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Read the introductory chapter to PDF article provided here called SITE DANCE

Choose and describe three ideas about site dance that are discussed in the chapter (you must cite the page number for each idea). AND based on the ideas chosen from the chapter, describe at least one idea for a site dance of your own that you would like to try as your end-of-semester collaboration project (make this part up as if you were taking this course).

So to make it clear,….1 paragraphs for each of the 3 ideas in the article, and 1 paragraph about an a site dance of your own that you would like to try….thats a total of 4 paragraphs!


very simply and easy task. No plagiarizing or payment will not be sent. Must be own original work.

04/03/2011 at 16:27 EDT:

Skype me at Ncarolina1728 to discuss this if you are interested!

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Convert HTML5 Book Into PowerPoint For Instructor Material


I am a web application architect who happens to also teach at a university. Ive created a new course in HTML5 that I will begin lecturing in May. The book I will be using is located at It is a 200 page book with 10 chapters. Im looking for someone to convert the each chapter into a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, I need someone to summarize all the technical content. The book is perfectly layed out with sub-chapters. Each chapter should generate approximately 50 slides. At the end of the project you are generating black and white 500 slides.

I require the person to have good writing and basic web development skills.

Below is a list of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Main Structure
Chapter 2 – Text
Chapter 3 – Forms
Chapter 4 – Video and Audio
Chapter 5 – Canvas
Chapter 6 – Data Storage
Chapter 7 – Offline
Chapter 8 – Drag and Drop
Chapter 9 – Geolocation
Chapter 10 – Messages, Workers, and Sockets

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First Chapter To Edit (fiction)


Im writing a fiction novel, and Im half way through it. Id like to see what an edited version would look like. Therefore, Im providing the first chapter (3,530 words ~ 11 pages), and Id like to experience your skill in editing before I would hand you the whole thing. Please quote me for the 3,530 words.

Let me know if you need the first chapter in (.docx)


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E-book, Medical Subject 45-65,000 Words

I am looking for a talented writer to re-write a non technical medical book.


1. structure of book based on reading and absorbing 2-3 books on the subject
2. do one chapter as a test and to develop the correct writing style. Assume 3 rewrites to get it perfect.
(if i am not happy we can agree to not continue at this stage)
3. roll out chapter by chapter with review and comment along the way by myself
4 present final document for final review to agreed timescale
5 final edit

You will need to provide 3 samples of similar text extracts for my review.

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EBook Chapter (1,500

The project is to write a chapter of an eBook that explains shopping cart systems and online order forms. You must be able to provide high quality informative content in an easy to understand writing style. The information is not intended to be used simply for SEO purposes, but as part of an actual marketable product.

1. What a shopping cart is and the basic functions of a shopping cart
2. What an online order form is, and how it works
3. When it makes sense to use a shopping cart vs. an order form
4. The importance of using a secure connection for online orders
5. A list of 5 popular shopping cart systems for use by U.S based merchants (with a brief description of each and links to their websites)

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Iphone/Ipad Ebook Source Code


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Need 30 City Pages Written For Website

Need local city pages written for a bankruptcy firms website.

Please be a native English speaker. Will provide you with a list of approximately 30 cities that we want, all the basic structure of the following article (illustrative purposes only):

The Sample City Homeless Center in Sample City, CA, used to have 174 beds for homeless men, women, and children. Because the director, Louis Gill, doesnt like to turn anyone away, hes now laying out mattresses in between the beds. In 2008, thanks to the economy tanking in California and the rest of the nation, the Sample City Homeless Center saw a 34% increase in the number of homeless families, Gill said.

Sample City, according to 2009 figures, was the eleventh-fastest growing city in the state of California, but just like every community in California, its been hit hard by the global recession. Formerly working-class and middle-class Sample City residents now find themselves facing the very real possibility of losing their homes.

Why wait? At least set up a consultation with a Sample City bankruptcy attorney today to find out if bankruptcy might be right for you.

Declaring Bankruptcy is Not All Bad

One way to save your home is to hire a Sample City bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney in California can help you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Either of these two types of bankruptcy can help you stay in your home. During the time when your bankruptcy is being processed, mortgage payments might even be suspended, and after the bankruptcy, you may be able to use the court and your Sample City bankruptcy attorney to negotiate a more realistic mortgage payment.

