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Vehicle Database

I would like to build a vehicle database/spreadhseet that shows each vehicle and the correct sized passenger, driver side and rear windscreen wipers for each vehicle. This information can be found using the Part Finder function at:

Each make, model and series can be selected using the part finder, and all the information is shown.

For the project to be successful, the following outcomes must be achieved:

(1) Develop a spreadsheet that lists vehicles by:
– make (e.g. Ford, Volkswagen)
– model (e.g. Falcon, Golf)
– series (e.g. G6E, GTI)
– start date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 06/2001)
– finish date in MM/YYYY format (e.g. 08/2008)

(2) There are four different types of windscreen wiper categories for each vehicle:
– wiper complete blade
– wiper refill metal rail
– wiper refill plastic back
– wiper tridon flexblade

For each vehicle, the part number for all four categories (where applicable) for both driver side and passenger side (and rear when applicable) must be put into the spreadhseet.

(3) Information for ALL vehicles (i.e. every make, model and series) need to be collected and put in this spreadsheet

(4) Data must be well organised and accurate, so I can easily sort through and analyse the data. I am looking to find what the most popular sizes and categories are.

I can give you a starting template or example (see attachment) of what it should look like and you can work from that. You can make changes to this template if you think that this will make your job easier, as long as all the requirements are still met. I will provide very clear and helpful instructions to help you get this project done accurately and efficiently.

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Blackberry Application

Looking for Blackberry Application Developer, to develop a simple budgeting application.

This is a project to build a BlackBerry App

Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
Supported Devices: non-touch – 8500, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700, 9800

Please get back to me discuss further. submit your profile and few of sample works done with similar projects. will select a developer who will able to complete within short time and best project cost.
DESIGN points

Splash screen will be used with our logo on the black background
After splash screen will be a registration screen: name/tel/postcode/country(drop box) where email is automatically set by Blackberry. The submit button sends these registration details to our support.

2 parts – A and B

Part A is simple: do a user-created input for MyBudget use spreadsheet:

Here is online version:

Here is spreadhseet: :

see attached this must be a DEFAULT setting for Family category in part B below.

part B – Features

1. Keep record of your Expenses on the go. Following information can be stored for each expense item: Account, Date, Description, Payment Currency, Amount Paid, Exchange Rate, Amount, Payment Method and Category.

2. Create and track expenses for an unlimited number accounts (they can be set under each category) that are set up in 3 categories: Business, Personal, Family.

3. Generate customized expense reports in CSV format and transfer them by email or save to memory card for integration with Excel or other spreadsheets.

4. Export records in HTML format for printing or as a CSV file for integration with Excel. Export records either to your device memory card or send them by email.

5. Record expenses under different categories. Comes with 20 built-in categories and allows you to create an unlimited number of categories as per your requirements.

6. ExpenseManager allows you to enter Amount Paid in any one of the 28 supported currencies and automatically calculates the Amount in the home currency based on the exchange rates entered by the user.

7. Assign a Payment Method to each expense item. Comes with 9 built-in payment methods and allows you to create an unlimited number of payment methods as per your needs (Visa, Amex, Diners, Paypal, Cash, Cheque, mastercard, etc).

8. Set a Monthly Budget for each Account, Category and Payment Method thus besides tracking your expenses it also works as a budgeting tool.

9. Compare actual amount spent with the allotted budget for each Account, Category or Payment Method.

10. draw piechart diagram

11. Compare amount spent in each account with other accounts as %age of total expenses.

12. Compare amount spent in each category with other categories as %age total expenses.

13. Quick view of how you have been paying for your expenses.
See here

14. Integrate with 13 social networks:
5 Global – Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Hi5, Orkut
3 Russian –,,

INVITE FRIEND by EMAIL and social networks – Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

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Basic Iphone Rss Reader

Project Purpose
To work on an Iphone application to a person or firm who use Opencart system.

Project Detail
To make sales products of firms who use Opencart system through Iphone platform.

Worked on Iphone application will update firm and contact informations by using RSS infrastructure.
Application will consist of 3 categories. Every categories will use different RSS.

