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PSD To Business Catalyst Site

We will supply you with the PSD file for the site layout, You will need to login to our business catalyst site and update the 2 site templates (main and sub)and layouts for the shop etc, the site is similar to You must be familiar with Business Catalyst.

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Business Catalyst Ecommerce Website – Australia

We would like to have a freelancer developing an eCommerce website for our company using Business Catalyst. We are a retail store based in Australia that sells shoes, bags, and accessories.

Im sending some inspiration below:


We will provide all the support necessary. Including design guidelines, website navigation structure, graphics, and photos.

Please let me know. I will send a detailed brief with the first contact.


Rafael Granato

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Business Catalyst Project

Modify Adobe Business Catalyst (CRM) backend based web sites:

[Removed by Admin] (new with same look & feel as others)

Graham Williams

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Webscrape For Cisco Products

We need a list compiled of Ciscos Router, Switch, and Security Products. Data must be in CSV format.

Specifications will need to include:

1. What kind of environment the device is used for – ig., Server farm, Internet backbone, Data center, etc.
2. Type and number of Ports/Slots available – ig. Supports all 6500 Series Modules (supervisor engines, Fast Ethernet modules, WIC), 48 10/100/1000 Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports.
3. Core features capability – ig., VPN, Firewall, IPSEC, Wireless, POE, Gigabit
4. Power Supply – ig., Optional internal AC or DC 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies, If none, just AC power, or DC power, etc.
5. Maximum Throughput – ig., 25Mbps with concurrent services, 350 Mbps with services such as security, mobility, WAN optimization, unified communications, video, and customized applications
6. Type of Layering supported – ig., Layer 2-4 switching
7. Weights and Dimensions – ig., 24 x 2 x 19 8lbs

Below is the requires list of products from Ciscos Website (These are the core products we need, if able to get ALL Cisco products with little effot please add to the list).

Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Cisco 800 Series

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 4000 Series Switches
Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-E Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2975 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2940 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2360 Series Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2350 Series Switches

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances

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Business Catalyst Templates

I need about 12 Business Catalyst Templates designed, including: Homepage, Online store page, shopping cart and check-out for each one.
Minimalist layout for online stores.
Product ranges: Fashion, electronics, professional services, retail.

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PSD To Adobe Catalyst

I need someone to take a psd and code it in Business Catalyst. It is a one page site but includes a shopping cart. I need this done and tested by Monday. If you do not have time, if you cant get it done or dont know how to do it, please do not bid.

Please send me sites that you have done in business catalyst to be considered.

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Optimize SWF File From Flash Catalyst

I created a website using Flash Catalyst. For some reason the site takes 30 seconds to load even though it is not a very large site. I need the SWF to be more compressed and for someone to troubleshoot the files.

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DotNetNuke / Business Catalyst Developer


We are a U.S. based well established website development shop specializing in DotNetNuke and Business Catalyst. Our company is growing aggressively and looking for a talented individual to add to our team.

The ideal candidate will be highly experienced in working in either DotNetNuke and/or BusinessCatalyst. The ideal team member will work with our team via gmail chat, e-mail and some phone.

Geographic location is not important.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills, or most of them:

– English:

– Excellent written and verbal communication

– Ability to work on multiple projects

– Fast Turnaround Times

– Attention to Details

– Ability to work Help Desk items from our customers as they submit tickets

– Technical:
PSD Conversion into DotNetNuke and or Business Catalyst
eCommerce Experience with Business Catalyst
Data Entry for both DNN and Business Catalyst
.Net Programming
Thorough understanding of DotNetNuke Administration
Thorough understanding of Business Catalyst
CSS Deveopment
Good understanding of CSS and HTML syntax and structuring.
DNN module development would be a plus

This position could become a long term full time staffing opportunity for the right candidate.

Candidate will have the capacity to work based on objectives and seamlessly with a remote team.

Our projects range from 5 page websites to enterprise 100 + page websites.

Please provide samples of your previous work, resume, as well as your contact details in order to be able to discuss the details with you.