Many people never consider hiring a California bankruptcy lawyer, or for that matter filing for bankruptcy because they dont see themselves as the type of person who would ever need to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has a certain stigma of failure attached to it, and hard-working Sample City residents dont see themselves as failures. However, with the help of a Sample City bankruptcy attorney, youll be able to understand that filing for bankruptcy isnt all bad. It may keep you in your home, after all, and isnt a stable home what your family most needs during these uncertain times?

Types of Bankruptcy

When you meet with your Sample City bankruptcy attorney, one of the first things he will help you do is to decide which type of bankruptcy you should pursue. Even though the bankruptcy laws in 2005 made it harder for people to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which all of your unsecured debts are discharged, many people still qualify for Chapter 7. If youre right on the edge of being legally eligible to file for Chapter 7, a good Sample City bankruptcy attorney will make all the difference in the world.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, by contrast, works with your creditors to work out a more realistic payment plan, taking the pressure off you to make house payments, car payments, and other debt repayments that had become unmanageable. Why wait? At least set up a consultation with a Sample City bankruptcy attorney today to find out if bankruptcy might be right for you. The alternative might be becoming one of Louis Gills new residents.

Call (877) 555-5555 and set up a consultation to get more information about bankruptcy and see if you are eligible to file for any chapter of bankruptcy and get relieved from some of your debts.

—– We need for each of the articles to be relatively unique and require that they pass Copyscape and not hurt us with Google by being repetitive. Also, while the article references a homeless shelter, the introductory paragraph regarding each city needs to be unique to the particular city page. Each city page-keyword and must be used in article few times for SEO purposes, have no grammatical errors and be readable.

Provide a short example of your work and your bid proposal.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Site To Post Memories And Stores

About the project:
Allow the user to register and share life stories (memoirs) or fictitious

Stories consist of:
– Title
– Text
– Period where the story goes
– Tags can be customized or pre already available in the system

You can share your story into chapters (title and text):

Each story or chapter may have its own time period

Period consists of:
Start and end: It may be a date (which day and month are not required, only the year is required) or can be after or before another chapter or a story
Both beginning and end can be marked as approximate, and are not mandatory

When viewing a story / chapter you can:
– Report as inappropriate for consideration by the site administrator
– Add the story as a favorite or comment on it

The main page shows the ranking of most viewed stories, stories that were more added as a favorite and last stories posted

You can include pictures in the stories

Users can use your account on facebook / twitter and google to authenticate to the site

CRUD system for tags and users
Evaluate the stories / chapters reported

About technical issues:
If you dont plan to do it with Ruby on Rails 3 just dont bid this project

I appreciate that the site be developed with html5

The database can be mysql or postgres, but I really would like to use MongoDB

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Ghost Writer, Self-help, Emotional Clearing, Ebook

I need at least a 100 page eBook created in the "self improvement

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Open Source Android Auido Book App

I am a programmer in the US who is looking for someone to collaborate with in developing an open-source Audio Book player for Android. I need this personally for my own use, since I have a progressive vision impairment and now listen to all my books. The primary missing feature of existing applications is high quality voice output at high speed, meaning more than 2X speed up. Osplay works, but the distortion is unacceptable at 2X and above. I speed-listen to audio books at 3X and faster. I would like to make this open source so that other people with vision impairments may benefit from the work. I have written the JNI interface to libsonic, an open-source speech speed up library I wrote. Libsonics home page is:

I would like to hire a Java programmer skilled at Android GUI development. For comparison, check out the Ambling Book player, which is good enough, except for the lack of speed control. An initial version needs to present a list of audio books on the phone so I can select which one to play. This should lead to a chapter list, so I can select the chapter to play. Each chapter will be an MP3 encoded audio file, but Ill take care of the decoding in C so I can speed up the speech with libsonic. All I really want help with is the Java GUI code. The player needs the following controls, similar Ambling Book player:

– Title of book, in a button to go to the library
– A chapter title, in a button to go to the chapter list
– A slider to select a place in the chapter
– Two buttons to go forward/backward 20 seconds
– Two buttons to go forward/backward one chapter
– Two buttons to increase/decrease the speed
– A Play/Pause button that changes to indicate whether were playing or paused
– Time indicator showing total progress in the book in hh:mm:ss format
– Time indicator showing progress in the chapter in hh:mm:ss format

Well do this in multiple stages. The payment for this project will be for completing the first stage. The first stage is to create a working audio book player without using any JNI plug-in. Instead just use the standard media player classes. Audio books will be mp3 files in a directory which is the book name, and mp3 files will be chapter-name.mp3. The speed buttons do not need to do anything in the first stage, other than set a variable. Keep the GUI simple for the first stage.

The first stage will be considered complete when Im able to install and the audio book application on my Google Nexus One phone and listen to librivox audio books that I copy onto the phone using the features described above. Ill need the full source for the project, which I will copyright as myself (but give you credit as author) and put on github under GPL v2 license.

Once the first stage is completed and paid for, I will modify your Java code to use my JNI interface to load and speed up the mp3s. I will make this app available for free through Googles Android Market.

If the first stage goes well, we might do a second and even a third stage. The second stage might focus on nicer looking GUI with some animations and/or skins. We might enhance it to also have an e-book reader screen where we use the TTS sub-system to read and my JNI to speed up speech to faster than the TTS system normally goes. This is a very important feature to vision impaired speed listeners. We might integrate support for browsing and downloading librivox audio books and e-books. As Android tablets become popular, I may want the GUI overhauled to work better on tablets, and the e-book capability will become more important.

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English Proof Reading For Thesis

I am looking for some one who can urgently proof read my thesis, thesis will be provided chapter by chapter.
The person should have strong writing skills and can know the academic thesis writing.
Each chapter should not be taken for weeks, but can proof read in max 2 days.

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1. Majority of input (PDF) will be captured as text to enable search option.
2. Image will be captured minimum of 150 dpi.
3. 100% content review
4. Final ePub will be validated against the ePub-check 1.1. version. (It is validating ePub file some global specification).
5. Open the ePub file in Adobe Digital Edition and verify the same against PDF.
6. Footnotes will be captured at the end of each chapter and will be handled in two way link.
7. Special Characters will be captured in Hexadecimal entity.


1. HTML file requires chapter by chapter.
2. Verify styles [formatting, alignment, internal links ({One way link

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Proofreading/Editing PhD Chapter In IT

I need to proofread and edit 3000 words for one of my chapter.
The file is so well organized and my English is good. I just need someone with very good research writing background to go through the lines, correct grammar, punctuations. Split long sentences into smaller one. And make the use of corrects adjectives and keywords in place.
Also You need to make sure that sections are even, same spacing is used through out the whole document, between sentences. General layout formating.

This shouldnt take you more than a couple of hours to finish so I needed in two days maximum, and Im paying 30$ for it.

Thank you

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Looking for a writer that would be able to write/re-write, edit & proofread a book that we are writing on Success for Teens. I currently have 2 chapters done. The 1st Chapter is about 1200 but would like it to be a little longer (approx 1500 words). Needs some re-writing, edit and proof-reading work done. The 2nd chapter is currently 2600 words would like it to be around 3500 words. This chapter will also require some re-writing & editing as well. Look forward to receiving your bids 😉

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Looking for a writer that would be able to write/re-write, edit & proofread a book that we are writing on Success for Teens. I currently have 2 chapters done. The 1st Chapter is about 1200 but would like it to be a little longer (approx 1500 words). Needs some re-writing, edit and proof-reading work done. The 2nd chapter is currently 2600 words would like it to be around 3500 words. This chapter will also require some re-writing & editing as well. Look forward to receiving your bids 😉

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Web Site Redesign

Request For Proposal for

Team Networking is requesting proposals from web, advertising and marketing company who can assist our organization in creating a new website and hosting services.
Below is a list of features the organization would like to have available on the new site.