1- Main Menu
2- Products
3- Contact

You can see the attached file for project details…

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Joomla / Sobi2 / Customisation


I would like a Strong LAMP/PHP developer with experience using sobi2 and Joomla to complete work on our new Online Directory website.

Our Website was orgionally completed using all custom code. This link can be found at

The Website has since been rebuilt on Joomla 1.5 and can be seen at

I require the following work to be completed :

1. Create a dropdown menu on the Home Page. (category dropdown box here)

This will contain a list of all the Categories in the DB

As you can see the old website contains the text "Select a Category"

I would also like under this an option called "Popular Categories"
When this is selected the list will refresh with the 100 most popular Categories selected in the last week.

Then if you re select "Select a Category" this will list all categories.

When you select the dropdown on the home page, you are then directed to a page showing the platinum/Diamond listings. This will always only show a maximum of 10. This Page will also show the category dropdown, the county box where you can then select a county. Once the county is selected it then refreshes and shows the 10 gold listings. The Town box is then shown where you can select a town and this then displays the listings available in that town.

2. Google search needs to be added to the search on all pages.

Currently i believe there is a sobi2 search

3. There is currently only one page where customers can add there details to the website-

I need there to be 6 Pages.

Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum

I need all these pages to be easily configurable/added/removed by me, so certain categories can have certain fields displayed. I am unsure if this can be done using sobi2, if it cant then some other way is needed.

Also with these fields i need a lot of them to have validation on them. This is very important so bad data is not entered into the DB. For example if one field is entered in, i need another field to then be displayed.

4. I need the customers displayed the way they are on the old website, thumbnail logo to the left etc etc

5. I need sobi2 to be configured so that when i add a new customer though the sobi2 plugin i can select which category they are ie Free, Bronze Silver, gold, Diamond, Platinum. Depending on which category you pick this will display certain fields on the website.



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Website Scrape

Need someone skilled to scrape a website.

Alibaba is the site I need scraped. Need all the records for all the companies(manufacturers and suppliers) that are listed there. Need contact information, email, website url, street address, city, state, zip, country, phone, type of products sold etc.

I would also like a list of the categories and sub-categories that is listed on this site too.

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Automatically Alter Datafeed – Zen Cart

Only bids $100 and below will be accepted. If you want the work – do not bid more.

I have a datafeed and need something to alter some fields automatically so that it can be converted easily to work with EasyPopulate.

The datafeed contains 10-15k rows.

The following processes need to be automated:
What needs to change in the datafeed:

1) Find & Replace certain characters (a list will be provided for you)
2) Change Categories (Categories from distributor and categories on my site are different – I will provide a list of my categories compared to the datafeeds)
3) Create values based off the Excel "concatenate" formula
4) Finally – Pull information from this changed datafeed to make a new datafeed that works with Zen Cart EasyPopulate addon.
5) Find new items not on previous datafeed, and copy image names so that I can mass grab and upload them to server.

As you can see, steps 1-3 and 5 take too much time to complete manually by myself each week. I need something that can help me automate these steps so that instead of taking an hour, it can hopefully take 10 minutes or less.


***** I do NOT just need the datafeed changed. I need something that can DO the changes AUTOMATICALLY for me. The last freelancer did not understand this and thought I only needed the datafeed changed. *****

Please PM me explaining what you would be creating to help me out.

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WordPress Theme Modify

provided php code to modify wordpress theme "twenty ten 1.2" for wordpress 3.1
so that admin can select which categories to use when displaying posts in the home page
currently all posts from all categories are selected when user goes to home page.

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New Web Interface For Ecommerce Site

Looking for a graphical redesign of our ecommerce site. Our site currently has one major category (software). We will be incorporating 2 more major categories (1 – Software licensing ; 2 – Hardware).

Main focus of redesign will be the menu to incorporate the new categories.

Submissions must include mockup of new interface. Designer will need to also develop/program the redesigned site using CRELoaded (mandatory)

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Need A Good Cheap Content Writer For Long Term – 100 Article

I need someone who can go through all my categories on my websites and write 400 to 500 words about each category. I need to start out by saying about 100 categories is for this project.

