Mrs Sarah blogs owns two cats and three dogs. __Somefemalefirstnames favourite cat is Tom the cat. Somefemalefirstna&me is married >with 3 Children"some short sentence.short.

Example Output:
Mr Somemalefirstname Somesurname, 00001 Buckingham palace, London WC1. Joined date:14/01/2010. Somemalefirstname owns two cats and three dogs. Somemalefirstname favourite cat is billy the cat. Somemalefirstname is married with 3 Children.

Mrs Somefemalefirstname Somesurname, 00001 Buckingham palace, London WC1. Joined date:18/01/2010. Mrs Sarah blogs owns two cats and three dogs. Somefemalefirstnames favourite cat is Tom the cat. Somefemalefirstname is married with 3 Children.

Remember than your script must also have the ability to insert chosen words a given number of times on the output.

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Flash Application Similar To IPhone’s Talking Tom Cat

Hello. Im looking for someone to develop me an flash AS3 app similar to the famous talking tom cat.
Animations are not important. I just need it to detect when someone is speaking and then record the sound, and after the person stop speaking It needs to be repeated. The sound need to be changed to create a funny voice…
I dont know if this is possible using as3. But if so, bid it.

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WordPress Category Dropdown Coding

Hello skillled WordPress coders.

I bought the following WP deisgn on themeforest:

I customized it for my client so far, but would need a skilled php coder to help me with one thing:

Have a look at this page:

Below breadcrumbs I would like to list 3 Dropdown fields with all Subcategories of Cat 1 Cat 2 and Cat 3 for example.

Next to each Cat there needs to be a button that you can click to get to the chossen category site.

You can see similar examples of this in most real eastate themes.

I think it is just a few lines of code, probably modifying the template tag "wp_dropdown_categories".

As I am looking for somebody that can help me with slight customizations on a more regular base I thought this is a good job to find some skilled wordpress developer.

Let me know should you have any further questions.

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Clone Of LOL Cat Builder

Hello all

I am looking for a company that is 100% sure they can complete this project. Dont bid if you cannot do it.

I want a script built like the one on this page:

It need to have all these features, please look at the whole page specially the features on STEP 2 where it gives you several ways to make the lol cat.

Please give me a price and how long it will take to complete.
I also want this installed on my wordpress website.

Please only serious bidders, My client is a non-profit for children with cancer. and they want all the same functions as the example above.


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Video Edit And Loop 5 – 10 Minute Promotional Documenrty

I need a 5 to 10 min promotional video edited with music and subtitles completed in 48hrs !

If you can not do it in 48 Hrs I am not interested in your bid.

You will need to download 2 Gig of files from rapid share, which are JPEG and MP4.

Video should play in a loop with subtitles from folder label, time lap some video and speed up the recording in sections.

Video should proceed in the following order, remove audio and replace with your suggestion of music.

Opening Pictures
Haul Out and Detailing
Interior Breakdown
Salon Opening
Fuel tanks
Engine Room Break down
Top Deck Opening
Cutting the mast
Port MTU Engine Removal
Transfer Starboard Engine
Starboard Engine Removal
New Port Cat Acert32 1900HP
New Starboard Cat Acert32 1900 HP
Control Room
Back to –> Opening Pictures

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Rapid E-learning Tutorials Creation

We are looking for a freelancer to create rapid e-learning courses on translation softwares (supplied) based on the documentation/help provided with the software.
The freelancer must :

– download the trial version use the free trial version of the computer-aided translation tool (CAT tool)
– download the trial version of Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio 09
– create mini tutorials for each feature presented in the CAT tool help and deliver videos of these tutorials.

We are planning to work on SDL Studio and Wordfast Pro (CAT Tool) for a start, then we could move onto other CAT tools.

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SEO For Key Word "cat Ring" Or "cat Rings"


Im looking for someone who can make my jewelry store(mainly cat rings.) ranked on the first page

of google by searching for "cat ring" or "cat rings".

please PM for details.


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Cat Vector Graphics

I need to get two vector drawings done:

1. The drawing should show a cat head with a matchbox like device on the cats collar. The cat should show the device to the viewer while it is still attached to the collar. So some kind of perspective view is required since the device must appear larger than it is. The device does not need to be drawn – a white box is sufficient.