Member access pages (all this information is restricted to membership only):

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Digital Circuits Modelling

Use C++ (optionally with SImlib

Create a simulator of digital circuits working with several basic logic gates (NAND, NOR, AND, NOT, OR) and programmable by NETLIST.
Demonstrate work of simulator on examples of combinational logic, flip-flops, etc. Count with different time delay on different types of blocks.
Final program will accept NETLISTs as an input, perform a simulation and outputs timeline of all (or watched) ports (i/o) in circuit.
You are supposed to design input and ouput format. User must be able to see signal throughput graphically (app has a GUI or uses virtualizer – GNUplot for instance).
There is no rules for design of app, its up to you. It must be able to simulate correctly on logical level (1,O,X) all basic logic gates mentioned above.

Documentation – 4-5 pages:
(this is just translation by Google translate – way too long to translate manually. If you dont understand something, ask me):

1, Introduction
The introduction must explain why all work is done and why the user has read the results of your document. For example:

– In this work the implementation solution … that will be used to build model …
– Based on the model and simulation experiments will be shown the behavior of the system … in terms of …
– The purpose of experiments is to demonstrate that if … then …
– Note: the requested reports may be noted that the report was based on the request … (With school work so zdůvodnovat project but not that). It is very easy to justify, in what the work is challenging and is the author

undeniable benefits (eg processing model was necessary to study … to process … the model is the industrys interesting / unique in …).
* Chapter 1.1: Who participated in the work as an author, consultant, contractor technical facts, important sources of literature / fact …
– It is ideal if you consult your concept with some authority in the field (in the IMS project that is valued, but not required)
– If you have a consultant, never mind. But can not claim to have invented the whole piece with no interaction with the environment and literature.
* Chapter 1.2: In what environment and under what conditions was carried out experimental verification of validity of the model – if reader / sponsor your message here believe in the validity of the model, usually refuse to have your

work at this time.

2, Analysis of the topic and the methods / technology
Summary of all material facts relating to the analysis system (possible nejvěcněj

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Ebook Writing

Looking for someone to Ghost write quality ebook for how to make money on the internet, the book will be broke down into three chapters, I have all the information I just need to put together in a read-able format
I will provide written detail research for each chapter.
Book will be about 100 pages.

You will have to do the following before writing the main body
-write table of content
-provide detail outline for each chapter with screen shots/ graphics ( since this is an training ebook )
-discuss and make an necessary changes to the above prior to starting.

Provide each chapter for reviews and editting/proof reading.
Provide revisions as requested by me.
Formatted ebook in final version with copyright info.
All rights of book to be assign to me upon payment.

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Looking for a writer that would be willing to re-write and edit a book that I am writing on "Success for Teens". I currently have 2 chapters written (approx 1500 words each). The 1st Chapter is pretty much written already. Probably just need someone to proofread and edit the work. The 2nd chapter is in a little rougher draft form and would probably require some rewriting as well as editing and proofreading.

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A Report On Process Modelling For Software Acquisition

* The thesis topic is "Process Modelling for Software Acquisition" – it can be altered if needed based on the new work that might be incorporated, focus of the thesis is on Commercial Off The Shelf COTS Softwares and a bit of convergence with Built in-house softwares, also the initial idea was to examine/test two of the most accepted models for Software Acquisition in the world which are Capability Maturity Model Integration "CMMI-ACQ" and ISO/IEC 12207 – both for Software Acquisition and find what good/bad about those models to suggest or add new step to enhance the models if needed – which was almost done but now it needs to redo/extend the idea/work and add more work into it to extend the ideas and make it more robust, add more ideas, link the current ideas to, "Complex Network", and to incorporate Decision Making and Decision Making Software in the process. Then develop a new MODEL for Software Acquisition including some insight about Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and how the above models (CMMI and ISO) fail to accommodate ERP system and need to suggest a strong solution for such issues (some of these have been already done, but need editing and development as well).

Chapters almost done but need some development, editing, and some rewrite are:

1- Literature review chapter – of course need to be updated regularly till the Dissertation is submitted
2- Current Practice chapter – which was analysed and test CMMI-ACQ and ISO/IEC 12207, this chapter was fully completed but it might need some enhancement
3- Analysis/Finding chapter – partially completed, so it needs more work and development

Just in general concept the thesis needs 5-6 more chapters to be written plus those that need some revision/development (above), chapters needed (just a thought, it could be more or less depends on the writer thoughts):

1 – Introduction Chapter ..
2- Methodology Chapter ..
3 – Adding new chapter for Analysis and Finding – as its the contribution of the thesis so it should be robust and solving great deal of issues in the field
4- Conclusion and Future work chapter ..
5- ….
6- Appendices

** Thesis consists of 200-250 pages including what has been done (rewrite and incorporate the previous work) – work will be divided into chapters, so can make payment easy, revision and changes easy etc.