I will have about 500 more categories next week..

I want someone VERY AFFORDABLE, I have ALOT of work.


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Online Exams Application

Need an online exam site where students would register, take the exam, based on different categories in a course, there would be timed, untimed, questions, tutor mode where they could see explanation of each and every answers.
They would get feed back at the end of the exam i.e. which categories they did well or not.

IMPORTANT: need security functionality in C++/JAVA so that if there is a third party copy or video recording software, it would be detected and the screen should turn blank. Also need to block the screen capture keyboard functionalities too. ALL these functionalities need to be built in BOTH Windows and MAC (including prior versions)

If you have experience in above work. Please provide the examples of ur work.


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Youtube Templates For Youtube Channels

I am setting up a Youtube Templates website. I need someone to create 100 to 200 templates for me or more. You can provide me a price for either for the 100, 200 both or even more. I would need one file to be a PSD and another to be a jpg of each template created. I have been designing them myself, but I want a more professional look to them that maybe others can do. Once you have the template setup in a PSD format it is fairly easy to change the layers to a different template look. I will also need the website name to be on each template created. My website name is You can place it anywhere visible in any format of font or image form.

Example websites are:

The Categories that I am looking for are the following:
Clean / Simple Layouts
Celebrity Layouts
Babe Layouts

I would need the templates organized in the folder associated with the categories they belong too.

Thanks Ted

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I want to do an affiliate website under the domain name and promote products
under different categories to increase your confidence.

So for example you will have a list of categories on the left side of the screen that you may want to increase your confidence in and when you click that category it will show you all the products that would increase your confidence under that category.

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Breakdown Web Page Into Sub Categories

I need to upload an excel sheet of 20000 products in to my back office system. the 20000 products first need breaking down into 43 sub categories, then aproximately 2000 further sub categories. i can provide the excel sheet and the web address where the information comes from.

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Catalog Script

I need a little script to catalog.

Create categories
Create sub-categories
Create products for categories / subcategories. The products you can upload an image and you can upload a pdf file.

On the site, will only be a page that will display the catalog.
The categories are the menu to see the products in that category.
The products appear all followed with the next image, if you have a pdf file, a button for uploading.

Must have a php file with any language, in order to be able to make an easy translation when necessary.

There is a script similar to what I want, which is this: restaurantmenuscript[.]com
Similar to the level of backoffice and presentation of products on the site.

This work is to be surrendered as soon as possible.

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Price Comparison Website

ONLY EXPERIENCED DESIGNERS WITH 95% positive reviews need apply. Communication (verbal and written English needs to be perfect).

Were building a price comparison website enabling consumers to search, find, compare and save from thousands of products and services from leading retailers and service providers.

The websites objectives are to enable our customers and visitors achieve the following;

1. Gather product information
2. Compare product pricing
3. Locate deals and/or promotions
4. Find a specific product
5. Find a product for pickup at a local store
6. Browse for non-specific information for entertainment.
7. Read product reviews

Key Requirements;

– The navigation and functionality should be clean and intuitive with products listed in about a dozen categories and each with about four sub-categories.
– A mobile version of the same website
– A robust search function
– A reveiw and rating functionality
– Social media/Facebook integration via like etc.
– Set price alerts and send notification email
– Shopping cart
– My account showing user history, alerts set, price watch etc.
– Reporting functionality to track all metrics

Our desire is to have a functional website that will allow us to manage it ourselves (updating) so an easy to use interface will be key.

Payment Terms – 10% upon project assignment start, 30% at mid-way milestone, 30% at 75% milestone and remainder at completion.

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Lkng For Sm To Build A Vid Blogsite Like

This project should be very simple for you if you have worked on any wordpress blogging solution that uses a video plugin.

