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URGENT: Need Webdesigner/html Person To Backup My Designer

Hello Bidders,
Due to various tight deadlines, we urgently need some one to assist in supporting our graphic designer/web guy. The sites have been done and we need someone to implement the client feedback and tweaking of the designs.

The tasks include:
– Changing text
– Modifying or changing photos
– Creating some html
– Adding features

Basic standard website design and implementation stuff. Nothing complex. Flash experience would be good too.

Please bid on the cost of fixing one site. But there should be work on a longer term as well. Be quick and be reasonable in bid and i will select someone immediately.



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CMS Web Changes

We have a custom CMS php-form system built on CI Framework we need a lot of style and coding changes made to:

Style changes

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Website Template Needs Changing

I have a website that is a Flash template. It is a photography website that needs a new template that is not flash based, and I need to be able to add/remove my own images.

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Simple Html/css Modification

I pulled HTML off of an existing website that needs to be cleaned of the current users info so that it can be used as our template page for a new website. This project includes
1) html adjustments to the navigation menu,
2) changing image names (not changing images, just renaming them)
3) changing directories names, and , etc.
4) changing top drop downs.

There is no photoshop or image changing… just trying to get a clean template free of code relating to the previous owner.

For someone whos solid with html/css project should take 3-4 hours.

Happy Bidding!

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Edit 3 Existing Logos

I have 3 logos that need to be edited. I have the original files for all three to be used as a basis. All three need additional creative work done:

Logo 1 – needs a symbol to be created to something entirely different – the font and most of the words will stay the same

Logo 2 – needs some very minor font / word changing.

Log 3 – needs some very minor font / word changing and a symbol change.

I dont think this will be a big job, however I need someone creative and who does very, very professional work as I will have much, more work in the future for the right person.

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Changing Pdf Files Excel

Dear freelancers,
for this project you have to change a pdf document with PDF writer and remove some passages and columns. You then have to save the document and also have to make some Excel sheet where you put all PDF files together.

Finally you make from the Excel file a little bit statistics.

The max budget for this project is USD 50.

The project shall be finished within 1 day.

Thx for bidding.

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Changing The IP To A List Of Links

I need some one who has a lot of USA based IPs that I can send a list of links to. They will open each link with a different IP about 40 times with random intervals(30 second to 2 min). Cookies will have to be cleared every time. So in a day I might send 25 links. Thats about 1000 IPs needed.

Give me a price per week.

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Create A Site Like

I need a duplicate site to that has the nice warm but we will add a few more products.
with mostly the same categories but a few more and changing titles a bit, along with the test so its not a copy right issue.
This will require complete design of all ages and adding text but changing it a bit to not be copyright issue.
we do the same thing and have the same contracts with all same companies we just need the website completed.

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Simple AJAX Script Required

I have an existing webpage containing a form with 2 drop downs on it.

Changing drop down 1 populates drop down 2.

I need this changing to have 3 dropdowns. So changing drop down 1 populates drop down 2, and then changing drop down 2 populates drop down 3 based on the entries of drop downs 1 & 2.

Ajax code already exists for the existing population of drop down 2 so it should just be a case of creating a new request function for the new drop down (I have already written PHP code to return the values)

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Changing Of Metatrader Indicator

Dear freelancers,

today I would need your help for changing an indicator. My present indicator shows now only daily Pivots.

However in the settings there should also be the possibility that ADDIDIONALLY weekly and/or monthly pivots shall be shown.

So the user should be able to decide if only daily pivots or daily AND weekly and/or AND monthly pivots (as a further possibility) should be shown.

If you think that you can change the indi within 1 day please contact me.

The max budget will be USD 30,–

Thx for bidding


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CMS Changes

We have a custom CMS php-form system built on CI Framework we need a lot of style and coding changes made to:

Style changes

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PHP Form Changes/Updates

We have a php-form system built on CI Framework we need a lot of style and coding changes made to.

Style changes

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URGENT Joomla Site Broken After Plugins Edited

My joomla site at has broken after i was changing some plugins being published/unpublished switched on in the backend

The result is the site is no longer displaying at all…

I cant remember the plugins I was changing, I hope this is something someone can figure out how to fix URGENTLY

The first convincing reply / bid will win, I need this looked at immediately, so if you cant do that, please do not bid.

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PHP Calculation Form Changes

We have a PHP form that generates a quote, the form needs updating to the new figures so the output is different. I have a spreadsheet detailing what strings need changing to each figure.

The form is already made and generates a quote it is based on only 2 files, the figures need changing as per the the figures on the document which will be supplied.

Please no excessive high bids, you wont be chosen.

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Penny Auction Programmer

We have a penny auction up and running . looking for someone in southern california (someone i can meet in person) preferably san fernando valley area to handle all changes and updates. from changing products to changing timers.
I believe its php programming . Looking for hourly rates? Everything is already built and running just need someone close to make monthly changes.

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Small Magento Template Changes

I have a magento template that needs some very small edits done to it.

This should take no more than 15 minutes to an experienced person.

It involves, changing some text.
Changing an image
Changing a link
Adding 2 anchor points into the page.

As you can see, simple, easy work.

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Jomsocial Customization

I need someone with expirience to customize my jomsocial.
-Moving modules position in profile page
-moving modules position in frontend
-changing font size
-changing profile photo size
-chaning photo size of photos that appears in activity stream in frontend
-connecting facebook connect, integrating facebook like box
-adding custom page in menu
and some other things.