2. The same cat leaning against a virtual wall. Tail visible, "arms" crossed, "legs" crossed.

The cat needs to look like the cat in the sample picture.
Cartoon style is appreciated
Not many colors should be used, basically same as in the sample.

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Iphone Applications

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a skilled and experienced iPhone developer. I am looking to work with the winning bidder on on going bases.

I have two existing applications which they need to be modified slightly to meet our new requierments.

Here is the info required

1 . Existing News App – live on app store just needs some changes

to confirm what needs doing on this app:

Remove the existing Hot deals Tab
Stop Hot deals from appearing at the top of each news category
Re order the icons as per the attached screenshot 1
Add the new feeds as per below and add the new advert code (to be supplied from double click for publishers google basically)
Change the screen shots used on the apple store
upload once tested and working

The feeds need updating to the new feeds:

Top News: feed://
Events News: feed://
Gear News: feed://
Resorts News: feed://

you will also need new advert code to insert from Double Click for Publishers which I can get this in for to the succesful bidder.

Attached is screenshot 1, it shows you how the icons should be laid out. Ideally the top news would be a more news paper looking icon if possible

2. Accommodation Guide App – this has been uploaded to the app store but rejected because of no content

create new icon for store as per the attached icon screenshot 5
create loading page as per the attached screenshot 2 – graphic is available
attach new feeds for the app as per below feeds
attach new feeds from double click for publishers to advert slots
test app and upload to store

The entire Accommodation Feed:


By Area:

USA: feed://
Canada: feed://
Europe: feed://
Rest of World: feed://

meeting the deadline is key, so please only seriouse and know it all iPhone app developers only 🙂 Have no time to waist.

If you get this job and do it well, we have many more existing and new apps for you to work on.

Best regards

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Bash Script For Amazon Web Services

We have a server on AWS that is used for encoding multiple videos at one time (we encode 6 videos at once). On startup the EBS volume is currently mounted to the encoding instance with all the source videos to be encoded stored on the EBS. We currently use a simple bash script to encode a single video ("encode video1.mpg" ) and the encode script ( creates a final mp4 file.

The goal here is to further automate the process. The freelancer will create a script that will allow us to upload a csv file with the source filenames, parse the csv file and cause the encoding script to encode all the videos on the csv file (but only send 6 at one time).

What we already have
1. a script and all applications/software that encodes a single video "encode videofile1.mpg"
2. A csv list that contains the source filenames for encoding (this csv can be in any format the developer needs)

We need to do the following:

2. copy all source videos on the csv list (6 files) from the EBS volume to the instance storage. The source filename contains the directory where the source file is stored. so the directory structure is:

and the filenames are cat-123.mpg, dog-234.mpg, elephant-123.mpg so in the first example cat-123 is in the cat directory

3. create a script or process that sends all 6 files at one time for encoding in parallel.
encode cat-123.mpg
encode dog-234.mpg
encode elephant-123.mpg

if their are more than 6 videos on the csv file send the remaining as the first 6 finish.

4. copy the final mp4 files to S3

This project needs to be done asap.

There are much better ways to accomplish this using SQS queue and other web services. this is a "baby step" for us.

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Italian-English Translation Job, Automotive Area

1.This job is only for freelance translators whose mother tongue is English or Italian,no translation agency please.
2.You should have some work or translation experience in Automotive area, that is you must be good at translating Automotive projects.
3.As there are many matches parts in our projects, CAT tools are used to keep the consistence of the terminology and thus there is a CAT discount.
4.This is a long term relation, that is there are consecutive projects from us.
5.Usually the CAT tool we use is XLIFF, if you havent used it before, you should have interest learning it. Trados and other CAT tools are also sometimes used.
7.More info, contact me.

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Graphic Designer Wanted

This project is for graphic/image designer only. Do not bid if you if you do not have the advance level of concept and designing skill.

You must have experiences in designing/image design. High discipline of accuracy is required.

