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Catalog Accommodation / Attractions / Events


1. The website should be a database with the following structure:
Where to stay ((catalog, functionality example – or or
What to see (catalog, functionality example –
What to do (catalog, functionality example – or
Schedule of events (catalog, functionality example –

2. Objects in the directory should be possible to view as a list of objects (example – ) and each object separately (example –

3. We need a simple tool for creating and updating advertisements by advertisers independently ( or At first it will be free of charge. But it should be possible to add an on-line tool for receiving a fee for advertising.

4. We also need an on-line tool for users to create their own trip plans (example –

5. We like design of these websites:

6. The web site should be bilingual. English and Russian.

7. If possible, we very much want to develop a website on a platform squarespace (
Otherwise offer other decisions with content management system. Give a clear answer right away, squarespace or another solution. Explain your position.

8. The basic features website:
Journal (Blog)
Journal Index
File Storage
Website Search
Change Tracker
Drop Box
Map Page
Contact Page
Form Builder
FAQ Builder
Rotating Banner

Best regards,

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Print Catalog For Virtuemart

Need to create Cusomisable PDF catalog for Virtuemart for printing, must be able to select categories, show thumbnails, ahve Front and back page and linked table of contents. Similar to the one shown at this link

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IPad App For Product Catalog With Ordering Function

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a iPad App and the backend (server-side). The App will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business iPad App. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.

– Only bid IF you have successfully delivered IPAD projects on
– Give examples of similar or other IPAD projects that you have completed successfully
– Have the tools and development environment to do the job well
– Can deliver a prototype quickly – A prototype is required and we will test it
– Will require the source code
– Ask questions in PM

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Ipad App. Product Catalog And Order Application All In One

Hi there,

We need a programmer(s) to build a Ipad app and the backend (server-side). The app. will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. The GUI of the app, GUI of the backend and the technical designs of the backend will be provided by us.

Off course we need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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Ipad Application Catalog For Field Representatives

Hi there,

Application will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. I need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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Build A XML Using A Webservice

I already have a PHP system to create invoices: customer´s catalog, products catalog, categories, PDF generation, etc.

However, there is a need to add a digital signature to the invoice. That signature is the answer of a webservice. What you send yo the webservice is an XML with a given XSLT definition.

So I need you to integrate that piece of code. Please write PM for further discussion, code samples, webservice call and a demo of the system that already creates invoices.

Let me know your comments,

Joel Sanchez

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Catalog Script

I need a little script to catalog.

Create categories
Create sub-categories
Create products for categories / subcategories. The products you can upload an image and you can upload a pdf file.

On the site, will only be a page that will display the catalog.
The categories are the menu to see the products in that category.
The products appear all followed with the next image, if you have a pdf file, a button for uploading.

Must have a php file with any language, in order to be able to make an easy translation when necessary.

There is a script similar to what I want, which is this: restaurantmenuscript[.]com
Similar to the level of backoffice and presentation of products on the site.

This work is to be surrendered as soon as possible.

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Magento Monster Template Customization


I need help to do simple color changes to monster template and configure magento to:
*Change menu navigation.- Actually the template use the top categories fo the catalog in the main menu, and i need to change it to link static contents.
*Configure catalog type products
*Mount a static block on the bottom with some links to static pages.

Also I need help to mount about 70 products with image

the template is mounted at


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Convert And Move ProStores Catalog To CMS ECommerce Site

We need the entire catalog of a current ProStores site converted and moved into a CMS eCommerce site. Our thoughts are osCommerce may be the best solution however we welcome feedback. The final shopping cart must allow for several attributes. We have a specific customizations for the sale of products used on outboard and inboard boat motors.

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Product Catalog Web Site

Build a website with online product catalog display as per user rights

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Jewellery Catalog Product Description


Looking for English writing for about 50 handmade jewellery items.
Each item needs between 2-3 lines of text
I will provide pictures for inspiration and give some information on each item

Never done this before so open to suggestions on how to our cooporation

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Magento Customer Attributes In Catalog Price Rules

My need is to add the possibility from the backhand to add customer attributes in the list of filters I can choose from when I create a catalog rule price.

Basically, I need to create a Catalog rules like "5% discount on the group Alpha for product P1 EXCEPT for Customer1 and Customer2" where Customer1 and Customer2 are part of the group Alpha

As far as I understand, the Enterprise version of Magento has already this function built-in. I need to extend the same functionality on the Community edition.

Another option could be adding a new module where I can define which catalog/shopping cart rules do not apply for specific customers. For instance, I can create price rules with the standard functions. Then define something like "do not apply/cancel the rule 1 for Customer1 and Customer2".

I except the code to be 100% open source and, possibly, independent from the core code of Magento so that if I upgrade Magento, I do not have to change any core file.

