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Website Scrape And Post – Minor Changes

Real rush job needs done in 24 hours pretty simple to do – take information on our existing site make some changes and post entire site on our new domain – information is provided in attachment.

Bidders should be super fast accurate and have experience of this type of job.

Budget is $30 payment will be made as soon as new site is up correctly.

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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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Changes To WordPress Websites + Maintenance

Need some changes made to 2 wordpress sites and require an ongoing maintenance program for issues, minor updates and changes and instructions on how to do things from time to time.

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Phase 3 – Turn Key Website – Rework

following steps are required:

– rework layout (color scheme, details, interface changes) based on mockups.
– changes to the website mechanics and content
– polish some features / admin functionality
– security review, code check

from the day the project is awarded allow a few days so we can deliver the mockups, flowcharts etc.

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Web Page Project

Dear programmers!
I have idea and need to finish it but no skills and knowledge in programming task what so ever.
So far I have this:

Its suppose to be writing community page like those:

This sites are complicated, have lots of features, paid membership and loads of options members can be amused and interested in. My page is made on free platform, as example what I am going for. It doesnt necessary mean that it will stay on the It is up to you. You can both offer me upgrades only or entire design from scratch including domain.

From you I want detailed plan and program how to improve its features to resemble more to site I mentioned above, the one with paid features and etc.

I would like you to made list of necessary changes and your ideas about my page, include price you will charge me for every step, both graphic and programming changes; you are free to offer me lots of things considering your programming services which could help my site in any way so I can choose what to pick and which programmer have the best point in what I want to achieve.


I am not likely to pick you in day one, because I am very creative and demand the same from my designer.

Do NOT bid if you dont have elaborated steps and plan for this project.
Do NOT bid if you dont have samples of previous work.
Do NOT bid if you dont have outstanding feedback from your previous employers.

All considering payment, communication and deal will be done trough freelancer and only trough escrow service, no other way of payment or no other way of communication will be possible before and during work.
Payment description: 1 ( one!) milestone, payment release after testing you product.

I will modify my budget to suite your offer price and changes you will made on page and changes and prices stated in your project plan. Till the I am in seek mod, please bid on amount 100$ in 33 days and key word cash only in your PM, all other plan proposals will not be taken in notice.

No frauds, no fakes, no lousy done job, no pushing the toll with prices.
If I dont find satisfactory party to make this project I will simply open another one and start my search again.
I am not in the time run, and I have all the time on the world so I will choose wisely.

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Small Edits To DVD Cover & DVD Disk

I have a dvd cover and dvd disk that need some small edits.

I have the psd files to make edits.

Simple font changes, insertion of graphics, movement of text etc

Will take 1-2 hours Maximum for changes.

Budget: $20

Must complete within 1 business day.

Any bids above will be rejected.
Please provide sample of work
Must be proficient in Photoshop.
Must make changes till correct.

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Clone My 3-Page Site With Minor Changes

I will provide the code for, which I own. I want a nearly duplicate site with the exact same functionality but with only two changes:

1) Different domain name (which I will provide)

2) Different color scheme (I want it to look like

I cant imagine this taking more than 15 minutes to do so this is as easy of a project as you will see.

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Xen Networking In Hetzner EQ

I have a server at and I installed xen 3.4 on it.
I`m having issues configuring the networking to work on a vm.

What you will need to do is :
– tell me the changes needed to make the network work on vm`s
– apply these changes
– create a simple centos 5 vm or tell me what to do so it can install from a http mirror

I already applied ALOT of changes to scripts, but nothing seems to work.
There is no KVM attached, so extra caution should be added since a networking mistake would ultimately lead to hours of no work or, server reload.

04/04/2011 at 13:50 EDT:


– you WILL need to install a centos VM
– you WILL need to check that networking is working inside it
– you will need to show me how you did it

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PHP + MySQL + Smarty + JS Script – Changes Needed – ASAP


Im looking for a good developer to do some changes and fixes in a PHP + MySQL + Smarty + JS Script

The maximum budget for this project is $30 USD. Changes to be done ASAP (understand this as NOW)

Ill provide the link of the script by PM.