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Changing HTML Website Into WordPress

I need someone who can not only change my website from HTML to WordPress but who also can jazz it up a little bit through design. The front facing website has about 10 pages and the members only side has about 15 or so.

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Create Unique Images, Photohoping Existing Images

This project will be to take existing images and banners and make changes to them using photoshop or some other program to create unique images.

All of the existing images will contain text, and will deal with one subject.

The changes will be pretty simple. Maybe putting a new border around the image, and changing the position of some text, or maybe changing the colors of a few words.

You will need to be creative to tweak the existing images so they are unique looking.

I need 50 images created for this project.

When bidding, please include at least one sample of your graphic work.

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Customize WordPress Theme


I need someone who can customize a wordpress theme from (theprofessional)
You will get all content, you just have to customize the theme. You must be good at CSS or must very intelligent.
Its about changing menus, sidebar, changing colors, add slider images, change slider appearance and other funny stuff.

Iam looking for a cheap offer. I can give technical support if its needed.

Pls provide some examples of your work.

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Change Color Scheme Of Exisitng Website

I have an existing website and would like the colour scheme changing to a pallet which I have already chosen, it will include changing the colors of the existing buttons to match the new pallet there is new logo to deploy and a banner image to create. The work needs to be completed ASAP and the website I want changing is using this script currently I would also like the changes to be portable to allow for future upgrades of the script.

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Changing My Ajax Menu

Hi, i have a menu that need to stay open when a client clic on a link.

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Re-Writers Required – $1/500 Words


I am looking for someone who can rewrite one original file – TWICE. The file is 30 pages long and I need 2 versions of that. Please note that I am not looking for article spinners. Also, rewriting does not mean changing synonyms and changing the structure of sentences. I want someone who will read a paragraph and then write the same content in his/her words.

Will add in a bonus if the rewrite is really good and completed on time.

In case, you are not interested in rewriting the same file twice, let me know in the PM. I will hire two re-writers instead. Bids above $30 will not be considered.

PM me with a sample – one original PARA and your rewrite.

Deadline – Each file should be completed in 5-6 working days.

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WordPress Theme Customized

I need assistance customizing a WordPress theme template. I will select the template and forward to you or provide access to set up complete theme such as changing tab names e.g. About, Contact etc. Changing text for each tab, such as imputing phone number and email for Contact page. Changing colors, possibly rearranging some of the layout, but very little to be done, changing any text to replace sample text on theme, Installing 3 plug ins, and installing new header.

Final stage will be uploading to wordpress website and ensure it is fully operational. Ideally, would like to complete project in one to two days.

If all goes well, I would like to have regular design updates so we can work together every two months or sooner.

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Hi Guys,

I have 18 Minisites that need modification.

The will all come with the psd files but need changing to look like new products.

The are 7 images on each site that need changing including a ebook cover on each site.

I will provide all site psds once i have chosen the winning bidder.

Please provide samples of this type of work.

The whole job need to be completed in 3-5 days of winning.

The products become mine and not for resell after.

I will release milestone payment on completed project.


ps: regular work like this after.

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Data Entry Changing USA Ip

I need ongoing data entry work.
you need to have access to ip changing software. USA ips.
looking for bids around 5c per entry (6 fields)

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Fl. Child Support Calculator Update

I have a program that calculates Florida child support that is sold to attorneys.

The program is written in Delphi Enterprise I am told and was written about 5 years ago by a person who is not avilable to make relatively minor changes to the program to bring it up to date with the changes in the law.

I have the source code on a disc and the original programmer will talk with you about how he modified the component modules etc.

The changes are not major but involve adding a field to the worksheet, changing a calculation from 75% of X to l00% of X, changing another number from l46 to 73 to to make a calculation take place, and eliminating the top three income numbers from a chart that determines the basic amount of child support (the remainging 25-30 numbers stay the same just eliminates the very low income numbers)

Need to have the generated worksheet be able to be emailed to other people.

Now for the bad news the budget is limited as my partner in this enterprise skipped out and left me holding the bag, and the sales for some reason have been almost zero for the last couple of years. I am doing this update to give the project one more try. There is no software in Fl. that does this absent an extremely complicated and very expensive ($l,500 up)program. This program sells for $250 and was designed to be and is simple.

I can send an interested person a copy of the existing program and unlock it for them to look at.

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Website Template Modifications

I need some minor customizations to a default Bigcommerce template & my
payment gateway template needs to be made to look like my website.

This includes changing the bigcommerce text navigation to css buttons.
Changing text Add To Cart links to buttons and possibly a couple more
buttons. I also want to explore changing the category font.

Now, I would also like you to provide clear instructions on how to reproduce
each modification you make to the bigcommerce template. The reason for this
is bigcommerce put out updates often and these may break any modifications.
I would need to quickly fix these should an update occur.

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Magento URL Rewrite Changes

Currently, the way Magento is setup by default, it creates a product page in every category each product is in. Example:


All of these have different Breadcrumbs and different locations according to Magento. I need the all of the product pages to simply be in /brand/sku format and link properly from all of the other categories and pages. We need this done on the code level, not just mass changing the URL rewrites, as we have over 4000 products in our product database and cannot afford to waste time changing URL rewrites after the fact.

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Java Programmer Needed For Number Changing Software

To All,

We have a website that needs to improve tracking. One method we decided on is to have java script generate a phone number given certain parameters. Various sources of visits would trigger different phone numbers. The goal being – to have a specific number that we select, come up for a visitor source (ie google, yahoo) that would be associated with that given number, thus allowing us to easily determine where that visitor came from and how they found us.

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