** At least 3 publications in international Journals is needed

**Payment will be based on work done (it can be divided into chapter by chapter, or section by section etc – so flexible here)

**Writer should give me enough time for revision or any changes on each chapter and for the final submission as well

**Writer should have access to library (electronic Journals, Conference paper, Books, etc)

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Add A Chapter To A Current "make Money Online" E-book

I have an existing e-book, which is about 7,000 words that I have Private Label Rights to. I would like a few sections added to the e-book to help promote my website I recently started, which is a "make money online" website that fits with the theme of the book. Approximately 500-6000 original words need to be written, however what you write needs to fit in with the tone, ideas and sections of the current e-book. You will also need to reference the original chapter in other parts of the e-book to make it seem like it belongs there.

I dont have a huge budget for this, and seeing as how its really only 500-600 words for the chapter and some minor editing to the rest of the e-book I ask that you please be generous when bidding.

Thank you

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Looking For Editor With Supervision Experience In Law

I have several chapters of my master thesis, which are needed to be reviewed and edited by a professional proof-reader/editor within 3 months. the research area is related to constitutional and public law.
Since English is not my first language, i would expect from the editor to review the chapters and upgrade my writings to be in line with high standards academic writing; that includes developing my arguments, clarifying the ideas and comments, rechecking the references citation, and proofreading, rephrasing and rewriting parts of the chapters.
Also, I have several comments from my current supervisor which need to be implied with the research. Thus, the person is expected to be more than a supervisor or an editor for this job.
I prefer the person with high academic background, and has previous experiences on supervising thesis especially in law.

P.s: each chapter is around 10,000 words, and the budget is for each chapter individually.

the first chapter will be about combining 2 different chapters into 1.

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Ghost Writer Needed For Book

We are looking for someone to update and enhance a book about understanding one

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Quality Ebook Writing

Looking for someone to Ghost write quality ebook for internet marketing (mostly traffic generation)
I will provide written detail research for each chapter.
Book will be 120 pages.

You will have to do the following before writing the main body
-write table of content
-provide detail outline for each chapter with screen shots/ graphics ( since this is an training ebook )
-discuss and make an necessary changes to the above prior to starting.

Provide each chapter for reviews and editting/proof reading.
Provide revisions as requested by me.
Formatted ebook in final version with copyright info.
All rights of book to be assign to me upon payment.

Basically I am looking for a good ebook ghost writer.

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Video Transfer – AVI To DVD

I have a series of videos in AVI format and I need them converted to ISO or a format that can be burned to a DVD.
Also a chapter menu created so the user can jump to their desired chapter. All videos fit on one DVD and have to be able to be played on standalone DVD players that are not connected to a PC. You can either make the DVD and mail to or create the ISO file and transfer to me and I will burn it to the DVD.

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Green Screen Editing, Motion Graphics, Final Cut

Documentary film project with 17 spiritual teachers being asked the same 10 questions with a green screen background. 2 dvd set with creative direction necessary for artful green screen backgrounds. Full three camera edit required with DVD Menus and Chapter Titles. Film openning planned to have full motion graphics as chapter titles will probably hace polarized images and art along with chapter titles.

Possible art debvelopment for DVD cover, DVD menus, etc

Secnd 3 camera should standard edit prepare for replication with all cover art, meny, chapter titles compoleted.

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Biology And Chemistry Tutorials

I am looking for Post Graduate students / Research Scholars in the area of Biology and Chemistry. The requirement is to develop tutorials (guidelines will be provided)in these subjects for ICSE students of high school (classes IX- X). This is an ongoing work, rewarding and interesting at the same time.

Each chapter (for example "Chemical Bonding", "Circulatory System") would be approximately the same length as in text books. They should be accompanied by images and appropriate videos.