After this urgent changes Ill deliver more changes to be done.


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Minor Technical Changes To A WordPress Site

I need some small but technical changes made to my wordpress-based Real Estate site – so strong familiarity with PHP and wordpress is essential.

The changes are:

1. A minor safari compatibility issue – a javascript text input box is not working correctly, it only works when user refreshes the page – which is very annoying.

2. Basic image size issue – when users add images, they display in the post, but some display too big. I need there to be a limit on the size at which the images display.

4. Inside the wordpress admin dashboard, some of the fields related to posts users have submitted have disappeared. I need to be able to see those fields again so I can edit them from inside the dashboard.

4. I have a slider with an inbuilt google map on my homepage – it displays some information, but at the moment it is displaying the wrong information sometimes and needs to be fixed.

5. I would like several basic sliders put on my homepage that display the featured listings for the 4 different post types I use on my site.

6. When search results appear, the Page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc option at the bottom of the page does not work. Page 1 displays ALL the posts, page 2 also displays ALL the posts. I would like them to display 10 results per page.

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Ajax And Small Changes

I have minor changes to be made in css, and an ajax div to be created.
if you understand ajax and css bid. if not please do not bid.
the templates are in .tpl format
I have a pdf document with description, send me your skype and we can talk more
this is needed to be done asap
thank you

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Catering Menu Graphics And Changes – No Concept Work

A corporate catering menu for a Bagel store.

Concept 90% complete – a template has been purchased from stocklayouts

Template is for an american diner, but the theme / layout remains the same:
( as this is for New York style bagels – we like the layout )

Changes are:

change pictures to bagels and our coffee brand etc
insert menu text
insert our logo
change to our business colours

The layout is one menu folded in half to make a four page menu

Template available in many formats, PC and Mac

Would require I imagine two rounds of minor alternations.

End result is finished art for a printer , and also a PDF for a website.

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Convert Two Old Websites To New Design.

I have already had one of my websites redesigned, I would now like my other two sites updated to have the same look and format.

The new design is

The old designs are and

There are a few minor changes I need on the site I would like done first before changing the other two to the same design.

I need new checkout buttons on the products page and I need one of the logos on the right hand side of the home page made a little bit smaller.

I would like it to be designed in a universal type program that will allow easy changes/modifications in the future. No pre-made templates please.

It needs to be designed for IE6, Safari, Chrome and Firefox please.

I will need someone who can commit to being availalbe to make some minor changes in the future such as updating new testimonials and new audio and or video.

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Changes To Infuse WordPress Template From Rocketheme

I need three changes to this template

1) take time off the posts, but leave the date

2) change the appearance of the side widgets. I would rather the text be smaller, and use different icons, if possible

3) the box for comments appears on the posts, but not on the home page. Since Im using the home page as a blog. Id like people to be able to make comments on the posts, but from the front page, they cant see thats an option.

The theme is installed on my site already, just these adjustments need to be made.

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Simple Design & Changes To A WordPress Website

This is a very simple project if you know what youre doing in WordPress and have a background in web design.

I am looking for someone to make small changes thou out one of my websites like small layout changes adding photos and placing content that I provide in deferent pages I have a full breakdown of what I want done on each page.
This is very simple work if you know what youre doing and know how to work with WordPress and Photoshop.

Here is a screen cast of some of the tasks I would like done so you can get a feel of what I would ask you to do. :

If you have any questions please send me a PM
I am looking for bids of $50 and under If you are good at what you do then I am sure I will have more work to send your way in the future.

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I want to do further development on our own Content Management System for our business. I want to be able to run the website myself and learn php and mysql enough to be able to do what I need to do in our business website and cms.

Seeking a patient person with strong skills in php and webdesign to teach me the basics of php coding and making changes to our websites using the custom made cms system that we use in our business.

I am hoping to find a person who can spend 2 days, 8 hours per day giving me training and support to make some system and function changes and content changes in the cms.

