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Million Dolar Page Website

Must be a very competent programmer.

Very Important: Bid only if you are qualified to do this work and you can be ready in 2 Weeks!!!

Please check carefully the requirements attached document. I already have millionpixel script that needs to be modified. Please check the attached doc so you can see the hold document and you dont have surprises in the future.

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HOW TO Type Articles ( $1.5 / 450 Words Article )

Hello Freelancers,

I am looking for 1 or 2 RELIABLE article writers to work with me on long term relationship, you must be experienced to write, edit, rewrite and proofread articles on various niches and able to write at least 5-10 articles on every week day.
I also expect you to deliver all these articles on the same day.

You should have a Copy scape premium account to check for any plagiarism and please submit us the originally written articles. If any plagiarism is found, sorry to say your articles will be rejected.

I expect you to produce " How to " type informative articles on various topics but not limited to the following ; health, fitness, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, business, small business, education and real estate, )

I will provide sample articles and guidelines to make you understand, what kind / style of articles we are looking for.

You will be paid after submitting all the articles ( i.e 25 -50 articles ) every week, and please excuse there will not be any upfront payments. Initial pay per 400-500 words article will be $ 1.5 and will continue to increase after 1 or 2 months. You will be engaged in other lucrative projects too. Payments shall be through GAF or Paypal as you wish.

1. MUST be 400-500 words each
2. MUST be in American English (simple-structure, made-easy to comprehend, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.)
3. MUST pass Copyscape Premium (please check your article before submission)
4. MUST be SEO optimized
5. MUST spell check, grammar check and proofread your work before submission
6. I own the full rights to the articles that have been completed, approved and paid

Please make a realistic bid and tell me how many articles you can write per day or per week. Also, Please attach your sample articles especially in "How to " type niche.

Please write " Yes, I can " in your bid, so that I can understand you are not a spammer.

Happy Bidding, buddies 🙂

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Page Similar To Sharecash

So, I need a page like for uploading files. I need full script with options:

a) For page Users:
– To see today earnings, yesterday earnings, month earnings and all time earning.
– Refferal system with unique link to register and 10% earnings of refferals for refferer.
– Option to upload files, also multi upload (many files in 1 time) and to see how many times the file was downloaded and check the file url.
– Option to request payout, when on account is 10$+
b) For downloaders:
– When he enter the file url, then widget with offers pop-up
– When offer is completed, then download button appear and for uploader of this file is added money.
– If widget will be closed without doing an offer, then there will be some options to buy premium account. (Premium accounts can download without doing offer.
c) For Administrator:
– Admin Panel to check how many files was downloaded, what files, downloaders IP, to check people dont use proxy etc.

And maybe some autoban option for using proxy, downloading yourself files or multi downloading from one IP.

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PHP Developer

I need a experienced php developer with great knowledge of Joomla and possible jquery/mootools.
Initial timeframe will be one month to start up with and if you do well there is possibilities for full time position.

In your bid you send me:
– Location: contry,city,timezone
– Availability: half day, full day, weekends
– 4 best custom developed php solutions developed by yourself
– Work sample where i can check and verify your coding.

If you can answer yes to the questions below then place a bid, if not do not bother to do it.

You need to sign a NDA.
You are available online during working hours.
You are the person that do the work and not a "project manager".
You can take initiative on your own and check/solve issues.
You can work without supervision.
You know the trends in webdesign.
You are a honest and reiable person.

The first initial project for you is to check/cleanup/fix (or simply rebuild) a very specific joomla template that is buildt for Joomla 1.6.
And after that initial extensions is needed.

If you find this intresting then happy bidding and place gogreen into the bid/message to make sure you have read it all.

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Yelp And Yellow Pages Data Scrape Job

I need a list of all Restaurants, beauty salons, hair dressers and massage therapists in the Houston and Austin.
Great if you have a software that can do this automatically.