What I need you to do is review and then only bid on this project if you can have this done within the next 3 days (i.e. 72 hours).
In addition to the functionalities of (notably comment section on home page), I need a better search function that allows searches for any keyword on the site, plus the possibility of putting videos in one or several of up to 12 categories which should show up by thumbnail on the right side bar (instead of the app) plus dropdown menu at the top. Of course customizable background/text colors and styles. Plus: instead of "Wines tasted in this episode", rather a video slider with up to 8 videos chosen from one of the categories. And: possibility to upload my own logo

To let me know that you have read this very short set of reqs and that you are not just doing a cut-n-paste from a pre-canned response, you must write in all caps, I CAN DO THIS IN 72 HOURS OR LESS in your subject line. I will not even look at any bid that does not follow this very basic and simple instruction.

You must turn this over to me in a way that I can immediately upload a video to it and allow people to comment on it by this Saturday morning.

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Website With Categories

I need to build a site where some will come to the main page and do the following:

1) Choose City
2) Choose from one or more categories
3) Make a selection from the options shown
4) Have information + pictures show up so the client can concact the company/person they choose

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Drupal Site Implementation

I would like an estimate for a simple Drupal site implementation. I have the domain and hosting. I am envisioning a site with approximately six categories and a few sub-categories and with perhaps three or four rotating feature articles on the top page. I would like a turn-key solution ready for me to assume site administration and content upload. The project is not urgent. The schedule is flexible, but the budget is small.

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Navigation And Supporting Pages

General purpose: navigation will be used on the website and java code should be easy to integrate and use on the webpage (easy to integrate)
– Navigation1: design should be implemented same way as the top navigation and should have easy color change config
– Navigation2: design should be implemented same way as the left navigation and should have easy color change config
By default, please use neutral colors.

— Functionality

Ability to indicate if category should be displayed or not (top and/or left)

Navigation1: TOP
a. the bar should display letters A through Z and symbol "#"
b. all categories and sub categories which have a NAME or ALIAS of that letter, should be diplayed on the dropdown menu when that letter is pointed out
Example: Category "Processors" should come up when letter "P" in navigation is poited by a mouse coursor. In addition, if category "Processors" has an ALIAS "CPU" then "CPU" category will appear under letter "C" in top navigation. Neverhteless, both will point to the same category.
c. all categories which start from something other than a letter(number or symbol), will be displayed under symbol "#"
d. navigation should not display letters if no categories or aliases exist.
e. categories should not be displayed if no active items exist
f. If category with children is shown, ability to see its tree by pointing to it.

Navigation2: LEFT
a. should display categories based on their display rank
b. subcategories should be displayed in chain
c. categories/subcategories should not be displayed if no active items available in that particular category

Sitemap Page – separated into 3 equal columns. Should have ability to show SHOW categories Alphabetically, or show categories and their sub-categories.

I need the following:
– MySQL Table or tables – you can use attached information in order to start with(I took categories from eBay – for testing purposes), but feel free to perform any modifications to it!
– Java class(s)
– JSP/HTML code and pages
– no bugs/lags
– cross browser compatibility
– Good quality work; I will use your services on occasion

As the final deliverable I need:
index.jsp page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page
categories.jsp page that shows shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page(link) – category1(link) – sub category1(link) – selected category(link)
sitemap.jsp page page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: site map and list of all categories

Budget- around $30
Time to deliver – 1-2 days

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Magento – Resolve Minor Issues With Categories Appearing

We recently updated our website, which is not live, to Magento and added our product catalog.

In doing so we noticed three minor issues with our product catalog display on the front-end that we need resolved:

* Product categories selections no longer appear on the front-end of the site (located at All of our products are in the catalog with categories, but the category selection bar disappeared from our front-end and is not accessible. We need these fixed so the categories appear on the front-end and sitemap.

* We have one "special" category that was added on the front-end for a user forum. This feature (forum extension) is not compatible with Magento and we would like this category removed from the front-end category listing once the previous item is fixed.

* There is one subcategory drop-down on the front-end. For the subcategory drop-down if the mouse is not moved quickly down to the subcategory headings then the drop-down disappears, making subcategory selection difficult. We need this drop-down fixed so that it is stable and does not disappear when users try to select it.