We can get the right candidate started today on a trial basis with a DNN or Business Catalyst Project.

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Personal Assistant And Planner Weekly Work (long Term)


I am looking for a personal assistant to help me daily. Preferably from Europe as the time zone convenient to the job is European time zone. I need someone who is like a business catalyst and researchers as well as having an HR understanding and skills in outsourcing.

The assistance will involve tasks like research, writing, drafting, brainstorming, outsourcing and helping with ideas and this and that as needed. Please send in your resume/CV before we discuss further.

The work will be communicated thru Yahoo messenger or Skype chats and calls everyday/week upon agreement.
Hope to hear from you.

PS: CV is needed.

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Business Catalyst Websites

I need assistance with implementing a Business Catalyst website in particular with the following items:

Customise the layout of System Emails and Newsletters.
Add code that allows it to differentiate customers location and apply tax to checkout/paypal accordingly.
Show me how to use BC to create categories in a directory (currently using a web app for directory, but do not know how to breakdown into different groups and how to display the results.

I need someone that is very experienced in all aspects of Business Catalyst.

I have several other projects in the works, and need someone I can work with in the future as required.

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E-Commerce Website Using Adobe Business Catalyst

We need a development team who have experience implementing the Adobe Business Catalyst system.

Adobe Business Catalyst has an integrated CMS, and online store. The job involves converting our PSD into HTML / CSS and integrating the Business Catalyst markup tags.

If applying please advise your previous experience with Business Catalyst or similar systems. If you would like to recommend an alternative to Business Catalyst then please explain why.

We are looking to develop long term relationships only and expect a very high standard of customer service and attention to detail and high quality work.

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Dotnetnuke Catalyst Work

Im willing to pay $200 for this work $100 for each site.

My client purchanse catalyst dnn. I need 2 psds designs chopped up and put into that framework. So its 2 different sites. I need this done in 2 weeks or less. I also will have some mods needs to the designs once they are put in, but that will be minor cosmetic stuff. So you must agree to that. And youll have to connect it to the merchant account and what not.

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Catalyst Authorization Process

I need a secure catalyst based authorization procedure.
To include:
– authorization
– a good captcha
– roles
– security considerations

The deliverable is:
– one controller only
– a list of packages required

Its a plus if modules are available at debian squeeze repo.

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Simple Scripts Needed For Flash Catalyst Project

I need a FAST & RELIABLE developer to write some simple scripts, and move a project from Flash Catalyst (.fxp) to a working product accessible in Flash CS5 (.fla) for further graphical modification.

All that is required is a mute function, a simple timer, a score function, (plus and minus), and a background switcher, all based on user input. This isnt rocket science, or even breaking new ground.

The timer feature will play a sound when activated, when paused, when resumed, and when countdown concludes. It will have the option for either one, two or four separate periods of the same length. Length of the period is also based on user input.

I am anxious to get this done, after wasting 2 weeks with the previous developer, and seeing absolutely no progress.
If you have the time and motivation to do this quickly, I want to hear from you. If you want to make excuses, lie about progress and delay, please look elsewhere- Ive already been through that.

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Website Portfolio

Volume work. Five+ year old business consulting company expanding into web design. Needs designer/developer with a solid portfolio that can be showcased as example of work company can perform. 15 – 20 (active and online) site examples needed minimum.

Company owns Adobe Business Catalyst site builder software. Business Catalyst experience is required.

Contract work per site. Individuals, teams and companies may apply. Estimate of 100 sites needed before end of the year currently 3 site contracts available.

Work involves converting templates to sites inside of Business Catalyst and adding/removing modules. No content writing only coding and place holder editable text "Lorem Ipsum".

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Refine Business Catalyst Site

About 8 hours to refine this BC site to an exceptionally high class standard: cosundualsim dot com

This job is for only a senior BC designer with an eye for detail who well understands our internal management needs without asking and who thoroughly understands how to tweak and design to achieve real sales results and service customer needs.