I need it in a spreadsheet with the following fields –

1. Business Name
2. City (Houston/ Austin)
3. Email (where available)

To win the project you need to tell me how you will do it, this is not a manual job. The data must be accurate, ill check it before making the payment.
If its work than i need to scrape from all our the USA but first i have to check with Houston and Austin.


Adil Zafar

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Install Web Admin Script And Check For Errors

I have a web manager script that I would like installing.
It does come with instructions but these are in Italian which are no good to me.
Also I would like the winning bidder to have a quick look over the script when installed to make sure everything is running properly with no errors.
Should be a fairly easy job for someone to complete.


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Joomla Re-Fix

Hello guys,
i have a Joomla base website which i like the design very much, but the back end not organize so well and i want to have someone expert with Joomla to arrange all the component to be more easy to use.

1.Check and fix XHTML validation code.
2.Check and fix CSS validation code.
3.Check and fix JavaScript/error console "Firefox "
4.Make sure all the site is SEO friendly
5.Fix the back end to be more clean and easy to use
For example: Left panel in 1 category and top panel in another category. Blog category, content category.
6.Check if mobile device view can be better
7. install a nice extension for better use.

* Dont bid if youre not a professional with Joomla!!!


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Need Articles About Day Trading

Hello Freelancers,

I need 15 articles about day trading between 400 and 500 words each. Bidder must speak English as their first language. Must have experience writing about day trading, forex and similar. Some articles will be reviews of day trading software. I will provide direction as to which reviews I need written once the job is awarded.

All articles will be checked for originality. I have accounts at Copyscape AND I will check the articles to make sure they are unique.

You will not be paid until I check each article for uniqueness. If any articles contain any snippets of information from other sources (ie if they are not %100 unique) then I will cancel the job, not pay you and leave a negative review.

As it stands right now, there looks to be much more work in the future writing about day trading, stocks, forex and so on.

Happy Bidding

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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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Adult Streaming Cam Site Like

I want a web designer to develop a website that is similar to

Have you done this? Can you show an example?

Please note that this is an adult website.

It must include the following:

It needs to integrate with CCBill. ecommerce

Major cam payment gateways (integration, easy payment system)

Units of Trade (£ for tokens, coins, tips, chips, rubies, etc…)

Profile management/html addition

Model XXX Pics and Video purchasing section (not just model private shows)

I would like it to be original enough not to violate copyright restrictions.

If you are not familiar with, check them out so you can understand exactly what I am looking for.

I would like assistance with getting the program up and running, hosting suggestions, minimum requirements of the host/server, etc…

please if you read all terms include "goal" into your bid.

If you have already created one of these please provide me a link so I can check it out.

Please my budget limit is 250 !

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Need Marketer/seller [potassium Iodide=anti Radiation Pills]

Hi. I have access to hundreds of thousands of potassium iodide capsules (no package, they are lab grade, EU norms compliant, best before end of 2011). Each contains 100mg of KI. If other specific doses need to be prepared it is possible. Matter of price.

I want to sell them for:
– 1$ each if someone orders 10 to 100 pills
– 0,80$ each if 100-1000 pills
– 0,60$ each if 1000-10000 pills
– 0,40$ each if 10000-100000 pills

You have a share in value of sold pills. How big? We shall discuss it.
Note that 10% of our sales go to help Japan.

Shipping is from POLAND, costs about 40$ per 1kg box, no matter where you need it. No free samples (you want to check the quality? order 10 pills and check them), no invoices, no returns, customs duties are on buyer. If someone needs to check the quality, he orders some and he may check it.

Before you bid, please check: potassium iodide, Wolf-Chaikov effect.