Thanks in advance for your bid on this project. We ask that you only bid on this project if you are very familiar with and comfortable with Magento sites. We are looking to get this taken care of this weekend and will award and release a contract here for the chosen bidder.


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Need A Search Module For The Zoo Component (joomla)

I have a site that have a directory for all the states (50). It has about 25 different categories. So I want people to be able to search listings by State, cities. Also they have to be able to enter one or more categories.

So it will a drop box with all the states, to choose their state, a drop box show with all the cities. Then they can choose a categories in the 25 categories. I want the categories to be listed so we can see themwith a checkbox.

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Magento Freelancer Wanted

Dear Freelancer,

I want create something similar to this website: doors4home(dot)com
Quote need to include all the same categories / product / additional pages in navigation.
Yes, you need to add all products in their categories. Similar copy.

You also need to install Magento and adjust template provided by me from template monster.

Please send me:
– magento portfolio
– time you need to do it
– any necessary questions to start this project ASP

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Online Greeting Card Website

Im looking for someone to design & develop an website that sends & manages online greeting cards. No cards will need to be created, as I plan to populate the site myself.

Website details:

People will come to the website, and are able to select a category (Birthday, Sorry, Christmas, etc.). Once they select a category they will be presented with a list of sub-categories (Belated Birthday, Happy Birthday, Romantic Birthday, etc.) Once they select a sub category they will be presented with a list of applicable cards, each with a thumbnail & title, for that category.

Once they select a card: they will be presented with the card view, which will be either a static image or a flash animation, and an area to customize their personal message below it. They should be able to change their font and text color. They can then preview their card: This will be a page that displays the image or animation, with the personal message under it. They can then select to either: return and edit the card, or send the card. If they choose to send it they will enter their name and email address and the recipients name and email address. Once sent an email will be delivered to the recipient telling them a card is ready to view. The url to view the card should be random, ( example: ) so people can no simply increment the ID and view other peoples cards.

The system should also allow users to sign up & save their sent cards, so they can view a list of cards theyve sent and see if theyve been viewed by the recipient yet. When they sign up their information (email, username & password, email opt in) should be kept in a database.

The site should have a content management system. Admin should be able to add/edit/delete categories, sub categories and cards. Every card in it at least one, but possibly many, sub categories. Each sub category is in exactly one category. Cards can either be an uploaded image (.jpg, .png .gif) or a flash animation (.swf).

This needs to be developed in (2.0 is preferred) and all databases need to be mySQL server 5.1. The design should be clean and warm, but Im quite easy going with the look as long as its professional looking. The menu should allow for many categories and sub categories while maintaining the clean look. The design should reserve space for 1 leaderboard ad (728×90) near the header, and one wide skyscraper (160×600) ad along the side.

Once completed I will require the source files to make changes if needed in the future.

Bidders please provide portfolios with related projects / work.

03/10/2011 at 14:19 EST:

This is an outline of the project. The detailed project profile will be provided before a bid is accepted.

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Migrate Virtuemart Database To PrestaShop

I need to migrate a Joomla Virtuemart database to a PrestaShop database:

We need to migrate as much as possible,

Most important is all the products and its categories. including all the prices, images and attributes.

Its around 225 products and 40 categories.

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Datafeed – Alter & Sync To Zen Cart

I have a datafeed and need something to alter some fields automatically so that it can be converted easily to work with EasyPopulate.

The datafeed contains 10-15k rows.

The following processes need to be automated:
What needs to change in the datafeed:

1) Find & Replace certain characters (a list will be provided for you)
2) Change Categories (Categories from distributor and categories on my site are different – I will provide a list of my categories compared to the datafeeds)
3) Create values based off the Excel "concatenate" formula
4) Finally – Pull information from this changed datafeed to make a new datafeed that works with Zen Cart EasyPopulate addon.
5) Find new items not on previous datafeed, and copy image names so that I can mass grab and upload them to server.

As you can see, steps 1-3 and 5 take too much time to complete manually by myself each week. I need something that can help me automate these steps so that instead of taking an hour, it can hopefully take 10 minutes or less.