Please quote your rate per chapter.

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ASP Coder Wanted For Site Enhancements

Hi – My company operates a very simple web based classroom environment whereby students are required to read 10 chapters of information and are required to take a test/quiz at the end of each chapter and a final test/quiz after the last chapter. All of the student information is currently sitting in a mySQL database and the website currently utilizes ASP, VBscript, javascript, some ajax and HTML.

The basic flow of this site goes like this: student finds website, student signs up for class, reads 10 chapters of text, takes a quiz after each of the 10 chapters then is presented with a payment screen, paypal is used to facilitate the transaction, upon successful payment, the student takes the final quiz and the results including some specific student data are sent electronically using the POST command to a 3rd party to verify the students identity and a result is sent back via the same method from the 3rd party. All of this information is written to the database.

Here are the enhancements wed like to add to our current site:

– Database encryption (we need to make sure all of the student information sits in the database in encrypted format)

– Currently the site has only 1 version of the classroom text (10 chapters of text, basically 10 HTML pages), going forward we will require multiple versions of the text, basically cloning the existing text and adding a few enhancements to the classroom text for students who fit the criteria for this alternate version of text. So the current site will need to be modified to allow for an additional set of classroom text. I was thinking of just copying the 10 HTML files which contain the text then just calling the actual file name based on a variable in the database. So if student1 needed version 1 of the page, theyd get version1-chapter1.html and if they needed version 2 of the text, theyd get version2-chapter1.html

– We need to add the ability to generate a certificate of completion using dynamic data in the database, convert that certificate to PDF on-the-fly and also the ability to fax that document automatically to a predetermined # in the database, then write a record to the database indicating whether or not the fax was successful to that students record. We will also need to ability to initiate this faxing process on-the-fly for any students record.

– We need to add 2 verification pages for the student to verify/correct their provided information, once at the time of registration and once again right before they are required to pay for the course (after 10 chapters and right before the final quiz.)

– We need to create a separate login page that will give admin users the ability to see student info however the info each admin user is able to see needs to be limited by a field in the database. So admin user 1 can see all students info in the database that has a value of a in a set field. Admin user 2 can see all students info in the database that has a value of b.

– We will need to add the ability to start a timer each time a students starts a new chapter that will prohibit them from advancing to the quiz portion of that chapter until a set amount of time has passed (10 minutes per chapter)

– Currently there exists an extremely simple script that pulls quiz information from a database, scores the quiz then allows the student to continue onto the next chapter given a successful pass rate of 80%. We will need this script modified to include a separate question that will always need to be answered correctly in order to continue as well as the remainder of the quiz pass with 80% or better.

You will need to be available via SKYPE throughout the duration of this project, you will also need to be available for subsequent changes to the site at an hourly rate for work. Must have experience sending and receiving database data to external servers via POST or similar method.

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Ipad Ebook Viewer Project.

Dear Developer

Starts with a splash screen
Then a top level table which lists Books
Tapping each Book entry opens a new page with a table which lists Chapters
Tapping each Chapter entry opens the Contents page with actual HTML text and scrolling
At the bottom of the Contents page there should be a "Previous Chapter" (if any) button and a "Next Chapter" button
And at last a Settings page that allows the Content Font and Content Size to change

So the database has the following tables:

Application (ID, Name, Description) – This doesnt do anything on the screen but its cleaner to have it
Book (ID, ApplicationID, Name, Description, NumChapters)
Chapter (ID, BookID, Name, Description)
Content (ID, ChapterID, Name, Description, HtmlText)

Other requirement:
– Must look nice and modern
– Error handling is a must
– A resource file that has the text for all labels/buttons/error messages in the app, so I can do a final modification before submitting to the app store
– Compatible with iPhone and iPodTouch
– Source code and project documents

Thank you for bidding

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Help Numbering Pages WORD

I have finished my dissertation, passed my orals, was going through final edit for submission and somehow I screwed up my page numbers and cant get it back. I need after the title page to the beginning of chapter one numbered with roman numerals and from chapter one to the end numbered traditionally. My numbers after 100 only show to digits. Please let me know who would be able to do this and how much?

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