Who I look for?
– people who are smart
– people available on SKYPE
– people able to work on it, not people who have 100 other projects
– people who do understand some nuclear/health sciences
– people knowing how to market very specific difficult goods (note: took it myself so I know what I sell but formally there is no producer as product is not available in Polish pharmacies anymore – as far as I know at least; if Japanese situation goes bad, shortage problem may go global)

Who I DO NOT look for?
– people bidding on everything possible
– people demanding advance payments
– people who cannot speak/write PROPER English
– SEO html experts – this is SELLING. I do not need website for me. I only sell the stuff and recieve the money
– businessplanners/article writers – I just care for addresses to send the stuff to and for getting payments

Bid 30$, see you soon. Any questions?

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Visual Basic 2008 Simple Project


Create a project for maintaining a checkbook using multiple tiers.

Presentation Tier
Main Form

Use radio buttons or a drop-down list to indicate the transaction type:
check, deposit, interest, or service. Allow the user to enter the amount in a text box for teh amount and display the account balance in a label or read-only text box. Display a message box for insufficient funds, based on an appropriate exception generated by the business services tier.

Summary Form

Display the total number and the total dollar amounts for deposits, checks, interest, and service charges.

Business Services Tier
Validate the balance can cover a check. If not, throw an exception and deduct a service charge of $10; do not process the check. Process interest and deposits by adding to the balance and checks and service charges by reducing the balance.

Create an MDI application that includes an About form, a toolbar, and a status bar.

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Simple URL Manager

I need a simple URL manager.

Here are the features needed:

– User will load a url list in .txt format (urls are wordpress blogs)
– Software will check every link if it is possible to post comments or not.
– Software will check every link for Pagerank, dofollow-nofollow backlinks and if comment posted or not (specific comment)
– Software will output the results in a csv format

My maximum budget is 70 USD for this. So please bid reasonably.

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Automatic "check In" App

Im looking to use the automatic check in feature thats used in apps like Loopt and foursquare. This check in is obviously only used in certain locations on that map that we chose. I want people to be able to see who is currently checked in at these locations at the current moment.

Obviously more details will follow but the main focus is being able to use an automatic check in with a map feature.

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Writing Excel Macros – VBA

Need Excel Macro to do the following:

My sample data looks like:

Every RAW File:
1. The cell values and no. of rows will change for every time i want to use the macro. The no. of rows will vary from 2 to 500.
2. However the no. of columns, position of column, header of columns will be same for every raw file.

Macro to do the following:
*** Function A ***
A:. change cell value for column K based on the cell value of column A.
a. If Cell A2 ends in DS01, then multiply the value in cell K2 by 2.
b. If cell A2 ends in DS02, then multiply the value K2 by 4
c. If not match found in A2, then check next row (cell B2) until all the rows (ie. from A2 to A500) in column A are verified.
d. After all the rows are verified for function 1a to 1c, then do function B below:

*** FUNCTION B ***
a. Remove characters DS00, DS01, DS03 if it exists any cell range A2 to A500 (eg 1. After Function A above, the cell value A2 is MWRB6446-DS00, then change cell A2 to read WRB6446 ), eg 2, if the cell value A2 is MWRB6452-DS00 then change cell A2 to read WRB6452. Then step 2b below
b. Check cell range A2 to A 500 for step Fucntion 2a. above.

*** FUNCTION C ***

1. If any cells from range A2 to A500 has the cell starting with 4, then remove the character 4 from any cell in column A. (Eg. if cell A2 reads 4WRB5246, then change cell A2 to WRB5246) eg 2: if cell A2 reads 4WRB5444, then change cell A2 to WRB5444. Then do step the next step below.
2. Check cell range A2 to A 500 for step C.1 above


1. If any cells from range J2 to J500 equals to

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Hi there,

My company does remote support for people with PC issues.

We would like to develop a little application which would scan the persons computer and provide a report to the user with the total number of errors and steps that can be taken to solve these.
The sofware would have the same functionalities as PC Health Check. (…alth_Check.exe )

Please send demo if you already have a program.

Looking forward to you help,

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HTML Table Column To Export To Outlook To Field


I have a data view webpart , where i have to filter the columns using Dropdown Check box list and have a search box which filters the dataview when we type text.