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Biotech Application Notes

We need a technical writer to add application notes for bacterial growth media and related products.
our website shows our product offering. we have specific application notes that we need created as well azs
proof reading of our catalog and addition of these notes where appropriate in the catalog

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CMS Catalog Entry And Online Products Display

Need a CMS display of data fields in a CATALOG format. Like CMS made Simple

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Joomla Simple Website

We are looking for an experienced developer/team to build a clean, modern, and professionally looking website.
This small 7 pages website is mostly informative, product catalog will include 4 categories of products

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Compleate A Flash Catalog For Images Or PDF Files

The feature will create Flash Catalog for images or PDF files
Unlimited number of pages
Create a flash file

I want three different bids
1 a feature just convert images or PDF into eflip catalog

2 like this one

3 like this one (With active hot links and more)


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Zen Cart And Catalog Input

I need help setting up my Zen Cart installation and load my complete catalog with customized descriptions. I also need price calculation in the checkout process.

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PHP Modifications WordPress And Oscommerce Integration V2

Oscommerce 2.3.1 and wordpress 3.0.4

I have a configuration issue integrating oscommerce and wordpress,

The platform is Windows 2008 Server rc2, wordpress 3.0.4 and oscommerce 2.3.1 and IIS7.0
oscommerce is installed in /catalog of wwwroot (IIS 7.0)
wordpress is installed in /catalog/wordpress

I have included the header, sidebar and footer of wordpress in the oscommerce template file. as you can see here below, it works only depending on the settings in wordpress

When the WordPress address (URL) setting in the General setting is :
When i set the Site address (URL) setting to the wordpress site is working fine. but the catalog files are not showing the headers properly

When i set the Site address (URL) setting to, the oscommerce site is working fine. but the wordpress site are not showing the headers properly

I think it<s just some directory settings, or some url redirect, but can<t find the right settings.

heres the 2 oscommerce template content file.



osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Copyright (c) 2010 osCommerce

Released under the GNU General Public License


/* Short and sweet */
define(WP_USE_THEMES, false);




<div id="container">



osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Copyright (c) 2010 osCommerce

Released under the GNU General Public License

</div> <!– bodyContent //–>

/* Short and sweet */
define(WP_USE_THEMES, false);




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Product Catalog For Home Decor Items

We need help creating a product catalog.


-There are about 60 items needed to put in the catalog. You will be provide with the pics and item #s
-Edit pics to fit into the catalog
-Catalog needs to have home decor feel to it, because it is for commercial home decor items
-Can be created in Photoshop or Indesign
– All pictures needed to edited.

Only serious bidders. Bidders with samples of previous work in the pm will get the preference.

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E-Commerce Website

I am looking for someone to build a very comprehesnive E-Commerce website. Here are some features of the website.
Online catalog
Members area with full profiles (within a members profile they will be able to create an item wish list), calendars, mesage board, photo gallery (with automatic image resizing), email campaign feature, SMS text features to mobil phones.
Administration area, full content management for all areas of the site.
Vendors area where vendors can logon and modify their items in the online catalog, pay to have their products on certain pages, banner ad manager, see their order history, create coupons or discounts, email members who have ordered from them.
Online Catalog will have multiple images per product.
I have a full spec document. I need this developed with a high end graphics front end and very nice GUI look and feel.

Please contact me for more information.

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Iphone Sales Catalog App

We need an iphone app that accesses sale info from php/mySql website, formats the download attractively into appropriate categories with well designed navigation between categories of the store, links to the store, possibly "like us on facebook" link. Update badge setup on apple when the new catalog is publised so users know to re-access the app for the latest sales.

We would give choice to someone who can setup the download as well. Currently have a csv program setup, but if you can setup xml, json, etc. that is fine as long as it works and does not effect the running website.

Would like those two aspects of the app – the app itself and setting up the server for the download priced separately. We may have someone who can do the server setup.

Project bid must include acceptance by apple and bug free.

We have wireframes and images, logo, etc. More details to qualified applicant.

Must state your time frame to completion and have history of meeting deadline.

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Overload Core Magento Classes

We modified some core file instead of modifying local folder, so we need someone to make the core as default magento core without touching to any current design / functionnality.

The modified core files are:
– app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog : ProductController.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product : List.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product : New.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/List : Upsell.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Core/sql/core_setup : mysql4-upgrade-0.8.25-0.8.26.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/controllers : CartController.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Sales/etc : config.xml
– app/code/core/Mage/Sales/doc : order.txt et quote.txt
– app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Order : Payment.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Quote : Item.php
– app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Service: Quote.php

We will provide the source code once the provider will be finalized.


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Website And Catalog Design

Requires the development of design website and printed catalog clothing for young people. The volume of the catalog – from 12 to 18 pages.
Required experience in the design for a youth audience, engaged in extreme sports.
Portfolio – necessarily.

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Brochure Design For Product Catalog

We have a bunch of products from various suppliers and we would like to have all their items in one place.
This job will require to design from start to finish all the pages with various products on line.