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Business Catalyst Guru

Thanks for your interest in this project.
We are looking for an expert in Adobe Business Catalyst to build initially a fairly simple site and then be ready to regularly build business sites. We speak to around 5000 businesses every month. In addition to our current products we intend to start selling them websites, from simple brochure to full-blown business sites.
If this goes well, the website sales will grow significantly, so there is plenty of potential here.
In your bid please provide:
3 links to your best BC sites, and how many development days each site required
Your partner membership level with BC if you have one
Number of months or years experience with BC
Maximum number of days per week you would be available in October/November.

Please bid your casual daily rate.


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Website Redesign Wanted

Hi Designers,
I have a huge website that needs redesigning and development. The current site is at:
Please take a look and give me your thoughts on what it is that you can do to make it better.
Im looking for a 300% improvement in the design aspect.
Also looking for a shopping cart, one that can keep track of inventory and everything.
Really thinking about using Business Catalyst :
So, being able to work with this will be very helpful. Business Catalyst will keep the programing time to a minimum. They have modules that will handle most of what needs to be done. All you really have to do that is time intensive is create the design of the site.
Now, I have no idea of what to put this project up for. So, please bid what you need to bid and well take it from there.

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Business Catalyst

This job is to mainly rebuild the front page of a Business Catalyst ("BC") site, so BC experience is essential.

We provide to you:

1. Our BC platform
2. Our existing site in BC format (however, the pop-ups on that site are not yet in BC format).

Please note that that site is presently not in BC format but we have downloaded it to BC in preparation for this job.


1. Rebuild homepage of above site in BC (the purpose is to change the phone model on that site to a new updated model – including 5 images of the new product).
2. Minor template adjustment to other pages.
3. Re-touch some of our new images in Photoshop (about 5 images .
4. Better shopping cart for the main product and/or its accessories.
5. Several little auto-response emails (acknowledging customer payments, etc).
6. Forum – retain existing Forum for the prior old model phone but add a new Forum for the new model. The new Forum must be proofed against spiders.
7. Pop-ups – convert the (mouse-touch) pop-ups you see on to BC format so we can self-edit.
8. Superior attention to art / layout / detail is required.

Completion of this project is urgent.
This is a re-posted job as prior programmer had medical emergency.
New Homepage text / layout is ready to go now.

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Business Catalyst Sites

I have several Business Catalyst site that I require assistance with finishing.
Three require customised e-commerce solutions, the others being fairly standard websites for photographers.
All sites have design templates either done or needed to be applied.

I am looking for a developer/designer for ongoing assistance with the workload that I have, which is expanding and I have need help in keeping up.

All these sites and more require a fairly experienced developer/designer to be able to jump in and get there hands dirty quickly.

All the sites will be run under my business banner, I am looking for someone who can augment my work load.

I am hopping to make this an ongoing solution and looking to either negotiate a contract per job based rate or a contract hourly rate.

This is a genuine opportunity, I have plenty of current work and more upcoming, I need someone who can help out immediately at a reasonable rate.

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Business Catalyst Templates

We need our own theme converted to CSS and implemented within Business Catalyst. Approximately 3-4 templates are needed for site, primarily, a home page, blog page and secondary page. If you have further experience in using the Business Catalyst platform then we may strike up a long term work relationship.

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Zoho And Business Catalyst Integration

I am looking for a freelancer who is expert in Zoho CRM and Business Catalyst Integration

Please bid with the previous projects.


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PSD Website Mockups

We are hiring several designers to create church website photoshop mockups (a home page and at least one secondary page based off first page- no major modifications just room for content)
We are looking for all different design styles: suburban, grunge, urban, clean, modern, conservative, minimalistic, clean etc

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Business Catalyst Web Designer

You are someone with experience in working with the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. You have made sites there before.

You can take a graphic design (eg from PSD) or a template (eg from Template Monster) and customise the files and design to fit into the Adobe Business Catalyst system

Please contact us – we have projects.