1. Design Dropdown checkbox lists having data view webpart column data , when some one selects one check box from drop down it should display data associated to that text
2. Search box – starts filtering the moment we start typing the text
3. column – should be able to slect a specific column and have a button, when we click on button that column should automatically export the data to Outlook To: field. The column is email address.

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Virtuamart Changes For Joomls

1 space from the path

2 space from the products on the main page and the paypal banner and remove

3 show "Home" in the path in the top left

3 remove the word. "Categories" from main page

4 and add the clothing banner up top below the main menu, have it up there all the time.

-file attached

5 check to see if coupon codes work.

6 when you go to checkout it says, "Send Registration" below the form on the bottom left can we remove that and also the button to click say "Registration" can we change that to "Continue"

7 when I click "add to cart" it gives me this "notice" I attached a screen shot. and says "Continue or cart" Can we change the message to say

"Item has been added to your cart" and just options say "Continue" and "Check Out"

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Website Design

I am going to be an Affiliate Marketer for WebHosting. I havent decided yet on a lot of stuff so this is going to be hard to write. I want to do like a Blog/Professional website with maybe my pic to give a personal touch to it. Tell about myself on first page and why i decided to do WebHosting services (understanding their pain etc.. etc…). i want to sign up with the ones first that have free trials which arent many and then ask the rest if i can do a demo or better yet be a membet for 1 maybe 2 weeks to get a feel of how they each run so i can write fabulous articles that come from real experiences. Also on the first page i want to set up a Wizard and its going to ask questions like are you a novice/advanced etc.. etc.. and have you purchased a domain yet and like list sw they can check off they want to use and check of like cPanel or Webmin etc. and at the end see what hosting company matches their needs perfectly.

I will also have artcles on reviews of each Web Hosting company. i cant decide if i want to do the best 5 or 10 (everyone does 10) WebHosting services out there.

A break down in a table with like their logo to the left first important info in the middle with check marks of weather they do whatever or not from whatever is listed on top of that column and the price at the end and this will compare all the hosts i know of and trust.

I want a poll that list all of the major webhsoting companies like GoDaddy etc. and have people vote on their most favorite and or least favorite and wny and have them write like a little review. (nice to have some other feedback other than my own). and then they can click on the results too to see what other people are saying as well.

Q&A of general questions

What they should look for in a host and what to look out for.

And if this isnt the stuff you wanted to know about my site, i should stop here because i got more but actually this whole thing was good. it made me think of what i really wanted. the trick is how to put it all together to make it look nice and clean and easy to read on a website with like 5 pages and some subpages. (not too sure yet). rich in color and maybe a little flash but i think the wizard is what i really need the help with but dont get me wrong — youre doing the whole kit and kaboodle!

Thankd for listening to me ramble! : )

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Content Editor Needed To Check Spelling, Gamer And Add Taste


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Need Content Editor To Check Spelling, Gamer And Add Taste


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Launch Page

The page would need to be able to sign up users and send them a confirmation e-mail and be able to store some data that they will input via text boxes and check boxes. We would also like to do some SEO to help drive traffic to the site, for a brief overview please see below:

Launch page objective:

1. To inform public about the upcoming official launching of the buisness site sometime in next month or so

2. To have as many people register to sign up for our service fro free during the pre launch phase

3. To advise visitors that after the official launch it will be a dollar for a lifetime membership to the site

4. To advise the highs odds of winning each raffle because of the limit of no more than 50 entrants per rafflle

5. To advise that even if entrant did not win raffle they will get opportunity to buy service or product at substantial discount via a coupon for 3 hours after raffle ended.

6. To assure members that their is never any spam sent to them. They can enter raffles in any city , from merchants that they choose, and buy coupons from the vendors they are interested in, but that currently raffles will be limited to the state of Florida

7. PRE LAUNCH Page should have previews of things you could win, ie: weekend getaway for two at Key West, 90 days personal training from XYZ, $300.00 grocery shopping spree, etc.