Please bid if you can spend the 2 days one after the other to help me cram as best I can to understand how to do what we need to do to our website. For my future reference, I would like a screen capture video of the work we do and how it was done during the 2 days so a requirement of this project is that you have fast internet to handle this.

You must be with me for the full 8 hours each day sharing your screen and/or available with instant responses in skype or yahoo messenger and I would like to watch your screen as you work on the various issues that we need to fix and as much as possible explain to me what we are doing and add comments in the code as we go for my future reference. I will pay in full at the conclusion of the 2 days with a bonus if we get great productivity.

I could be interested in an ongoing arrangement if all goes well in this first 2 days.
I know you are all worth much more than you will bid – but I am hoping to spend around $50-$70 for the 2 days. If that suits you please make your bid. If your bid is higher than that I understand – thank you. I have to stick to my budget

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WordPress Customization / Plugin Design + Seo

Im looking for someone that is good in both wordpress customization and seo.
I need several several changes and additions done to a current wordpress site i have.
These changes include seo and possible new plugins that need to be made.

Pm me for more detail if interrested.

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Make Small Changes To WordPress

Make small changes to WordPress template

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Killer Looking Web Site Changes

Wanting our original web site updated to be more user friendly, killer looking design and a shopping cart for payments via paypal.

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Change CSS/add Picture Backround To Several Blogs/scripts

I have 5 scripts (games script, tv show script,mp3 search, search engine,shopping cart) that need minor CSS, adserver code added, and background changes.

I also have 11 wordpress blogs (4 are not ready but 7 are live on site) THAT DO NOT NEED ANY DESIGN WORK, but they need a link to my homepage placed at the top of each template, and some adserver codes placed in each template (I will show you where to place it).

These are VERY simple changes….all of the changes are literally just copy/paste, font and color changes that would take all of 2 to 10 mins to do….this is not complicated nor is it something that takes 2 weeks….AND IS NOT something that I should be charged $400.00 for either. We just lost money on a designer who could not perform these simple tasks.

The only issue is you have to work with 5 different scripts…I will provide access to the server and the location of all CSS and template files so you can make the changes I need done.

I need someone who is comfortable working with different scripts and knows his/her way around wordpress templates. I will give you a link to my site so you can see the sections that need work….I will also provide screenshots and a written information with all the changes I need.

To review

– Must be competent
– Have your own template/CSS editor
– Must be familiar with wordpress templates
– Must be able to deal with multiple scripts
– Must have good communication

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Changes To Website (build With Frames)

A small website built with frames consisting of less than 20 html pages needs a few changes.

10 images need to be edited.
Font style needs to be changed.
The contact form on the contact page has to be removed.
The navigation needs one more link.
Maybe 4 or 5 more little changes.

All in all, I estimate that the time needed to do all changes will be less than 90 minutes at the most.
However, you should be aware of how frames sites are constructed and should have prior experience with websites built with frames.

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Template Customization

Looking for a web designer to make a few changes to a template (32231 from templatemonster)

– remove top menu
– replace the flash with a jquery slider
– add a footer
– a couple of changes to the layout within the content

Creating a new logo can also be actual.

Please, bid only if you cab start with this project asap!

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Delphi Setup Of 10-20 TIdhttp By Anonymys Proxy

We need to access internet anonymous with Indys TIdhttp client by Proxy. VPN is not an option, it must be a traditional proxy. We need someone to find a good and cheap supplier to this service and set up the purchase for us. A rotating service where the outbound IP changes as often ass possible is preferred, perfect if it changes everytime the client logs in. Traffic will be (total for all 10-20 clients) +- 500 gb month.

We have tried ourself to find a stable service with reasonable prices, but just got lost in the jungle that this is.

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Copy Current Joomla Website And Move It To Another Hosting

Copy current joomla website and move it to another hosting and make some minor changes to it. Also make some changes to another joomla site.

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Magento Price Changes

We have a Magento powered website whereby we need to the prices modifying by category instead of per item. Spreadsheet with depicted % will be supplied.