Please PM me explaining what you would be creating to help me out.

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Magento&Mysql Guru Customizing Template To Wholesale

Im Building a Dev/Prod Magento based website for my customer, which supposed to replace an existing, old one. My customer already choose a template, and wants to make modification to fit more for wholesale needs.
The website is DVD/CD wholesale based.

Features needs;
1) Category on left side.
2) Future releases. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage )
3) Specials. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage ).
4) Whats New. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage ).
5) Button for download full cover. ( Images of the product ).
6) Better quick/advanced search on left side based on my customers requests.
7) Special attributes linked to a category/sub category. ( e.g director attribute link to all of the directors movies ).
8) Use/Improve current community modules for hiding price if not registered, and activating users.
9) Use/improve current community module for importing products from one DB to new one ( have some known issues regarding magento and import module. )
10) Modifying product page.

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Virtuemart Customization Non Shipping Service

I have virtuemart installed and the products loaded. I need customization for the virtuemart store so that customer sees two categories 1st then within each categories the products associated with each categories are listed and can be added to shopping cart check out will be simple it emails us the selected items and we contact them after we verify if order can be fulfilled.

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Modify WordPress Plugin

Calling all developers with PHP and WordPress Plugin experience…

I need the following modifications made to the WP Autoresponder Plugin for WordPress…

– Add Drop-down with integrated checkboxes allowing subscriber to subscribe to multiple blog categories at time of subscription. (Note: the database tables are already there to allow this)
– Add ability to set daily or weekly subscriptions for digest emails (see below).

2) MANAGE EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS – after the user has subscribed, the emails they receive have a link to a manage email subscription page. However when they click on this link, the page does not allow the user to modify the blog categories they are subscribed to. It only allows them to unsubscribe from the main newsletter. Blog category subscription needs to be added as a drop-down with integrated checkboxes (possibly Jquery?).
– Also Add ability to change daily/weekly digest option (radio button).

3) DIGEST – The main email loop of this plugin sends one email for each post that has been made since the last email run. This means users receive multiple emails. I want the daily email to be digest of all categories the user has subscribed to.
example layout…
[Posts in category 1 in descending date order from last day/week]
[Posts in category 2…
If the styling of this layout could be edited as a HTML template using the template code that this plugin already provides that would be great.

4) WORDPRESS ADMIN – Display which categories the users are subscribed to in admin tool (current doesnt display this).

Install the plugin and check out what it can do as much of the functionality could be tailored from what is there. I can code but dont have time to perform this task at the moment. So please only apply if you know you can code quality PHP with comments.

There is more work to come on this but lets see what you can produce on this job description as a start.

Good luck!

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Setup 2 Blogs (or Blog/Article Module) For Magento Store

We require the following added to our website (

A blog (there is already one added, however it just links to a wordpress page)

A blog/tutorial/article page (similar to a blog, but allowing us to store a collection of articles for easy reading by browsers) – also needs to go 2 categories deep. This can be achieved by a blog module or modifying CMS to allow a menu/category within the pages – we are open to suggestions as to the best way of doing this.

Both titles blog and tips/articles need to be positioned on the right hand side of the menu bar, away from where the rest of the product categories currently sit.

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Product Selling Web Site

Hi there,

I need a web site in This web site will be a small online store.
Things that are needed to be included in this web site.

– WebSite design should be css based
– Product categories
– Products in these categories
– Product list (with price, other properties and image 150 x 150)
– Membership module
– Shopping cart
– database is sql server express
– product categories should be dynamic. New categories can be added, updated or deleted.
– Products that are displayed in mainpage sould be specified and changed easiliy and dynamically from CMS
– similar to

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WordPress Create Blog.php Page

I need a blog.php page to be made for the Arras Template. I want a page that will list all the articles from selected categories and each will be displayed exactly the way an archive page is displayed with the thumbnail, title, cateogory, comments number, short exerpt with "read more…"
I would also like the number of articles in each category added to the "Almost-all-categories" plugin

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