1. I need an icon design. It will have 4 different sizes.
2. 4 wall papers epic 4 seasons, summer, spring, autumn and winter.
3. 7 different gravestone images, 5 for human, 1 for dog and 1 for cat.
4. 3 photo frames, wood and metal frames.
5. 2 Candle lighting images.
6. A message paper image.
7. 2 burning joss stick images, different in colour.
8. 8 flowers/bouquets/etc images, with flowers like roses, lilies, tulip etc.
9. 2 fruits basket images.
10. 6 pet toys images for dog, cat.
11. 2 pet snack images, 1 for dog and 1 for cat.
12. 10 food and drink images eg red wine, champagne, liquor, beer, coffee, pizza,
hot dog, burger, chocolate cake, birthday cake.
13. 5 children toy images eg teddy bear etc.
14. 5 special gifts images eg man watch, woman watch, necklace and bracelet.
15. 5 sport gear images eg basketball, baseball set, football, soccer, tennis set.
16. 5 most wanted car model images
17. 2 wrapped gift box images, 1 big and 1 small.
(Please refer to the attached file for example)

Time: How long will you need to complete the project?

Payment: 100% escrow before project starts. Payment will be released after you have signed the copyright document.

For serious bidder only.

Winning bidder will have the best chance to win my next graphic design project.
Do not bid if you are not interested in long term partnership.


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Cat Webpage

The task is very simple: write a 1500 words essay on CATs. (a cat is an animal that meow, has a tail, and walk on 4 legs)

The essay need to be organized in 4 sections:
1) part 1: introduction paragraph. General information and characteristics of cats.
2) part 2: behaviour/characteristic of RAGDOLL cats.
3) part 3: behaviour/characteristic of SIEMESE cats (must be "APPLE HEAD" traditional siemese, NOT the modern "triangular-head" siemese).
4) part 4: behaviour/characteristic of American shorthair (or regular Tabby) cats.

This essay is best for writers that love cats, and have a general idea of cats. Information on "Ragdoll", "Siemese", and "Tabby" can be easily found on the internet, specially on cat-centered websites.

The essay must not copy, word-by-word, directly from other websites. You will not be paid if you copy directly from other sources.

The completed essay will be posted on an internet website later.

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Construction Project Lead Generator

Looking to create a website that is a networking/ advertising tool, and a bidding site for contractors. This site will be free for project owners to post projects, that contractors will in turn be bidding on.

There should be 2 quadrants to this site, first would be project owners area. This area would allow a project owner to sign up and create his/her own project profile. This project profile would then go to a database with all other project profiles which are held for an assigned period of time. Each project would then be distributed accordingly to qualified/ registered contractors falling under that particular project category. Projects will be broken down into the following categories;
Cat. 1/ Project title
Cat. 2/ Project title, project owner info, project address

Second quadrant (Business) would be the contractors area. This area would allow contractors to sign up and create their own company profile. This company profile would go to a database of all other registered contractors. This company profile would be accessible to all project owners/ new visitors and other contractors. All contractors on the site have 3 options when registering with the site.
1/ Free Membership
– Access to view all projects (cat. 1)
– Access to view contractor directory
2/ Pay per Lead Membership
– Access to view all projects (cat. 1)
– Access to view (1 chosen) project (cat. 2) after payment has been made to site. (payments will vary based on scale of project)
– Access to view contractor directory
3/ Semi Annual/ Annual Membership
– Access to view all projects (cat.1)
– Access to view all projects (cat.2)
– Access to view contractor directory

This site should be entirely interconnected and should always be promoting annual membership on each project lead (cat. 1) and every page on the site. That is the principal of the business plan "TO GET MEMBERSHIPS".

There is a Canadian site I have been looking at I would like it to operate in almost exactly the same manner.

I need this site built in the 7 days following approval and am willing to pay up to $500 USD for site construction and $500 USD for timely completion. I will also require all web building software program info so that updates can be done by my associates either in my country or abroad. All hosting and purchase of URL is taken care of.

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Info Portal Copy Cat

I am interested to copy the format and active directory content listing of the following site as well i am interested in paying for consultation on generating seo and quality traffic to this property.

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