8. The Launch page will enable users to enter the information listed below and receive and e-mail confirmation that they have successfully signed up and asking them to confirm their e-mail address

Launch Page Back End

Data fields for Form

* First Name
* Last Name
* E-mail Address *
* Zip Code **
* Cuisine ***
* Recreation ***
* Travel ***
* Fitness ***

* Need to have a method to check if e-mail address is valid and that is is not a duplicate record (If they dont have a method to do this I have a temporary method we can use)
** Need to have a method to verify the zip code exists. (I can get a list of zip codes on line we just need a simple way to do a cross check)
*** These fields would be taking values from 1-X in the database, list of the Check Box values before

Cuisine: Barbecue – 1, Caribbean – 2, Chinese – 3, Italian – 4, Indian – 5, Japanese – 6, Mediterranean – 7, Seafood – 8, Thai – 10
Recreation: Classical – 1, Dance – 2, Extreme Sports – 3, Movies – 4, Theater – 5
Travel: Africa – 1, Asia – 2, Caribbean – 3, Europe – 4, North America – 4, South America – 5
Fitness: Baseball – 1, Basketball – 2, Boxing – 3, Football – 4, Gyms – 5, Hockey – 6, Martial Arts – 7, Soccer – 8, Vitamins / Supplements – 9, Workout Equipment – 10


MYSQL or MSSQL Database to store sign up registration info (We have to be able to export this data though either in csv format or a MYSQL or MSSQL flat file)

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Build A Online Booking Calendar For Small Hotel

I want to have a online facility for my clients to automatically check availability & book themselves in to my hotel, the process would need to work as follows.

1. My customers all pre purchase a "coupon" to stay at my hotel – they get these automatically emailed to them as soon as they have paid – there is normally 12 months to use the "coupon"

2. they log onto my site, they would need to register themselves as a user & then from there they would be able to check availability & make a booking.

3. They would need to imput the unique id code from their coupon as a way to verify they are entitled to make a booking, once they have submitted the booking it has to check the unique id against the list of id that i have to verify the client & from their that id would be crossed off as a used id.

I would also like my staff to be able to log in & make manual bookings for clients
I would also like a instant confirmation to be sent to the client – this would be mailed merged with their personal details etc.
The calendar has to look very clean & fresh for the customer, so there is no hassle in booking in.
I would also like to have the ability for reporting down the track.

This would have to be made so it can in effect plug into my website ( currently being built)

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Require an ipdad app to display pdf documents and record checklist reponses for user defined checklist.
Similar to a building inspection checklist.
Users must be able to upload a series of check lists with related pdf forms and these forsm must be viewable whilst filling in a check list.

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WordPress Plugin Creation – To Check Post Content

I need someone who is experience in making wordpress plugins to create a plugin that can check a post after publish and if any set keywords are found in the post title, tags, or body it will delete the post, or if not found publish it.

I will need resell rights on the plugin.

if you have any other automated solutions or need more info let me know.


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Perl Script For Check

Me need a perl script for check gmail box via imap, check inbox and spam folder of Mailer-Daemon messages, need get this messages and parse of email in this. after parse, write email into mysql table.

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Editing, Proof Reading, Check For Plagiarism

Looking for an provider who is proficient in English and understands management as well as the Africa and cyberspace. One book is on Africa of 51,000 words.. The other book is on Cyberspace of 25000 words. The two books are already completed. Need to check for plagiarism, editing and proof reading.

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IPhone School Enrolment Application

I need an iPhone application for the enrollment of school students. the application needs to be able to read a 3D bar code, or QR code, and then "check in" and "check out" the student. No data can be stored on the iPhone. It needs to be able to read data and send data to my web site. The application will need to be able to display information regarding the stunt including the students photo for identification purposes.

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