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Java Application Support

I contracted some developers to build an application for me and its mostly done but there are a few bugs and I cant get a hold of them to make the necessary changes.

I have a background in software development but I havent really stayed up with the latest Java programming standards and I want to bring someone on who has.

The first phase of the project should be very simple. I just need one or two bugs to be fixed and the new SSL certificate to be installed on my server.

I wouldnt expect it to take more than 1-3 hours.

I would like to partner with someone who will be available for future work as well.


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Installing Prosepoint On My Server

I want to have Prosepoint 0.37 installed on my server.

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I Need A Market Place Script Installed On My Server

I need you to get me a domain and website market place script and install it on my server.
Show me a link to what you will install on my server.
Show me link in Private message. This is a must before I will consider your bid.

I dont want anything encrypted.
I want to be able to change something if needed.
I also need a proven script that is not open to security vulnerabilities.

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Install SMTP Authentication And TLS

I need freelancer to install SMTP Authentication and TLS support to my Debian 5.0 server. There is ISPConfig 3 already installed.

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Penny Auction Script

Want a Penny Auction Script that is fully working, no bugs, up and launched 100% full support for any problems for 1 year after purchase. I want to Own copyrights and white label with the ability to upload this script to any website I choose and as many domains as I wish.
No backdoors, No encrypted codes, No Ip tracking links No secret codes for tracking.
Must come fully installed on my server and be bug free when launched with the ability to have addons and plugins and be upgradable.
If there are bugs they must be fixed ASAP.
Must have be uploadable and downloadable through FTP.

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