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Basic Php File Update

Hi yes this is for a basic update to apply small changes to our already updated site and network we managed to get everything uploaded with install and yes even the database . I only need some minor color changes and script editing for the already installed php let me know thanks . The budget is $40.00 thank you.

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Site Changes And Updates

1: I want to create 2 very simple sites that will have their own domains and be linked to existing site using applications available from my host provider. These will be blogs that allow not only text updates but also photo or videos. these will be very basic and not have any major coding it will just be some minor css changes to make the blog sites look similar to our main site in terms of color and theme.

2: Incorporate my gateway with NopCommerce using an emulator url… my gateway provider allows use of emulator which means simply changing reference from the url to my gateways emulator url. this is done in the nopcommerce source then added to the site to replace the old references with the new ones.

3: Add thumbnails to the links that we have on the preview gallery.

My last 3 projects ended with people saying they could do something then the next day saying they did not have the knowledge to do the project. Therefore I will not use escrow and I will not award project to anyone with negative feedback or a high number of incomplete reports. If you bid I want to know you can complete the project. This is a simple project as most everything is in place and only requires minor changes and the ability to recompile and redploy the site when it is finished and tested on a test server to verify everything is functioning properly.

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HTML Website Changes

Id like to make a few changes to my existing website, Note that it is currently done in (what I have heard is) messy HTML. I have mentioned addition skills in the profile since I would ideally like to work with someone who will work collaboratively with me to redo my entire site. Below are the changes Id like for now. Based on past experience, I think this should take about 2-3 hours:

1) Id like to post a picture of a new product onto the Products page. I will give you a description in a word document, which you would format to look like the rest of the page. I am going to be posting some youtube videos. You would make links from the page to the youtube videos. Please see how this is done for other products.

2) Customers purchase my products through a company called CCNow. Please see–Its pretty simple to add a product. You would add a product onto the CCNow page and connect it to the website.

3) I am going to get some new store names ready in a word document. You would erase the store finder page thats there, and copy/paste the new information.

Note that I will not have everything ready on my end for at least a few days. If you write how long it will take you & it takes longer because of me, its no problem. Thanks, and I look forward to a long-term business relationship!

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Website Maintainence Pro Needed 03.28.11

We are in urgent need of a website professional that can make slight changes to our websites and regularly maintain it on a monthly basis. The websites is 100% complete and do not need any work at this time.

However it is important that we have a competent professional that can make changes within a moments notice when needed.

For this we are willing to pay a flat rate fee of $40 each month for 4 hrs of monthly maintenance and an additional $10 per month for any hour that exceeds the 4 hrs.. If changes are too big then we will pay more for specific changes on a seperate project.

Monthly tasks include:

1. Checking for bugs.
2. Managing the members

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Drupal Programmer Needed For Changes To Existing Site

Looking for an expert in Drupal who has built sites from the ground up, can pay attention to detail, and who is also good with design. I have a website that is built with Drupal and I need some changes made to it. I need someone who is very skilled in Drupal and has a porfolio of previous work. I am currently in the market for a new web developer so if things go well I will have more work for you in the future. I would really like to get someone I can depend on. My budget is around a hundred dollars. Please PM me your portfolio as well as any questions. Here is a list of the changes I need to have done:

– Blog tab: Delete

– Copyright date at bottom: update to current year and use something that automatically does it so it doesnt have to be manually changed each year.

– Create a Top 10 Restaurants tab and move the module from the homepage to here.

-Create a Top 10 bottled Water tab. Use module, from the top 10 restaurants, to do the same for the bottled water.

– Shop: Change to "Store". Need to set up a way to sell a few items. Not more than 5. Either through paypal or google checkout.

– Enable me to be able to upload a picture for each listing.

– Homepage: Facebook updates, and help with what else to put on it.

– Alphabetize state names on the left (automatically if possible for when new ones are added)

– Featured Restaurant Tab: Change to "Featured Places". Remove current content. Create 10 slots that I can fill by choosing places from the database.

– Make the search results look like the listings (normal)

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