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GoodBarry/Business Catalyst Expert Needed

Description: Were looking for someone to do some part time consulting with our GoodBarry / Business Catalyst Store. We need someone that is very comfortable with Goodbarry / Business Catalyst, Javascript and HTML (our checkout pages have custom javascript). You can see our live store here: Feel free to send resumes/emails to , please include your hourly rate.

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Business Catalyst Developer Required

I need a developer who is very very effiecient and good at using the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS. I have multiple projects available for someone who is experienced in the platform and is capable of producing websites quickly, cheaply and also can work on advance features and custom applications.

Do not respond if you are not good at communicating in English, if you do not have experience with websites on the Business Catalyst system.

There is a project i need you to begin work on immediately.

Please Respond ASAP.

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Duplication Of Current Site

PROJECT SUMMARY: Duplicate current with Joomla and Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (SOBI2) Engine Website. <v1.5.15>
PROJECT: Dup_Joomla_SOBI2_v1_011401.0
DATE: January 14, 2010
DEADLINE: January 17, 2010
NOTE: This project is reserved for ahtsolutions.

Dear Developers,

We are looking to duplication and update of our one of our current site for a new site on the same server. The current site is managed through Joomla and based on a RocketTheme (Catalyst). The major component is Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (SOBI2). There are other module/plug-ins for the site. The current site is mostly up to date but some components will require updating.

SITE-DESIGN – The NEW design/template, as mentioned, is based on the current site. Style guide, flow charts, excel list, clients list, photoshop/fireworks files and color palette will be provided. We will be responsible for the design and updating, input might be required. We can provide about 300mb of vector images and have 1gb of other imagery and content. SEO Optimized content can be provided but understanding of English grammar is important.

Additional work to be discussed, this should apply to any modifications with this project and through, only after final approval.

DEADLINE – This project should move forward quickly.

Please do ask questions now before bidding on this project.

It will be understood that all intellectual rights and rights of ownership will be release to the client.
All final raw files (fla, psd, il, php, etc) will be provided to the client and any updates must be provided back.
A final contract and payment Schedule will be agreed upon before any work to commence.

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Omniture SiteCatalyst Web Services Migration

We are looking to upgrade our pre-exisiting scripted methods for Omniture Hitbox to Omniture Site Catalyst.

The existing scripts, written in PHP collect web analytics information via SOAP/XML and insert it into a MySQL database. The current script template is going to be mostly adaptable as the types of data requested visits,page views and so on is standard to most webanalytics.
It is just the method that will need updating and may require suitable libraries for Omniture Site Catalyst.

This could be a quick project for a developer with previous experience in this area.
The preference is that we continue to use PHP as the language.

The scope mainly covers our monitoring of pay per click activities so the data requested will be of the type campaign ,keyword, clicks/visits, conversion data (registrations, logins, payments)

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Business Catalyst Website Development

We need a web site developed using Business Catalyst or another similar E-commerce Software Solution.

You will be provided a home page PhotoShop document and an interior page PhotoShop documents.

I will need a web site that has the following:

-CMS Installation
-Sign up form
-Log In/Membership/Subscription

In addition to developing the site, support will be needed for a minimum of 60 days.

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Perl-Catalyst-PHP Individual

Are u an expert at Perl/Catalyst and PHP
Prefer to work with up a bright university graduate who is interested in some small projects.
Do not want a big company, i prefer day to day contact using MSN so unless you have a broadband internet connection and can keep in touch on a regular basis, please do not bid.
Please include any references of work done if any and obviosuly if you have any other fields of expertise then please list them.
This will be ongoing small project work.

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Working Goodbarry/Business Catalyst Site Needed

I have a Goodbarry site which has not gone live yet – im happy to maintain it once it is up and running – needs CSS, page structure etc. that will allow me to build on it – site will only consist of 10 pages max at moment.

Shop is the important part – i have created the products, but now need to get the site complete.

Current state of project is here

I can mock up in Photoshop as necessary what else i have in mind.

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