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Creating Vendor / Catalog Module

Below is high level requirements. Will provide a spread sheet with additional requirements.

a vendor registration
b vendor login
c Vendor Profile (Update)
d Order summary page (Poll)
e Order detail page (Print)
e.2 Decline order; page
g Send Order wizard
Select delivery date and item code for up to 5 item; add more items button adds another 5 lines
Enter Order details
Payment page (if payment is required)
g.1 Exchange messages
h Monthly financial debit and credit statement
A script to post fees on the vendor accounts
j Cron Scripts
A cron script to jump orders in case of multiple vendors
A cron script to allocate orders based on allocation rules
k Order allocation
Send order ack emails
l vendor catalog
Add/update product
categorise products

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Jewellery Catalog Design For Feather Jewellery Collection

Hi and welcome to Feather Jewellery Catalog project.

Background on the company:

Established 2008 Feather jewellery is a small company with large ambitions.
Our jewellery main uniqueness is in the delicate design and use of alternative metals (Other then gold)
All of the jewellery we sell is handmade by ourselves.

Specifications & Guidelines for the project:

Approx 10 pages color catalog with photos & descriptions (I will provide jewellery photos & text).
The catalog pages must be A5 size.. But this MAY change if needed.
Final result must be High quality printable and PDF.

Catalog Targets:

This is a Business to Business catalog, so it will be more focused on prices, product specifications and photos. Yet it is still important for it to be exciting and not dull THATS WHERE YOU COME IN you need to supply a great looking package for the information to sit.
The catalog must be visually pleasant and fun to browse , Products pictures must stand out and blend in somehow into the rest of the page – Im open to any suggestions of how to do this or other options instead.
To reflect the fact that our jewellery is handmade and not mass produced – This is an important point

********Sketch /Mock up required******
Please use the some of the pictures at the following link in order to create a simple 1 page sketch for me to assess your style, Feel free to pm any questions before if needed.
I have been a member of GAF for a long time and this the best way to get the ball rolling towards the right member.

Chosen member must be:

Highly creative and able to provide ideas that he or she may think could benefit.
Take responsibility on the graphics and make it perfect.
Be available a few hours a day online in order to discuss progress and decide things.
Committed to create with me a catalog that will create sales down the line for feather jewellery.
Have good English.

******It is a huge advantage if you have done jewellery catalogs in the past and can show me the result******

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Write Article For Silpada Jewelry Catalog

I want someone can write new article for title silpada jewelry catalog. My article should include 3 keyword

2,silpada jewelry
3,silpada catalog

Article should have 320 words and 3% keyword density for that 3 keyword.

Anyone interested pls PM me.

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Catalog Sample PRINT

Details upon pm.

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Large Scale Printing Required For Catalog’s

I require the high quality printing of a large amount of catalogs for my client.

This printing is to be done specifically on A4 with 160GSM paper, DOUBLE SIDED.

There is 63 pages in the catalog and I require 800 copies, Delivered to Australia. (please include shipping in your bid.)

I am a great employer with great feedback, I welcome the opportunity to discuss this project with any freelancers that can manage the task.

I NEED this complete by the 10th of February, if you are unable to complete that or any of the other required specifics in this project please do not bid. Failure to deliver by deadline will result in dispute. Please reply with your company details or examples of your work to my account, ongoing projects for successful bidder.


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Easy Weekend Job – Processing Images For The Web

My client just published a new print catalog. I need to replace the images on the website with the new photos taken for the print catalog. This requires you to look through approximately 100 images, sort them into 5 product lines, resize, watermark and upload via the CMS.

I need this done within the next 48 hours. Jan 22nd and 23rd.

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Product Catalog Web Scraper – Images / Product Info


Looking for a web scraper to crawl a product catalog and extract/scrape product information and images into a mySQL database.

1. Crawl paginated product catalog.

2. Scrape product data and images from product page. Each product product page has multiple images. But, some product pages do not have images and the page structure is slightly different for pages that do not have images.

3. Images are "obuscated" with javascript, see example below:

<a href="#" onmouseover="hidePicture(image1);" style="border: 0px none;"><img src="" style="border-style: none;" alt="BLACk"></a>

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Catalog Vs E-commerce

I want to convert a pdf catalog into a database that will be usable in a e-commerce web site.I will need a person that will take the picture,the description and the parts number from the catalog and convert that into a database that will be usable for my e-commerce. We will need to put those into sub categorie.
This is an exemple of a catalog that I want to convert.
I will have access to a unlock pdf. file if some body can help my with this job.
Please bid for the catalog in the exemple but they will have many more to come.
Thank you

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Product Catalog Cover Page Design

Design the front and back cover pages of a catalog of electronic products (A4 size). Raw product pictures will be provided. The design should merge refined product pictures with what reflects the nature of electronics world.

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